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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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Bought another box of Series 2 on a whim, so here's another update.

For Trade/Sale:

SR Marth

SR Black Knight

SR Hoshido Kamui/Corrin (M)

SR Ryouma

SR Takumi

SR Felicia

SR Xander x3 (please save me from Xander hell)

SR Hoshido Azura

R+ Nohr Aqua

R Palla

R Est

R Abel

R Cain

R Linde

R Robin (F)

R Sumia

R Olivia

R Marcia

R Nephenee

R Saizou

R Oboro x2

R (Kaze)Hana

R (T)Subaki x2

R Matoi/Caeldori

R Grey x2

R Kanna (M)

R Kinu

R Nohr Azura

R Lazward x2

R Pieri

R Odin x3 (save me from Odin hell too)

R Soleil x2

R Ophelia

R Silas

R Velour

ST+ Navarre

ST+ Chrom (Lord)

ST+ Corrin (Male)

ST+ Ryouma

ST+ Sakura

ST+ Felicia

P01-013PR Marth x2

P02-001PR Ike

P02-002PR Hoshido Corrin (F)

P02-008PR Nohr Aqua

P02-011PR Hinoka

P03-002PR Tsubasa (Sealed)

P03-003PR Oliver

P03-004PR Black Knight x2

P03-005PR Ike x3

Series 2 Box Bonus Nohr Sleeves

Series 3 Box Bonus Path of Radiance Sleeves


SR+ Lucina

R+ Inigo

SR+ Kamui/Corrin (both male and female)

SR+ Sakura

SR+ Elise

SR Ike

SR Elincia

SR Mist

SR Soren

SR Mia

R+ Eponine

Bolded cards are ones I'm really looking for. At this point I'm much more willing to sell my stuff (given that my SR+ needs are quite up there in price...), so if you want to make a trade/buying offer please do!

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+1 to Frayed Hero

+1 to TheVinceKnight

+1 to Together We Ride

I've got some updates on wants/what I have! For the P03 cards I have, I'm still waiting for them to get to my proxy and then come to the U.S., so there will be some wait on those. There is, however, the gorgeous Santa Camilla available!

Also, if you want any cards I have but don't have anything I'm interested in, shoot me a message anyway--I'm mostly interested in helping people out with their collections, so I'm very willing to work something out!


[spoiler=B01 Red]

1x B01-007R 猛牛と呼ばれし騎士 カイン (Infamous Knight “Raging Bull”, Cain)

2x B01-009R 黒豹と呼ばれし騎士 アベル (Infamous Knight "Prowling Panther", Abel)

1x B01-028R 疾風の賢者 マリク (Sage of Gales, Merric)

1x B01-035R オーラの継承者 リンダ (Aura's Heiress, Linde)

[spoiler=B01 Blue]

1x B01-057R 聖王の神軍師 ルフレ (Exalted Strategist, Reflet/Robin (female))

2x B01-059R イーリス聖王国の王女 リズ (Princess of Ylisse, Lissa)

1x B01-068R 心優しき自警団の花 スミア (Gentle Flower of the Shepherds, Sumia)

2x B01-070R 孤高の刃 ロンクー (Stoic Swordsman, Lon'qu)

2x B01-078R 永遠の幼子 ノノ (Wellspring of Youth, Nowi)

1x B01-083R 照れ屋の踊り子 オリヴィエ (Demure Dancer, Olivia)

1x B01-084R ロザンヌの守護者 セルジュ (Guardian of Rosanne, Cherche)

2x B01-097R 花の似合う男 アズール (Man of Flower's Fragrance, Inigo)

[spoiler=B02 White]

1x B02-001SR 神刀に選ばれし皇子 カムイ (Chosen Prince of Yatogami, Kamui/Corrin (male))

1x B02-010SR 風纏う神射手 タクミ (Gale Garbed Holy Marksman, Takumi)

1x B02-014R 爆炎使い サイゾウ (Explosive Flame User, Saizou)

1x B02-024R 暗夜を屠る者 オボロ (Slaughterer of Nohr, Oboro)

2x B02-026R 桜花の守り人 カザハナ (Cherry Blossom’s Defender, Kazahana/Hana)

1x B02-028R 完璧なる翼 ツバキ (Perfect Wings, Tsubaki/Subaki)

2x B02-045R 完璧を追う翼 マトイ (Pursuit of Perfection Wings, Matoi)

2x B02-047R 昏き愛炎の陰陽師 シャラ (Onmyoji of Gloomy Passion, Syalla)

[spoiler=B02 Black]

2x B02-070R 負けず嫌いな弓騎士 ルーナ (Unyielding Bow Knight, Luna/Selena)

1x B02-093R 美装の王子 フォレオ (Beautiful Prince, Foleo)

1x B02-097R 宵闇のソーサラー オフェリア (Twilight’s Sorceress, Ophelia)

[spoiler=B03 Green]

1x B03-025R 兄を捜す聖天馬 マーシャ (Holy Falcon Knight Searching for Her Brother, Marcia)

2x B03-036R 決意の赤竜騎 ジル (Determined Red Dragoon, Jill)

2x B03-040R ガリアの獣牙戦士 ライ (Warrior of the Gaillian Beast Tribe, Ranulf)

1x B03-043Rフェニキス王 ティバーン (Phoenicisian King, Tibarn)

2x B03-045Rセリノスの王子 リュシオン (Prince of Serenes, Reyson)

2x B03-046R 目覚めしサギの王女 リアーネ (Awakened Heron Princess, Leanne)

[spoiler=B03 White]

2x B03-062R 白き神竜王子 カンナ(男) (White Divine Dragon Prince, Kanna (male))

2x B03-063R 美声の聖天馬 シグレ (Holy Pegasus Warrior of Melodious Voice, Shigure)

1x B03-069R 星瞳の戦巫女 ミタマ (War Priestess of Starry Eyes, Mitama)

[spoiler=B03 Black]

1x B03-091R 義賊×乙女 エポニーヌ (Benevolent Picaroon x Fujoshi, Eponine)


1x P01-006PR 忠義の古強者 ジェイガン (Veteran of Loyalty, Jagen)

1x P01-011PR 追憶の神竜族 チキ (Divine Dragon of Sentimentality, Tiki)

1x P01-015PR 謎多き戦術師 ルフレ () (Enigmatic Tactician, Reflet/Robin (male))

1x P02-007PR暗夜王国の王女 カムイ () (Crown Princess of Nohr, Kamui/Corrin (female))

3x P02-008PR水面の歌姫 アクア (Songstress of Water, Aqua/Azura)

2x P02-010PR黄昏を進みし王女 カムイ () (Princess Seeking Twilight, Kamui/Corrin (female))

2x P03-005PR傭兵団の青年 アイク (Greenhorn of Greil Mercenaries, Ike)

1x P03-006PR暗夜の第一王女 カミラ (First Princess of Nohr, Camilla)

1x P03-010暗夜の第一王女 カミラ (First Princess of Nohr, Camilla)


[spoiler=Promo (willing to purchase sets)]


P01-007PR癒やしの勇者 リフ (Healing Hero, Wrys)

P01-008PRマケドニアの王女 ミネルバ (Princess of Macedonia, Minerva)


P03-007暗夜の妹姫 エリーゼ (Youngest Princess of Nohr, Elise)

P03-008ドジっ娘メイド フェリシア (Clumsy Girl Maid, Felicia)

P03-011白夜の妹王女 サクラ (Youngest Princess of Hoshido, Sakura)

P03-012暗夜の妹姫 エリーゼ (Youngest Princess of Nohr, Elise)

P03-013PR亡国の王女 エリンシア (Princess of the Lost kingdom, Elincia)

P03-014PR孤影の軍師 セネリオ (Tactician of Lonely Appearance, Soren)

P03-015泉の歌姫 アクア (Songstress of the Spring, Aqua/Azura)

P03-016水面の歌姫 アクア (Songstress of Water, Aqua/Azura)

Wishful Thinking (willing to purchase or trade multiple cards for)


B01-030R+ プリンセス ミネルバ (Royal Princess, Minerva)

B01-038R+ 天馬三姉妹の長姉 パオラ (Eldest Pegasus Sister, Palla)

B01-059R+ イーリス聖王国の王女 リズ (Princess of the Ylissean Halidom, Lissa)

B01-097R+ 花の似合う男 アズール (Man of Fragrant Flowers, Inigo)


B02-028R+ 完璧なる翼 ツバキ (Perfect Wings, Tsubaki/Subaki)


B03-001SR+ 神剣の勇将 アイク (Brave General of the Holy Sword, Ike)

B03-032R+ 解放への疾槍 ネフェニー (Usher of Liberation)

B03-047SR+ 神装の魔将 漆黒の騎士 (Demon in Blessed Armour, Black Knight)

B03-069R+ 星瞳の戦巫女 ミタマ (War Priestess of Starry Eyes, Mitama)


B03 Dot Pixel Sleeves (as many as I can get)

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I've only bought one box so far, and plan to try and only buy one for each set. Then just trade what SR's I get for the SR's I'm more interested in. So for now I'm just trying to finish my interest in set one.

Missing/Want: (*'s are for those I'm more interested in.)

Starter Deck:
001 Marth
Series One or Starter Deck:
007 Cain*
057 Robin
059 Lissa
070 Lon'qu*
Series One only:
097 Inigo*
Super Rare:
016 Ogma
046 Tiki
054 Lucina
073 Gaius*
080 Tharja
What I have: (These are all from my one box, not spares. Some I'm more likely to trade away and some not so much but none are completely off-limits. Just keep that in mind. :] )
Rare+ Signed:
059 Lissa
Super Rare:
001 Marth
009 Abel
028 Merric
030 Minerva
035 Linde
038 Palla
040 Catria
042 Est
068 Sumia
078 Nowi
083 Olivia
084 Cherche

Also some Normal's and High Normal's so just ask about those.

I'd also like to swap my PR 002 Corrin (Female) for PR 001 Corrin (Male).

Edited by Crono
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Finally got some stuff so I am looking into trading with others in the US.

Currently I'm looking for

SR B01-016 Ogma
SR+ B01-022 Navarre
SR B01-046 Tiki
SR+ B01-054 Lucina
SR+ B01-080 Tharja

SR B02-008 Hinoka
SR+ B02-056 Xander
SR B02-058 Camilla
SR B02-060 Leon
SR+ B02-062 Elise

SR B03-004 Elincia
SR B03-006 Mist
SR B03-010 Soren
SR B03- 051Corrin (F)

SR+ B03-053 Aqua
SR B03-076 Corrin (M)


I have a lot of R/SR cards that I would like to upgrade to their R+/SR+ verison. I am more than willing to make these cards part of a trade/sale for their + version.

B01-001 Marth

B01-038 Palla

B01-040 Catria

B01-042 Est

B01-051 Chrom

B01-057 Robin (F)
B01-059 Lissa

B02-001 Corrin (M)

B02-006 Ryoma

B02-012 Sakura

B02-051 Corrin (F)

B03-001 Ike

B03-021 Mia

B03-047 Black Knight

B03-085 Flora

I have:

Series 2

All Rare

B02-004 Aqua (x2)

B02-014 Saizou

B02-024 Hana

B02-026 Subaki

B02-028 Oboro

B02-043 Gurei

B02-045 Matoi

B02-047 Saylla

B02-054 Aqua

B02-066 Pieri

B02-070 Luna

B02-093 Foleo

B02-095 Soleil

B02-097 Ophelia

Series 3

SR B03-047 Black Knight

All Rare

B03-025 Marcia (x9)

B03-032 Nephenne (x5)

B03-043 Tibarn (x2)

B03-044 Naesala(x5)

B03-045 Reyson (x6)

B03-062 Kanna (M) (x10)

B03-069 Mitama(x2)

B03-083 Silas (x7)

B03-086 Kanna (F) (x9)

B03-091 Eponine (x12)

B03-095 Velour (x2)


P01-003 Marth

P01-004 Lucina

P01-015 Robin (M)

P03-004 Black Knight

P03-010 Camilla (Christmas) (x5)

P03-013 Elincia

P03-014 Soren (x2)

P03-015 Aqua (Nohr)

P03-016 Aqua (Hoshido)

Thanks for looking!

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Stuff for sale and trade, I have some C89 stuff I added

Series 1:
B01-007 R Cain x 1
B01-009 R Abel x 1
B01-035 R Linde x 1
B01-068 R Sumia x 1
B01-070 R Lon'qu x1
B01-083 R Olivia x 1

Series 2:
B02-004 R Aqua x 4
B02-014 R Saizou x 4
B02-024 R Oboro x 1
B02-026 R Kazahana x 1
B02-028 R Tsubaki x 3
B02-043 R Gurei/Grey? (idk... !Gaius) x 3
B02-047 R Syalla x 2
B02-054 R Aqua x 1
B02-064 R Lazward x 2
B02-066 R Pieri x 4
B02-070 R Luna x 3
B02-074 R Odin x 3

Series 3:

B03-025 R Marcia x 2

B03-036 R Jill x 3

B03-040 R Ranulf x 3

B03-043 R Tibarn x 3

B03-044 R Naesala x 1

B03-046 R Leanne x 2

B03-062 R Kanna (M) x 3

B03-063 R Shigure x 2

B03-069 R Mitama x 3

B03-072 R Kinu x 3

B03-083 R Sila/Cyrus x 3

B03-086 R Kanna (F) x 1

B03-091 R Eponine x 3

B03-095 R Velour x 2

P02-002 PR Kamui(F) x 2

C89 stuff

Ike Marker Card

Marth Marker Card

Tiki/Tharja/Sakura/Elise/Nephenee Sleeve Pack (65 Sleeves)

Navarre/Gaius/Takumi/Leon/Soren Sleeve Pack (65 Sleeves

C89 Character Box (unopened)

Pretty much any N/HN, ask if you need anything!

Interested in trading for or purchasing:

Lucina Marker Card

Flora Marker Card

P03-012PR Elise

Edited by LucinaofYlisse
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Update: Just got in an extra promo Soren card for trade. Also

Looking to do trades only. Willing to do multiple cards for a single card depending on offer...

What I Have

  • B03-036R - Jill
  • B03-040R - Ranulf
  • B03-045R - Reyson
  • B03-063R - Shigure
  • B03-072R - Kinu
  • B03-083R - Cyrus
  • B03-085SR - Flora
  • B03-086R - Kanna F
  • B03-091R - Eponine x2
  • P03-014 - Soren
What I Want
  • B01-054SR/SR+ - Lucina (High Priority)
  • B01-080SR/SR+ - Tharja (Low Priority)
  • B02-012SR/SR+ - Sakura (High Priority)
  • B02-030SR - Felicia (Medium Priority)
  • B02-056SR/SR+ - Xander (Medium Priority)
  • B02-062SR/SR+ - Elise (High Priority)
  • B03-058SR - Kaze (Low Priority)
  • B03-006SR - Mist (Medium Priority)
  • B03-010SR - Soren (Medium Priority)


High --> I'm 99.5% sure I will do the trade

Medium --> Give me sometime to think it over. Usually a day and a half at most is all I need to make a decision

Low --> I'm 50/50 on the trade. They're cards I'm still missing, but not cards I immediately need

Coming Soon (Week of 02/14 - 02/20)

  • P03-013 - Elincia
  • P02-011 - Hinoka
  • P03-017 - Aqua (Hoshido)
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I've decided I want to finish up my series 2 rares. I'm only missing one of them: Gurei.


Because of finances, I can only trade atm.

I have:

B02-004R (Hoshido Azura)

B02-024R (Oboro)

B02-026R (Kazahana)

B02-064R (Lazward)

B02-072R (Odin)

B02-095R (Soleil)

I live in Canada, so if you want to trade with me, you have to be willing to do international (unless you also live in Canada).

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