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Hey there guys,

I know that I'm more than likely gonna have to shell out for another copy but I wanted to know if anybody had experienced similar problems and maybe had a solution or two I could try before I drop nearly a hundred dollars on a replacement.

I've gotten to the Endgame of the first portion of Radiant Dawn and at the base I can do just about everything. That is everything except get Edward promoted with a Master Seal. When I try I immediately get a disc read error. There are a couple slight scratches on the disc but it's not all that damaged. I've tried cleaning it a couple different ways and still nothing helps. I can start the chapter and play through it, but I have not been able to get Edward to promote in the field so I haven't been able to check whether or not its just his promotion data that's been corrupted by a scratch or if using the Master Seal has something to do with it. That being said I can and have used a Master Seal on Nolan and he promoted just fine.

So yeah, if anybody has any thoughts let me know.

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Sorry, but that sounds like your copy got permanently glitched. :( I had a similar issue with my old copy of RD, where every time I tried to have Leonardo attack a Peg knight, the game would give me a similar disc read error. I got lucky and found a brand new one in the local Walmart, but...yeah.

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