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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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HI all! First time trader here and looking to get some of the missing holo cards that I'd like to add to my collection. I don't have much to offer, just Series 3 cards, but hopefully my "trash" will become your "treasure".

For trade:

Path of Radiance
B03-004 SR - Ellincia
B03-036 R - Jill
B03-040 R - Ranulf
B03-045 R - Reyson
B03-063 R - Shigure
B03-072 R - Kinu (Nine Tailed Fox)
B03-083 R - Cyrus
B03-085 SR - Flora
B03-086 R - Kanna (female)
B03-091 R x2 - Eponine
B03-095 R - Velour
P01-015 PR - Robin (Male)
Looking For: Mainly R and/or SR (Would really like SR+, but I'm trying to avoid wishful thinking)
B01-051 SR or SR+ - Chrom
B01-054 SR or SR+ - Lucina
B01-075 SR - Cordelia
B01-080 SR or SR+ - Tharja
B01-084 R - Cherche
B02-051 SR or SR+ - Kamui (female)
B03-076 SR or SR+ - Kamui (male)
Path of Radiance
B03-001 SR or SR+ - Ike
B03-053 SR or SR+ - Aqua
B03-032 R - Nephenee
Promotional Cards
P01-002 PR - Kamui (female)
P01-004 PR - Lucina
P01-009 PR - Cordelia
P01-010 PR - Tharja
P01-014 PR - Lucina
P02-002 PR - Kamui (female)
P02-004 PR - Panne
P02-005 PR - Hinoka
P02-006 PR - Sakura
P02-007 PR - Kamui (female)
P02-008 PR - Aqua
P02- 010 PR - Kamui (female)
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Obtained my series 3 boxes, so here's my first post of what's for trade!


Series 3:

B03-025 R - Marcia, Worried Sister

B03-032 R - Nephenee, Swift Lance of Liberation

B03-040 R - Ranulf, Warrior of the Gallian Tribe

B03-043 R - Tibarn, King of Phoenicis
B03-044 R - Naesala, King of Kilvas
B03-062 R - Kanna, Divine White Dragon Prince

B03-086 R - Kanna, Divine Dark Dragon Princess

B03-085 SR - Flora, Maid of Ice


P03-001 - Itsuki Aoi, Normal Kid


Series 3:

B03-045 R - Reyson, Prince of Serenes

B03-001 SR - Ike, General of the Divine Blade

B03-010 SR - Soren, Great Leader's Tactician

B03-047 SR - Black Knight, Demon in Blessed Armor

B03-053 SR - Azura, Diva of Dawn

B03-058 SR - Kaze, Leeward Ninja


P03-002 - Tsubasa Oribe, Dreaming Schoolgirl

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Hey! I'm looking to trade for an SR Cordelia. I have these SRs and R+s for trade

SR Ryoma

SR Hinoka

SR Takumi

SR Felicia

SR Lucina

SR Tiki

SR Chrom
SR Tharja

R+ Aqua (Nohr, Series 2)

R+ Palla

I have a good amount of rares from series 1 and 2, if anyone would consider trading for them as well. Feel free to contact me if you are willing to trade!

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I bought a series 3 booster box because I wanted Shigure. But I did not get Shigure. I am not going to be buying another box, since I am only missing Rares, but I still really want him.

The the cards I'm looking for are:

Series 3

Shigure ® (!!)
Eponine ®

Velour ®
Ranulf ®

Series 2

Foleo ®
Gurei ®
Matoi ®
Syalla ®
Ophelia ®
Effie (HN)
Kagerou (HN)

Charlotte (HN)
Zero (HN)

Series 1

Sumia ® !!

Draug (HN)
Minerva (R?)
Lena (HN)
Henry (HN)
Tiki (HN) (Awakening)
Gerome? - I cannot remember if he has a card because I do not have him

Because most of my cards are not very rare, and I cant guarantee when i can ship anything, I'd prefer to buy, but for trade I do have:

Kinu ® x 1
Lazward ® x 3
Odin ® x 3
Soleil ® x 2
Aqua (Hoshido version) ® x 2
Kazahana ® x 2
Oboro ® x 2
I also have more or less all of the series 3 N/HN cards and a few cards from the series 1 and 2 starter decks

Please PM me if you could help me out!

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