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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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Looking to do trades only. Willing to do multiple cards for a single card depending on offer...

What I Have

  • B03-032R - Nephenee
  • B03-036R - Jill
  • B03-040R - Ranulf
  • B03-045R - Reyson
  • B03-063R - Shigure
  • B03-072R - Kinu
  • B03-083R - Cyrus
  • B03-085SR - Flora
  • B03-091R - Eponine x2
  • P03-014 - Soren
  • P02-011 - Hinoka
What I Want
  • B01-054SR/SR+ - Lucina (High Priority)
  • B01-080SR/SR+ - Tharja (Medium Priority)
  • B01-059R+ - Lissa (Medium Priority)
  • B01-070R+ - Lonqu (Medium Priority)
  • B02-012SR/SR+ - Sakura (High Priority)
  • B02-030SR - Felicia (Medium Priority)
  • B02-056SR/SR+ - Xander (Medium Priority)
  • B02-062SR/SR+ - Elise (High Priority)
  • B03-058SR - Kaze (Low Priority)
  • B03-006SR - Mist (Medium Priority)
  • B03-010SR - Soren (Medium Priority)
  • P01-004 - Lucina (Marth) (Medium Priority)
  • P02-005 - Hinoka (Medium Priority)
  • P02-006 - Sakura (Medium Priority)
  • P02-008 - Aqua (Medium Priority)
  • P01-010 - Tharja (Low Priority)
  • P01-013 - Marth (Medium Priority)
  • P01-011 - Tiki (Low Priority)
  • P02-007 - Kamui (F) (Medium Priority)
  • P02-004 - Panne (Medium Priority)
  • P01-009 - Cordelia (Medium Priority)
  • P01-003 - Marth (Medium Priority)
  • P01-012 - Marth Concert (Medium Priority)
  • P01-014 - Lucina (Medium Priority)
  • P02-009 - Kamui (M) (Medium Priority)
  • P02-010 - Kamui (F) (Medium Priority)
  • P03-006 - Camilla (Medium Priority)
  • P03-009 - Tsubasa (Medium Priority)
  • P03-010 - Camilla (Medium Priority)
  • P03-011 - Sakura (Medium Priority)
  • P03-012 - Elise (Medium Priority)
  • P03-015 - Aqua Hoshido (Medium Priority)
  • P03-016 - Aqua Nohr (Medium Priority)


High --> I'm 99.5% sure I will do the trade

Medium --> Give me sometime to think it over. Usually a day and a half at most is all I need to make a decision

Low --> I'm 50/50 on the trade. They're cards I'm still missing, but not cards I immediately need

Arriving In A Couple of Days

Coming Soon (Week of 02/14 - 02/20)

  • P03-013 - Elincia
  • P03-017 - Aqua (Hoshido)
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+1 Sjon9104

Might as well edit in my updated trades:

Currently I'm looking for

SR/SR+ B01-022 Navarre
SR B01-046 Tiki
SR/SR+ B01-054 Lucina
SR/SR+ B01-080 Tharja

SR B02-008 Hinoka
SR B02-058 Camilla
SR/SR+ B02-062 Elise

SR B03-004 Elincia
SR B03-010 Soren
SR B03- 051Corrin (F)
SR/SR+ B03-053 Aqua
SR B03-076 Corrin (M)

I have a lot of R/SR cards that I would like to upgrade to their R+/SR+ verison. I am more than willing to make these cards part of a trade/sale for their + version.

B01-001 Marth
B01-051 Chrom
B01-059 Lissa
B02-001 Corrin (M)
B02-006 Ryoma
B02-012 Sakura
B02-051 Corrin (F)
B03-001 Ike
B03-021 Mia
B03-047 Black Knight
B03-085 Flora

I have:

Series 2

All Rare
B02-004 Aqua (x2)
B02-014 Saizou
B02-024 Hana
B02-026 Subaki
B02-028 Oboro
B02-043 Gurei
B02-045 Matoi
B02-047 Saylla
B02-054 Aqua
B02-066 Pieri
B02-070 Luna
B02-093 Foleo
B02-095 Soleil
B02-097 Ophelia

Series 3

SR B03-047 Black Knight

All Rare
B03-025 Marcia (x9)
B03-032 Nephenne (x5)
B03-043 Tibarn (x1)
B03-044 Naesala(x2)
B03-045 Reyson (x5)
B03-062 Kanna (M) (x9)
B03-069 Mitama(x2)
B03-083 Silas (x7)
B03-086 Kanna (F) (x7)
B03-091 Eponine (x11)
B03-095 Velour (x2)


P01-003 Marth
P01-004 Lucina
P01-015 Robin (M)

P03-004 Black Knight
P03-010 Camilla (Christmas) (x4)
P03-014 Soren

Thanks for looking!

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There have been a whole slew of posts since my last post here, so I guess it's time for an update.

All available cards are valid for either cash purchase (via PayPal) or direct trade for my Wanted cards unless otherwise stated. I am also willing to buy via PayPal instead of trade for some high wants (marked with a ***). Only offering trades or sales at the moment because I'm poor and can't afford to buy any of my wants at the moment. If you're interested in anything, get in touch with me via PM or post here.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands (Europe). I'm happy to ship worldwide. I've been trading/selling Pokémon cards for some time now too, so I'm kind of familiar with the whole internationally shipping cards deal.

Looking For:
S1 Lissa R+ (signed) ***
S2 Sakura SR+ (signed)
S3 Ike SR
S3 Mia SR+ (signed)
Dengeki Nintendo Elincia Promo *** (I think it's P03-013PR?)


Promo Cards:
Tsubasa Oribe P03-002PR (Booster Box S3 Promo)

Marker Cards:

C89 Players Box Character Set Markers:

Marth, Ike, Felicia, Anna

Series 1 Cards
Abel R
Merric R
Linde R

Series 2 Cards
Hoshido Aqua/Azura R
Saizou R
Matoi R
F!Kamui/Corrin SR
Marx/Xander SR
Pieri R
Odin R

Series 3 Cards
Marcia R
Nephenee R+
Jill R
Ranulf R (x2)
Naesala R
Reyson R
Leanne R
M!Kanna R (x2)
Kinu R
Nohr Aqua SR
Silas R
F!Kanna R
Eponine R
Velour R (x2)

N/HN Cards:
I have many Normal and High Normal cards available for all 3 sets, but it's a bit much work to keep an updated list of them all. If there are any N/HN cards you are interested in, feel free to ask! I would be happy to look through for you.

I also have an unopened Awakening/Blue structure deck available as well as an extra set of fates pixel promo sleeves from the S3 booster boxes, if anyone is interested in those. I also have single sleeves available from the Character version of the Comiket Players Box, as well as singles of the Chrom, Lucina, Gaius, and Camilla sleeves. I also have codes available from the S1 box and the structure decks.

Trade Deals Only:
I have unsigned versions of S2 Sakura SR and S3 Mia SR, that I am interested in upgrading to SR+ signed versions. I would be happy to offer these cards up as part of a trade/sale/whatever to upgrade them to the signed version of the card, but I'm not interested in trading or selling these cards for any other purpose until I know I can get my hands on the signed version to replace it.

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