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Forum rules and guidelines

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General Rules

This is the Serenes Forest code of conduct. These rules apply to all sections of the site (with the exception of necroposting rules unique to this section). It's kind of important so you should take a look.

Exclusive Fan Project Rules and Guidelines

1. Stealing art assets can get you punished. Plagiarism, the act of stealing, copying or failing to credit another artist's work, is strictly prohibited, whether the entire image or parts of it were used without permission. Please make sure you have permission to use spritework and to give credit where credit is due. Report plagiarism to me or another staff member, preferably with information regarding the stolen image such as a link to the original or a way for us to contact the artist. If a user gets caught with plagiarism they will be told to remove the content. If the user does not comply, they will be heavily warned.

2. Necroposts may result in warns. Necroposting is posting in a thread that has been inactive for three months. If a user wants to leave feedback in a thread that's been dead for more than three months, please do not post there and instead wait for the original poster them self to become active in their thread again. This, among other things, helps to keep the newest updated project threads in the spotlight.

*Check out specific necroposting guidelines in the resources/ questions section below

A thread that got necroposted will be mostly played by ear and may stay open despite a revival. However, please do not continue posting in a recently necroposted thread. Continued posting in a recently necro'd thread may result in a lock (depending on the context) to prevent it from staying on the first page on Fan Projects. If you necropost, (post in a thread that hasn't been updated in two months) you will be warned. The exception to this rule is to post that a link to the patch is broken or missing. Just use common sense here.

If you are the original poster, don't worry about necroposting in your own thread, it's yours after all!

Post Quality

1. If a project has a patch available, it should be in the first post. Please do not spam threads asking if there is a patch available. If a patch is missing from the first post, then you can post on the thread about it.

2. Be courteous; try to make quality posts that can contribute to the topics relevant in the thread. Again, outright asking for resources and assets from a hack in its own thread is generally looked down upon in this community and again is subject to a warn. Don't make yourself look bad!


Fan-game General:

The hub. This section is the meat of the forum, projects with significant progress and patch releases go here. General threads that don't belong in any other section are fine here as well.

- If a project has a patch available, it will be in the first post. Please do not spam threads asking if there is a patch if you do not see one available for download in the OP.

- Likewise, if a thread has not been updated in a while, do not spam the thread asking if it is still being worked on. If it's being worked on it will be updated.

This link links you to the Project Directory thread. You'll find all the hacks available in the community there.


This section is for the discussion and refining of ideas, projects that are still mostly in the planning phases, game design discussions, etc. Essentially a place for new project authors to showcase their work and get feedback/criticism in the early stages of development.

If you post a thread like "Here's my concept, but I need a hacker" or "I'm looking for a team to help me hack" or something similar, this is where you want to post. If you post a thread of this kind in the main Fan Project forum then it will be moved as soon as possible.

If you have a project thread in the section and you feel you've made significant progress, you can contact a moderator (The mod(s) currently in charge of the section will be listed at the bottom of this post) and ask to have your thread moved to the general section. You'll want:

1. A patch available for your project.


2. A significant showcase and progress report.

One of these will usually do it.



This section hosts all of the tools, guides and other goodies you might find yourself needing if you are authoring a hack. If you are going to make a thread in this section, be sure it will be useful or informative to other people in the community.

If you find a missing link to a resource, feel free to post in the thread regarding the missing resource. As long as the post, update or query is relevant to the topic at hand, don't worry about necroposting.


If you have a question related to ROMs, patching or ROMhacking make sure it goes in this section. If you need help with something then it goes in this section. As long as the post, update or query is relevant to the topic at hand, don't worry about necroposting.


If you have any issues with the forum, or how me or eclipse are moderating this section, don't hesitate to

  • Private message one of us directly regarding the issue.
  • Prvate message another moderator on the staff.
  • Use the Report button.

If you have a suggestion on how to make the forum itself better, private message me or eclipse.

Every piece of feedback counts and I guarantee that I will do what I can address it.


Below are the links to the section mods's profile where you can insta PM us.




Thanks for reading, please enjoy the wonderful creative endeavors of your fellow SF'ers!!!

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Posted (edited) · Hidden by ghast, September 6, 2015 - No reason given
Hidden by ghast, September 6, 2015 - No reason given

I'll be gone for a few days. So if have any issues about anythang, you can PM eclipse or Tangerine or any other mod if you like.

I've also opened up the thread in case anyone has any suggestions to improve the section.

catch you guys on the flip soide

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