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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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UPDATE: I have 4 boxes of Series 2 & 4, & 3 boxes of Series 3 coming in the mail hopefully in the next couple of days. I'll be making another trade/sell post then listing what cards I get, and be updating that same post as I go. In that same shipment I'll be receiving the newly released cipher sleeves as well (Lucina, Severa, and Tsubasa), including a couple extras to trade/sell for anyone that missed out on pre-orders or have certain sleeve packs I'm looking for (that'll also be mentioned in a couple days as well. Other than that, I still have my extra leftover Series 3 cards + other promos if anyone's interested in trading/buying.

What I Have for trade/sell

  • B03-032R - Nephenee
  • B03-036R - Jill
  • B03-040R - Ranulf
  • B03-045R - Reyson
  • B03-072R - Selkie
  • B03-091R - Nina x2
  • P03-014 - Soren
  • P02-011 - Hinoka
  • P03-013 - Elincia
What I'm looking for
  • B03-058SR - Kaze
  • B03-010SR - Soren
  • P01-004 - Lucina (Marth)
  • P01-003 - Marth
  • P01-014 - Lucina
  • P02-009 - Kamui (M)
  • P02-010 - Kamui (F)
  • P03-004 - Black Knight
  • P03-005 - Ike
  • P03-006 - Camilla
  • P03-009 - Tsubasa
  • P03-010 - Camilla
  • P03-012 - Elise
  • P03-015 - Aqua Hoshido
  • P03-016 - Aqua Nohr
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OK, first for those that have been talking to me about possible trades about a month back going forward I apologize for not messaging for a while. I have had some issues on my end. But it's all good now.

Now for my cards I have my eBay up here, It's still being updated with contents, so what I have does not 100% reflect on what I actually have (I also have more then one of each SR card. I only list them one at a time)


I am missing 2 cards.

B04-001SR+ and B04-065SR+

I will be willing to trade multiple cards or cards+ cash for these (over PayPal)

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I'm gonna start doing mini sales every once in a while to help obtain new cards.

Right now trying to trade/ sell lucina sr+ for more of Set 4.

Keep an eye out here and there on my updates if interested. I will add more cards/ things to that list as necessary.

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[spoiler=Wants:]Series 1:
Lucina SR+
Cordelia SR

Lissa R+ (Low priority)

Tiki SR

Series 2:
Sakura SR+

Series 3:
Nephenee R+ (Lowest priority)

Series 4:

Tsubasa SR+
Lucina SR+

Lucina SR x2

Marth SR

Morgan R+ (Low Priority)

Promos: (All are Low Priority)
P02-003PR Bantu
P02-004PR Panne
P02-009PR Corrin (M)

Elder Sisters Playmat (Camilla vs Hinoka) (Highest Priority)

[spoiler=For Trade:]

Every R ($1 each), HN ($0.50 each), and N ($0.25 each) from all three sets, with multiples of at least 3 for each one!

Series 1:

Lucina SR

Marth SR
Ogma SR
Camus SR x3
Lon'qu R+
Gaius SR x2
Chrom SR
P01-001PR Corrin (M) (Sealed) x2
P01-002PR Corrin (F) (Sealed) x2
Fredrick ST+
Ogma ST+
Navarre ST+

Nowi R x4

Series 2:
Corrin (M) SR x2
Sakura SR
Ryoma SR x3
Felicia SR
Xander SR x3
Jakob SR x2
Tsubaki R+
Foleo R+
P02-001PR Ike (Sealed) x2
P02-002PR Corrin (F) (Sealed) x3
Ryoma ST+
Takumi ST+
Xander ST+ x3
Leo ST+ x3
Jakob ST+ x2

Series 3:
Mist SR
Black Knight SR x4
Aqua (Hoshido) SR
Kaze SR
Flora SR
Elincia SR
Mia SR
Mitama R+
Kinu R+ x2
Eponine R+
Velour R+
Itsuki PR (Sealed)
Tsubasa PR x2 (Sealed)
Titania ST+
Soren ST+
Griel ST+

Series 4:
Tiki HNX (Blue) x2
Hardin SR x2
Toma SR x4

Tsubasa SR x2
Itsuki SR
Lon'qu SR x3
Minerva SR
Yashiro Tsurugi R+ x2
Mamori R+
Michalis R+
Roy PR (Sealed) x4

P02-010PR Korrin(F)
P02-011PR Hinoka

P03-013PR Elincia
P03-010PR Camilla (Christmas) x2
P03-014PR Soren x3

None as of right now


Also, I know my Wants are pretty high end outside of potentially the PRs, so if you see a card(s) that you want, feel free to ask me to look over your list. I am no stranger to trading for trade bait. So please, don't be afraid to ask if you want a card, the worse I could do is say no. Or not log into the forums for a while if a new set hasn't come out yet. :x

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To not spam I'll be multi-purposing this post.

+1 totafan888

Does anyone know what the deal is with B04-017HNX Tiki? I only have one in my four boxes.

Will update this post with a link to my trade post when everything is updated as well.

It's SUPER short print. I have 2 in 6 boxes. I dunno what's up with Intelligent Systems making Manaketes short print, especially tiki.

I only pulled 4 Nah in my 6 boxes btw and 10 boxes of Set 1, only 1 sr Tiki

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Got my series 4 boxes in.

Updated my Wants/Haves.


Series 2

62 SR+ - Star of the Dark Sky, Elise

Series 4

13 R+ - Best Surpassing the Best, Tsurugi Yashiro

47 R+ - Ruler of Macedonia, Michealis

59 R+ - Precious Actress, Yumizuru Eleonora

65 SR - The Exalt's Grandmaster, Robin (M)

72 SR - Perfect Genius, Cordelia

94 SR - Dulist of Adoration, Severa

01 SR+ - Sacred Idol, Oribe Tsubasa

05 SR+ - Awakened Hero, Akagi Touma

18 SR+ - Hero-King of Light, Marth

51 SR+ - The Right Stuff, Aoi Itsuki

63 SR+ - Princess of the Holy Order, Lucina

65 SR+ - The Exalt's Grandmaster, Robin (M)

[spoiler=Series 1, 2, and 3 Haves]

Series 1:

07 R - Infamous Knight "Raging Bull", Cain

09 R - Infamous Knight "Prowling Panther", Abel x2

28 R - Sage of Gales, Merric

30 R - Princess, Minerva x3

35 R - Aura’s Heiress, Linde

38 R - Eldest Pegasus Sister, Palla

40 R - Middle Pegasus Sister, Catria x2

42 R - Youngest Pegasus Sister, Est x2

57 R - Exalted Strategist, Robin ♀

59 R - Princess of Ylisse, Lissa

68 R - Gentle Flower of the Shepherds, Sumia x3

70 R - Stoic Swordsman, Lon’qu

78 R - Wellspring of Youth, Nowi x2

83 R - Demure Dancer, Olivia x2

84 R - Guardian of Rosanne, Cherche x2

97 R - Man of Flower’s Fragrance, Inigo

01 PR - Crown-Prince of Hoshido, Corrin♂

02 PR - Crown-Princess of Nohr, Corrin♀

13 PR - Stoic Prince, Marth

Series 2:

04 R - Songstress of Light, Aqua x3

14 R - Explosive Flame User, Saizou x3

24 R - One Who Vanquishes the Darkness, Oboro x2

28 R - Wings of Perfection, Tsubaki

43 R - Beautifully Scented, Gurei x2

45 R - Wings that Chase Perfection, Matoi x2

47 R - Burning Flames of Love, Syalla

54 R - Songstress of Darkness, Aqua x2

64 R - Magnificent Dancing Blade Hero, Lazward x2

66 R - Innocent Killer, Pieri x2

70 R - Unyielding Bow Knight, Luna

72 R - He Who Chose the Darkness, Odin x2

93 R - Beautiful Prince, Foleo x2

95 R - Sunny Swordmaster, Soleil x3

97 R - Twilight Sorcerer, Ophelia x3

60 SR - Prince of Darkness, Leo

62 SR - Star of the Dark Sky, Elise

01 SR+ - Chosen Prince, Corrin ♂

01 PR - Greil Mercenary Greenhorn, Ike x2

02 PR - Princess of Hoshido, Corrin ♀

09 PR - Herald of Dawn, Corrin ♂

10 PR - Harbinger of Dusk, Corrin ♀

11 PR - Hinoka x3

Series 3:

25 R - The Falcon Knight in search of her Brother, Marcia

32 R - Swift Lance of Liberation, Nephenee x2

40 R - Fang Warrior of Gallia, Ranulf

43 R - King of Phoenicis, Tibarn x2

44 R - King of Kilvas, Naesala x2

45 R - Prince of Serenes, Reyson

62 R - White Dragon Prince, Kanna

63 R - Nightingale Warrior, Shigure x2

69 R - Celestial Pupil, Mitama

72 R - Thread of Gold, Kinu

83 R - Sworn Friend, Silas x2

86 R - Black Dragon Princess, Kanna

95 R - Patriarch's Pet, Velour

06 SR - Vestal of Order, Mist

51 SR - Zenith of Embers, Corrin♀

02 PR - High School Visionary, Tsubasa Oribe

13 PR - Deposed Princess, Elincia x3

[spoiler=Series 4 Haves]

09 R - Little Sister of the Nation, Minamoto Mamori x2

13 R - Best Surpassing the Best, Tsurugi Yashiro x2

31 R - Masked Rider, Sirius

35 R - Wandering Dance Princess, Feena x2

38 R - Successor of the Highest Magic, Merric x2

55 R - Cool or Cute?, Kurono Kiria

59 R - Precious Actress, Yumizuru Eleonora x2

76 R - Sword Princess of the Liberation Army, Say'ri

83 R - Stray Child of Time, Morgan (F)

85 R - The One Chosen By The Gods, Owain

87 R - Messenger of Smiles, Inigo x2

92 R - Wings of Justice, Cynthia

05 SR - Awakened Hero, Akagi Touma

63 SR - Princess of the Holy Order, Lucina

67 SR - Ferox's Demonic God, Lon'qu

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First time here. Got a bunch of cards I want to trade/sell off and a bunch I want to get my hands on. I am trading/selling my cards from Australia (PM me about shipping price, otherwise if local I offer local pickup). I'm undecided atm as to whether i'll buy series 4's booster so i'm in the air about the series 4 cards I need, however I'm most keen to find the promo cards. I will be buying another booster pack for series 1 at some point and I will sort through my Invisible kingdom cards come June (Avoiding them atm for spoiler reasons)

N cards = $1USD

HN cards = $1.25USD

Promo Card = 6.50USD

[spoiler=What I'm Trading/Selling]

Series 1:

B01-008N - Scarlet Knight, Cain x 1

B01-010N - Verdent Knight, Abel x 2

B01-014N - Altean Archer, Gordin x 1

B01-020N - Talysian Axe-Wielder, Cord x 1

B01-026N - Ascetic Saint, Lena x 1

B01-029N - Mage of Winds, Merric x 1

B01-036N - Daughter of Pontifex Miloah, Linde x 1

B01-060N - Sprightly Cleric, Lissa x 2

B01-069N - Maiden of Flower Fortunes, Sumia x 1

B01-071N - Gynophobic Swordsman, Lon'qu x 1

Series 3:

B03-003HN - Greil Mercenaries Greenhorn, Ike x 1

B03-011N - Shrouded Strategist, Soren x 1

B03-013N - Gentle Lance Knight, Oscar x 1

B03-017N - Vendure Brother, Rolf x 1

B03-026N - Bright Pegasus Knight, Marcia x 2

B03-028N - Daughter of the Beast Tribe, Lethe x 1

B03-033N - Quiet Soldier, Nephenee x 1

B03-048HN - Teacher of Shadows, Shade x 1

B03-049HN - Fresh Falcon, Emma x 1

Bonus Cards:

P03-001PR - Normal Kid, Itsuki Aoi (Series 3 Promo, Sealed in packaging)

[spoiler=What I'm Looking For]

Series 1:

Bold = High Priority

B01-001SR(+) - Savior of Archanea, Marth

B01-004SR(+) - Angelic Advocate of Affection, Caeda

B01-016SR - War-God of Talys, Ogma

B01-022SR(+) - Crimson God of Death, Navarre

B01-030R(+) - Princess, Minerva

B01-038R(+) - Eldest Pegasus Sister, Palla

B01-042R(+) - Youngest Pegasus Sister, Est

B01-046HN - Manakete Princess, Tiki

B01-073SR - The Sweetest Assassin, Gaius

B01-075SR - Pegasus Knight Paragon, Cordelia

B01-091SP - Chosen Warrior of Hope, Owain

Series 3:

B03-001SR(+) - General of the Divine Blade, Ike

S05-004SR - Wings Praying for Restoration, Elincia

B03-006SR(+) - Vestal of Order, Mist

B03-010SR - Windswept Votive, Soren

B03-036R - Determined Wyvern Rider, Jill

B03-045R - Prince of Serenes, Reyson

B03-046R - Awakened Heron Princess, Leanne

Series 4:

B04-063SR(+) - Iris of Destiny, Lucina

B04-064HN - Fortuna Swordsman, Lucina

B04-065SR(+) - Exalted Grandmaster, Robin (Male)

B04-066HN - Amnesiac Tactician, Robin (Male)

B04-067SR - Scourge of Ferox, Lon'qu

B04-068HN - West-Khan Successor, Lon'qu

B04-069N - Descendant of the Taguel, Panne

B04-070R - Sweet Smell in the Darkness, Gaius

B04-071N - Sweet Thief, Gaius

B04-072SR - Pure Genius, Cordelia

B04-073HN - Sky-Soaring Genius, Cordelia

B04-074N - Mercenary of Great Affection, Gregor

B04-075SR - Good-Looking Cleric, Libra

B04-076R - Sword Princess of the Resistance, Say'ri

B04-077N - Princess of Reverance, Say'ri

B04-078N - Bold King, Basilio

B04-079N - Heroic Queen, Flavia

B04-080HN - Grown Villager, Donnel

B04-081N - Fresh Swordsman, Donnel

B04-082N - Young Villager, Donnel

B04-083R(+) - Child Lost In Time, Morgan (Female)

B04-084N - Girl from a Different World, Morgan (Female)

B04-085R - The Chosen One, Owain

B04-086N - Inheritor of the Heroic Blood, Owain

B04-087R - Bringer of Smiles, Inigo

B04-088N - Shy Mercenary, Inigo

B04-089HN - Noble Descendant, Brady

B04-090N - Strong Monk, Brady

B04-091N - Fair and Square, Kjelle

B04-092R(+) - Wings of Justice, Cynthia

B04-093N - Voluntary Hero, Cynthia

B04-094SR - Sordid Romantic, Severa

B04-095N - Hesitant Blade, Severa

B04-096N - Sacred Taguel, Yarne

B04-097N - Seeker of Truth, Laurent

B04-098N - Gentle Child, Nah


P01-005PR - Prince of Just Convictions, Chrom

P01-007PR - Healing Hero, Wrys

P01-009PR - Platonic Pegasus Knight, Cordelia

P01-013PR - Stoic Prince, Marth

P01-015PR - Enigmatic Tactician, Robin (Male)

P02-003PR - Watchdog of the Dragon Princess, Bantu

P02-004PR - Noble Beast Warrior, Panne

P03-003PR - Duke Tanas, Oliver

P03-004PR - Legend of the Four Riders, Black Knight

P03-013PR - Princess of the Lost Kingdom, Elincia

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Does anyone know what the deal is with B04-017HNX Tiki? I only have one in my four boxes.

We've actually been having a discussion about this very topic in the S4 thread here if you want to see some more data points. Look at the last couple pages or so.

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UPDATE: Got another series 4 booster box!!

Hi all,

Looking to sell away my remaining spare cards for funds towards Series 4.

I am also looking to trade for some series 3 cards as well. Willing to trade several cards for an SR card I am looking for.

Additional 2USD shipping cost for standard overseas shipment regardless of the amount of cards.

Looking for:

Series 3:

Ike SR+ X 1

Azura Nohr SR + X 1

Soren SR X1

Aqua Nohr SR X1

Flora SR X 1

Velour R X1

Silas R X 1

Naphanee X1

Series 4:

Tsubasa SR+

Toma SR+

Marth SR+

Lucina SR+ (Obtained)

Itsuki SR+

Robin SR+ (Pending Trade)

Mamori R+

Yashiro R+

Sirius R+ (Obtained)

Michalis R+ (Obtained)

Kiria R+ (Obtained)

Eleanora R+

Morgan (F) R+

Cynthia R+ (Obtained)

Selling/trading :

Series 1 (3 USD each)

Robin R X 1
Est R X1
Cain R X 2
Abel R X 1

Robin R X 2

Chrom ST+ Level 4 X 1

Chrom ST+ Level 1 X 1

Series 2 (3 USD each)

Luna R X1
Syalla R X1
Pieri R X1

Series 3 (8 USD for SR, 3 USD for R each)

Black Knight SR x1

Kanna (female) R x 1
Eponie R x1
Jill R x 2

Series 4 (For trade only)

SR Severa X 2

SR Tsubasa X 1

SR Cordelia X 1 (Pending Trade)

SR Toma X 1 (Pending trade)

SR Itsuki X1

R+ Cythia X 1 (Pending Trade)

R Cythia X 1

R Indigo X1

R Kiria X 3 (Pending trade)

R Yumizuru X 1

R Eleanora X 3 (Pending Trade)

R Hardin X 1

R Morimoto X 1

R Yahiro X 1

R Julian X 1

R Feena X 1

R Say'ri X 1

Promotional Cards ( 8 USD )

V-jump Marth PR-013

For trade only

PR02-09 Male Kamui x 1

PR02-10 Female Kamui x 1

PR03-17 Azura x 1

PR04-09 Nintendo Dream Marth x 1 (Incoming)

PR04-10 Dengeki Nintendo Lucina x 1 (Incoming)

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I've updated my have and want lists. If you want to send me any questions or offers, don't hesitate to message me! :D

As of right now, cards that I have to trade/sell are:

Series 1:
B01-002N Marth
B01-007R Cain
B01-029N Merric
B01-058N Robin (f)
B01-063ST Virion

Series 2:
B02-009ST Hinoka
B02-059N Camilla
B02-057N Xander

Series 3:
B03-015N Boyd
B03-025R Marcia
B03-036R Jill
B03-040R Ranulf x2
B03-044R Naesala x2
B03-045R Reyson
B03-046R Leanne
B03-062R Kana (m)
B03-083R Silas
B03-095R Velour
B03-096N Velour

P02-003PR Bantu
P02-004PR Panne
P02-011PR Hinoka
P03-017PR Azura

Cards I want:

Series 1:
B01-001SR+ Marth
B01-001SR Shiida
B01-004SR+ Shiida
B01-016SR Ogma
B01-022SR Navarre
B01-022SR+ Navarre
B01-028R Merric
B01-030R+ Minerva
B01-038R+ Palla
B01-040R+ Catria
B01-042R+ Est
B01-047SR Tiki
B01-051SR Chrom
B01-051SR+ Chrom
B01-054SR Lucina
B01-054SR+ Lucina
B01-057R Robin (f)
B01-057R+ Robin (f)
B01-059R+ Lissa
B01-070R+ Lon’qu
B01-073SR Gaius
B01-075SR Cordelia
B01-080SR Tharja
B01-080SR+ Tharja
B01-097R+ Inigo

Series 2:
B02-001SR Corrin (m)
B02-001SR+ Corrin (m)
B02-004R+ Azura
B02-006SR Ryoma
B02-006SR+ Ryoma
B02-008SR Hinoka
B02-010SR Takumi
B02-012SR Sakura
B02-012SR+ Sakura
B02-014R+ Saizo
B02-026R+ Hana
B02-028R+ Subaki
B02-030SR Felicia
B02-051SR Corrin (f)
B02-051SR+ Corrin (f)
B02-054R+ Azura
B02-056SR Xander
B02-056SR+ Xander
B02-058SR Camilla
B02-060SR Leo
B02-062SR Elise
B02-062SR+ Elise
B02-080SR Jakob
B02-093R+ Forrest
B02-095R+ Soleil
B02-097R+ Ophelia

Series 3:
B03-001SR+ Ike
B03-004SR Elincia
B03-006SR Mist
B03-010SR Soren
B03-021SR+ Mia
B03-036R+ Jill
B03-043R+ Tibarn
B03-044R+ Naesala
B03-047SR+ Black Knight
B03-051SR Corrin (f)
B03-053SR Azura
B03-053SR+ Azura
B03-058SR Kaze
B03-069R+ Mitama
B03-072R+ Selkie
B03-078SR Azura
B03-078SR+ Azura
B03-085SR+ Flora
B03-091R+ Eponie
B03-091R+ Velour

Series 4:
B04-001SR+ Oribe
B04-005SR Toma (Pending)
B04-005SR+ Toma
B04-017HNX Tiki
B04-018SR Marth
B04-018SR+ Marth
B04-036SR Minerva (Pending)
B04-044SR Hardin (Pending)
B04-051SR+ Aoi
B04-063SR Lucina
B04-063SR+ Lucina
B04-065SR Robin (m)
B04-065SR+ Robin (m)
B04-067SR Lon’qu
B04-072SR Cordelia
B04-83R+ Morgan (f)
B04-092R+ Cynthia

P01-003PR Marth
P01-005PR Chrom
P03-009PR Oribe
P03-011PR Sakura
P03-012PR Elise


Comiket 89 Boxes (both)

FE0 Artbooks

Starter packs

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Got my series 4 booster boxes in the mail! Here's my updated haves/wants :) Things with an asterisk are priorities ^^



P02-001 Ike

P02-002 F!Kamui x 2

P03-002 Tsubasa x 2

P03-001 Itsuki

P04-001 Roy

Series 4:

009 Mamori R

013 Yashiro R x 2

029 Julian R

031 Sirius R

035 Feena R

038 Merric R

044 Hardin SR

045 Hardin R

047 Misheil R x 2

048 Nyna SR

059 Eleonora R

070 Gaius R x 2

076 Say'ri R

083 F!Morgan R x 2

082 Cynthia R x 2

Series 3

025 Marcia R x 3

032 Nephenee R x 2

036 Jill R x 2

040 Ranulf R

043 Tibarn R

044 Naesala R x 2

045 Reyson R x 3

046 Leanne R x 2

047 Black Knight SR

051 F!Kamui SR

062 M!Kanna R x 2

063 Shigure R x 3

069 Mitama R x 2

072 Kinu R

083 Silas R x 3

085 Flora

086 F!Kanna R x 2

091 Eponine R

095 Velour R x 2

Series 2:

004 Azura R x 2

024Oboro R x 2

026 Hana R x 2

028 Tsubaki R x 3

045 Matoi R

047 Rhajat/Syalla R x 2

054 Azura R

054 Azura R+

064 Lazwald/Laslow R

066 Pieri R

070 Luna R x 2

072 Odin R

080 Jakob SR

093 Foleo R

095 Soleil R x 2

097 Ophelia R

Series 1

097 Inigo R+



*P03-009 Tsubasa

*P03-011 Summer Sakura

Series 4:

005 Toma SR+

009 Mamori R+

*017HNX Tiki

*036 Minerva SR

047 Michalis R+

051 Itsuki SR+

055 Kiria R+

059 Eleonora R+

*063 Lucina SR, SR+

*065 Robin SR+

092 Cynthia R+

Series 1:

030 Minerva R+

038 Palla R+

040 Catria R+

042 Est R+

059 Lissa R

059 Lissa R+

070 Lon'qu R+

Series 2 R+:

*004 Hoshido Azura

*026 Hana

*095 Soleil

Series 3 R+:

036 Jill

043 Tibarn

044 Naesala

*072 Kinu

*091 Eponine


Lucina Marker

Flora Marker

Elise Marker

Ike Marker (HN artwork, not the SR artwork)

Black Knight Marker

Soren marker

Nephenee Marker

Mia marker


(Looking to get a single sleeve of each!)

FE13 Takumi

FE14 Sakura

FE15 Camilla

FE16 Elise

FE17 Ike

FE18 Mist

FE19 Kinu

FE20 Flora

FE26 Tiki

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