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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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I'm looking to buy a few of the cards I'm missing.
[spoiler=Series 1]75 SR Cordelia

78 SR Tharja

2 Box Promo Corrin

[spoiler=Series 2]1 SR Corrin

12 SR Sakura

30 SR Felicia

60 SR Leo

[spoiler=Series 3]1 SR Ike

4 SR Elincia

6 SR Mist

10 SR Soren

21 SR Mia

43 R Tibam

51 SR Corrin

58 SR Kaze

72 R Kinu

76 SR Corrin

86 R Kana

91 R Nina

2 Box Promo Tsubasa

[spoiler=Series 4]5 SR Toma

17 HN Tiki (not HNX)

35 R Feena

36 SR Minerva

44 SR Hardin

48 SR Nyna

59 R Eleonora

67 SR Lon'qu

70 R Gaius

72 SR Cordelia

83 R Morgan

92 R Cynthia

94 SR Severa

2 Box Promo Micaiah

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+1 to yunjaelove

Hi all.

It seems that I am done with Series 4 for now. I am mostly looking to sell the cards on my list now to save up on series 5. However, if you happen to have any cards on my wants list, I am still open to trading for those. Do message me to enquire on the prices if interested. Will ship internationally.

Trading/Selling List :

Series 1

Lissa R+ X 1 (Pending trade)

Cain R X 2
Abel R X 1

Chrom ST+ Level 4 X 1

Chrom ST+ Level 1 X 1

Series 3

Flora SR+ X 1 (sold)

Jill R x 2

Series 4

SR+ Robin x 1 (Pending Trade)

SR Toma X 1

SR Tsubasa X 1

SR Itsuki X 1

R+ Sirius X 1

R Indigo X1

R Kiria X 1

R Yumizuru X 1

R Eleanora X 3

R Hardin X 3

R Morimoto X 1

R Yahiro X 1

R Julian X 1

R Feena X 1

Practically all N/HN Cards from all 4 series released so far. (Do enquire to check availability of cards)

Promotional Cards

PR03-17 Azura x 1 (quite damage now since I accidentally dropped it) (will send pics of her if requested) (Open to trading a Rare card for her. Or just a few HNs cards) (Extending out to the people who just need her in their decks and don't mine the damage) (Pending trade)

PR04-09 Nintendo Dream Marth x 1 (Unsealed Magazine) Willing to include a play mat or magazine in the trade.

Card Sleeves Pack (All unopened and brand new)

Marth (Trial Deck art)X 1

Marth (Series 1 SR art) X 1 (Incoming)

Chrom (Trial Deck art) X 1

Lucina (Series 1 SR art) X 1

Corrin M X 1

Corrin F X 1

Tharja X 1 (Incoming)

Wants List:

Series 1

SR Lucina X 1 (High Priority)

SR Cordelia X 1 (High Priority)

SR+ Tharja X 1 (Medium Priority)

Series 3

SR Elincia X 1 (Medium Priority)

SR Soren X 1 (High Priority)

SR+ Ike X 1(Super High Priority)

SR+ Nohr Azura x 1 (Super High Priority)

Series 4

SR Robin x 1 (Low Priority)

SR Lucina x 1 (Medium Priority)

SR Cordelia x 1 (High Priority)

SR+ Itsuki (Super High Priority)

SR+ Tsubasa. (Super High Priority)


Pixel Box Lucina Marker (Medium Priority)

PIxel Box Flora Marker (High Priority)


Character Sleeves from Character Player Box (Both designs) (Looking to trade for a few copies of each sleeve design or an unopen sealed pack) (Low Priority)

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Hello All,

I just started collecting the cards and figured I'll try to trade some of the extras I have currently for any cards I'm missing.

I've put the list and quantity of cards I have and need onto a google docs spreadsheet.

Cards I need are under the "Need" column and are listed as a "1" and highlighted in Red

Cards I have up for trade are under the "Up for Trade" column and are highlighted in Green

Set 1 List:


Set 4 List:


I'm currently mostly missing R and SR cards right now. I'm willing to trade multiple N/HN for a R/SR if you're willing. Just let me know.

I'm currently only interested in trading.


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HN B01-020 (Low priority)

R+ B01-030 Minerva (High priority)

HN B02-003 Corrin (M) (Low priority)

SR+ B02-006 Ryoma (Low priority)

SR B02-010 Takumi (Low priority)

SR+ B02-051 Corrin (F) (High priority)

SR+ B02-056 Xander (Low priority)

SR+ B03-001 Ike (Medium priority)

SR B03-010 Soren (High priority)

SR+ B03-021 Mia (Medium priority)

SR+ B03-047 Black Knight (Medium priority)

SR B03-051 Corrin (F) (Low priority)
SR B03-076 Corrin (M) (Low priority)

SR+ B04-018 Marth (Medium priority)

SR B04-036 Minerva (Medium priority)

SR B04-044 Hardin (Medium priority)

SR B04-046 Hardin (Medium priority)

R+ B04-047 Michalis (Medium priority)

R+ B04-092 Cynthia (Medium priority)

Marker cards for Corrin (M/F), Marth, Lucina, Felicia, Jakob, and any of the C89 marker cards.

I have:

Series 1

SR B01-051 Chrom

All Rare

B01-057 Robin (F)

B01-070 Lon'qu

B01-097 Inigo

Series 2

SR B02-001 Corrin (M)

All Rare
B02-004 Aqua
B02-014 Saizou
B02-024 Hana
B02-026 Subaki
B02-043 Gurei
B02-045 Matoi
B02-047 Saylla
B02-054 Aqua

B02-064 Lazward
B02-066 Pieri
B02-070 Luna

B02-072 Odin
B02-093 Foleo
B02-095 Soleil
B02-097 Ophelia

Series 3

SR B03-001 Ike
SR B03-047 Black Knight
SR B03-085 Flora

R+ B03-036 Jill

All Rare (I have at least 3 copies of each)

B03-025 Marcia
B03-032 Nephenne
B03-043 Tibarn
B03-044 Naesala
B03-062 Kanna (M)
B03-069 Mitama
B03-083 Silas
B03-086 Kanna (F)
B03-091 Eponine

Series 4

SR B04-001 Tsubasa

R B04-009 Mamori

R B04-013 Navarre

R B04-055 Kiria

SR B04-065 Robin (M)


P03-014 Soren

Other stuff:
Since my brother and I got copies of the Fates Special edition and we don't see the point of having two art books, one of the art books is up for trade.

Got an extra copy of the FE 25th anniversary concert DVD. Its sealed so it will come with the Marth promo card. Or you can make an offer for them individually.

Also have various N/HN cards for sale. Ask and I'll double check to let you know if I have it! Selling Ns for $0.20 each and HN for $0.25 each or 6 for $1 regardless of N/HN. I'm pricing Rs at $3 each or 5 for $10.

Got one extra copy of the magazine the Soren promo came in. You'll get the magazine and two promos if you are want to trade/buy it. Or you can just trade for the promos.

Looking for two copies of the poster that came in the Nintendo Dream magazine that held P4 Marth.

Also have a couple of sleeves I'd like to trade for other sleeves or cards.

x1 PoR Promo sleeve from booster box

x4 Awakening Promo sleeve from booster box

x2 Corrin (M) sleeves

x3 Nohr Promo sleeves from booster box

x2 Tharja character sleeves

Looking for a couple of the Blue Character Pixel sleeves from the C89 box.

Thanks for looking!

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Hi all! Throwing out my updated list :)

P02-001 Ike
P02-002 F!Kamui x 2
P03-002 Tsubasa x 2
P03-001 Itsuki
P04-001 Roy
Series 4:
009 Mamori R
013 Yashiro R x 2
029 Julian R
031 Sirius R
035 Feena R
038 Merric R
044 Hardin SR
045 Hardin R
047 Misheil R x 2
048 Nyna SR
059 Eleonora R
070 Gaius R
076 Say'ri R
082 Cynthia R
Series 3
006 SR Mist
025 Marcia R x 2
032 Nephenee R
036 Jill R
040 Ranulf R
043 Tibarn R
044 Naesala R
045 Reyson R x 2
046 Leanne R
047 Black Knight SR
062 M!Kanna R
063 Shigure R x 2
069 Mitama R
072 Kinu R
083 Silas R x 2
085 Flora SR
086 F!Kanna R
091 Eponine R
095 Velour R
Series 2:
004 Azura R x 2
024Oboro R x 2
026 Hana R x 2
028 Tsubaki R x 3
045 Matoi R
047 Rhajat/Syalla R x 2
054 Azura R
054 Azura R+
064 Lazwald/Laslow R
066 Pieri R
070 Luna R x 2
072 Odin R
080 Jakob SR
093 Foleo R
095 Soleil R x 2
097 Ophelia R
Series 1
007 Cain R
097 Inigo R+
Marker cards
Azura black
*P03-009 Tsubasa
*P03-011 Summer Sakura
P04-003 Mathis
P04-004 Miriel
P04-005 Tsubasa
P04-006 Catria
P04-008 Severa
Series 4:
001 Tsubasa SR
009 Mamori R+
047 Michalis R+
059 Eleonora R+
063 Lucina SR+
092 Cynthia R+
Series 1:
030 Minerva R+
038 Palla R+
040 Catria R+
042 Est R+
059 Lissa R
059 Lissa R+
070 Lon'qu R+
Series 2 R+:
*004 Hoshido Azura
*026 Hana
*095 Soleil
Series 3 R+:
036 Jill
043 Tibarn
*072 Kinu
*091 Eponine
Lucina Marker (dot set)
Flora Marker(dot set)
Black Knight Marker (dot set)
Anna(dot set)
(Looking to get a single sleeve of each!)
FE13 Takumi
FE14 Sakura
FE15 Camilla
FE16 Elise
FE17 Ike
FE18 Mist
FE26 Tiki
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I have all 4 sleeve packs from the c89 storage boxes (Unopened 65 sleeves per pack), and both storage boxes up for trade. The boxes are just the boxes (and the small cardboard deck boxes to build + other cardboard to make the boxes into larger storage boxes)

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Time for another trade update. I have cards from all four sets that is up for trade/sale.

I value trading more that selling and I'm mainly looking for Hoshido, Nohr and Awakening characters but I'm open for other offers too. I'm willing to sell of or trade off my HN and N collection in bulk for a cheaper deal. 4 HN cards for $1 and 6 N cards for 1$, again buying/trading in bulk I'm willing to go lower.

For sale/trade:

[spoiler=Series 4 SR & R Cards]

Hardin B04-044SR

Minerva B04-036SR

Nyna B04-048SR

Yashiro B04-013R

Feena B04-035R

Merric B04-038R

Hardin B04-045R

Gaius B04-70R

[spoiler=Series 3 SR & R/R+ Cards]
Black Knight B03-047SR
Marcia B03-025R
Nephenee B03-032R x2
Jill B03-036R
Ranulf B03-040R
Naesala B03-044R
Reyson B03-045R x2
Tibarn B03-036R

[spoiler=Series 1 SR & R Cards]

Ogma B01-016SR

Navarre B01-022SR

Gaius B01-073SR

Cain B01-007R

Abel B01-009R

Merric B01-028R

Minerva B01-030R

Lon'qu B01-070R

[spoiler=Various R+ Cards]

Lon'qu B01-070R+

Nephenee B03-032R+
Tibarn B03-036R+

[spoiler=Series 4 HN and N cards]

sorting cards for the list.

[spoiler=Series 3 HN and N cards]
Ike B03-002N x5
Ike B03-003HN x3

Elincia B03-005N x6

Mist B03-007N x5

Titania B03-008HN x3

Titania B03-009N x6

Soren B03-011N x5

Oscar B03-012HN x3

Oscar B03-013N x5

Boyd B03-014HN x2

Boyd B03-015N x4

Rolf B03-016HN x3

Rolf B03-017N x5

Ryhs B03-018N x4

Shinon B03-019N x5

Gatrie B03-020N x4

Mia B03-022N x4

Ilyana B03-023HN x4

Ilyana B03-024N x4

Marcia B03-026N x4

Lethe B03-027HN x3

Lethe B03-028N x4

Volke B03-029N x5

Kieran B03-030HN x2

Kieran B03-031N x4

Nephenee B03-033N x5

Zihark B03-034HN x2

Zihark B03-035N x5

Jill B03-037N x6

Astrid B03-038N x5

Tanith B03-039N x4

Ranulf B03-041N x4

Ena B03-042N x4

Shade B03-048HN x1

Emma B03-049HN x2

Priam B03-050HN x2

Hoshido and Nohr:
Kaze B03-059N
Mozu B03-061N x2
Shiro B03-066N
Shigure B03-064N
Mitama B03-070N
Sakura B03-082N
Siegbert B03-088N
Nina B03-092N
Percy B03-093N
Ignatius B03-094N x2
Velouria B03-096N
Sophie B03-098 x2
Anna B03-099N

[spoiler=N cards Series 2]
Hoshido cards:
Ryoma B02-007N x4
Hinoka B02-009N x3
Takumi B02-011N x5
Sakura B02-013N x3
Sazou B02-015N x4
Setsuna B02-19N x4
Hinata B02-23N x3
Oboro B02-025N x1
Hana B02-027N x3
Tsubaki B02-029N x1
Felicia B02-031N x1
Reina B02-032N x1
Orochi B02-034N x2
Rinkah B02-036N x4
Hayato B02-038N x2
Emma B02-50N x2

Nohr Cards:
Corrin (F) B02-52N x2
Xander B02-057N x3
Camilla B02-059N x3
Leo B02-061N x3
Elise B02-063N x3
Peri B02-067N x3
Beruka B02-069N x3
Selena B02-071N x2
Odin B02-73N x4
Effie B02-077N x1
Arthur B02-079N x3
Jacob B02-081N x2
Nyx B02-084N x2
Charlotte B02-086N x1
Benny B02-088N x3
Forrest B02-094N x1
Ophelia B02-098N x2

[spoiler=Series 1 HN and N cards]

sorting cards for the list.

Promo cards that I'm willing to trade/sell:
Ike P02-001PR
Itsuki P03-001PR x2

Roy P04-001PR

Cards that I'm most interested to have to my collection are:

Tiki B01-046SR

Lucina B01-054SR

Nowi B01-078R

Camilla B02-058SR

Tsubasa B04-001SR

Tiki B04-017HNX

Lucina B04-063SR

Cynthia B04-092R

Severa B04-094SR

Thanks for looking at my list

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I'm no longer trading/trading for any cards until Series 5 comes out. At the moment, I will be selling any extras I have listed below and buying anything I have listed in my "wants" section below as well (will try to update with anything that catches my interest).

Series 1 Cards I Have On-Hand

  • B01-022 SR Navarre x2
  • B01-042 R Est x1
  • B01-050 SR Camus
  • B01-097 R Inigo

Series 2 Cards I Have On-Hand

  • B02-004 R Aqua x3
  • B02-014 R Saizo x2
  • B02-024 R Oboro x3
  • B02-026 R Hana x2
  • B02-028 R Tsubaki x2
  • B02-043 R Asugi x3
  • B02-045 R Caeldori x3
  • B02-047 R Rhajat x3
  • B02-054 R Aqua x3
  • B02-056 SR Xander
  • B02-064 R Laslow x4
  • B02-066 R Peri x3
  • B02-070 R Selena x2
  • B02-072 R Odin x2
  • B02-093 R Forrest x3
  • B02-095 R Soleil x3
  • B02-097 R Ophelia x3

Series 3 Cards I Have On-Hand

  • B03-043 R Tibarn
  • B03-091 R Nina

Series 4 Cards I Have On-Hand

  • B04-005 SR Toma x2
  • B04-009 R Mamori x4
  • B04-013 R Tsurugi x3
  • B04-029 R Julian
  • B04-031 R Sirius
  • B04-035 R Fina x3
  • B04-038 R Malik x3
  • B04-047 R Misheiru
  • B04-055 R Kiria
  • B04-085 R Owain

Promo Cards I Have On-Hand

  • P01-001 PR Kamui x2 (sealed)
  • P02-001 PR Ike (sealed)
  • P02-002 PR Kamui f x2 (sealed)
  • P04-011 PR Itsuki Aoi

What I'm looking to buy

  • Marth FE01 Sleeve Pack (Willing to buy if reasonably priced)
  • Kamui f FE10 Sleeve Pack (Willing to buy if reasonably priced)
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I have some cards left to sell/Trade.
If you prefer to trade let me know and when a trade hits that I like I can end the listing and take that avenue.
I will not be relisting my N and HN cards till next month due to running out of free listings. If interested, just inquire.

Cards I'm looking for are B01-054, B01-080, B04-094.

I have P03-014PR, B04-031R+

Can provide a picture as best I can if interested. Not too terrible, but I am a perfectionist when it comes to my collection.
P01-003PR (slight round mark on the upper right corner. Only really noticeable when the light reflects on the holo at that spot)
P03-017PR (Back of the card came slightly damaged on the left middle side)

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