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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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+1 Omegaweapon


Hi all, I want to start collecting N/HN multiples of my favorite characters just for the fun of it... So yeah.. For now I want one of each unless indicated. I have other N/HNs to trade (mainly Green, some White and Black) or I can trade an R card for a couple of N/HNs.

As before, all R and above cards come with FE Cipher sleeves (25th anniversary or M!Kamui). I can trade/sell. I'm not interested in buying right now. I honestly don't have much,, but I would like to get rid of a lot of stuff.

Wants (in order of priority by type):


Xander (S3)

F Kamui

M Kamui



Xander (x2)

Siegbert (x3)


Elise (S2) (x3)

F Kamui (White S3)(x2)

M Kamui (Black S3) (x2)

Leon (S2)

Ryouma (S2)



I also would like to upgrade my SR Xander to SR+,, I don't have much to offer so this is probably wishful thinking lol

Haves (pictures below): - updated 02/22

B03-025R Marcia x2 x1

B03-032R Nephenee
B03-036R Jill x2
B03-040R Ranulf x2
B03-043R Tibarn
B03-044R Naesala x2
B03-045R Reyson
B03-046R Leanne

random N/HN cards (B02/B03, mostly Green)

Other Wants (not important and wishful thinking):

Wishful Thinking:

B02-051SR Chrom
B01-075SR Cordelia
B01-073SR Gaius
SR Tiki

SR Ryouma

B01-001ST+ Marth

P01-005PR Chrom

PR Marth (25th Anniversary Concert ^ q ^;;)

PR Elise (c89)

PR Sakura (c89)

P03-015PR Aqua

P03-016PR Aqua

Marx Badge

Cipher Artworks 3

C89 Pixel and Character Boxes ^ q ^ lmao I'm broke..

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Hey i am looking for the Robin (M) promo card, would buy it or trade.

I have for trade:

R Lissa

R+ Palla

R Nohr Azura

R Rhajat

SR Xander

SR Leo

PR Nintendo dream Soren

PR Nintendo dengeki Elincia

Im also looking for

SR Ike and SR Mia but mostly the Male Robin promo, thanks!

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+1 Sokloeum

Took us a bit to find the time to hang out but it was fun. :3

+1 DaisukeRei

Yeah, that was really, really fun XD. If only we could meet up again to play once Series 4 is out. My new Kiria, Corrin (♀), Lucina, and Tsubasa decks shall await you if we do versus again ^_~.

Thanks much :3!

~ Sokloeum

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If anyone is still looking for the Hinoka promo cards from the Vol. 2 Cipher Guidebook, I'm currently selling an extra sealed copy that I accidentally ordered. Looking for the same amount that I paid to import it, so if anyone's interested feel free to send me a PM.

What I Have

  • B03-032R - Nephenee
  • B03-036R - Jill
  • B03-040R - Ranulf
  • B03-045R - Reyson
  • B03-072R - Kinu
  • B03-091R - Eponine x2
  • P03-014 - Soren
  • P02-011 - Hinoka
  • P03-017 - Aqua
  • P03-013 - Elincia
What I Want
  • B01-054SR/SR+ - Lucina (High Priority)
  • B01-080SR/SR+ - Tharja (Medium Priority)
  • B01-059R+ - Lissa (Medium Priority)
  • B01-070R+ - Lonqu (Medium Priority)
  • B02-004R+ - Aqua (Medium Priority)
  • B02-010SR - Takumi (Medium Priority)
  • B02-030SR - Felicia (Medium Priority)
  • B02-056SR/SR+ - Xander (Medium Priority)
  • B02-058SR - Camilla (Medium Priority)
  • B02-062SR/SR+ - Elise (High Priority)
  • B02-072R - Odin (Medium Priority)
  • B03-058SR - Kaze (Medium Priority)
  • B03-010SR - Soren (Medium Priority)
  • P01-004 - Lucina (Marth) (Medium Priority)
  • P01-009 - Cordelia (Medium Priority)
  • P01-003 - Marth (Medium Priority)
  • P01-012 - Marth Concert (Medium Priority)
  • P01-014 - Lucina (Medium Priority)
  • P02-009 - Kamui (M) (Medium Priority)
  • P02-010 - Kamui (F) (Medium Priority)
  • P03-004 - Black Knight (Medium Priority)
  • P03-006 - Camilla (Medium Priority)
  • P03-010 - Camilla (Medium Priority)
  • P03-012 - Elise (Medium Priority)
  • P03-015 - Aqua Hoshido (Medium Priority)
  • P03-016 - Aqua Nohr (Medium Priority)


High --> I'm 99.5% sure I will do the trade

Medium --> Give me sometime to think it over. Usually a day and a half at most is all I need to make a decision

Low --> I'm 50/50 on the trade. They're cards I'm still missing, but not cards I immediately need

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Updating my list!

Hello all, I'm kinda new to this forum. I've been doing most of my trading and selling on the Facebook Foreign group so I thought I'd expand over to Serenes too. I've made some trades here already and I hope to make more!

I'm interested in

B02-062SR Elise 1x

P02-010PR Kamui/Corrin F 4x 2x

B03-076SR Kamui/Corrin M 2x

Here's what I have for sale or trade.

Fire Emblem Artworks I and II from C89
Black Knight Marker Card
Set 1 Anna Marker Card

Set 1
Navarre SR+ 1x
Marth SR 3x
Marth P01-013PR 1x
Gaius SR 3x
Tharja SR 1x
Owain SR 1x
Cordelia P01-009PR 4x (Swimsuit Cordelia)
Sumia R 4x
Cherche R 3x

Set 2
Leon SR 1x
Jacob SR 2x
Corrin M SR 1x
Sakura P0-011PR (Swimsuit Sakura)
Saizou R 3x
Oboro R 2x
Tsubaki R 2x
Matoi R 4x
Lazward R 1x
Soleil R 2x

Set 3
Aqua W SR 2x
Aqua B SR 1X
Suzukaze SR 2x
Flora SR 1X
Ike SR 1x
Black Knight SR 3x
Eponine R 2x
Nephenee R+ 1x
Mitaka R 4x
Kinu R 2x
Jill R 2x
Ranulf R 2x
Tibarn R 2x
Naesala R+ 1x
Naesala R 2x
Reyson R 2x

Dollar Rares
Lon' Qu
Aqua B&W
Kanna B&W

PM if interested! I ship from the US.

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Update on my trading stuff.

SR B01-046 Tiki
SR/SR+ B01-054 Lucina
SR/SR+ B01-080 Tharja

SR B02-008 Hinoka
SR B02-058 Camilla
SR/SR+ B02-062 Elise

SR B03-004 Elincia

SR B03-010 Soren
SR B03- 051Corrin (F)

I have a lot of R/SR cards that I would like to upgrade to their R+/SR+ verison. I am more than willing to make these cards part of a trade/sale for their + version.

B01-001 Marth
B01-051 Chrom
B02-001 Corrin (M)
B02-006 Ryoma
B02-012 Sakura
B02-051 Corrin (F)
B03-001 Ike
B03-021 Mia
B03-047 Black Knight
B03-085 Flora

I have:

Series 1

All Rare

B01-057 Robin (F)

B01-059 Lissa

B01-070 Lon'qu

B01-097 Inigo

Series 2

All Rare
B02-004 Aqua
B02-014 Saizou
B02-024 Hana
B02-026 Subaki
B02-028 Oboro
B02-043 Gurei
B02-045 Matoi
B02-047 Saylla
B02-054 Aqua

B02-064 Lazward
B02-066 Pieri
B02-070 Luna

B02-072 Odin
B02-093 Foleo
B02-095 Soleil
B02-097 Ophelia

Series 3

SR B03-047 Black Knight

All Rare
B03-025 Marcia
B03-032 Nephenne
B03-043 Tibarn
B03-044 Naesala
B03-045 Reyson
B03-062 Kanna (M)
B03-069 Mitama
B03-083 Silas
B03-086 Kanna (F)
B03-091 Eponine
B03-095 Velour


P01-003 Marth
P01-004 Lucina
P01-015 Robin (M)

P03-004 Black Knight
P03-010 Camilla (Christmas)
P03-014 Soren

P03-017 Aqua

Other stuff:
Since my brother and I are both getting copies of the Fates Special edition and we don't see the point of having two art books, one of the art books is up for trade.

Due to a shipping error, Amazon sent me two special editions for Fates. I'm offering one copy as complete or for individual parts (the cart, art book, pouch). Also offering up the GS pre order key chains.

Because these items are so hard to get, I will only be considering SR+ offers.

Got one extra copy of the magazine the Soren promo came in. You'll get the magazine and two promos if you are want to trade/buy it.

Thanks for looking!

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Looking to trade some cards

Set 1:
SR Caeda
SR Navarre
(SR+ Navarre) SOLD
SR Gaius
SR Chrom x2
SR Owain
R Catria
R Oliviax2
R Lonq'n
R Robin F

Set 2:
SR Ryouma
SR Felicia
SR Corrin M
SR Leo
R Inigo
R Kanna M
R Aqua white
R Odin
R Saizou
R Pieri
R Syalla
R Gurei

Set 3:
R Jill
R Shigure
R Tibarn

Also a ton of HN/N

SR Cordelia (urgent)
SR Elise (urgent)
SR Camilla (urgent)
SR Corrin F black
SR Corrin F white
SR Aqua White
SR Aqua Black
SR+ Tharja
R+ Velour
R Velour
R matoi
Promo Robin M
Promo Hinoka
other promos
Comiket stuff
Lucina SR+

Only trades let me know I mostly want the cards listed but if u have a good offer ill consider I'm going by big web prices

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+1 Kyokko

+1 Lokidokie

+1 Chuy

+1 charmedx3

+1 TogetherWeRide

+1 Omegaweapon


I got a few more boxes in recently and updated my list :)



P02-001 Ike

P02-002 F!Kamui x 2

P03-002 Tsubasa x 2

P03-001 Itsuki


B02-054 Azura R+

B02-080 Jakob SR

B03-047 Black Knight SR

B03-051 F!Kamui SR

B03-085 Flora

Series 2:

004 Azura R x 2

024Oboro R x 2

026 Hana R x 2

028 Tsubaki R x 3

045 Matoi R

047 Rhajat/Syalla R x 2

054 Azura R

064 Lazwald/Laslow R

066 Pieri R

070 Luna R x 2

072 Odin R

093 Foleo R

095 Soleil R x 2

097 Ophelia R

Series 3

025 Marcia R x 3

032 Nephenee R x 2

036 Jill R x 2

040 Ranulf R

043 Tibarn R

044 Naesala R x 2

045 Reyson R x 3

046 Leanne R x 2

062 M!Kanna R x 2

063 Shigure R x 3

069 Mitama R x 2

072 Kinu R

083 Silas R x 3

086 F!Kanna R x 2

091 Eponine R

095 Velour R x 2


POR Card sleeves

Hoshido siblings card sleeves



P01 25th anni Marth

P03-009 Tsubasa

P03-011 Summer Sakura

P03-015 Nohr Azura

P03-016 Hoshido Azura

P03-017 Azura

Series 1:

030 Minerva R+

038 Palla R+

040 Catria R+

042 Est R+

059 Lissa R

059 Lissa R+

070 Lon'qu R+

097 Inigo R+

Series 2 R+:

004 Hoshido Azura*

026 Hana*

095 Soleil*

Series 3 R+:

036 Jill

043 Tibarn

044 Naesala

072 Kinu*

091 Eponine*


Lucina Marker

Fiora Marker

Elise Marker

Hinoka Marker

Sakura Marker

Ike Marker (HN artwork, not the SR artwork)

Black Knight Marker

Soren marker

Nephenee Marker

Mia marker

Looking to collect one of each card sleeve design. I have a handful so if you have any let me know. The ones I have are mostly from awakening/marth so I'm looking for some Fates sleeves besides the ones that came in the booster boxes :)

Also always looking for all SR+ except both series 3 Azuras :3

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