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JoJo Stand thread

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I'm bored, everyone should just make their own stands.

Stand Name: Eins

Ability: Rapid Corruption


Power: C

Speed: C

Range: C

Durability: C

Precision: E

Potential: A

Description: A Human-like stand with the ability to corrupt things at will. These effects can be very unpredictable and can either be detrimental to the user or very useful.

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This sounds fun.

Stand Name: Soarin' Bobby

Ability: Eagle Pulse


Power: D

Speed: A

Range: A

Durability: E

Precision: A

Potential: C

Description: A stand resembling a giant bird of prey. It can see up to 50 miles ahead of its current location, and is meant for stealth fighting and recon. Its ability is its screech, which deafens and blinds anyone close to it besides the owner, and causes them to lose concentration.

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jojo is nothing but a way araki found to come out of the closet

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Iunno, sounds like weeb shit fun.

Stand: Dark Side of the Moon

Ability: Night Enclosing (blinds the target)

Power: D

Speed: B

Range: B

Durablity: C

Precision: B

Learning: C

Description: A humanoid stand, purple and blue in color. Its face appears to be simply hidden under what looks like a hood, but in reality the stand is faceless. A single, black as pitch triangle adorns its chest.

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Ugh,do I dare post in this thread?

Stand:Chocolate Rain

Ability:Can limit user's and various objects' existence to only another's "world,"or perspective,if you will.Basically,all movements and actions of the user and his desired object(s) can only affect and be perceived by the target as he is moving through the target's world rather than the real world.User can also travel through distances through the target's "world" to still get to destinations in the real world(by then switching back).







Description:A humanoid yet statue like stand with 4 faces,one on each side. While the range of the actual stand is ~10 meters radius,the range for activating the ability is ~50 meter radius,and for maintaining it's hold on the target, ~75 meters radius.

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I guess this means I'm allowed to do another one,then

Stand:Misguided Ghosts

Ability:Repeat recent occurrences and "memories" of a place.Uses the 'effects' or results of an event in order to conjure the 'cause',or said events.Actually these events aren't truly repeated,but enough to appeal to a bystander's 5 senses.







Description:The stand actually has a form,but it's faint,intangible, and quite simply,impervious itself.To further clarify its ability,say a murder happened at a factory.The 'effect' would be the body and his blood stained on the floor.This would be used to play a 'recording' of the event,except with the people and items involved being tangible and smellable.

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My stand's name would be Inna Gadda Da Vida, but that's about all I can come up with at the moment. Maybe later.

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