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So this thread only deals with cute stuff: Pets

Post your photos and / or tell us some funny, interesting or sad stories about your pets.

Everything is qualified:

  • cats
  • dogs
  • guinea pigs
  • turtles
  • snakes
  • spiders
  • etc...

Even if you don't own a pet, you still can post stuff of wild animals (wild cats, dogs or pets of family members or friends). Actually I only have wildcats:



PS: More images can be found on my profile. Going to upload more tomorrow.

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I have two cats, a tortoise and a funny story about all 3:

Last summer we let our tortoise, A, out into the garden. Our two cats, B and C, were also in the garden. I was expecting the worst- that B and C would gang up on A and kill A.

Boy, was I wrong.

A, being a tortoise, was very territorial, and started chasing B and C around the garden and, despite being twice the size of A, B and C were terrified of her.

But funniest moment was when A slowly stared crawling up to B, before biting B on the tail. B leapt into the air with a massive shriek, before running indoors. I laughed pretty hard at that.

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i love these threads even if they're short-lived because people's pets are so cute ;__;





[spoiler=also there's a cat and a dog but they're not happy pumpkins they're sleepy]




[spoiler=here's a not great picture of judge dredd the baby goat]


[spoiler=and this is kitty, one of the big goats]


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there ya go, aint he adorable

oh my dear sweet goodness holy shit how is something so fucking adorable what the hell

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