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[FE9] Anyone want to do a draft?

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I briefly thought about picking Sothe, recounted the chest keys in the game and decided against it.

Shinion and Gatrie, I'll hit 'em like thunder and lightning.

Back to the Wojeck Veteren.

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I decided I'd start tonight, so I did the prologue and the first chapter.

Prologue - Mercenaries: 4 Turns

Turn 1: Ike moves forward and attacks Boyd on turn one, hitting him for half his HP. Boyd kills himself on the enemy phase.

Turn 2: Ike moves next to Greil and uses a Vulnerary.

Turn 3: Ike attacks Greil, dropping to seven HP. Greil counters on the enemy phase, hitting Ike down to one.

Turn 4: Ike finishes Greil, ending the chapter.

The standard four turns. This should be exactly the same for everyone.

Chapter One - The Battle Begins: 3 Turns

Turn 1: Ike moves all the way forward and attacks the first fighter, successfully dodging the counter attack. Boyd finishes him. Titania grabs the steel sword and Cantos three spaces ahead of Ike. Oscar does his lump impression. On the enemy phase one fighter bandit suicides into Titiania right off the bat. The nearby Myrmidion and Bottom fighter go after Ike, all attacks hit, knocking Ike to nine. The brigand and the other fighter attack Boyd, smacking him down to 13.

Turn 2: Titania moves back and kills the Myrm, then Canto's right in front of the boss. Boyd moves around and kills the bandit. Ike moves foreward, just out of the range of the second Mrym and uses a vulnerary. Oscar continues to be a lump. On the enemy phase the Myrm and the boss suicide into Titania (forcing her to discard the iron sword she looted off the mrym), while the two wounded fighters kill themselves on Ike.

Turn 3: Titania moves back and grabs the robe, Boyd hits one of the last two bandits for some free EXP, and Ike seizes.

Boyd makes this a little easier, but he can't shave a turn off. Still, I'm rather happy. Only two enemies left alive and both Boyd and Ike managed multiple kills. I even got both the Robe and and the Steel Sword.

Total Turns so Far: 7

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Ok I just started my run.

Prologue: 4 turns

Ike: Level 2

Chapter 1: 3 turns

Ike picked up the Steel Sword and Titania grabbed the Seraph Robe. Ike only just managed to get to level 3 because I had to rescue him with Titania in order to clear in 3 turns. :(

Ike: Level 3

Titania: Level 1

Chapter 2: 5 turns

This chapter was a bit of a nuisance because I had to try and ensure that Boyd and Oscar/Rhys didn't get attacked. I noticed that the fighters only seem to go for Ike while the bandits will attack Oscar and Boyd. Basically, I had to weaken the bandit with an Iron Sword so that it ran off to the healing bush.

Ike stayed at the bottom area (managing to proc some necessary dodges) while Titania went with the Steel Axe at the boss.

Ike: Level 4

Titania: Level 1

I'm curious as to how much of a difference the bands make in fixed mode.

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Chapter 3: 4 turns

For the first few times I did this map, Gatrie/Shinon kept getting attacked (damn forced deployment!) but I changed up my strategy and found a reliable way of clearing the map. The only annoying bit is if Marcia dies. :(

Titania managed to grab the hand axe (which was necessary to kill the boss in one turn because her Str is too low for the Steel Axe to OHKO). Weirdly, I noticed that Ike gained +Def when he hit level 5 when previously it was just +HP and +Str. I really need to read how this fixed mode works.

Ike: Level 5

Titania: Level 2

Chapter 4: 3 turns

Finally, I managed to do a chapter in just one go. :D

Titania actually pulled off a critical hit on the boss but missed the second hit (83% displayed chance of hitting) otherwise it would have been a 2-turn clear.

Ike: Level 5

Titania: Level 2

Chapter 5: 6 turns

I didn't realise that reinforcements didn't come from the right side. This chapter was pretty easy. It's a shame Ike is so weak though - it would've been nice for him to get a more few kills.

Ike: Level 7

Titania: Level 3

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