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Kingddd's LP Shenanigans (Extra-Life)

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Hi everyone, this is kingddd and I would take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to read this. Currently I have signed up as an Extra-Life member and take this opportunity for myself to explore, express and open myself up more and at the same time volunteer to help my local hospital.

What is Extra-Life? Extra Life is a program which helps support children's hospitals where the children need all the help they can get and how we can help is by playing games and just ask for others to take their time to watch us or post video game footages and ask to donate to our local hospital. Currently I'm running for BC children's hospital and be honored if you can watch me play some games or just me posting some video footages of me playing live and donate to my local hospital. I will receive no revenue at all as this is going to my hospital all 100%.

To donate or go to my twitch channel and click the BC children's hospital:




Depending on how my schedule works, I will be playing a game live or post a random gameplay video of me playing and will make a poll if enough support comes in to create the next videos.

My first project is stated below. If I can reach the 100 dollar goal, then I would consider this a success and would appreciate your generosity, continuing efforts and to help support my local hospital and the community.

Splatoon Livestream Gameplay this Saturday! Extra-Life!

Splatoon Livestream Gameplay this Saturday!
Join me in playing Splatoon on twitch @1:00pm PST on Saturday June 6, 2015.
If you also have splatoon you can add me on my Wii U ID: kingddd17 to join me on the stream and I will be playing Splatoon for approximately 2 hours. I will be covering the world of Inkopolis and a bit of the gameplay explanation.All I ask if you have to time to also donate to BC Children’s hospital and watch me win or get rekt by people online in Turf Wars to support the children who need all the help they can get.
I will be adding any people beforehand so send out your invites beforehand.
Please spread the word and notify your friends!
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I have raised about 50 dollars from the stream. Thanks for tuning in and sorry for the technical difficulties. Laptop streaming decided to shutdown for some reason but in the future, I will definitely consider premade videos instead as livestream and I can't seem to project my voice when I am very focused on my gameplay and it seems to be causing a lot of problems for me. But once again thank you all that donated. All proceeds will definitely go to the BC children's hospital and I do not get any money from this. Thank you very much.

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