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In Search of NICKT's Sprite Collection

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Hello! :Roy:

As of recently I've been on the look out for free to use resources for a hack that I've been working on lately. While looking for character mugs, I saw a several different people mentioning that NICKT released a download with many different free to use resources a little while back. Although while searching for them, I came up with nothing. I got in contact with NICKT to ask about them, but he said that he no longer had them due to a hard-drive failure not too long ago, and that my best bet was to see if anyone had downloaded them previously that could share them again.

And so I ask, if anyone happens to have these resources, could you please share them below?

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Although most resources from his old topic aren't available anymore, there are a handful from 2012 still on there. Still, he recommended I search for his updated stuff instead.

Thanks for sharing the resources you do have!

Edit: For anyone currious, his old topic can be found here. The last few pages have working images yet.

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