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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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Hi guys! I'm new to Cipher and new to the forums, but not new to Fire Emblem! So I finally got my first batch of cards!


Series 3:


Elincia x3

Ike x2 x1

Black Knight x2

Mist x2




Nephenee x4

Kinu+ x2

Kinu x2

Marcia x4


Mitama x2



Kanna(Nohr) x4

Kanna(Hoshido) x4

Silas x2


Series 3:


Azura(Hoshido) x2

Azura(Nohr) x4

Female Corrin x3

Male Corrin x3




Tibarn x2


Series 1+2:

I haven't looked into which cards I will need so I will update this later, but for now I'm interested in any SR cards. Specifics to come soon. Oh! Keep in mind I'm aiming towards a Azura deck and a Female Corrin deck.


I'm interested in almost every promo!!

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Technology thought it would be hilarious if all my tech problems piled up within the same few weeks, so I wasn't able to respond to messages regarding my previous list as quickly as I'd like. I'm reposting it here for now.

For money reasons, I'm only doing SALES, and only to the US. Really sorry if that's a problem. > <


051SR Chrom
054SR Lucina
080SR Tharja

007R Cain
009R Abel
028R Merric
035R Linde
035R Linde
057R Robin
059R Lissa
068R Sumia
068R Sumia
070R Lon'qu
078R Nowi
078R Nowi
083R Olivia
083R Olivia
084R Cherche
084R Cherche
097R Inigo


010SR Takumi
056SR Xander

004R Azura
014R Saizou
024R Oboro
024R Oboro
026R Hana
026R Hana
028R Subaki
043R Gurei
043R Gurei
045R Matoi
045R Matoi
047R Syalla
064R Lazward
064R Lazward
066R Pieri
072R Odin
072R Odin
093R Foleo
093R Foleo
095R Soleil
095R Soleil
097R Ophelia

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First off +1 Shizuun.

Trying to finish up my collection even though I don't have a lot to offer (yet).


B01-051SR Chrom

B03-091R Ephonine

P01-015PR Robin (M)

P03-013PR Elincia


Set 1

016 SR

022 SR

048 SR

080 SR

Set 2

008 SR

010 SR

056 SR

058 SR

060 SR

063 SR

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It's been a while since I've posted here! I am willing to both trade and buy.

Here is a list of cards I am looking for:

Series 1

Ogma (B01-017N)

Minerva (B01-030R)

Linde (B01-035R)

Xane (B01-045HN)

Tiki (B01-099HN)

Chrom (B01-052N)

Nowi (B01-078R)

Olivia (B01-083R)

Tharja (B01-082HN)

Henry (B01-086HN)

Severa (B01-094HN)

Inigo (B01-097R)

Series 2

Asama (B02-021N)

Tsubaki (B02-028R)

Yuugiri (B03-032HN)

Orochi (B03-033HN)

Tsukuyomi (B02-037HN)

Kanna (F) (B02-042N)

Grey (B02-043R) !!

Matoi (B02-045R) !!

Syalla (B03-047R)

Selena/Luna (B02-070R)

Charlotte (B02-085HN)

Ophelia (B02-097R) !!

Series 3

Velour (B03-095R) !!

Ranulf (B03-040R)

I have no SR, so I'm looking to buy those too, but because they can be very expensive, I probably wouldn't actually buy.

For trade, I have:

R Soleil x 2

R Odin x 3

R Lazward x 3

R Aqua (Hoshido) x 2

R Oboro x 2

R Kazahana x 2

and a bunch of (but not all) N and HN cards.

Not sure if I'm allowed to do this, but I also have some of those Awakening key chains: Lissa, Kjelle, Inigo, and Brady. I'd be willing to trade these for cards.

ALSO: I live in Canada, so you'll have to be willing to trade internationally.

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Prefer to do trades, but willing to listen to sale offers....

What I Have

  • B03-004SR - Ellincia
  • B03-036R - Jill
  • B03-040R - Ranulf
  • B03-045R - Reyson
  • B03-063R - Shigure
  • B03-072R - Kinu
  • B03-083R - Cyrus
  • B03-085SR - Flora
  • B03-086R - Kanna F
  • B03-091R - Eponine
  • B03-095R - Velour
  • P01-015PR - Robin M
What I Want
  • B01-051SR/SR+ - Chrom (Low Priority)
  • B01-054SR/SR+ - Lucina (High Priority)
  • B01-075SR - Cordelia (Low Priority)
  • B01-080SR/SR+ - Tharja (Low Priority)
  • B01-084R - Cherche (Low Priority)
  • B03-006SR - Mist (Medium Priority)
  • B03-010SR - Soren (Medium Priority)
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Hi all, looking to collect one of each card, so I have a lot of extras to trade off.

What I Have:
B01-004SR Caeda, Angelic Advocate of Affection
B01-040R+ Catria, Middle Pegasus Sister
B01-040R Catria, Middle Pegasus Sister (Can also swap this with a R+ version if needed)
B01-028R Merric, Sage of Gales
B01-035R Linde, Aura's Heiress
B01-059R Lissa, Princess of Ylisse
B01-070R Lon'qu, Stoic Swordsman
B01-078R Nowi, Wellspring of Youth
B01-083R Olivia, Demure Dancer
B01-084R Cherche, Guardian of Rosanne
P01-001PR Corrin?, Prince of Hoshido (Would like to trade for "P01-002PR Corrin?, Princess of Nohr")
B02-004R Azura, Alabaster Balladeer
B02-014R Saizou, Hot Blooded Pyrotechnician (Can also swap this with a R+ version if needed)
B02-014R Saizou, Hot Blooded Pyrotechnician
B02-024R Oboro, Butcher of Nohrians
B02-026R Hana, Thorn of Protection
B02-028R Subaki, Sun Chasing Perfectionist
B02-045R Matoi, Prodigy of Perfection
B02-047R Syalla, Stoker of Burning Obsessions
B02-051SR Corrin?, Yato's Chosen Princess
B02-080SR Jakob, Fighting Butler
B02-095R Soleil, Romantic Heroine (Can also swap this with a R+ version if needed)
B02-097HN Ophelia, Twilight Sorcerer
B03-043R Tibarn, King of Phoenicis (Can also swap this with a R+ version if needed)
Also have 2-3 of each N and HN from series 1 and 2, and about 1 or 2 of each from series 3, can trade multiples for a R I need. (I have all the N and HN cards already).
What I Need:
B01-001SR Marth, Savior of Archanea
B01-050SR Camus, Sable Order Captain
B01-057R Robin?, Exalted Strategist
B01-073SR Gaius, Sweetest Assassin
B01-075SR Cordelia, Pegasus Knight Paragon
B01-080SR Tharja, Mage of Dark Obsessions
B01-097R Inigo, Man of Passion
B02-001SR Corrin?, Yato's Chosen Prince
B02-006SR Ryoma, Thunderous Trueblade
B02-008SR Hinoka, Royal Lotus Commander
B02-010SR Takumi, Prince of Prevailing Winds
B02-030SR Felicia, Competent Maid
B02-043R Gurei, Saizou's Shadow
B02-058SR Camilla, Goddess of Death
B02-070R Luna, Unyielding Bow Knight
B03-006SR Mist, Vestal of Order
B03-010SR Soren, Windswept Votive
B03-036R Jill, Stalwart Jasper Knight
B03-040R Ranulf, Gallian Ambassador
B03-046R Leanne, Sleeping Heron Beauty
B03-047SR Black Knight, The Eternal Courser
B03-051SR Corrin?, Zenith of Embers
B03-053SR Azura, Prismatic Clarion
B03-058SR Kaze, Leeward Shinobi
B03-076SR Corrin?, Zenith of Ashes
B03-085SR Flora, Boreal Maid
B03-086R Kanna
B03-091R Eponine
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