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Release hype thread

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Massive thanks to everyone who contributed and those who kept the hype train running.

Unfortunately I messed up all but one of the quote tags, so I dunno who wrote what.

Stream links

For those just tuning in:

Japanese stream, Hoshido run I believe; should be archived when it's done airing: http://www.twitch.tv/hamayama
Chinese stream, Nohr run, unsure if the recording will stay: http://www.douyutv.com/ucgucg

Hamayama's archived stream
Starts at ~ 04:20:00

Information from Data-mining

(BTW, it'd be great if anyone could send some data files my way!)

[spoiler=Images]Credits to anon from /feg/

Hooded Man


Shadowy Mikoto

Shadowy Garon

Skill icons

All critical hit cut-ins


Hoshidan children

Shared children

Nohrian children

[spoiler=Alternate links]

I cropped the sprites into groups and uploaded them. Here are the links for those of you who can't view the original link:










[spoiler=Children]From inSain

Quick list of parent-child relations without GT silliness:
MU - Kanna M/F
Aqua - Shigure M
Joker - Dia M
Cyrus - Sophie F
Suzukaze - Midoriko F
Ryouma - Shinonome M
Takumi - Kisaragi M
Saizou - Grey M
Nishiki - Kinu F
Hinata - Hisame M
Asama - Mitama F
Tsubaki - Mitoi F
Tsukuyomi - Shara F
Marx - Jiikuberuto M
Leon - Foreo M
Benoit - Ignis M
Flannel - Velor F (kek)
Harold - Ruttsu M
Odin - Ophelia F
Lazwald - Soleil F
Zero - Eponiinu F
Kanna: Kamui's kid. Despite being straightforward and energetic, in reality they are lonely and a crybaby.
Shigure: Aqua's son, has calm disposition. Has a sharp and sensitive aesthetic and is a good singer.
Dia: Joker's son. Despite having an apathetic personality. His latent power is extremely high. Thinks of his comrades (kinda like Laurent?)
Sophie: Saizou's daughter. The name of her favuourite horse is Abel. Extremely clumsy, but is positive and cheerful.
Midoriko: Suzukabe's daughter. Is innocent and cheerful. Loves to play around (have fun), she's truly energetic.
Hinami: Hinata's son. Diligent and stubborn. Whatever situation he is in, he acts conducts himself carefully.
ZEKEBELT (I DONT KNOW M8S): Marx's son. Is a kind hearted and diligent person who has common sense . Is an elite who throws himself (works hard) into his studies (lit:refinement/education)
Foleo: Leon's son. Has a considerate and kind disposition. Has a good taste, although expensive (or high standards?) in the arts. Is an expert in making clothes.

[spoiler=Classes]Herb Merchant - Hoshido. Wields Bows.
Great Merchant - Hoshido. Wields Bows and Lances.
Dread Fighter - Hoshido. Wields Sword, Axe and Kunai.
Dark Falcon - Nohr. Wields Lance and Magic on a Dark Pegasus.
Ballistician - Outrealm. Wields Bows and Turrets.
Witch - Outrealm. Wields Magic and can Warp large distances.
Lodestar - Outrealm. Marth's class. Fights with Swords.
Vanguard - Outrealm. Ike's class. Uses Swords and Axes.
Great Lord - Outrealm. Lucina's class. Uses Swords and Lances.
Grandmaster - Outrealm. Robin's class. Uses Swords and Magic.

[spoiler=Story spoiler classes]Dark Lord - King Garon's class. Infused with the Dark Dragon's blood.
Dark Dragon - Transformed Garon
Invisible Dragon - One of the First Dragons. Commands water. Can see the future and control peoples' hearts.

Special Edition

Game box
Artbook (1)
Artbook (2)

Avatar Creation

[spoiler=Details]"Mature" male Avatar

"Mature" female Avatar

Only two builds per gender.

Avatar asset and flaw still present, but you pick from "descriptions", not stats. Eg. agile, frail.

Can also pick a "talent/quality", which seems to align with a class (eg. Priestess). May be a secondary class or simply affects your stats/growths.


[spoiler=Chapter 0]Hoshido army vs Nohr army

Literally "Chapterless" or "no Chapter".

[spoiler=Random pictures]Chapter 3 (at the Infinite Chasm)

Nohrian Lancer

Siding with Hoshido

Chapter 5

[spoiler=Big spoilers]Hooded man steals the Avatar's Ganglari and causes it to explode.

Mikoto jumps in to save Avatar from the hooded man's attack.

Ryoma strikes down hooded man, but he defeated an illusion.

Avatar goes "berserk" and transforms into a dragon.

Avatar can be controlled still. Class: Dragon. Weapon: Water Droplets.

After the battle, Azura/Aqua tries to calm the Avatar.

Draconic power is sealed and becomes a dragonstone.



Guest Avatar

[spoiler=Ice Tribe chapter]Flora the Maid is an enemy

Has a staff that prevents units from moving.

Appears in dialogue later.

[spoiler=Chapter 7x]Mozume and the Faceless


Note: Guest units (recruited via StreetPass/Internet/Amiibo) have a "shield" icon next to them.

Mozume (Villager) is available in Nohr too.

Flannel the Garou

Yukimura the Puppeteer with glasses. Hoshido's tactician (NPC?).

[spoiler=Gunter]He falls off a bridge in the Infinite Chasm

[spoiler=Lilith]Human form


She's an enemy in the Ice Tribe chapter (8 or 9), but doesn't die apparently.

Anna (NPC)
Izana (NPC?)

Yuugiri (Golden-kite Warrior)

Coolia the Ice Tribe's leader (NPC?)

Other stuff

[spoiler=Weapons]Marx/Xander's sword is Siegfried

Takumi's bow is the Wind-god Bow (like Ryoma's Thunder-god Katana)

[spoiler=Secondary classes]Effie/Elfie - Rod Knight
Arthur/Harold - Cavalier
Silas - Mercenary


[spoiler=S Rank spoilers]You can S Support Nohr siblings



(And presumably Camilla, since a lot of you wanted this hahaha.)


Of course, we dunno if they'll label it something else in the game but... I'll take this for what it seems. :}

We probably can marry them. Especially if they have specific kids attached to them, otherwise it would make no sense.


...and Hoshido siblings

Additional details
Same-gender characters (not Avatar) get A+ Supports
(Maybe only certain pairings?)
Leo can S Rank Azura, but not Elise

[spoiler=Possible explanation]

I was going through 2ch where someone S-ranked Sakura and apparently Kamui shares a different father than the other siblings? Sakura also mentions how Mikoto already had Kamui when she first moved from her home town to Hoshido. I'm not really sure what that implies about Kamui/Kamui's actual(?) age though.




I'm pretty sure Mikoto is still the mother? I'm not sure what exactly happened but people were definitely freaking out over it still being incest. There's also speculation that this might be expanded upon in the third path if not in either version.

[spoiler=Children]Female Kanna

Sakura and Avatar's daughter


It's not really clear if Mikoto is actually Kamui's mother, but that's the assumption at this point.

Bonus: http://i.imgur.com/KJCCUB0.jpg

(It's from the same person who S-ranked Sakura so uhh.. I actually can't really tell but that is Sakura's hair color right?)

Male Kanna

Flannel and Avatar's son


Flannel and Avatar's daughter
Reclassed to Dark Blood

Hint: Flannel and Velour are both types of fabric.

My Castle

[spoiler=At the start]Accessed via Lilith's powers/Dragon's Gate.

Available after Chapter 6 (at least in Hoshido; didn't see which chapter of Nohr)

3 My Castle appearances at the start
Wind Tribe
Izumo Duchy

Helpers include generic village male and woman

Convoy has 500 item space

[spoiler=Visiting castles]Can visit people from the internet
See other people's name, campaign and Rating stat
There are rankings and friend settings

Most Recent
Greeting Card
Castle Address
Castle Name

[spoiler=After a My Castle battle]Cool, you can buy skills from characters. But they can only be transferred to the same character and you can't buy the same skill. Costs about 250G, IIRC.

[spoiler=Accessories]Body accessories

Sexy Swimuit
Bath Towel

No really. The first one puts female characters in a bikini.

[spoiler=Amiibo]Lodestar Marth (Amiibo)

Status screen

Running a shop


Gaining items from him

Fighting him in battle to acquire him as a unit

Can act as a shop keeper

You can dress him in bathers

There are no support logs with him

There are no face rubbing times with him

[spoiler=Communications Menu]Link Bonus

Get items by purchasing the 2nd or 3rd route.

Requires 2 routes:
Dread Scroll - Class-change to Dread Fighter (x2)
Divine Dragon Herb - All stats +1
Boots - Boosts Movement by 1

Requires 3 routes:
Dark Falcon Wing - Class-change to Dark Falcon (x2)
Divine Dragon Herb - All stats +1
Boots - Boosts Movement by 1

Communication Settings
Send Gameplay Info
Data Exchange
Show My Castle Address

Bonus Box
Castle (user) Ratings
Thoughts (about My Castle)
Bond Units
Ranking bonus


Bonus Box doesn't seem to have Bonus Teams. Dunno what "Bond Units" are though.

Ranking bonus is for My Castle battles, I believe.

Dark Falcon seems to be a Nohr class, while Dread Fighter is Hoshido. Where'd Bride go?

Last update: 7:10 PM UK time. (Currently away)

Edited by VincentASM

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woooiw just realized this game is releasing in 3 days already!!!!!!

I can't believe we will have to wait another half an year to get it ;~;

I can't wait for the norh version

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3 days. For the. Japanese release.

*sigh* it's painful to wait, and even more so for the US/EU release.

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I'm hyped up! So hyped up I could run up walls!

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You can pretend this is FFTF.

*Gets the party hats*


I haven't decided on Hoshido units, but for Nohr:

- Corrin

- Gunter

- Silas

- Xander

- Arthur

- Odin

- Pieri

These are the ones I know that I'm using.

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*Gets the party hats*


I haven't decided on Hoshido units, but for Nohr:

- Corrin

- Gunter

- Silas

- Xander

- Arthur

- Odin

- Pieri

These are the ones I know that I'm using.

for Hoshido I'll be using all the siblings, + Hinata, Hana, Kagerou, Subaki, and Setsuna for sure. Dno bout the rest.

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Oh shit, I forgot about Zero:



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