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eicyormm2 GAME OVER! Congratulations to Euklyd, Kinumi, Paperblade, Chen, Hannah & Mancer for winning


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  1. 1. Are you interested in playing another eimm with in a week?

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so, I want to play eimm, but, there hasn't been an eimm this time around. I wanna change that and therefore host one myself, lol (Kaoz says it is okay if I made a topic). The game will be basically eicyormm, as the one hosted by Paperblade, here mostly due to me liking it better popular opinion.The game will basically be hosted sometime around early July (depending on other games running, unfortunately). Since this will be my first hosting EVER!! please excuse the mistakes that I may make (which is very likely).

Rules and Mechanics (mostly copied from buddycops and also eicyormm)


-No deadtalking, no screenshotting. Please.

- Edit posts at your own risk. I won't punish you for it, but other players might.

-Posting in thread and communicating via Outside Contact is fine, just try not to spam the thread. You may start talking to others the moment you get a role PM

-Once I receive all actions, and publicly declare it, actions are considered locked and phase ends.

-If you're going to change actions, send me a new message as opposed to editing earlier messages, this will make action changes harder to miss.

- Invite me to SF PMs, PM me Skype and IRC logs.

- Don't invite people to PMs if they weren't originally a party to them, unless they are a host or co-host.

- Talk to dead people / non-players at your own risk.

-No being a jerk, beyond what is normal for EIMMs. That being said, play to win or just have fun~

-N1 and N2 are 48 hours each. N3 and onward are 24 hours.

-Please do not abuse loopholes

Basic Mechanics:

-Everyone will have at least one Bullet Proof Vest (BPV) to start. All users have a base factional kill. You will be notified if your BPV has been hit because of a factional kill. A BPV will only protect against one hit. If you are targeted by more killing actions than vests that you have during a night, you will still die.

- If you fail to submit an action during the night without prior warning, you also risk death.

-This game uses aliases.

-Every player is on the player list.

-no subs or ios

-You can't target yourself.

-You can target the dead, but I can't guarantee that will do anything.

-You win if you are one of the last members 6 remaining alive at the end of the game (edited yet again because I got even more people signed up than I expected at first. Basically, it is still 10% of the total number of players signing up rounded to 1 significant figures)

-No players will have alternative win conditions

-Win conditions cannot be changed to anything else

-If your Role PM contradicts these rules, go with your Role PM (win condition will not be part of role PMs)

-special rule, outing is not allowed, once you enter, your signed up character and alias will remain for the game

Sign up rules (please read)

-PM me a character (please also mention franchise/world character is from) and an alias (you may use old PMs, if you want). You do not need to post on thread.

-You may also add a role that you want for said character's flavor. I may or may not give it to you, depending on how the other roles are, but it is more likely I will edit the roles

-I will try to make every role in the game as close to something I would enjoy using which will not break the game

-The PM will be used as the role PM

-There are no limitations to the number of players (probably)

I would like to have a lot of people to sign up, because I believe these games are more fun with more people. I may be quite slow at updating after phases end, so please be patient. The fact also remains that this game and a joke game at that. Games are meant to be enjoyed, so do not take it too seriously. I would also advise you to not hold a grudge if something bad happens and think of paying the person (you want to payback that is) next game. Also, forgive me for forgetting something I was not supposed to, if that is the case.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post them here.

People who signed up (Refa's request)

[spoiler=full list]

1. Euklyd

2. Kirsche

3. Elieson

4. Lord Gaius

5. Prims

6. Koneko

7. Kinumi

8. Nightmare

9. Makaze

10. Monde

11. Febro

12. Crysta

13. BBM

14. Belisarius

15. Quote/Bizz

16. Refa

17. PKLucas531

18. Paperblade

19. Reinfleche

20. Snike

21. WoMC/Weapons of Mass Construction

22. Mitsuki

23. CT075/Cam

24. SB

25. Rapier

26. Sunwoo/Boron

27. Balcerzak

28. Chen

29. Ciraxis

30. Blackhawk Stinger/Poly

31. M'Goltan

32. Junko

33. Frosty Fire Mage/FFM

34. Juliette

35. Iris

36. Wasser

37. Dandragon

38. Dormio

39. Marth/Bluedoom/Magnificence Incarnate

40. Kay

41. Baldrick

42. Green Poet

43. Proto

44. Darros

45. j00

46. Xinnidy

47. Thrashmaximum

48. Kao

49. Summer/Jiac

50. Tonton

51. Agape

52. LuxSpecs

53. Hannah

54. Mancer

55. Vhaltz

56. Lexa

57. Trisitei/Shockmaster

Player remaining

1 Euklyd

2 Elieson

3 Kinumi

4 Monde

5 Crysta

6 Refa

7 Balcerzak

8 Chen

9 Paperblade

10 LuxSpecs

11 Hannah

12 Mancer

[spoiler=Players dead]




Weapons of Mass Construction






































Lord Gaius






Green Poet


Alias list

[spoiler=full list]

1 Absolution

2 Acer

3 Aina

4 applesandoranges

5 Artemis

6 Ascendant

7 Athena

8 Baldy

9 Carpe Noctem

10 Catfish

11 Cesare

12 Eliosha

13 Estrellas

14 Falling Star

15 Foot

16 Geist

17 Gligarbro

18 Gold Experience

19 Goon1

20 Goon2

21 Gumby

22 Hoppo

23 Ike

24 Integral Calculus

25 Jabberwock

26 Judgement

27 July

28 Kosaku Kawajiri

29 Kuro

30 LocoBrickz

31 M

32 Marballs

33 Mario Kart

34 Marvel

35 MerelyASetback

36 Microphone

37 Mimesis

38 Monado Buster

39 MoreBalls

40 Naoya

41 not the illuminati

42 Orange

43 Philosoraptor

44 Pompom de Terre

45 Ragnar Danneskjöld

46 REDAlice

47 Ruby

48 Sherlock Holmes

49 Shia Labeouf

50 Space Dick

51 Sweg

52 Tailwind


54 Tom

55 Trayvon Martin

56 Wesker


Alias remaining

1 Acer

2 Artemis

3 Carpe Noctem

4 Estrellas

5 Jabberwock

6 Philosoraptor

7 Ragnar Danneskjöld

8 REDAlice

9 Ruby

10 Shia Labeouf


12 Tom

[spoiler=Aliases removed]



Gold Experience




not the illuminati

Sherlock Holmes

Trayvon Martin









Falling star




Integral Calculus










Kosaku Kawajiri




Monad Buster



Space Dick






Mario Kart



Pompom de Terre


Additional information regarding the game:

1. There are no bad roles. There are no weak roles. All of you who didn't get role PM will get what they have been told they will get. There maybe minor power ups, if I feel it was needed.

2. All roles have more than one part at the least

3. The priority of targets will be decided by me depending on what happens following the general rule of

night actions from previous night>higher priority role>commute>hook>everything else>end of phase roles

4. though, the exception to the rule is that a hijacker can hijack a hook onto someone else, unless the hijacker was hooked. Similar stuff like that will be decided by me when I have to decide stuff

5. Redirects will not be announced unless your role says they will be

6. Trackers will get alias, while watchers will get player names

7. There are two kinds of trackers, one finds intended target, the other finds targets they were lead to.

8. Flavor in role PM after phase ends will most likely be of use, though, it may not be

9. Please share all your doings with me on skype (mine is flashranite), irc, sf PM, slack (if you haven't joined slack, do so by giving your email), or gmail (mine is <script cf-hash='f9e31' type="text/javascript"> /* */</script>)

10. If you want any help with fake claims and strategies, let me know, I will try to help you out without outing stuff. Don't try to abuse this though

11. Please don't quote role PMs or screenshot or anything that confirms your role/alias. This will get you vanillized or modkilled.

12. Each night, everyone can respond to their role PM, ##Night-X shoot <alias>, shooting alias with their normal kill.

13. Each player also started with one BPV, unless extra BPV is mentioned in role.

14. Actions not sent in, will be turned to idling

15. No items

16. Theoretical thieves can only steal night kills and BPVs. Stealing has conditions applied though.

17. Thief stealing BPV counts as a shot on target

18. Destroying BPVs take place after kills though. Can be combined in if required, however.

19. All roles have some form of self protection, no matter how weak they maybe.

20. All limited time use actions will not be used up if the user failed to use them, unless specified.

21. Passive abilities cannot be stopped with hooking roles.

22. No walking dead or zombies. No fake deaths either.

23. All roles are unique. All parts are not. All characters are unique too.

Anything I forgot to add in....

Useful links

N2 flips

N3 flips

N4 flips

Edited by Blitz

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me playing would be a bad idea for anything else I want to get done; can I co-host

if not I will PM you stuff I guess

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so, it turns out I will be discussing the role you will be obtaining with you before you get the role, so, expect me to send you a drafted idea of the role after PM (could take me a while though)

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I am off to sleep, anyone I didn't PM, it was because I was too screwed in the head to think up something nice. Will be back to making stuff up tomorrow (make that later today, since it is already the 23rd for me)

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im in i gotta think of something

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Blitz, you should have a list of people who have /inned in the opening (but w/o aliases obviously).

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Blitz, you should force everyone to use Slack to communicate :):

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Blitz, you should force everyone to use Slack to communicate :):

sure, if you help me with the groundwork (and as long as admins can't see every convo or has the power to do so or something) in which case, you have to tell me the steps

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I....don't actually know if admins can see all the everything.

Hm. Testing is required.

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okay, slack is awesome, you guys should be part of it

send your email address to me in the PM so that I can add you on slack (courtesy of Euklyd) or you can let Euklyd do it directly by sending him your email in PM. You should try joining in on slack along with IRC and Skype, IMO

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I never closed the application, and it keeps me logged into all slack groups I'm in

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it only goes to show how jealous of us town was

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might in depending on when it starts, if not gl;hf

i think july 10th is the expected starting date fwiw

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Sorry, I'm gonna be WAY too busy to join a mafia game!

but, but, but, it's a joke game :(

i think july 10th is the expected starting date fwiw


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