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Fire Emblem: Requiem - V1.4 is up

Which characters do you like? (Not in terms of anything in particular)  

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  1. 1. Allies

    • Val
    • Andrei
    • Linda
    • Katarina
    • Keiran
    • Josie
    • Rayden
    • Marco
    • Kane
    • Isaac
    • Nella
    • Layla
    • Almer
    • Ash
    • Drake
    • Gemma
    • Clare
    • Alicia
    • Edward
    • Nala
    • Skye
    • Hawke
    • Jace
    • Vincent
    • Ordanze
    • Laraya
    • Emilia
    • Alyssa
    • Kenrick
    • Pamela
    • Meredith
    • Thelma

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Fire Emblem: Requiem


UPDATE: V1.4 now out.


This is an FE7 ROM hack, containing 26 chapters (prologue - ch.24 and a Gaiden chapter)

It contains new events, maps, sprites, icons(not all) and story. (Not much in the way of other custom graphics, like UI, unfortunately)

Supports are available between characters. (100% complete) Turn rankings have been worked out. (Sort of, I'm not an LTC player) Hard mode is available and slightly different in some later stages.



On the continent of Emire, 17 years ago, a thirteen year war (commonly referred to as the "Great War") ended as the vassals of a Emperor turned against him to remove him from power and established themselves as separate powers in the mainland, bringing about a new era peace in the lands.

This hack follows those in the noble house of Olva and more specifically the two children of the head of the house, Valentine and Ash, as another noble house, Egarde, threatens them by declaring war on them.

Meanwhile, a more sinister threat grows to present itself.







Thanks to:



The Blind Archer

Kitty of Time









Kitty of Time












General Ciraxis



Nate Lucero




Snake Mom



Character Recruitment


Prologue: None

Ch.1: Keiran, Katarina, Linda (Turn 1, with your units) Josie, Rayden (Join automatically on Turn 😎

Ch.2: Marco (Appears turn 2, talk to with Val)

Ch.3: None

Ch.4: None (No, Kane is not recruitable here)

Ch.5: Isaac, Kane (Join automatically on turn 1) Nella (Appears on turn 4, talk to with Val or Keiran)

Ch.6: Almer (Speak to with Kane), Layla (Speak to with Keiran), OR recruit both in one go with Val.

NOTE: Almer will join you at the end of the chapter anyway, but you'll probably want to get him for the shops.

Ch.7: None

Ch.8: None


Ch.9: Drake (Turn 1, with Ash) Gemma, Clare (Join automatically on turn 6)

Ch.10: Alicia (Joins as of turn 1, pre-deployed) Nala, (Talk to with Ash or let her talk to Ash) Hawke, (Recruited by talking to Skye with Ash) Skye (Talk to with Nala to recruit both him and Hawke) Edward (Appears turn 4 as an enemy. Talk to with Alicia)

NOTE: Nala needs to survive this stage, otherwise you miss out on getting them on the next chapter.

Ch.11: Nala, Skye, Hawke. (Rejoin automatically again on turn 3) Marco, Linda (Rejoin automatically on turn 😎

NOTE: That village in the top left? You'll want to visit that.

Ch.12: Keiran, Katarina. (Rejoin automatically on turn 3) Jace, (Talk to with Alicia or Vincent) Vincent (Talk to with Katarina or Jace)

Ch.13: Layla, Almer. (Rejoin on turn 1, automatically deployed) Nella (Rejoins on turn 5)

Ch.14: None

Ch.15: Val, Andrei, Kane, Isaac. (Rejoin team at the beginning of the chapter, in preparations menu) Ordanze (Appears turn 5, talk to with Val or Ash. Will join at the end regardless of recruiting.)

Ch.16: Laraya, Josie (Controllable from turn 1, Automatically deployed)

Ch.17: Emilia (Must survive the stage, not recruitable in stage.)

NOTE: To stop her from rushing off and getting killed, you can talk to her with Val or Andrei)

Ch.18: Alyssa (Visit bottom left village with a character that is not a lord or Andrei. Must have visited the top-left village in Ch.11)

Ch.19: None

Ch.19x: Kenrick (Joins at the end of the chapter)

NOTE: To get this chapter, Emilia must be alive at the end of chapter 19

Ch.20: Rayden, Pamela, Meredith (Controllable from turn 1. Automatically deployed)

Ch.21: Thelma (Appears on turn 6, talk to with Val or Edward)

Ch.22: None

Ch.23: None

Ch.24: None


Secrets/Missable Stuff


Event Conversations:


Chapter 4 - If Keiran visits the closest village, a different scene occurs.

Chapter 8 - If Katarina talks to Val, she'll give her a Secret Salve. (Elixir)

Chapter 10 - Although Ash can't recruit Edward, he can talk to him. (You'll get a free Soulsuck tome [Nosferatu])

Chapter 15 - If Edward is fielded at the end of this chapter, a little bit of extra dialogue is given.

Chapter 17 - Mentioned above, but I'll put it here anyway. Not really "secret", but Emilia can be changed from her roaming AI by talking to her with Val or Andrei.

Chapter 19 - Alyssa can talk to Bran. (Just don't leave her in his face afterwards, because it isn't going to stop him from killing her.)

Chapter 21 - Extra conversations will be added to the ending of this chapter by attacking the boss with Meredith or Katarina. 

NOTE: These are separate conversations so you can get none, one of the two, or both if they both attack her. Getting Katarina's conversation will net you both a Light Magic spell and a Fortify staff, which are good if you're using her.

Chapter 22 - Deploy Alyssa on this map to get two new rings.

Chapter 23 - Extra conversations will be added to the ending of this chapter if Linda or Thelma are deployed at the end of this chapter. (Again, separate conversations)


Talk Conversations - Just Dialogue between characters player/NPC characters

(Bolded names mean the character must initiate the conversation.)

Prologue - Val/Andrei

Ch1 - Val/Andrei

Ch2 - Val/Katarina

Ch3 - Val/Linda, Val/Florence, Josie/Florence, Rayden/Florence

Ch4 - Val/Keiran, Linda/Katarina

Ch5 - Isaac/Kane, Josie/Rayden, Nella/Layla

Ch6 - N/A

Ch7 - Val/Rayden, Val/Josie, Andrei/Josie, Rayden/Josie, Isaac/Kane, Layla/Nella

Ch8 - Val/Linda, Linda/Katarina, Linda/Marco, Katarina/Keiran, Layla/Almer

Ch9 - Ash/Clare, Ash/Gemma

Ch10 - Gemma/Clare

Ch11 - Ash/Linda, Ash/Nala, Ash/Skye, Alicia/Edward

Ch12 - Ash/Katarina, Ash/Keiran

Ch13 - Gemma/Nella, Clare/Nella, Nella/Layla

Ch14 - N/A

Ch15 - Val/Linda, Val/Katarina, Val/Marco, Andrei/Drake

Ch16 - Josie/Laraya, Ordanze/Laraya, Gemma/Clare

Ch17 - Val/Ordanze

Ch18 - Ash/Laraya, Alicia/Laraya, Val/Marco, Linda/Marco, Gemma/Clare

Ch19 - Andrei/Alicia

Ch19x - Val/Layla, Val/Katarina

Ch20 - Ash/Rayden, Val/Laraya, Andrei/Alicia

Ch21 - Ash/Meredith, Rayden/Layla, Pamela/Layla

Ch22 - Val/Alicia, Val/Thelma

Ch23 - Ash/Alicia, Val/Andrei, Josie/Rayden, Linda/Marco, Keiran/Katarina, Kane/Isaac, Nella/Layla, Gemma/Clare, Nala/Skye, Jace/Vincent, Ordanze/Laraya, Emilia/Kenrick, Pamela/Meredith

Ch24 - Alicia/Alyssa



There are two secret shops in this game.

The Member Card can be obtained in chapter 17 (For The People) from the bottom left-most chest.


First Shop (Chapter 18 - The Return I)

Behind the burned down house in the top right.

Contains: (Using original names here)

  • Reaver Weapons (All types)
  • Short Spear
  • Longbow
  • Flux (These three spells are important if Ash is running low on tomes. Can't buy them anywhere else although you should have a reasonable supply throughout the game.)
  • Nosferatu
  • Luna
  • Physic
  • Chest/Door Keys (Important if Edward is dead or not recruited, less so after recent patches)


Second Shop (Chapter 19x - Restoration)

Again, top right corner. Be careful not to attract enemies, as the stage ends when all units are routed.


  • Silver Weapons (All types)
  • Killer Weapons (All types)
  • Physic
  • Chest/Door Keys
  • Lockpick
  • Barrier (Important on hard mode)


After beating the game, there is an extra chapter available if you start a new game on Hector (Alicia) mode. There's not actually a map to fight on or anything, so don't get your hopes up.


Map Guide


Having trouble with a map, or just want to know a bit more about what to expect?

SF user WolfTwin has helpfully screenshotted the maps (up to chapter 22 at least) with details about enemy spawns and turn events.

Check it out in the link below.



Note: Regardless of what version of the hack you have this should still be pretty accurate. (For normal mode) There would only be some stuff missing, as opposed to any nasty surprises.

Chapter 6 and 19 are fundamentally different maps now, but drops and loot are still mostly similar.

Character Overview


Here I'll just give a short run-down of each of the characters in terms of their usefulness. Some descriptions may be shorter because I haven't used every character an equal number of times. (Or I just don't remember enough to say.)

Warning: Opinions and RNG based experiences ahead!

Most characters should be fine either way for normal mode, like in a normal fire emblem game, so these views are more based off of hard mode experiences. Of course though, it still helps to consider them for normal mode in some cases.



Val's Mode:
Starts off pretty much as a standard female sword lord, (Lyn, Eirika) although is relatively stronger and less  fragile in comparison. She's probably going to be your fastest unit for the majority of this part of the game,  and should be able to dodge attacks fairly consistently, especially since she starts with a Lancereaver. Weapon availibility (Killers, Silver and her Rose Thorn) should keep her doing a decent amount of damage up until the end and the stat-boosters given to you in part 1 can easily make up for her weaknesses, should you choose to give them to her.

Ash's Mode:
Depending on how much use she got in her part, she'll usually be as good, if not better than the other  characters you've been training up to this point in Ash's mode, although by this point she'll be a bit more at  risk from the enemies - in particular the mages, unless she does well to dodge them.
Easy supports with Ash and moreso Andrei and Josie can go quite some ways to increasing her survivabilty if her defences aren't holding up and/or if speed has taken a hit from RNG.
Her promotion isn't really going to do her any wonders, except for increasing her move to 7 spaces, but she's likely not going to be sitting around as a level 20 lord for too long, so she won't be held back in terms of exp either.

Overall: Pretty good. Well, she's forced into the Endgame and all of Part 1, so you're going to have to use her somewhat.  Should be a generally solid unit, usually either the best or second best lord you'll have with decent Strength  and high Skill, Speed and Luck. Low HP and defences may be an issue.



Val's Mode:
Provided that he does get some speed in his early levels, he can basically just be a better version of  Valentine, although this isn't the most likely outcome with a SPD growth of 40%. With that being said though,  even if he won't regularly double enemies, he won't be getting doubled himself and with a high HP growth and  good strength and skill he can be relied on to take on some hits and deal a good amount of damage back to  enemies, once he gets a few levels. This can be helpful for letting weaker units here (Linda, Nella, Layla)  get kills where they want them.
Getting the Flamberge on chapter 1 can be helpful if he's not turning out too well for it's good damage and  crit potential, despite it giving him -2 attack speed, especially if you think someone else needs the Killing Edge gotten on chapter 4.

Ash's mode:
Once again, he'll probably be as good, if not better than your other units at this point if you've used him.
Although as things progress along, his ability to double even the more average speed enemy classes may become  a problem and unless the rest of your team is fast, it's probably worth giving the available speedwings to another unit. Upon promotion, this issue is solved, with the +2 SPD and in addition +2 DEF will also help  things along. He won't be a tank, but in low-risk situations, only mages will be major threats to him.
As with Val, he does have some easy supports available to him, with Ash, Val and Josie being the quickest  options and all three can give avoid bonuses, which when combined with his good Luck stat balance out the low  avoid he might have due to speed.

Overall: Lower end of good. Can range from average to above average, making him a decent choice. High HP, Strength, Skill make him  a reliable damage dealer. Has best use early to mid-game.



Val's Mode:
Yes, she has bad bases, but a good few level-ups in her first available stages can give her some use in the  early-game chapters here. If you want her to survive it may be worth giving her one of the two obtainable  dragonshields in Part 1. Getting the Break Arc in chapter 2 is almost a necessity, (not that it should be  difficult) if you want her to be much use against knights and as long as she gets some strength she should be able to take down the pegasus knights in the stages quite well with a Steel Bow. Her growths should see her become good enough to pick off or weaken enemies on most stages for others, especially when behind characters like Marco, Keiran or Andrei.

Ash's Mode:
She returns here with what should be stats on par with your current units, although her lack of Con and  movement in comparison will probably give a much larger incentive to use Skye over her if she's not great. The Body Ring that can be obtained on this stage can solve the problem in some measure, however, although it's not necessarily needed. Getting the Shining Bow on chapter 13 is another solution to this, but even without it, having her can be useful for the flying enemies on chapters 12, 15 and 16.
Upon promotion, the +4 HP, +3 STR and +2 DEF and RES bonuses are quite helpful, as is the +15 Crit bonus given  to her (as of patch 1.2). With these she won't fall behind too far and can become a good unit as the end of  the game nears.

Overall: Good. Probably not a better option than Skye in most cases as your archer, (especially on normal mode) but still has good use otherwise. Low HP and DEF are an issue, but relatively high RES and good SPD and Luck can  make her good for dodging and taking magic attacks with less risk.



Val's Mode:
Fragile and has low magic to begin with, but the latter of those two problems should quickly be solved with a  few levels. Can dodge quite well, meaning she can safely heal behind other units to some extent. She should  also be quite easy to train in the early game as your units will be getting hurt and unless you're also planning to use Rayden all the healing duties will fall to her. Obviously, she's not an offensive unit at this  point, so she doesn't have much use outside of that

Ash's Mode:
She returns here, probably beating Clare out in terms of stats for the most part and will continue to do so, but lacks her movement. Her access to light magic upon promotion allow her to easily deal with the shamans and druids that show up in this mode and will allow her to be effective against the final boss, seeing as she'll probably be one of your higher level units by this point. Her ability to get you the fortify staff and the A rank light tome on chapter 21 by attacking the boss is also another reason to use her, although they are not  necessary in any sense.

Overall: Very good. Probably the best of the healer units in terms of availability and strength, and can actually be used quite well offensively in comparison to other non-magic units. Despite this, her low DEF and HP mean that she can't just be thrown out there all the time.



Val's Mode:
If you're not using the pre-promotes much here, he's going to be your tankiest unit initially against non- magic attacks other than bows, and he should do it quite well. STR, SKL and SPD are likely not to get very  high in this part of the game however, so he won't be mowing down enemies or anything like that. The Axereaver he comes with will be his most reliable way of dealing extra damage and taking on the groups of axe enemies  that show up quite a lot here with the least risk. Getting him a Steel Lance, or giving him Josie's in chapter  2 is also another thing that he'll probably need to increase his damage output. If his strength and defence gets high enough, he can easily weaken several melee units on one turn and survive himself, freeing up kills for the weaker units.

Ash's Mode:
If he was good enough by the end of Val's Mode, he can become a decent replacement for Drake as your tank unit  here, and won't suffer from the lack of movement and more severe lack of speed here. Upon getting the Delphi  Shield in chapter 13, he can become more useful as he no longer will need to worry much about archers, however, the frequency of mages, specifically thunder mages will be something of problem, especially as he most likely won't be able to reliably dodge them either. Once he promotes here, he'll even out a bit more in  his stats, but other units may overtake him at this in terms of offensive abilities. Mages also become more common and stronger which may be a problem, even if you use barrier staves.

Overall: Good in early to mid game, but might not be the most useful unit by the end-game section. Of course though, he is a mounted and a flying unit, so he helps with speeding stages along a bit.



Val's Mode:

Pre-Promote. Can solo this mode with ease pretty much on her own from when she's gotten, maybe barring Chapter 7 in some sense, but of course would take up a lot of experience from other units. Otherwise, can be used to prevent bad situations in early chapters and easily get units where they need to go. Will have trouble weakening units for others in the early, early part of this mode, but this can be helped a little bit by having her rescue a unit to reduce her speed.

Ash's Mode:
Returns on a stage where the enemies are somewhat dangerous for her if she has no levels whatsoever, but they  aren't necessarily a problem for her either. Has better defensive potential than Keiran, but otherwise, is pretty much an inferior unit, unless she's been RNG screwed. Her low speed is more than likely to prevent her  from doubling enemies, but she can survive most of what the stages might throw at her, except for mages.
If her speed is particularly bad, she won't be able to take on the last few bosses (definitely not the final boss) unless her DEF and HP are good enough.
She does have quick support availability with Val, Andrei, Rayden and Laraya though, which can help out quite  a bit.

Overall: OK unit. Good crutch character if your team is looking particularly fragile, or you want wyvern rider and Keiran isn't levelling well.



Val's Mode:
Pre-Promote. Pretty much destroys anything that gets in his way, but is better served as a healer if you do  want to get him some experience without him stealing from your offensive units. Still might be possible for  him to die - even if unlikely - near the end of this mode, because enemies can still damage him. If you use him and don't plan to use Katarina, it may be worth getting him a light tome on chapter 6 just raise the weapon level up

because you can get him to use the A rank light tome.

Ash's Mode:
Comes back very late here, and if not a decent level is probably not even close to the greatest of possible  units you have available. He has good enough growths to make him into something a viable unit and his high con means that he won't be getting doubled, even with heavier tomes, (unlike other mages) but he's probably not  going to be dealing the greatest damage to them nor doubling them back.
At this point, his HP and defenses might will be nothing compared to before either, so he'll need to take a  step back from the front lines more often. With that said, he can perform well as a healer well, so he's not completely useless back there either.
Quick support availability (except for one) is a thing for him too, although 3 out of 5 (Josie, Meredith, Pamela) of them are with other pre-promotes so making use of them means saving conversations on the other two characters or having to drop your current team for more pre-promotes.

Overall: OK unit. Can use S-rank Anima tome and all staves, unlike Clare or Layla, (without grinding out their weapon levels) but their stats will probably be better than his in most cases. (Clare in particular.)



Val's Mode:
Buying him an iron axe will immediately improve the situation for him, especially in these early stages where  all your units are having to be used to some extent. Giving him the speedwings on chapter 4 can help out a lot here as well. As this mode goes along though, he can easily become one of your better characters for this  part, one-shotting the weaker enemies and being able to dodge some units fairly consistently. When not doing  that he can take quite a few hits unless he's getting doubled either way.

Ash's Mode:
Upon his return, he'll most likely seem like a better choice than Hawke and Vincent, but as things progress along, they'll start to outclass him in stats other than HP, STR and DEF. That being said, he's still a  perfectly viable unit for the majority of the game as a hard-hitting and tanky unit, moreso than the other two unmounted axe units . His quick support with Linda is also a good option for giving him an attack boost and higher crit potential.
Upon his promotion, the use of bows can help for killing off the flying units more efficiently and for indirectly attacking enemies that might be a threat if he attacks them directly. (Promoted units on later chapters)
Mages in the late game will need to be dealt with someone other than him though, especially if his speed is lacking.

Overall: Good unit for taking and dealing damage, but depending on how his speed grows, it may or may not be worth using the other options available.



Val's Mode:
A great unit to start off with and also another axe user, although his CON is a bit of an issue when using the  heavier ones. As a result, he's not going to be as strong as Marco, but he makes up for it by being more  versatile as a cavalier, so he can do well against sword units without having to rely too much on Reaver-type weapons. He can be something of a tank unit in this part, although Keiran and/or Marco are better options for  that because he doesn't have Marco's HP and probably has less HP and DEF as Keiran if they were the same  level.

Ash's Mode:
Becomes really good once he reaches the higher levels and promotes (provided good RNG) being good for all of  his stats except for RES and LUK. (SKL might be a bit low too) No particularly fast support options, although he shouldn't need them that much. If he was planned to be your axe user though, making sure that his axe weapon level gets to S instead of his lances might be a little bit difficult as he doesn't benefit from a bonus to his axe weapon level upon promotion. At the same, just sticking him with a silver axe can be enough for him and he's not a bad choice for the S rank lance anyway.

Overall: Probably the best Cavalier/Paladin option you're going to have out of them, although other non-cavalier units will excel more at the things he's good for.



Val's Mode:
The more speedy and balanced cavalier, although in comparison to Kane he's simply an inferior unit to begin with. Throughout this mode, he's probably going to be quite difficult to train up, because although he's not  as fragile as most of the other units in this mode, he still isn't able to take the damage that well, nor dish it out.

Ash's Mode:
Will become a more useful unit in this part of the game, although he still won't be one of your better ones until the you reach the late-game when he should have gained a decent amount of HP, DEF, RES and SPD so that he can fight both magic and non-magic units without too much risk.

Overall: Pretty average unit. No major flaws in the late-game, although getting damage might be an issue, if his levels aren't great.



Val's Mode:
Starts off quite weak, but is generally fast enough to double almost any enemy, except mercenaries and  myrmidons pretty consistently. To make her worthwhile, it might be worth giving her the energy ring obtained  on chapter 6 and/or giving her the more effective lance weapons, like the Killer Lance. All in all, she won't  be someone you can throw forward all too often but she can be relied on to dodge a lot of attacks, almost as consistently as Val.

Ash's Mode:
Although Gemma might seem like a better choice due to being stronger and roughly the same speed, Nella is the  faster pegasus knight overall (in terms of attack speed) and her higher CON might make her more worth using, especially if you've got other low CON units on your team that are more deserving of the two body rings in the game. Other than that she'll usually have a fair bit more HP and DEF, making her more able to take on several  enemies, especially when you give her the Delphi shield to protect her from bows. If her damage is lacking,
her +2 STR on promotion and her easy supports with either Gemma and Clare can provide enough of a boost on that front to sort things out.

Overall: Good. Has bad availability in Val's mode, but good in Ash's mode. Doing damage and (later on) consistently avoiding damage, due to low luck might be something of a problem, but she makes up for it by usually being able to double most enemies in the game.



Val's Mode:
Not a great unit for this part as she's underlevelled and yet another fragile character to add to your team at  this point. If you want her to be useful, it's advisable to grind some levels for her on chapter 6 and 8,  otherwise it may well be worth not recruiting her in this part (using Kane to get Almer instead) and letting her join as a (level 9) autolevelled unit in the next part. She is however, the only mage for this part and therefore can easily  target the low resistance of the majority of the units that are in this part.

Ash's Mode:
Comes back quite early in this part and although at weapon triangle disadvantage to the shamans, can handle other magic units' attacks better than most of your units at this point. In the early part of this mode, she  once again has some use in attacking the low resistance units. Has a lot of easy supports, all of which will help her ability to avoid attacks when combined with her high speed.
She has good promotion bonuses, bringing up her weaker stats quite a bit, although by this point, other characters will probably be more useful in terms of combat, so she's better served as a support unit, not an offensive unit at this point.

Overall: OK unit. Will be slightly better than Rayden offensively, but will be outclassed by Ash and Alicia as  a magic unit, and even Katarina and Clare in some respects, although she has the advantage of being able to use high level magic much earlier on and no trouble in being able to use the S rank Anima tome.



Should be able to handle himself pretty well throughout most of the game, although he'll need some protection in the early game. He can occasionally be relied on to take some hits, especially when equipped with Nosferatu, as his high skill usually allows him to be able to hit back and with his high magic he'll probably be able to recover most of the damage done to him.
His commonly low speed issue is solved quite a bit upon promotion with a +3 SPD bonus. On hard mode specifically, it may be quite difficult to get him to level 20 before he promotes without the arena or low-manning and if he doesn't he's very likely to fall behind.
Either way, if he doesn't turn out that great, he can function well as a healer and with Luna and the tome he gets on chapter 23, he'll probably still be quite useful offensively.

Overall: Good. Probably the worst of the three lords on average, but still not terrible. Has potential to be screwed for speed though which is a problem when dark magic tomes weigh him a lot before promotion.



Until you start getting your Part 1 characters back,(maybe even after that) Drake is going to be your only unit that you can rely on to take a lot of physical hits, making him almost necessary for the early game. He also should get the strength to be able to weaken most units with single hits for other. Levelling him with others might become an issue though and as such it may even be worth promoting him slightly earlier to make use of the General's promotion bonuses (4 HP, 3 SPD and RES, 2 STR, SKL and DEF), if his stats are looking decent enough just to help his lack of movement situation.
In the late game, making him useful for things other than weakening enemies might be tough though, so giving him something like the Brave Lance is advisable if you actually want him to be killing stuff. He can be quite useful on the last two stages where the enemies are quite strong (especially on hard mode) when given the Iron Rune though as he'll still be taking quite low damage from the enemies.

Overall: Average. Has his uses and is still perfectly viable, but as a knight, other units will just end up having more utility than he does, especially in this game where a lot of stages focus on moving forward quite quickly. More useful on hard mode, although faces more danger as well.



Low offensive bases and low CON are a bit of a problem for Gemma at first and may well persuade you that she's in need of the body ring obtainable on chapter 11, but usually she shouldn't actually end up needing it more than some other units, necessarily. (There's always another one later anyways) Although you may have to rely on good levels, she should start raising her strength and speed pretty quickly, making her a good dodger, although her fragility might be something of an issue when it comes down to it.
The easy support option with Clare can give her a big offensive boost, providing attack and crit rate, whereas her other early easy options (Nella, Layla) will give help her be a bit more balanced in the benefits provided. If she's already good, not much is likely to change on promotion, except for her getting even more strength.

Overall: Very good. Will do quite well from recruitment to endgame, although she can be killed quite easily by physical attacks. Whether or not you use Nella over her is probably a judgement call you can make at the point where you have both.



Pre-note: I have only once had a Clare be anything even close to her averages listed on the growth sheets, but I'll try and evaluate this as best as possible. (She's good anyway)

As a healer, she's going to be at quite a bit of threat in the first few chapters here, although it should be quite easy to keep her out of harm's way. She has the movement to get out of range, SPD and LCK to let her dodge most physical attacks and the RES to stop magical attacks.
Unless Katarina wasn't used much in part 1, she's unlikely to catch up to her level without excessive healing before she comes back, but Clare has the advantage of being able to keep up with your higher move units in the stages where moving quickly is more helpful.(Chapters 15-17 in particular.)
It might take a while, but once she promotes, she should be good for taking on enemies without too much trouble - provided she's not getting hit much, although her low magic (both the stat and the rank) will be an issue come late-game, once the enemies start packing something on the RES front, but this can be solved somewhat - once again through the Gemma+Clare support.
It's unlikely that you can get her magic to S without focusing on it too much, which means she'll probably just stick to healing and doing damage where she can in the final stages.

Overall: Pretty good. Katarina might be a better choice overall, but Clare isn't vastly inferior. Unless you really want that fortify staff, once again, this is probably just a judgement call.



Her stats start off pretty balanced, but she's likely to quickly shoot up in MAG allow her to dish out a lot of damage, without necessarily slowing her down to the levels that Ash has to. Whilst her personal weapon isn't the most useful thing as a result of this, it can be useful if she's looking a bit slow, or for stopping counterattacks from cavaliers and knights under certain circumstances.
Upon promotion, her lower stats are picked up quite a bit, as is her magic, so from this point on she should become quite a strong unit with very little flaws. She does also gain access to dark magic, and it might be worth trying to get her weapon level up so to use Nosferatu/Luna, although it's not particularly necessary.

Overall: Pretty Good. Offensively, better than Ash, and defensively, better than Valentine. Will have trouble dodging as much as her, but she probably beats out Valentine for the position of the best lord, if only by a small margin.



For the first parts of this mode, getting him levels is going to quite difficult, because firstly, he's very weak, both offensively and defensively and secondly because there are chests and stuff to open in chapters 13 and 14 which he'll need to go out of his way to get. Although he does come with that Energy ring and 4 STR, he's not necessarily the best person to use it, due to the fact that when promoted he's only going to cap at 20 STR, which he should get close enough to.
As an actual unit though, he does have his uses, which will become much more accentuated if you bother to keep him for the late game. He'll be a good dodger throughout most of the game and his HP and DEF can be quite good for his class after a few good levels allowing him to be a safer bet than some other units in tough situations because he's never going to get doubled.

Overall: OK unit. A little bit difficult to keep on the same level as your other units and quite weak without using the stronger weapons available, but he still shouldn't be a dead weight on the team when not going for chests and stuff.



As will be immediately obvious, she has glaring strengths and weaknesses. She'll pretty much be able to dodge anything that doesn't put her at a weapon triangle disadvantage, but then if she does end up taking a few hits she'll be dead in two or three hits. Dealing damage for her might also be an issue, making her another prime candidate for the energy ring that you get, but another solution can simply be to build supports with Skye or Hawke, both of which give her an attack and crit rate boost. Combine this with her high skill and a Killer weapon and she'll start killing things with much more ease. Upon promotion she'll get access to bows, which will be helpful once enemies get a little bit better at hitting your units and the risk isn't worth it. It will also help against wyverns and knights if you don't have lancereavers to spare.

Overall: Very good. Fragility is a problem, but she has the dodging ability to make it less of an issue in comparison to the other units with similar problems. A good candidate for the S-rank swords, especially if she's looking weak.



A little bit on the slow side at first, in comparison to Linda, but with some good levels his HP, STR and DEF will get ahead and his speed should be on par with hers. Before he promotes, being in an archer class will mean that he can't make use of his good stats all that much, but once he does, he can easily take on the role of a one of your melee units, moving across the map quickly and being able to switch up between attacking with sword or bow without much issue either way.
From start to finish though, his main problem is that his low luck (and low resistance) means that (especially against mages) his dodging ability isn't all too consistent just on his own. To get the best use out him supporting with Nala and/or Hawke are good options, but they're the only ones, unless you want to throw a bunch of stat boosters on him.

Overall: Great. In the beginning he'll need to be a bit careful but then for the rest of the game - other than to mages, or in the final chapter, (crits everywhere) he's unlikely die easily and does well to damage the enemies you come across.



When you immediately compare him to a trained up Marco or Vincent in the beginning, he won't seem like much of step up, except for being significantly stronger than Vincent. His good speed growth is at first cancelled out by low CON and more issues come out when he's getting hit a lot by enemies due to very low defenses. But once he gets trained up and gains some speed, as long as he has low weight weapon out, he should be fine because of his high HP.
Once he promotes, he'll become even more dangerous, as he gets the Berserker crit bonus and his CON issues are solved by an increase of two. At this point, he may still need to be careful in terms of getting hit too much, but he should be able to take down any and all units with relative ease and his dodging ability (at least against lances and maybe axes) should be much better. Once again, the supports with Nala and/or Skye can help him out quite a bit, making him able to one-shot a lot of enemies as well.

Overall: Very Good. Maybe the best option for your axe user, although his defenses leave a lot to be desired, unless he's dodging every attack that comes at him.



Whereas Andrei is best in the beginning and gets worse towards the end, Jace takes the opposite path, getting better as things go along. At first though, his options are quite limited. Whilst he has slightly more HP and strength than your other two sword units for a while (Nala and Edward) he doesn't really make up for it in the dodging or defensive deparments until he gets some good levels on him. His low con also means that his decent speed might become a bit of problem when trying to get damage done without affecting his chance to double enemies.
But then, once he promotes, the boosts to his HP, SPD and defenses (to a lesser extent) should help things along and make him a much more valuable member of team. He should be able to double things more reliably and access to stronger, yet lighter weapons by this point will make his relatively low strength a bit less of an issue.

Overall: Good. A bit of a slow burn character and defenses may become a problem, but he should turn out quite good in the end, due to having more balanced growths than Andrei and good offensive bases to work with.



Similarly to Jace, he doesn't really have any defining traits to begin with, except for the notable resistance, particularly for an axe unit. He shouldn't be as difficult to train as Jace might be, largely because he can afford to take damage, due to his higher HP. Once he starts getting some levels though, Vincent becomes a very well balanced unit, not really being great at anything, but not being particularly bad at it either. He'll still be one of the stronger characters as well, due to being an axe-wielder and even come late-game, whilst he won't be as strong as your other axe options, he won't be as slow as Marco is and his durability - both against physical and magical attacks should allow him to hold as one of your front units, even if it means taking a few hits.

Overall: Pretty good. Has something of a slow start, but should be a good unit from recruitment and only gets more useful towards the end, becoming a good tank on top of being able damage enemies and dodge lances fairly well, in comparison to Marco, particularly.



Starts with high bases, but his growths are not quite like a normal myrmidon's, focusing a bit more on HP, STR and DEF. That being said, his speed and skill should still grow fairly well, making him a very good unit at the time that you get him at. Once the later parts of the game come around though, his dodging and ability to double enemies (moreso on hard mode) might become something of a problem. This isn't as big of problem for him as it might be for someone else though because the Swordmaster crit bonus and his high strength can allow him to quickly finish off enemies before things get too dangerous. At the same time, high HP and DEF will mean that he's not going to get two-shotted like Nala or Laraya might, when they start getting hit, unless he's fighting mages.

Overall: Pretty good. As long as his speed doesn't fall too far behind, (which isn't that likely anyway) he can be just as good as your other fast sword units and be able to take hits when needed. Getting him quite late though might mean he's not worth switching out your current sword users for.



Has pretty good stats all-around (barring RES and to a lesser extent, HP) from the moment you get her and has balanced growths to keep them all fairly good even once she starts getting some levels. Low CON for a lance user might be something of an issue though, considering she doesn't have the speed of a pegasus knight, or the option to use other weapons like a cavalier can. A body ring can easily solve this if you've got no other options in need and yet even without it, I don't imagine that she'll have any real problems with most of what the game can throw at her, because she has decent power without having to rely on the heavier weapons.

Overall: Pretty Good. She doesn't have the availability of your other lance units, similarly to Ordanze, but she has less of an issue here, seeing as she joins quite close to promotion. Has no major strengths, but only really has trouble against mages and axes. (without an axereaver)



Although she might not be as great of a healer as Katarina or Clare, but being able to give units an extra turn is beneficial no matter which way you look at it. She gets them late, but the Ninis's Grace and Filla's Might rings that she gets when deployed on chapter 22 will really help as well. (particularly on hard mode)
If you're using Drake, having her close is advisable to allow him to actually be able to get into action. Plus, they have a support so there's that.

Overall: Very good. Of course though, she can't actually attack anything and is gotten quite late, so take that as you will. She can't really afford to get hit, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem with her high speed, high luck and the fact that she doesn't just get one-shotted by everything.


Pre-promotes section


Note: Admittedly, I have not used these characters as often as the others, considering how late you get them and having no other opportunity to train them, unlike Rayden and Josie. Because of that, I'll evaluate them more in comparison to the options that they can replace.



An in-between of Nala and Ordanze, leaning more towards Nala's capabilities as a unit. Whilst she doesn't have access to bows like Nala does, she does have the swordmaster crit bonus, giving her something of an edge over her. She also only really falls far behind Ordanze in terms of HP and DEF and maybe strength as their levels go up. She should be good for damaging and dodging enemies until the end.

Overall: A perfectly viable unit, although her HP, along with DEF and RES aren't the highest things ever, so she'll need to be more careful than the other pre-promotes might against units she can't dodge well.



In terms of replacing a unit, he can serve well as a substitute for Keiran or Kane as your mounted unit with decent HP, STR and DEF. He does lose out a bit in comparison to them both in stats in the end but in addition to that he is restricted to lances and has less movement than them both once they are promoted.
On his own merits as a unit though, he should be able to hold up well against physical attacks. He might not be able to double all enemies, but he can damage them well and not get doubled, except by the faster unit types.

Overall: Has a problem of being in class that at this point will already have more than enough units able to fulfill the role. (A tanky lance unit) Other than that though he doesn't have any real problems for serving the role he's meant to.



Like the other pre-promotes, she sort of acts as a balance between the other units like her, in this case, Nella and Gemma. However, she's probably a little bit better than the other pre-promotes, because she doesn't really take on any of their (referring to Nella and Gemma's) weaknesses, but instead just can't peak any of her stats as quickly as they can. Other than getting hit by arrows, she shouldn't have too much trouble with the enemies that the game will throw at you at this point as she has the STR, SKL and SPD to be able to double and kill a fair amount of enemies.

Overall: Not a bad substitute for your other two pegasi, especially Nella if she's severely lacking in strength. She can also function well as a sword user with her good strength if you don't want her low CON to affect her too much.



Whereas Kenrick was a substitute for Kane, she's more of a replacement for Isaac. She'll probably be a better dodger than him when you get her and she starts with good weapon levels that will allow her to make use of good swords, lances and axes, but considering the fact that her CON is the lowest of the horse-mounted units, (not counting Val and Clare) she won't be able to use them all - especially not axes, without crippling her speed. For the time that you get her at, her HP and DEF aren't that great (compared to others of her type) so there might be some worries there too. She's also a little bit on the weak side, so she'll need strong weapons to consistently kill enemies, but if you're low on silvers or killers she'll be getting weighed down.

Overall: Being a Paladin means that she doesn't really specialise in anything, but can be applied to any situation fairly well without too much trouble. Unfortunately, her highest weapon rank is in swords and you probably have better options to give the S-rankers to.



The last unit you get and comes with good bases to allow her to serve well as a unit on your team at this late point of the game. Once again, she acts as a balance between the two other options, not quite having Andrei's strength nor Jace's speed. She comes with an A rank in both swords and axes, although her CON doesn't really allow her to wield axes without attack speed loss, but they are still a good option for her under the right circumstances.
Her one real weakness is that she doesn't have the greatest luck stat, meaning getting critted on the final stage and by killer weapons are a real possibility, along with the fact that it doesn't give her the greatest dodging ability, particularly when being slowed by axes.

Overall: Obviously her availability means she can't benefit you for most of the game, but she's more than capable to handle the endgame section along with the rest of your units both on normal and hard mode. Can be a good last minute axe user if you really need one, as well.


Character Screens



Want to compare your characters at endgame to mine?

(Obviously, character spoilers contained within if you haven't played the whole game.)






There are two major bugs, as far as I'm aware.


Bug 1 - Val, Andrei, Kane, Isaac stat bug.

Basically, when you get them back in Ash's mode, you may find that some - or maybe all of them have some broken stats, the most common seemingly being their resistance, although others can as well. It will in no way break the game, (except for perhaps making it a little bit too easy) so you don't even have to fix it if you don't want to.


The simple fix for this, is to (if you know how) use Nightmare to lower their stats. These characters use the non-tutorial versions of Lyn, Wil, Sain and Kent respectively.

One problem with this as a fix though is that if you apply this on a chapter and then have to restart that chapter, their stats will be reset and it will need to done again.

Also, this may cause issues in further playthroughs if the bug does not occur again, and these characters will probably end up having negative stats.


The more complicated, yet consistent fix is to use codebreaker codes to change the characters stats. After that, before restarting or quitting the game, you need to get the unit to get that stat up through levelling or by giving them a stat booster. After that has happened the code can be removed and you can continue on as usual.


Bug 2 - Freeze during battle in chapter 22 opening

In the beginning of this chapter there is a forced fight which Andrei will take part in.

However, if he has no weapon equipped, the fight will freeze up.

You'll have to restart and skip over the cutscene if this happens, but there is still a way to see the opening scene.

Follow these steps:

  • Skip to prep screen.
  • Give Andrei a weapon.
  • Save your data.
  • Restart the chapter and things should go through as normal.

If there are any other bugs, obviously, let me know in this topic. And if you're unclear about any of the fixes, you can PM me.





Q: Does Almer retain all the items in his storage at the end of chapter 8?

A: Yes. This only counts for items within his storage though, not the items on his actual person.


Q: I bought something from the shop with Almer, how do I get the items back from him?

A: You'll need a preparations screen to do this, firstly. From there follow these steps:

  1. Go to Trade.
  2. Select a character (preferably one with space for items) and select List.
  3. Find an item that says "Owner: Almer" and then select it.
  4. A trade screen will be brought up and then you can take the items off of him.

Q: How many units am I able to take to the final chapter?

A: 14 Units. 3 Lords + 11 chosen units.

To all who do give this a go, I hope you enjoy it.

V1.4 is up. The .sav file in the package will allow you to access hard mode from the beginning, if you want the extra challenge.




To all those who want to see growth rates, general stats etc. Google Doc contained in the file here. (Please tell me if there's a problem in trying to view this. Not sure if this will work.)



Adding a second part here with all the characters after and including Jace.



For those who just want to see  available supports, They're here. (Saves the trouble of zooming and stuff)


Edited by Sacred Blaze

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Holy shit. Two minutes in and I'm already intrigued by the characters you've written, despite how... unremarkable the sprite work is. Fan-fucking-tastic, man. I'm really looking forward to binge-playing this over the new few days.

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Holy shit. Two minutes in and I'm already intrigued by the characters you've written, despite how... unremarkable the sprite work is. Fan-fucking-tastic, man. I'm really looking forward to binge-playing this over the new few days.

Agreed but, this takes you few days to beat games?

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So do we beat the chapter to recruit the face characters?

That's what I was wondering. Linda, the archer, can't talk to anyone, and neither can her healer friend. Also, no one can talk to the wyvern rider.

Edited by Willie

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That's what I was wondering. Linda, the archer, can't talk to anyone, and neither can her healer friend. Also, no one can talk to the wyvern rider.

Yeah you have to beat the chapter

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Yeah you have to beat the chapter

Just found that out, yeah. I kept trying to talk to them and dying, so for anyone wondering, just beat the chapter.

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Holy shit. Two minutes in and I'm already intrigued by the characters you've written, despite how... unremarkable the sprite work is. Fan-fucking-tastic, man. I'm really looking forward to binge-playing this over the new few days.

Two minutes in? Well, damn. I hope that continues on for you. And as for the sprite work... yeah, spriting really isn't my forte, but I did the best I could.

can I LP this?

Yeah, sure?

I dunno, I guess I don't really have a problem with that.

So do we beat the chapter to recruit the face characters?

And yes, for those who are wondering (and hopefully haven't spent ages trying to talk to them), you do need to beat the chapter.

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Two minutes in? Well, damn. I hope that continues on for you. And as for the sprite work... yeah, spriting really isn't my forte, but I did the best I could.

mega respect to you buddy. Its easy to tell that you poured a lot of hours into this

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Had to restart the Prologue a couple times, it was pretty tough. Had a good laugh at the supposed close match between Andrei and the boss, though. Andrei attacked and hit with 72, boss missed with a 78, next turn I was gonna attack again and let Val have the kill, except Andrei crits with a 2. Oops.

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Had to restart the Prologue a couple times, it was pretty tough. Had a good laugh at the supposed close match between Andrei and the boss, though. Andrei attacked and hit with 72, boss missed with a 78, next turn I was gonna attack again and let Val have the kill, except Andrei crits with a 2. Oops.

Yeah, the hack fan project is pretty difficult. I tried so hard to get the sword for Andrei from the thief, but I couldn't. Every time I finally caught up to him, Val would die by the Knights. I'm currently on chapter 2, and it's hard.

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Had to restart the Prologue a couple times, it was pretty tough. Had a good laugh at the supposed close match between Andrei and the boss, though. Andrei attacked and hit with 72, boss missed with a 78, next turn I was gonna attack again and let Val have the kill, except Andrei crits with a 2. Oops.

Andrei died for me the first time when the wyvern rider (it's a guy, right?) hits with his double lance. at 38%. Then the archers came in and finished him off. Gotta hate the RNG sometimes.

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Had to restart the Prologue a couple times, it was pretty tough. Had a good laugh at the supposed close match between Andrei and the boss, though. Andrei attacked and hit with 72, boss missed with a 78, next turn I was gonna attack again and let Val have the kill, except Andrei crits with a 2. Oops.

Yeah, the hack fan project is pretty difficult. I tried so hard to get the sword for Andrei from the thief, but I couldn't. Every time I finally caught up to him, Val would die by the Knights. I'm currently on chapter 2, and it's hard.

Hmm, I hope it doesn't become too difficult to play. The first few chapters can get kind of rough, I'm aware. The overall difficulty of the hack is a bit more than the norm, (I think) but I promise that things do get a little bit easier.

That being said, if this opinion becomes the common one, I'll look into making some changes.

Edited by Sacred Blaze

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? I breezed through chapter 2 hahaha

Marco as an NPC kept dying for me, so I had to restart (I hate losing characters) and I couldn't get Josie (who has an amazing palette, btw) fast enough to rescue him.

EDIT: It's not that hard and you don't need to change the difficulty, I think I'm over the hard part anyways. The challenge is what makes it more fun :)

Edited by Willie

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Man the prologue is insanely hard, considering you're trying to keep Katarina and Linda alive. And that's not easy with your allies trying their best to kill her.

Similarly if wyvern rider dude comes after you it's pretty difficult to even try and kill the boss while trying not to kill him.

Any advice?

You don't have to try and keep any of them alive. You're supposed to kill them. They'll join at the beginning of the next chapter.

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So any chance of a recruitable character list for each chapter? I tend to get through chapters too fast and miss characters.

Well, there's not actually all that many to miss in the first place, so I wouldn't worry too much about that.

In the first "half" of the game there's:

Marco Ch2

Nella Ch5

Layla, Almer Ch6

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