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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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Updated with Series 2 cards.

Clearing some spare R cards from Series 1 and 2

Willing to trade for:

Series 2 Booster Box Sleeves (Nohr/Hoshido) (1 card per pack) (Must be unopened),

Promo Cards (Booster Box Promos Included),

SR cards from both Series 1 and 2 (willing to trade Multiple R cards for 1) (2-3 or more cards)

Have for trade:

Series 1

Sumia R X 4

Robin R X 4

Nowi R X 2

Cherche R X 4

Linde R X 3

Catria R X 1

Est R X1

Olivia R X1

Cain R X 1

Lissa R X 1

Series 2

Tsubaki R X1

Lazward R X1

Luna R X1

Ophelia R X1

Gurei R X1

Syalla R X1

Pieri R X1

PM me if interested. Thanks .

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For french people:

Pour ceux qui vivent en France, contactez-moi, y a surement moyen de faire des échanges. Je poste pas ce que j'ai, mais à priori y a si peu de perosnnes pouvant faire d'échanges dans notre pays pour ne pas faire des échanges ou on gère à l'amiable.

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If anyone is interested in buying cards from me, I'm currently having a time-limited (and one-time only) 'Black Friday' Sale. It'll last until 8p PST.


First come, first served. The leftovers will then be in my eBay store (at eBay-fee-adjusted regular price rates) on Sunday or Monday... whenever I have the time to list them :P.

~ Sokloeum

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+2 Foodies

+1 daisyj201

+1 Rusty_Winnebago

+1 Lyroxxia

+1 freya

Thanks :3!


On another note, since it seemed like I opened up the last sale when quite a bit of people overseas were asleep or at work (and the sale ended just as a surge of people found out about it), I figured I might as well do another sale.

This sale is only a minor sale so everything in stock is 10 percent off and everything not in stock/are pre-orders (besides the lone P01-003PR Marth since I don't want any more unsealed P01-004PR Lucina) is 5 percent off. I might extend the sale to tomorrow if it does decently. If not, then the sale will last until 11:59p PST tonight. The next major sale is on NYD and will, once again, be time-limited (I'll try to make it so the sale occurs while most people are awake). In stock stuff would be 10 - 75 percent off then (assuming I still have the cards in stock by then).


First come, first served, like usual.

~ Sokloeum

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Sorry for the inactivity; the recommendation rankings on the front of the thread have been UPDATED!

Also, thank you very much to everyone for always using this system! I'm sure it helps a lot of people (especially now that I bothered to update it.. ^^;)

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Havent had a trade in a while,

Update on the cards I have available and the cards I still need.

Available for trade:

SR Marth

SR Gaius

R+ AND R Pegasus Sister Est

R Lissa

R Inigo

R Robin

R Lon'qu

R Linde

R Merric

R Abel

R Cain


SR Chrom

SR Lucina

SR Tharja

SR Ogma

SR Tiki

Willing to give more than one rare card for one of those super rares if you do not want to trade for one of my super rares. I'll throw in any other HN + Normal cards wanted aswell. Thank you for your time :)

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