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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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Looking for a B01 SR+ Chrom. Must be Mint! Willing to trade up for your SR+ Chrom!

I have:

- SR+ Lissa

- SR Tharja

- SR Caeda

- SR Marth

- SR Navarre

- SR Owain

- SR Ogma

- B01 Rares and below

- PayPal to make up any differences.

All Mint. If you want to just buy some of my cards, that's fine too. I'll give you competitive prices.

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I have extra

M!Kamui SR (Wave 2)

Ryouma SR

If there is anyone who would trade:

Felicia SR/Jacob SR/Marx SR/Camilla SR/Leo SR for my Ryouma SR

F!Kamui SR (Wave 2) for either of the two

let me know!

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So I got my two boxes of series three in today, and while I intend to keep most of them (tryna collect them all), I did get a few R and SR repeats I'm willing to put up for trade/sale.

B03-076SR Kamui M

B03-095R Velour

B03-025R Marcia

B03-032R Nephenee

And basically every HN and N card

I'm mainly looking for SRs I don't have (Ike, Elincia, Mia, Kamui F Hoshido, and Flora), but I know some of those aren't exactly an equal trade for just the Kamui M, so I'm willing to add other cards or money to it.

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This might sound like a strange request, but would anyone be willing to trade some of their extra Series 3 N/HN cards away for some Series 1 N/HN cards?

Arbitrary, I know, but I'm just looking to get rid of the rest of my duplicates. Thanks!

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I got two booster-pak boxes of Series 3 and was satisfied with my pull from the first box (got the ones I wanted to collect), so am offering up sealed box#2 for sale. Asking $50 (which'll include priority shipping within the states), willing to negotiate price and/or work with cards from box#1 for it.

(Edit: Sale pending. Thanks all who showed interest!)

Haven't gotten around to inventory but photographed the pull of my box#1 here.

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