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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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+1 Marcuz
+1 Aquantis

Reposting my list so that people don't have to load another page to see it

[spoiler=Wants:]Series 1:
Lucina SR+
Cordelia SR

Lissa R+ (Low priority)
Tiki SR

Series 2:
Sakura SR+

Series 3:
Nephenee R+ (Lowest priority)

Series 4:
Tsubasa SR+
Lucina SR+
Lucina SR x2
Marth SR
Morgan R+ (Low Priority)
Cynthia R+
Promos: (All are Low Priority)
P02-003PR Bantu
P02-004PR Panne
P02-009PR Corrin (M)

Elder Sisters Playmat (Camilla vs Hinoka) (Highest Priority)

[spoiler=For Trade:]
Every R ($1 each NO NOWIS THO : ( ), HN ($0.50 each), and N ($0.25 each) from all three sets, with multiples of at least 3 for each one!

Series 1:
Lucina SR
Marth SR
Ogma SR
Camus SR x3

Lon'qu R+
Gaius SR
Chrom SR

P01-001PR Corrin (M) (Sealed) x2
P01-002PR Corrin (F) (Sealed) x2
Fredrick ST+
Ogma ST+
Navarre ST+

Series 2:
Corrin (M) SR x2
Ryoma SR x3
Felicia SR

Xander SR x3
Jakob SR

Tsubaki R+
P02-001PR Ike (Sealed) x2
P02-002PR Corrin (F) (Sealed) x3
Ryoma ST+
Takumi ST+

Xander ST+ x3
Leo ST+ x3
Jakob ST+ x2

Series 3:
Mist SR
Black Knight SR x4

Aqua (Hoshido) SR
Flora SR
Mia SR
Mitama R+
Kinu R+ x2

Eponine R+
Velour R+

Itsuki PR (Sealed)
Tsubasa PR x2 (Sealed)
Titania ST+
Soren ST+
Griel ST+

Series 4:
Tiki HNX (Blue) x2
Hardin SR x2
Toma SR x4

Tsubasa SR x2
Itsuki SR
Lon'qu SR x3
Minerva SR
Yashiro Tsurugi R+
Michalis R+

Roy PR (Sealed) x4

P02-010PR Korrin(F)
P02-011PR Hinoka

P03-013PR Elincia
P03-010PR Camilla (Christmas) x2
P03-014PR Soren x3

None as of right now


Also, fair warning, I have been incredibly busy with school and work lately, so I may not have a chance to reply to any trade offers for a bit of a while. Sorry if anyone gets caught by that!

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Hi, this is rather unusual offer but... I have VelourR+ and SoleilR+ and I honestly couldn't get R+ from that Wave I would care less about. On the other hand, I'd really love to have CynthiaR+ or MorganR+. So, I'm proposing the following trade:

  • Me: VelourR+/SoleilR+ and CynthiaR/MorganR
  • for
  • You: VelourR/SoleilR and CynthiaR+/MorganR+

In other words, a +factor switch, eh. Also, as a Masaki Hirooka's Cipher art collector, I might also do +factor compensation for the two following cards: B02 F!Kamui SR+ or Tsubasa SR+. I would send back the SR variant and one other SR of your choice. (Eg.: You send Tsubasa SR+, I send Tsubasa SR and one other SR).

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Very close to completing Series 4! I'm only missing the very rare cards now, so I'm mostly looking to buy, because I don't have anything good to trade.

B01-075SR Cordelia
B02-060SR Leo
B02-080SR Jakob
B04-051SR Itsuki
B04-063SR Lucina
B04-065SR Robin
B04-072SR Cordelia

Also I accidentally bought 2 Roy amiibo. I do not want 2 Roy amiibo, so I want to sell one. It is Japanese. Let me know if you are interested in him.

I have these:
B01-070R Lon'qu
B02-004R Azura (x2)
B02-024R Oboro (x2)
B02-026R Hana (x2)
B02-064R Laslow (x3)
B02-072R Odin (x3)
B02-095R Soleil
B03-072R Selkie
B04-013R Yashiro Tsurugi

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I only need a few more cards to complete all the sets, someone help me out!

Optimally I'd like to trade but I might be able to buy if necessary.

Looking for:

B02-006SR - Ryouma

B02-008SR - Hinoka

B03-010SR - Soren

B03-076SR - Kamui (M)

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