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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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Updating my list.

As of right now I only have N cards from Series 2 that I'm willing to sale or trade. I value trading more but it's up to you if you want trading or not.

[spoiler=N cards Series 2]

Hoshido cards:

Ryoma B02-007N x4
Hinoka B02-009N x3

Takumi B02-011N x5

Sakura B02-013N x3

Saizou B02-015N x4

Setsuna B02-19N x4

Hinata B02-23N x3

Oboro B02-025N x1

Hana B02-027N x3

Tsubaki B02-029N x1

Felicia B02-031N x1

Reina B02-032N x1

Orochi B02-034N x2

Rinkah B02-036N x4

Hayato B02-038N x2

Emma B02-50N x2

Nohr Cards:

Corrin (F) B02-52N x2

Xander B02-057N x3

Camilla B02-059N x3

Leo B02-061N x3

Elise B02-063N x3

Peri B02-067N x3

Beruka B02-069N x3

Selena B02-071N x2

Odin B02-73N x4

Effie B02-077N x1

Arthur B02-079N x3

Jacob B02-081N x2

Nyx B02-084N x2

Charlotte B02-086N x1

Benny B02-088N x3

Forrest B02-094N x1

Ophelia B02-098N x2

I also bought two Series 3 boxes that I'm waiting to arrive so which I'll throw all Tellius cards up for trade.

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OK, I've got to give the +'s much, much more frequently from now on, lol.

Foodies: +5

Satin. Dark Lord of Fabric: +4

Chuy: +3

totafan888: +2

Draxal: +1

Together We Ride: +1

Rusty_Winnebago: +1

eyester: +1

Thanks to everyone, like always :3!!!

~ Sokloeum

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All I'm in need of right now is a B02-062SR Elise card and I'm willing to buy her if necessary (as well as a few promos listed down below).

N=$.20 USD / HN= $40 USD <--- I have just about every N/HN that came from each series' booster box.

R=$1 - 3 USD on most cards

SR=$8-12 USD on most cards

Series 1 Cards I Have On-Hand

  • B01-007 R Cain x2
  • B01-009 R Abel x2
  • B01-022 SR Navarre x2
  • B01-028 R Malik x2
  • B01-030 R Minerva x2
  • B01-035 R Linda x2
  • B01-038 R Paola x2
  • B01-040 R Catria x2
  • B01-042 R Est x3
  • B01-050 SR Camus
  • B01-057 R Robin x3
  • B01-059 R Lissa
  • B01-068 R Sumia x3
  • B01-070 R Lonqu
  • B01-073 SR Gaius x1
  • B01-078 R Nowi
  • B01-083 R Olivia x3
  • B01-084 R Cherche x3
  • B01-097 R Inigo

Series 2 Cards I Have On-Hand

  • B02-004 R Aqua x3
  • B02-006 SR Ryoma
  • B02-012 SR Sakura
  • B02-014 R Saizo x2
  • B02-024 R Oboro x3
  • B02-026 R Hana x2
  • B02-028 R Tsubaki x2
  • B02-030 SR Felicia
  • B02-043 R Asugi x3
  • B02-045 R Caeldori x3
  • B02-047 R Rhajat x3
  • B02-054 R Aqua x3
  • B02-056 SR Xander
  • B02-064 R Laslow x4
  • B02-066 R Peri x3
  • B02-070 R Selena x2
  • B02-072 R Odin x2
  • B02-093 R Forrest x3
  • B02-095 R Soleil x3
  • B02-097 R Ophelia x3

Series 3 Cards I Have On-Hand

  • B03-032 R Nephenee
  • B03-036 R Jill
  • B03-040 R Ranulf
  • B03-045 R Reyson
  • B03-072 R Selkie
  • B03-091 R Nina x2

Series 4 Cards I Have On-Hand

  • B04-005 SR Toma x2
  • B04-009 R Mamori x4
  • B04-013 R Tsurugi x3
  • B04-029 R Julian
  • B04-031 R Sirius
  • B04-035 R Fina x3
  • B04-038 R Malik x3
  • B04-047 R Misheiru
  • B04-055 R Kiria x3
  • B04-059 R Eleonora x2
  • B04-076 R Say'ri x1
  • B04-083 R Morgan x2
  • B04-085 R Owain x3
  • B04-087 R Inigo x2

Promo Cards I Have On-Hand

  • P01-001 PR Kamui x2 (sealed)
  • P02-001 PR Ike (sealed)
  • P02-002 PR Kamui f x2 (sealed)
  • P02-011 PR Hinoka

What I'm looking to trade for (Finishing my SR sets take priority over other cards/promos/sales with exceptions seen below)

Series 2

  • B02-062 SR or SR+ Elise (Willing to buy if reasonably priced)


  • Marth FE01 Sleeve Pack (Willing to buy if reasonably priced)
  • Kamui f FE10 Sleeve Pack (Willing to buy if reasonably priced)

Promo Series 1

  • P01-005 - Chrom
  • P01-006 - Jeigan
  • P01-007 - Rif
  • P01-008 - Minerva
  • P01-009 - Cordelia
  • P01-010 - Tharja
  • P01-011 - Tiki
  • P01-012 - Marth (Concert)
  • P01-014 - Lucina (Willing to buy if reasonably priced)

Promo Series 2

  • P02-003 - Bantu
  • P02-004 - Panne
  • P02-005 - Hinoka
  • P02-006 - Sakura
  • P02-007 - Kamui
  • P02-008 - Aqua

Promo Set 3

  • P03-005 - Ike
  • P03-006 - Camilla
  • P03-007 - Elise
  • P03-008 - Felicia

Genei Hen Fortissimo Exclusive

  • P03-009 - Tsubasa (Willing to buy if reasonably priced)

C89 Player's Box Exclusive

  • P03-012 - Elise (Willing to buy if reasonably priced)

Tourney Exclusives

  • P03-015 - Aqua Hoshido (Willing to buy if reasonably priced)
  • P03-016 - Aqua Nohr (Willing to buy if reasonably priced)

Promo Set 4

  • P04-003 - Matthis
  • P04-004 - Miriel
  • P04-005 - Tsubasa
  • P04-006 - Catria, Est, Palla
  • P04-007 - Itsuki
  • P04-008 - TBA
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Hi! I'm located in the US but am willing to ship anywhere (just please be aware that shipping internationally is a bit expensive)!

Currently I only have set three cards and the cards from the first two starter decks and the Hoshido deck, but I'm probably going to be ordering the next two upcoming sets as well.

I'm willing to both sell and trade.

Updated 4/15/16

Looking for:

High Priority/Rares:

  • Caeda B01-004SR
  • Oboro B02-024R
  • Soren B03-010SR
  • Reyson B03-045R
  • Nyna B04-048SR
  • Panne P02-004PR
  • Elincia P03-013PR

Everything Else:

  • Marth B01-001SR
  • Caeda B01-004SR
  • Minerva B01-030R
  • Lucina B01-056HN

Set Two

  • Takumi B02-010SR
  • Oboro B02-024R
  • Oboro B02-025N
  • Orochi B02-033HN
  • Orochi B02-034N
  • Nishiki B02-039HN
  • Nishiki B02-040N
  • F!Corrin B02-052N
  • F!Corrin B02-053HN
  • Azura B02-054R
  • Xander B02-057N
  • Leo B02-060SR
  • Laslow B02-064R
  • Laslow B02-065N
  • Beruka B02-069N
  • Niles B02-075HN
  • Niles B02-075N
  • Jakob B02-081N
  • Charlotte B02-085HN
  • Benoit B02-087HN
  • Flannel B02-089HN
  • Flannel B02-090N
  • Soleil B02-096N
  • Ophelia B02-097R

Set Three

  • Mist B03-006SR
  • Soren B03-010SR
  • Reyson B03-045R
  • Shigure B03-063R

Set Four

  • Marth B04-019HN
  • Julian B04-030N
  • Minerva B04-037N
  • Nyna B04-048SR
  • Lucina B04-064HN
  • Panne B04-069N
  • Basilio B04-078N
  • Flavia B04-079N
  • Donnel B04-080HN
  • Donnel B04-082N
  • Owain B04-085R
  • Cynthia B04-093N
  • Yarne B04-096N
  • Gregor B04-074N

Rares/Promos I have:

  • Azura P03-017PR
  • Azura B03-078SR
  • Ike B03-001SR
  • Elincia B03-004SR
  • Naesala B03-044R+
  • F!Kanna B03-086R
  • M!Kanna B03-062R
  • Eponine B03-091R
  • Velour B03-095R


  • Azura B02-005ST x2
  • Ryoma S03-002ST x2
  • Ryoma B02-007ST x1
  • Hinoka B02-009N x3
  • Hinoka S03-003ST x1
  • Takumi B02-011ST x1
  • Sakura B02-013ST x3
  • Sakura S03-005ST x1
  • M!Corrin S03-001ST x3
  • M!Corrin B02-003ST x1
  • Anna B03-099N x2
  • Shiro B03-066N x2
  • Shiro B03-065HN x1
  • Percy/Lutz B03-093N x2
  • Kinu B03-073N x2
  • Hisame B03-071N x3
  • Ignis B03-094N x3
  • Kisaragi B03-068N x1
  • Kisaragi B03-067HN x2
  • Mitama B03-070N x2
  • Eponine B03-092N x2
  • Sophie B03-098N x2
  • Sophie B03-097HN x1
  • Velour B03-096N x2
  • Siegbert B03-088N x1
  • Midori B03-074HN x1
  • Hayato B02-038ST x2
  • Mozume B03-061N x1
  • Silas B03-084N x1
  • Saizou B02-014ST x1
  • Elise B03-057N x1
  • Sakura B03-082N x1
  • Leon B03-056N x1
  • Ike B03-002N x2
  • Soren B03-011N x1
  • Rolf B03-017N x1
  • Boyd B03-015N x1
  • Oscar B03-013N x1
  • Titania B03-009N x2
  • Rhys B03-018N x1
  • Gatrie B03-020N x1
  • Shinon B03-019N x1
  • Jill B03-037N x1
  • Lethe B03-028N x2
  • Lethe B03-027HN x2
  • Ranulf B03-041N x2
  • Nephenee B03-033N x2
  • Volke B03-029N x2
  • Kieran B03-031 x2
  • Kieran B03-030HN x2
  • Mist B03-007N x2
  • Elincia B03-005N x2
  • Ilyana B03-024N x1
  • Ena B03-042N x2
  • Tanith B03-039N x2
  • Mia B03-022N x1
  • Astrid B03-038N x1
  • Zihark B03-035N x1

Thank you for looking!

Edited by Hakkari
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I want to get rid of all my HN/N Series 3 cards (list is below), I can sell all of them for $10 USD (excluding packaging). Please PM for negotiations.


I only ship to America and Canada (unless you are willing to pay for tracking and post).

Series 4 Wants (B04) (only for trade or if you want to get rid of any lol):

068HN Lon'qu

073HN Cordelia

075N Libra

Series 3 cards I have: (B03)

(All are mint conditions, from the box into covers!)

Willing to sell these two rares for $10 USD

036R Jill

040R Ranulf

007 Mist

012 Oscar x2

013 Oscar x2

014 Boyd

015 Boyd x2

016 Rolf

017 Rolf x2

018 Rhys x2

019 Shinon x2

020 Gatrie x3

022 Mia x3

023 Ilyana

024 Ilyana x3

026 Marcia x2

027 Lethe

028 Lethe x2

029 Volke x2

030 Kieran

031 Kieran x2

034 Zihark x2

035 Zihark x2

037 Jill

038 Astrid x2

039 Tanith

041 Ranulf x2

042 Ena x2

048 Shade x2

049 Emma

075 Yuzu x3

100 Yuzu

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