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If you were to become a playable character in Fire Emblem Awakening, what would you be like? What gimmicks would you have? You can go as in-depth or as casual as you want. I, personally, are going to go HAM, but, please, DO NOT feel as if you have to go as in depth as I am about to go.
I will post mine in a minute.

Unit Name: Jael
Recruited: Paralogue 4.5: Considering Oblivion
Starting Class: Mage
Starting Level: 12
Starting Skills: Magic+2, Focus, Shadowgift
Starting Inventory: Superior Jolt, Nosferatu

(The reason this unit has Shadowgift is supposed to be a reference to my IRL pseudo-pessimistic thinking and general cynicism. I think my soul is dark enough to handle Dark Magic even when not specifically trained for it. Magic+2 and Focus are standard Mage skills. The reason for Mage as a class is because I, IRL, have always felt especially connected with books and literature, so magical tomes would be a perfect weapon for me.)

Critical Quotes:
"Speak your last words!"
"I'm sorry, what did you say?!"
"Go to seek a Great Perhaps!"
"I'll write this on your tombstone!"

Jael, just as I am, is obsessed with last words and memorizes them almost compulsively. He's also very morbid, but also very accepting, casually referencing that all humans are fated for death. This does make others in the army uncomfortable, however, he either doesn't notice or doesn't care.

Support Options:

Cordelia, Sumia, Miriel, Lissa, Maribelle, Sully, Olivia, Cherche, Panne, FeMU (up to S-Support)

Tiki, Nowi, MaMU (up to A-Support)

His supports with Tiki would be him trying to help her remember Marth's last words, as they have been lost to history. However, he feels as if they are somewhere deep within her memory. His supports with Nowi would be him envious of her having a body that can never die of natural causes, while his supports with either MU would be them trying to convince him to stop being to morbid, while he tries to get them to accept the inevitability of death.

Confession Quote: "While we only have a short time on this Earth, I'm glad I get to spend it with you."

Reclass Options: Thief, Archer

Jael prefers classes that serve uses outside of straight combat, or at least are not directly involved. The primary goal of a thief is to get the loot and get out, while an archer can stand far away and just shoot at their foes, both sticking with his "Limit physical combat as much as possible" mentality.

Modifiers: -1 STR/+1 MAG/+3 SKL/0 SPD/0 LCK/-1 DEF/+2 RES

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If you were to become a playable character in Fire Emblem Awakening, what would you be like?

I already am a playable character in Awakening, namely that guy who is found at the start of the game by Chrom, Lissa and Frederick.

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I already am a playable character in Awakening, namely that guy who is found at the start of the game by Chrom, Lissa and Frederick.

I'm not talking about MU, I'm talking about if you were one of the units recruited later in the game like Donnel or Anna.

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I already am a playable character in Awakening, namely that guy who is found at the start of the game by Chrom, Lissa and Frederick.

I think the point was someone that wasn't the avatar, or that could support with the avatar...


Name: Chigai

Recruited in: Paralogue 24; The Grip of Fate

Starting Class: Manakete Thief (Specialized class)

Starting Level: 20

Starting Skills: Locktouch, Galeforce, Wyrmsbane, and Even Rhythm.

Starting Inventory: Dragonstone +, steel sword, concoction

Critical Quotes:

"I-- I'm sorry!"

"Forgive me!"

"D-don't hurt me!"


Support Options: As anyone that knows me would expect, Chigai is gay. All female support options go up to A, and all male support options go up to S.

Male MU, Frederick, Miriel, Kellam, Lon'qu, Gregor, Nowi, Libra, Tiki, Basilio, Nah, Lucina, Severa, Morgan (Either gender, and only up to A support with male), Gangrel, Walhart, Yen'fay, and Priam.

Confession: "Oh, gods... I didn't think anybody would return my feelings... And I'm glad that you did..."

Reclass options: Myrmidon, priest.

Modifiers: 0 STR/0 MAG/-2 SKL/+6 SPD/+2 LCK/-1 DEF/+2 RES

"The Grip of Fate"'s plot: Chrom and the gang move towards a place slightly south to the Mila tree, still lush and filled with plant life. A boy with black wings defends himself against a band of mercenaries trying to capture him and force him to fight for them. Chrom, being Chrom, stops all searches for Grima in order to save the lone child... Chigai can be recruited by male Morgan, the My Unit, or Tiki.


Recruitment Convo's

My Unit (Using Robin as the default name)

Robin: Hold on, child! We can...

Chigai: Wh-what?

Robin: You have wings... And a sword.

Chigai: I'm a manakete... Some of us have wings!

Robin: Then, you can fight?

Chigai: A little bit, yes...

Robin: Then, let's go!


Tiki: Chigai, is that you?

Chigai: M-miss Tiki! Oh, thank goodness... I thought I'd lost you!

Tiki: I'm here now, Chigai... Stand back, and we'll save you.

Chigai: I... I don't want to stand back, Tiki. I'm fighting alongside you.

Tiki: All right... Don't get hurt.


Morgan: Hey, sir, are you all right?

Chigai: Yes... I'm alright...

Morgan: I see you have a sword there... And a dragonstone.

Chigai: Uh-huh...

Morgan: Let's go, then! Err, wait... Can I give you a few tactics I just came up with?

Chigai: Sure...


After being recruited, if Chigai is entered into a skirmish battle, a swordmaster named Scarlet will appear. He can be used to recruit Scarlet.

EDIT: Added more stuff.

More quotes from Chigai can be found here.

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To begin, I am describing this character exactly as I am. I tried to match classes, supports, quotes, and personality based on my real life self.

Unit Name: Carter

Recruited: Paralogue 25: Striking Defiance

Level: 5

Class: Falcon Knight

Reclass Options: Troubadour, Dark Mage

Skills: Speed +2, Relief, Rally Speed

Inventory: Silver Lance, Recover, Concoction

Lance Rank: B

Staff Rank: A

[spoiler=Growth Rates]HP - 50

Str - 30

Mag - 60

Skl - 80

Spd - 70

Lck - 50

Def - 40

Res - 70

[spoiler=Base Stats + Caps]Difficulty


HP - 48 (80)

Str - 17 (39)

Mag - 25 (43)

Skl - 28 (47)

Spd - 27 (46)

Lck - 19 (41)

Def - 16 (37)

Res - 23 (45)


HP - 51 (80)

Str - 19 (39)

Mag - 27 (43)

Skl - 31 (47)

Spd - 30 (46)

Lck - 23 (41)

Def - 19 (37)

Res - 25 (45)


HP - 54 (80)

Str - 21 (39)

Mag - 29 (43)

Skl - 35 (47)

Spd - 34 (46)

Lck - 25 (41)

Def - 23 (37)

Res - 28 (45)

Like Gaius and Tharja, I start on the enemy side, unsure of myself. Carter joins your side at the start of the chapter (forced deployment). In real life, I don't often dream of becoming a warrior or fighting, but rather flying. A Pegasus is the best thing in regards to that, and I already loved Pegasus Knights' from Fire Emblem before in past games, as well as Awakening. Carter starts out as a low leveled promoted unit.

Although Carter is not much of a fighter, she begins as a Pegasus Knight because of her love for flight and Pegasi. Her reclass options are more behind-the-scenes type classes, offering support from behind, rather than a close up fighter; reclassing to a Cleric or Dark Mage.

Critical Quotes:


"It's no use!"

"This'll only hurt a lot!"

"It's die time!"

[spoiler=More Quotes]Event Tiles

  • "Leaving Raimi was a good choice! I'm finally excelling!" (exp)
  • "I've been coming up with baton twirls for my staves! I wonder if that's helping...?" (weapon exp)
  • "I can't believe I'm having to pick up after these guys! Clean up your act!" (item drop)

Relationship Event Tiles
Asking - Normal

  • "Hey, tell me all about it! I want in too!" (happy)
  • "Why don't we team up? You could use an ally like me, after all!" (team up)
  • "I've been having some nice dreams back at camp. Care to share?" (dreams)
  • "What can I do to pass the time? Fighting isn't my entire life, y'know!" (free time)

Replying - Normal

  • "Being on the winning team is always a treasure! My Pegasus and I can fly freely!" (happy)
  • "Fine, but don't hold anything back!" (team up)
  • "I dream about getting out of this fight soon! My poor Pegasus has cramps!" (dreams)
  • "My staff twirling isn't half bad, you should come watch sometime!" (free time)

Asking - Married

  • "Where did you go? Those barbarians almost got me! Promise you'll never leave my side!" (promise)
  • "You're hair is looking better than ever! ...You're welcome for that!" (compliment)
  • "I've been thinking, now I see it! But maybe when I'm older." (love)
  • "What's that behind your back? Is it a knife? Is this some kind of cruel joke?!" (gift)

Replying - Married

  • "I'll try, but any mistake of mine is yours too! I never forced you into this!" (promise)
  • "Why thank you! Finally, someone understands my true beauty is inside AND out." (compliment)
  • *blush* "Don't say that, not in public, at least!" (love)
  • "I've got you something, and I think you'll like it!" (gift)

Level Up

  • "Heh, it comes naturally!" (6-7 stats up)
  • "Don't stare too long, you'll be blinded by my bright future!" (4-5 stats up)
  • "I feel great! Any chance to improve, I'll take!" (2-3 stats up)
  • "But... how?!" (0-1 stat up)
  • "And not even a scratch on me!" (0-1 stat up, most stats capped)

Class Change

"Mmm, is this a good look for me?"


  • "Hmm, what to buy? How about everything?" (buying)
  • "Don't you dare sell any of my belongings!" (selling)
  • "I knew my old weapon was getting rusty!" (forging)


  • "I'm bored! What's there to eat?" (misc)
  • "I can feel it! The adrenaline is rushing through, I can do anything!" (surge)


  • "Hey, -avatar name-, what are you doing up so early?" (morning)
  • "How about a few friendly matches, -avatar name-?" (midday)
  • "The day is almost done already?" (evening)
  • "Go to bed! You look tired, you need this sleep!" (night)
  • "Happy Birthday, -avatar name-!" (birthday)

Battle Quotes
Dual Support

  • "Don't hold back!"
  • "Try your best!"
  • "Let's do this!"
  • "Bring it on!"
  • "I'm your good luck charm!"
  • "Come on, you can do it!"
  • "Ready?"
  • "Make it a smash hit!"

Dual Strike

  • "Here, let me help!"
  • "And one from me!"
  • "Take this!"
  • "Is that your best?"
  • "Not today!"

Dual Guard

  • "Watch it!"
  • "You're so welcome."

Defeated Enemy

  • "Woo!"
  • "Yes! I did it!"
  • "Bet you didn't see that coming!"
  • "Sleep tight!"
  • "And that's how it's done!"

Partner Defeated Enemy

  • "Don't think you're anything special!"
  • "Way to go, buzzkill!"
  • "...Thanks."
  • "I could've done that myself."

Defeated By Enemy

  • "How...?"

Death/Retreat Quotes

"I thought I was better than this..."

- Carter's death quote (in recruitment paralogue)

"What?! Not now... I didn't think it would be so soon..."

- Carter's death quote (classic mode)

"OUCH! I think I'll have to sit out for this one!"

- Carter's death quote (casual mode)

Carter is a very bothersome character. She is close in personality can be compared to that of Severa, but can often control her temper and hold in any disrespect or rudeness toward allies.

Support Options:

Romance: MaMU, Frederick, Vaike, Stahl, Lon'qu, Gaius, Libra, Henry.

Friendly: Sumia, Maribelle, Tharja.

Confession Quote: "Don't think I've fallen for you just yet! We still have a long way to go! Just think of me as your... temporary soulmate."

Unlike most other female allies, Carter does not have a child. Because of this, she has one more friendly support option than most.

Carter's friendly supports are with those who will help get out her personality. Maribelle brings out Carter's etiquette and properness. Tharja brings out Carter's dark side; although Carter has been sarcastic and rude from the beginning, Tharja further explores that side of her. Sumia is the one that has casual conversation with Carter. Unlike the other two, she doesn't bring anything new to the table. Sumia is one of Carter's supports to bring out the more humane part of her. Maribelle and Tharja explore more obscure parts of her personality.

Paralogue Backstory: Back in town, Chrom receives an invitation from Raimi to visit Ferox, this time as friendly competition. Upon reaching Arena Ferox, Chrom and his allies are treated to a more rigorous task. Raimi has now promoted to a general. The stakes are raised two, as both sides wager gold to the winning side (gold wagered can be set by the player). Not only that, but Raimi's allies are stronger and better than ever. More than just simple soldiers, this time Raimi's allies have distinct faces and personalities, and a each a different class to go with. One of the allies, Carter, the Falcon Knight.

Before the battle begins, Carter is found sulking in the prepare room. She is happy to be chosen, though weary and tired from continuous battles. Nearly walking out the door, Raimi walks in to tell her the bad news of her replacement. According to Raimi, the rest of the team is covered in fear and disgust of the inexperience Carter carries with her. In shock of the news, Carter rushes out to fight with Chrom's army in defiance of Raimi to prove that even she is better in combat than the general herself.

Now both sides are in a tough position as each team can only deploy 5 units (player can choose only 4 units, as Carter is a forced deployment). Because Chrom is required, the player can truly only choose 3 units to deploy.

In the paralogue, Carter is weaker than the opponents (though not by much), to represent the "inexperience" she has. Enemies are as strong as Rogues & Redeemers 3 on Normal Mode (high stats, maybe 10 away from capped).

Modifiers: -2 STR / +1 MAG / +1 SKL / 3 SPD / 0 LCK / 0 DEF / +1 RES

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Name: Kane

Recruited in: Paralogue 23.X

Starting Class: Dread Fighter

Starting Level: 15

Starting Skills: Galeforce, Agressor, Res +10, Ignis

Starting Items: Thunder, Steel Sword, Hand Axe

Critical Quotes:

"Heh, too easy"

"Ever face a dragon-ninja before?"

"Don't cry if my magic or fire-breath burn"

"Sorry buddie, gotta do good and all to keep the house afloat"

Support Options: All possible females supported to S Rank, including FeMU and the second generation girls not including daughters. All males are supported to Rank A.

Confession: "I'm generally a loner by nature, but damn you lighten up the world of this dragon assassin who's far from home."

Reclass Options: All possible male classes including Tactician, Manakete, and Lord.

This is because it's believed that he comes from a royal family of manaketes whom happen to train their lineage in the arts of ninjutsu. Unlike most lords however, he has dark brown hair instead of blue, though it is believed that the Outrealm from which he hails is of a world radically different than those of established FE timelines. In short, his reclass is essentially equivalent to the spotpass and DLC chars but with Lord and Manakete tacked on.

Modifiers: -1 Str/+3 Mag/0 Skl/+2 Spd/-4 Lck/0 Def/+2 Res

Paralogue Backstory: Chrom and co. were told by the villagers of a remote town on the fringes of the Archanean continent about strange happenings recently involving various unfamiliar creatures to the realm taking root inside a huge grotto to the far southeast of the village, nearly borderlining an undocumented mountain range far from established society. The company of the Shepherds unanimously decided to investigate in the event of a potential threat to the realm brewing despite the stark remoteness of the locale. Can't have any more Grimas with Risen killing innocents can we? Upon arrival at the grotto the Shepherds see some of the most amazing vistas sprawled out before them coupled with odd trinkets, lamplights of unique sorts and so forth. There also were, as rumoured by the villagers, creatures the company would thought to have never exist as well as various booths being manned by said creatures. Say'ri of Chon'sin then comments on how the locale bares some minor similarities to her people's culture...but seems a bit more developed. It is at this moment that Kane comes in to question the Shepherds on their presence in the area. After hearing out their story he then tells them that the creatures hail from his world which is an outrealm of theirs. In his land there are many creatures that the people of his world term as "Youkai" or "demons" for lack of a better sense. These youkai however have stumbled into the outrealm of the Shepherds and that Kane was tasked with rounding them up and bringing them back to his world before they cause any unnecessary havoc. As for the decorations, Kane elaborates to the Shepherds that it is currently festival times in the land he hails from and is the reason why the place looks as it does.

After that you get taken into the battle screen and can look around the area to get an idea of the enemy units in this paralogue which will be generally coined as "Crazed Partygoers" and have varying looks and classes focused around their Youkai aspect. And due to fancanoning things, when battling you'll get the feature shown in If where there will be a background showing the locale and Youkai in it. Kane is recruited by having the MU talk to him, and you can get some flavour text if you have Say'ri or Yen'fay talk to him, each texts focusing on different aspects of his world's relation to Chon'Sin.

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ehhhhhh self inserts

i'd say myrmidon but myrms kinda suck in awakening

i'd say dark mage but dark mages are super fanservicey for no reason

i'd say archer but archers kinda suck in awakening

i'd say tactician but everyone's a tactician

i'd say mage but mages kinda suck in awakening


Probably Myrm I guess, simply because I like them. I could work with both Assassin and Swordmaster too. But I own an actual sword irl and I'm quick enough and I can shoot accurately with guns and bows so I guess it counts for other weapons too.

Were it GBA, I'd say either Shaman or Myrm but it really isn't, yeah?

I'd probably be pretty low leveled but come with a cool sword like a levin sword or killing edge or something. Craptastic defense, alright resistance, alright magic for a physical unit, alright str, low luck, poor HP

i'm not very durable

I'd be a dark flier if I were a girl, but I'm not, so Myrm. Not going to provide quotes and stuff.
I'll provide my recruitment though!
Chrom: yo
me: sup

chrom: aren't you like super young or something

me: ye but I'm joining anyway

chrom: no

me: yeah

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I don't actually want to be in Awakening, so I'd need to be as awesome as possible to compensate...

Name: Czar

Class: Arceus (caps are 120/120/120/120/120/120/120/120/8, weapon is Expiration) (you didn't say I can't)

Skills: Ignis/Vantage+/Renewal/Lucky 7/Prescience

Recruited in: Future Past 3

Supports: All children (A)

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I'll play your game, DarkGold.

Name: Scarlet

Gender: Male

Build: 3

Appears: Appears randomly in conjunction with a Skirmish after The Grip of Fate. Have a certain shy thief talk to him... If he dies, he's gone. No medical tents to revive him if you don't recruit him. He'll be fine if the skirmish is completed before he dies.

An interesting exchange with Chrom, if he tries to talk to Scarlet:

Chrom: You there.

Scarlet: ...

Chrom: [distressed] Um, hello?

Scarlet: ...

Chrom: I'll just leave you alone, then...

[Chrom disappears.]

Scarlet: ... [smirking]

[spoiler=Don't spoil yourself with how Chigai makes me join! Seriously, I don't how he ropes me into this sorta stuff...]Scarlet: ... I sense dragon-like affinities within the unit sneaking up on me...

Chigai: U-um... Sc-

Scarlet: [angry] PREPARE!

[No Damage! sfx]

Scarlet: [happy] That swiftness... the dragon-like affinity...

Chigai: It's me, Scarlet.

Scarlet: [distressed] I was gettin' there, Chigai!

Chigai: What are you doing here, anyway?

Scarlet: [happy] What d'ye think I'm doing, Chigai? Training! These things are great practice for swordplay! I've even promoted from these things alone!

Chigai: [distressed] Uh... D-don't go too far...

Scarlet: [smug] Well, of course! I wanna see how you've improved, too! We can't have you one-upping me just yet!

[scarlet disappears.]

Chigai: What have I gotten myself into?

[spoiler=Everything you need to know about me!]Class: Swordmaster

Level: 3

Base Stats:

HP: 39

Str: 18

Mag: 9

Spd: 23

Skl: 26

Lck: 20

Def: 13

Res: 12

Move: 6

Possible Supports:



??? (S-Supportable)

Starting Items


Sweet Tincture

[spoiler=I say things. And then a lot of things.]Event Tiles

  • "Hm... but what if...? And then..."(exp)
  • "No time like now to train. This is war."(weapon exp)
  • "Ooh ooh, something's on the ground!"(item drop)
Relationship Event Tiles

Asking - Normal

  • "So what's with the smile? C'mon, tell me." (happy)
  • "You. Me. On the battlefield. Now." (team up)
  • "So, what d'ye think of when yer not thinking of war?" (dreams)
  • "Say, got any hobbies? S'good to know this stuff." (free time)
Replying - Normal
  • "This is my game face. I just finished training." (happy)
  • "Challenge accepted! Ya wanna train afterwards?" (team up)
  • "Improving my skills with my sword is all the dreams I need." (dreams)
  • "I've been practicing cooking, but there's a lot to know about it." (free time)
Asking - Married
  • "Hey uh, don't do anythin' silly out there, alright? Promise me ya won't." (promise)
  • "Um... you look pretty today. Sorry, I can't think too well when I'm with ya."(compliment)
  • "I-I know I've said this before, but... I love you." (love)
  • "Huh? Wh-what do you have there?"(gift)
Replying - Married
  • "I promise... and I don't break promises."(promise)
  • "Th-thanks, (name). I won't let you down."(compliment)
  • "I... I love you, too... Is it hot right now?"(love)
  • "Waugh! Y-ya caught me! Well, um... sorry it's not all that great, but..."(gift)
Level Up
  • "I can feel the power flowing through me! (6-7 stats up)
  • "I've still got a ways to go." (4-5 stats up)
  • "There's a lot of ways I can improve." (2-3 stats up)
  • "Still a long way to go." (0-1 stat up)
  • "Now to place myself to the test! "(0-1 stat up, most stats capped)
Class Change
  • "Change is good, but do these things really hafta change my clothes?"
  • "Fer me? That's cool."(buying)
  • "Wonder how much Gold we'll get outta this..."(selling)"
  • "Here's to hoping it's awesome!"(forging)


  • "Huh. Not a single place to get that. Aw..."(misc)
  • "Haha, my trainin' paid off. Watch me knock 'em all down!"(surge)
  • "Mornin'! Up fer a spar or two?"(morning)
  • "Okay, so then... Oh, hey there, Tactician Avatar!"(midday)
  • "As the day ends, we look back upon the events that happened that day."(evening)
  • "Still planning out tactics?"(night)
  • "Many happy birthdays to Tactician Avatar!"(birthday)

Cool and joyous are but a few words to describe this young fool of a swordsman. His dedication to training and disgustingly positive attitude has led many under the impression of an unflappable fool. The most likely to smile at rainbows. Born on July 4.

Help Description

A cheerful youth on a journey of self-improvement.

Final Chapter Quotes

"Hey, no slacking on the job, Tactician Avatar! Get up!"

-Scarlet's quote before the final chapter, when the Avatar is almost defeated by Grima)

"We sealed Grima... but at what cost?"

-Scarlet's quote when Chrom kills Grima

"What's done is done. If your kids are around when he's comes back, maybe they'll do what we couldn't."

-Scarlet, reassuring the Avatar for their choice to not sacrifice themselves

"We'll miss ya... Avatar."

-Scarlet, after the Avatar sacrifices themselves to kill Grima

DLC Pre-Battle

The Golden Gaffe Pre-Battle

"My gold was safe with Tactician Avatar, so I must strike you down. Prepare yourself."

-Scarlet's pre-battle quote

EXPonential Growth Pre-Battle

"Hm... these things are tough stuff. All the better for training!"

-Scarlet's pre-battle quote

Infinite Regalia Pre-Battle

"Relics of the past, now up for grabs... Alright then, let's cut our way through these fools!"

-Scarlet's pre-battle quote

Death's Embrace Pre-Battle

"This place... the dead should stay dead. I cannot forgive him."

-Scarlet's pre-battle quote

Five-Anna Firefight Pre-Battle

"Man, this place makes Plegia look like the Hotrealms! Better get to rescuing those Annas."

-Scarlet's pre-battle quote

Roster Rescue Pre-Battle

"Huh? Some otherworldly force kept tabs on me? That's nice of 'em. Better not let these things keep it, then."

-Scarlet's pre-battle quote

Summer Scramble Pre-Battle

"My memory of this Outrealm compels me to purge you brigands from this place! Prepare!"

-Scarlet's pre-battle quote

Hot-Spring Scramble Pre-Battle

"Oh boy, the Bathrealms! Ah, this is the stuff, I tell ya! ...But these things have gotta go."

-Scarlet's pre-battle quote

Battle Quotes

Dual Support

  • "C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!"
  • "Wonder how this will pan out..."
  • "I wanna see a good battle happen!"
  • "Let the fun begin."
  • "Bring it on!"
  • "Don't fear, I'm here!"
  • "Hey, don't rush."
  • "No pain, no gain!"
  • "Is this all they've got?
  • "No holding back."
Dual Strike
  • "Watch me roll 'em."
  • "Can't run from me."
  • "Fear this unexpected strike!"
  • "But not quite!"
  • "Don't leave /me/ out!"
Dual Guard
  • "Happy I'm here?"
  • "Don't die on me!"
  • "You're outta luck."
  • "I'm really feeling it!"
  • "Anna, empower me!"
  • "This'll be a quick one."
  • "Watch closely, everyone!"
Defeated Enemy
  • "Yeah!"
  • "One more point for me."
  • "Another battle under my belt!"
  • "That coulda gone sour."
  • "Who is next?"
Partner Defeated Enemy
  • "Let's fight together s'more, yeah?"
  • "Aw, that was my kill!"
  • "Ya got 'em there."
  • "We should be training buddies!"
Defeated By Enemy
  • "Guh!? Gah..."
Death/Retreat Quotes

"I can't die here... not now..."

-Scarlet's death quote (if unrecruited)

"And so ends... my story..."

-Scarlet's death quote (classic mode)

"Argh, wish I didn't hafta hold back... See y'all later..."

-Scarlet's retreat quote (casual mode) Edited by ScarletFlame

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Name: Kyle

Recruited: Paralogue 420 (ayy lmao)

Starting Level: 10

Inventory: Aversa's Night (Level B in Tomes), Levin Sword (Level C in Swords)

Skills: Galeforce, Armsthrift, Avoid +10, Vantage, Shadow Gift

Starting Class: Myrmidon

Reclass: Dark Mage, Tactician

A Plegian former dark mage who has become estranged from his noble family of Sorcerers and Dark Fliers. Best friends with Tharja before she joins the Plegian military. He leaves the country without warning; which played a large part in her psychological downfall. After Ylisse's exalt's death, he distances himself from his status as a Plegian noble and becomes a sword for hire (albeit a notoriously bad one). Later, he runs into Tharja and the Shepherds while overwhelmed during a battle against looters/brigands/slavers/drug dealers (take your pick) and she convinces him to join the Shepherds to right his country's wrongs. He has quite a bit of Freudian parallels with Robin that include but aren't limited to: hitting on his friend's daughters from the future, an antagonistic father, and a tactics fetish. Also a super huge hippy pothead draft-dodger.

Supports: (S) Aversa, Tharja, Miriel, Severa, Olivia, Tiki, and Female Robin.

(A) Male Robin, Brady, Chrom, Gaius, Frederick, Lucina (Friendzones the shit out of her.), and Ricken.

Mods: -6 STR / +6 MAG / -1 SKL / +4 SPD / -4 LCK / +1 DEF / +3 RES

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Name: eclipse

Starting class: Villager

Starting level: 1

Starting items: None

Starting skills: Aptitude (default off)

Reclass: None

Personal Growths: 0% across the board

Recruitment: Who cares?

Bio: Screw this fighting nonsense, I'm here to sightsee!

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Name: xxx_ROFL_xxx

Starting class: Grandmaster of Illuminati

Starting level: 69 hype!

Starting items: Overused memes, weed, Mountain Dew, Doritos, sniper rifle, fedora, shades, Burn heal

Skills: Hax, Shrek, Troll, Nope.avi, etc.

Reclass: Why?

Personal Growths: 420.69% blaze it!

Recruitment: 1v1 me ya wee lad

Critical Hit quotes:

"Mom get the camera!"

"Get rekt, scrub"

"Oh baby a triple, oh yeah!"

"(insert SSBM Wombo Combo quotes)"

"Smoke weed everyday~!"

Support Options: My expanded dong brings all the ladies to the yard... but Aversa, Nowi, Nah and Flavia would require LOTS of support points between A and S rank.

Stat mods: +1 Str/+3 Mag/+3 Skl/+7 Spd/+4 Lck/+2 Def/+0 Res

Bio: HTTP 404 Internet Error

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I'd rather be in Elibe, Tellius or Judgral but Awakening land is cool I guess.

Name: Beau

Gender: Male

Recruited in: Chapter 9, NPC, Talk with Tharja

Class: Can't think of a name for it. Can use Bows and Staves. (Tier 1)

Level: 11

Skills: Healtouch, Locktouch, Charm, Bond (female only skill? Nah), Pass

Inventory: Longbow, Physic, Concoction

Bow Rank: C

Staff Rank: C

Critical Quotes:

"You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses, would you?"

"Between the eyes or center mass..."


"360 NO SCOPE!" (that's my favorite) ((I don't like Call of Duty))


Romantic: Tharja

Friendship: Lissa, Virion, Sthal, Panne, Gaius, Gregor, Nowi, Cherche, Henry

Confession Quote: "I have that effect on people. Me? Back out? Even if I did, I'm stuck with you anyway right?"

Reclass: Thief, Archer, Priest, Barbarian, Mage, Dark Mage, Myrmidon

Mods: +1 Str +1 Mag +1 Skl +1 Spd 0 Lck -2 Def -2 Res

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well this is pretty simple, imma NPC villagerunit thats optional to protect in a chapter but you'd get a sweet spear for keeping me alive, there's no way my body could handle actually warfare, but if we want i suppose i could give a small idea thing.

bases, 15 HP, 3 str, 0 magic 3 skill, 2 speed, 10 luck, 3 defense, 2 resistance.

starting skill aptitude due to villager class, class sets being cavalier,mercenary, and Priest (along with what those promote into)

growths, not counting aptitude, so add 20% to these if i keep the skill

50% HP, 40% str, 0% magic, 50% skill, 15% speed, 100% luck, 35% defense, 10% resistance

unit caps are, str +1, magic -3, skill +2, speed -3, Luck +5, defense +3, resistance -1

so imma be a really awkard donnel that's not really worth using, but has a niche i suppose, not much of a fighter irl but hey, i'm having abit of fun for once on the awakening sub section.

supports being all gen 1 units, except cordelia, tharja, ricken.

and if i have to write something as cringe as a love confession thing it would be something like " honestly there's alot better choices out here, but you can bet i'm gonna be faithful 100%" or if i'm an whiny emo bitch/dark edgey character it could be "after wasting my time with failed relationships, I've found the one at last"

ah well, not like any of this really matters, yolo.

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I'd rather be in Elibe as well to seduce Eliwood travel Ilia but Awakening's cool too, I think?

Name: Tabs
Starting class: Pegasus Knight (Canon promotion: Falcon Knight)

Starting level: 4
Starting items: Slim Lance, Javelin, Vulnerary
Starting skills: Skill +2, Healtouch, Bond (Gains Rally Heart on Promotion as well)
Reclass: Troubadour, Thief
Personal Growths: Positive modifiers for Mag/Skl/Res, negative modifiers for HP/Lck, Neutral on Str/Spd/Def. Am I a balanced unit?
Recruitment: Paralogue 28: Gentle Heart

Bio: Secluded young girl who left her village for unspecified reasons. Befriended a pegasus she named Midnight as a child, who carried her to the island she lived on peacefully. She had loved most of the island animals and kept them healthy over the years, until Risen attacked. Chrom and co. meet her weeping on the shores of the island the Mountain Village was on, pleading to find someone to help her rescue what remained of her animal friends from the Risen. When they return to the island, they successfully clear the Risen, but come upon a sad scene: her pegasus's mate and their foals, long since passed on. After burying the most important members of the failed rescue mission, she nurtures the still-living creatures back to health. She then joins Chrom's cause, swearing to support those who risked their lives to help save her island. Proficient in healing and with a sharp eye for an enemy's weaknesses due to her knowledge of medicine.

Critical Quotes:

"Please, stand down!"

"Don't touch my friends!"

"I'd rather you retreat!"

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Unit Name: Jack

Recruited: Paraloge 6.5

Class: Sniper

Starting Skills: Ignis, Tome breaker, Pass,

Level: 3

Starting items: Longbow

Critical Quotes:

"I will steal your soul"

"Bullseye an excellent shot"

"Your dead now"

"I used to be an adventurer like you then I couldn't resist the temptation to use an overused meme as my critical quote"

Reclass: Mage, Mercenary

Modifiers: +5 speed, +2 Skill, +1 magic, -2 resistance, -6 luck

Supports: Avatar, Tharja, Gregor, Giaus, Vaike, Miriel, Lissa, Sumia, Anna, Say ri, Wallhart and Priam

Edited by Mackc2

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Name: Medea

Occupation: Tiki's Helper

Class: Manakete

Comes in: Tiki's Chapter (Mila Tree?)

Story: She used to be a slave to someone in Valm, until she eventually couldn't handle the abuse and rekt the place. In the process she murders her friends, which she is rather sorry for. Eventually after running away for a long time, she collapses somewhere and Virion and Cherche rescue her. She stays with them (and ends up developing a crush on Virion) until Virion runs away from... (whatsitcalled) Rosanne. She decides to go to Tiki's and stays there until Chrom winds up at the Mila Tree, where she joins Chrom's army along with Tiki.

Personality: Like Nowi, but with a small cruel streak (ie she doesn't mind a little bit of suffering)

Quotes:"Lemme send you to oblivion! XD"

Supports: Virion, Cherche, Nowi, Henry, Avatar M/F, Libra, Tharja, Stahl (up to A), Tiki, Nah, Gaius.

Edited by BurningCandy

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Name: Eric(Not my real name)

Class: Ranger(Are personal classes okay?)

Recruited: Prolouge

Class progression: Ranger->Hero->Vanguard

Skills: Armsthrift, Galeforce, Underdog, Balance(Can gain an extra 10 levels before promoting) -_-

Level: 3

Inventory: Iron Sword, Killing Edge, Vulenary

Weapon rank: A

Modifiers: +5 HP/+7Str/+1Mag/-2Res/+10 Luck


F!Robin, Lissa, Cordelia, Cherche, Tharja, Aversa, Maribelle, Sully, Anna, Lucina

M!Robin, Chrom, Freddy, Donnel, Lon'qu, Henry, Yen'fay, Virion, Kellam, Priam, Gaius, Stahl

Critical hit quotes:

"See you in hell!"

"Rest in pieces!"

"For the Blue Flame!"

"How's this?"

Edited by Lord_Seliph

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Name: Nym
Class: Dark Magician

Level: 10

Starting skills: Magic +5, Shadowgift

Starting weapons: Ruin (forged), Steel Sword (forged)

Reclass: Mage, Dark Mage

Bio: The last children from the future, Nym is an orphan since he was born. Childhood friend of Lucina, he got adopted by the royal family when they found him the forest. He also has dark powers but despite his powers, he is a nice guy and always try to help his friend when he can.

Paralogue 27: You can only get the paralogue if you have ALL the childrens.

Can only be able to be recruit if you talk to him with Lucina

Recruiting conversation:

Lucina: Nym!

Nym: Lucina?

Lucina: I can't believe it! You are here! But how?

Nym: Hey, there is nothing these dark powers can't do, you know.

Lucina: Still, you didn't follow us when Naga brough us here. Why did you had to hold off the Risens, I thought you were... *sob*

Nym: Hey, I'm here now. Dry your tears.

Lucina: *Sniff* y-yes.

Nym: I will fight with you. Let's go.

Lucina: Alright.

Critical quotes:

''Are you afraid of the dark?''

''Have some darkness!''

''This is over for you!''

''I fight for everyone that I care!''

Support convos:

S supports: Lucina, Severa, Noire, Cynthia, Kjelle, Nah, Morgan (F), Avatar (F)

A supports: Owain, Inigo, Laurent, Brady, Yarne, Gerome, Morgan (M), Avatar (M), Chrom, Lucina's Mother (Sumia, Olivia, Maribelle, Sully or Avatar F)

Confession Quote: ''I feel a new power is coming up. Oh wait, it's just my love for you.

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class:i dont know a special class that uses swords and dragonstones like i throw dragonstones at my enemys

starting items:dragonstone killing edge food which restores 1 hp and can be used once

Romantic supports:severa

confeession:i cant marry the avatar

recrtment:i join

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class:i dont know a special class that uses swords and dragonstones like i throw dragonstones at my enemys

starting items:dragonstone killing edge food which restores 1 hp and can be used once

Romantic supports:severa

confeession:i cant marry the avatar

recrtment:i join


Throwing dragonstones.

You forgot about beaststones. Can you throw those, too?

We need details!

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Name: Nightmare

Class: Demonic Berserker


Reclass: None


Health: 70

Strength: 70

Magic: 50

Skill: 40

Speed: 45

Luck: 20

Defense: 35

Resist: 30








Shadow Form (axe)

Mt 12 Hit 75 Crit 25 Range 1-2 Use -- (same as Falchion)

Health restored by half of damage dealt. Nightmares' use only.

Recruit: Paralogue 0.5 Thargas' New Obsession, talk with Tharja

Supports: Teargas (S), Tharja forgets all about Robin once she meets Nightmare.


Since the day Nightmare was born in the village Valhalla, home to berserkers there has always been a second shadow at his feet following behind him and because of it the other berserkers have always forsaken him, he had to teach himself everything by watching everyone else from a distance.

One day Grima threw onslaught after onslaught of Risen at the village ravaging it, in a desperate attempt at parlay the village offered up Nightmare as a host. Over come with grief of not only being forsaken but thrown away Nightmare was engulfed by his second shadow and warped into a demonic berserker and annihilated both his village and the Risen.


"You know naught of pain."

"You don't know what it is to be a monster"

"Win, lose , it makes no difference"

"My shadows .... They're all that's left"


"My shadows, they are all I have and all that I am, destruction is my nature, is it really possible .... to feel ...."

Will add recruitment and support conversation if what little imagination I have allows it, I'm actually surprised I even managed to do this much o.0

Edited by Knightmare

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I'll throw in my usual RP character.

Basic Information

Name: Xander

Gender: Male

Class: Dark Knight

Level: 5

Starting Skills: Shadowgift, Armsthrift, Anathema, Slow Burn

Weapon Rank: Tomes - A, Swords - C

Starting Inventory: Levin Sword, Aversa's Night

Reclass Options: Mage and Mercenary lines

Recruited In: Paralogue 30 (The Ire of Truth); Speak with Chrom or Avatar

Roster Description: An aspiring novelist from Plegia. His acerbic, sarcasm-riddled personality is a facade to his massive fear of underachievement.

Assets: Defense, Magic, Luck

Neutrals: Speed, Resistance

Flaws: Strength, Skill

Critical Quotes

"And now, the climax!"

"Your guts will scatter!"

"The antagonist seldom survives."

"I'll give you an improper burial!"

Victory Quotes

"Hope the void is comfy."


"Sweet dreams and ill tidings."


"The only resolution."

Defeated by Enemy

"Shadows take me..."

Death Quote

"Ugh, damnation! So much... unfinished..." (unrecruited)

"Crimson in my eyes... figures. Apologies, everyone, but I'd like to not be dead in a ditch today. Find me later back at camp." (casual mode)

"For someone who's always had things to say... I'm truly at a loss for words. Farewell..." (classic mode)

Support Options

Romantic: Female!Avatar, Lissa, Miriel, Sumia, Maribelle, Cordelia, Tharja, Tiki

Friendly: Male!Avatar, Lon'qu, Gaius, Gregor, Libra, Henry


"You... You've truly opened my eyes. From now on, I will be by your side. Our tale is just beginning."

Edited by Xanaxian

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