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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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+1 Aquantis

I don't want to double post, so I'm just going to post my needed cards here.

After getting my S1 box, I still need:

B01-004SR Caeda

B01-040R Catia

B01-046SR Tiki

B01-084R Cherche

I can buy or trade.

For trade, I have:

B01-070R Lon'qu

B02-024R Oboro

B02-026R Kazahana

B02-095R Soleil

B02-064R Lazward

B02-072R Odin

B03-072R Kinu

My SR are not doubles, so only trade.

I have:

B01-001SR Marth

B01-051SR Chrom

B01-080SR Tharja

Please PM me if you're interested!

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Update on my trading stuff.

SR/SR+ B01-022 Navarre
SR B01-046 Tiki
SR/SR+ B01-054 Lucina
SR/SR+ B01-080 Tharja

SR B02-008 Hinoka
SR B02-058 Camilla
SR/SR+ B02-062 Elise

SR B03-004 Elincia

SR B03-010 Soren
SR B03- 051Corrin (F)
SR/SR+ B03-053 Aqua
SR B03-076 Corrin (M)

I have a lot of R/SR cards that I would like to upgrade to their R+/SR+ verison. I am more than willing to make these cards part of a trade/sale for their + version.

B01-001 Marth
B01-051 Chrom
B02-001 Corrin (M)
B02-006 Ryoma
B02-012 Sakura
B02-051 Corrin (F)
B03-001 Ike
B03-021 Mia
B03-047 Black Knight
B03-085 Flora

I have:

Series 1

All Rare

B01-030 Minerva

B01-057 Robin (F)

B01-059 Lissa

B01-070 Lon'qu

B01-097 Inigo

Series 2

All Rare
B02-004 Aqua (x2)
B02-014 Saizou
B02-024 Hana
B02-026 Subaki
B02-028 Oboro
B02-043 Gurei
B02-045 Matoi
B02-047 Saylla
B02-054 Aqua
B02-066 Pieri
B02-070 Luna
B02-093 Foleo
B02-095 Soleil
B02-097 Ophelia

Series 3

SR B03-047 Black Knight

All Rare
B03-025 Marcia (x4)
B03-032 Nephenne (x3)
B03-043 Tibarn (x1)
B03-044 Naesala(x2)
B03-045 Reyson (x3)
B03-062 Kanna (M) (x7)
B03-069 Mitama(x2)
B03-083 Silas (x5)
B03-086 Kanna (F) (x5)
B03-091 Eponine (x11)
B03-095 Velour (x2)


P01-003 Marth
P01-004 Lucina
P01-015 Robin (M)

P03-004 Black Knight
P03-010 Camilla (Christmas) (x4)
P03-014 Soren

Also trying to collect marker cards!

Thanks for looking!

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Selling some leftover R cards from my series 2 boxes plus some series 1 & 2 HN+N sets here: http://kogitsunemaru.tictail.com/products/fire-emblem

15% discount is automatically applied for card purchases above SGD35

Also have some leftover FE:if D4 keychains (official merch).

My feedback (Carousell): https://carousell.com/kogitsunemaru/

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I'm missing 7 series 1 cards, and I don't really want to buy another box.

* = priority

I'm missing:

B01-004SR (Caeda) *

B01-040R (Catria)

B01-046SR (Tiki) *

B01-050SR (Camus) *

B01-075SR (Cordelia)

B01-084R (Cherche)

B01-091SR (Owain)

I have a SR Tharja and Chrom that I'd be willing to trade, but since I only have one of each, I'd rather buy. I also have some of the Awakening rubber straps (Lissa, Brady, Kjelle, Inigo) that I would like to trade for cards, if anyone is interested in them.

I'll be on the lookout, but if you're interested at all, please pm me!

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Hi all. I am selling the magazines in which earlier promos cards came from. Instead of letting them collect dust at the corner of my room I rather sell them off to contribute to buying S4. This is meant for those people who are interested in getting the magazine to compliment the promo cards they may have bought separately.


Nintendo Dream November (with 1 copy of the promo card)

Nintendo Dream October (Poster and Promo card not included)

Dengeki Nintendo November (with 1 copy of the promo card)

You can see them in this link here.


Note: all prices are in SGD and are indeed negotiable.

I have bundled 1 copy of the promo card for two of the magazine. Both the magazine and card can be sold separately but at a slightly higher cost each.

Buyers would have to pay shipping cost for the magazines. I am unsure how much as I have never shipped anything of this size before and I need to check with my local post office. So if there is anyone interested do let me know and I will proceed to check.

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