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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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Finally got my series 5 cards in! I'm only missing 5.


B05-001SR Roy

B05-004SR Lilina

B05-029SR Rutger

B05-089SR Ike

B05-092SR Mia

Also would not mind a B05-048SR+ Narcian.

From past series:

B04-065SR Robin

I don't have very many valuable cards to trade (I think I would prefer to buy), but I have:

B01-070R Lon'qu

B02-004R Azura (x3)

B02-024R Oboro (x2)

B02-026R Hana (x2)

B02-028R Subaki

B02-047R Rhajat

B02-064R Laslow (x4)

B02-072R Odin (x4)

B02-093R Forrest (x2)

B02-095R Soleil (x2)

B02-097R Ophelia

B03-072R Selkie

B04-013R Yashiro

B05-009R Lance

B05-042SR Sophia

B05-044R Fa

B05-073R Nailah

B05-080R Lucia

B05-090R Soren

B05-098R Kurthnaga

As you can see, I only have 1 SR for trade, Sophia, whose value probably doesn't match with any of the needed SR above.

I live in Canada.

EDIT: Should also mention I will be out of town for a couple weeks. I can buy during this time, but shipping will be delayed if I work out any trades.

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+1 Aquantis

+1 omegaweapon

+1 viewtifulkye

Thanks guys :)

Going to repost my list here!

What I have to trade/sell

Rs mainly from set 2 and 5 (some from other sets)

Complete N/HN set 5

Tiki HNX if anyone's interested


Lucina B01-054SR

Kamui (F) B02-051SR

Mia B03-021SR

Black Knight B03-047SR

Kamui (F) B03-051SR

Itsuki B04-051SR


Minerva P01-008PR x3

Kamui (F) P02-002PR

Soren P03-014PR

Lucina P04-010PR

Random merchandise: FE Fates Microfiber Towel (Birthright), FE Fates 3DS pouch Corrin version

What I want (willing to trade multiple/paypal)


Hinoka B02-008SR (Low priority)

Mia B05-092SR (Low priority)

Lucina P01-014PR (High priority)

Random merchandise: EU Fates' Steelbook (Medium priority)

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OK, looking to trade for some cards here (or sell). Looking for the following:

Extra SR/SR+ (if applicable formats)

054SR Lucina
080SR Tharja
004SR shiida


094SR Severa


086SR Senaki

Cards Needed:

B05-001SR+ Roy
B05-004SR+ Lilina
B05-048SR+ Nashina
B05-086SR+ Senaki

Cards/goodies to trade:

SR Cards:

B01-001SR Marth x3
B01-001SR Chrom x2

B01-022SR Navarre x3

B01-073SR Gaius x1
B01-091SR Udo x1

B04-048SR Nina x1

B05-029SR Rutger x1
B05-034SR Fir x1

B05-042SR Sofia x1
B05-048SR Nashina x1
B05-054SR Saza x2

B05-082SR Geoffrey x3
B05-089SR Ike x2
B05-092SR Mia x1

Rare Cards:

B01-007R Cain x2

B01-009R Abel x7
B01-028R Marric x5
B01-030R Minerva
B01-035R Linda x4
B01-038R Paula x5
B01-040R Catria x5
B01-042R Est x4

B01-068R Sumia x3
B01-070R Lon'Qu x4
B01-083R Olivia x4
B01-084R Cherche x4
B01-097R Inigo x4

B02-014R Saizou x5

B02-026R kazahana

B02-066R Pieri

B04-009R Mamori x7

B04-013R Watarudai x7
B04-029R Julian x5
B04-031R Sirius x5
B04-035R Fina x5

B04-038R Marric x6

B04-045R Hardin x8

B04-047R Misheriru x4

B04-055R Kiria x10

B04-059R Eleonora x10

B04-070R Gaius

B04-076R Sairi x5

B04-083R Morgan

B04-085R Odin x7
B04-087R Azure x5

B05-007R Alen x3

B05-009R Lance x4

B05-017R Dieck x6

B05-022R Shanna x7

B05-025R Lugh x6

B05-038R Ilia x5

B05-046R Juno x3

B05-057R Edward x4

B05-073R Nailah x5

B05-077R Nephenee x7

B05-080R Lucia x3

B05-084R Sigrun x4

B05-090R Soren x4

B05-098R Kurthnaga x3

R+ cards:

B01-038R+ Paula
B01-097R+ Azura
B02-028R+ Shibaki

B04-031R+ Sirius

Year One Anniversary Promo:

P01-005RPr Chrom + Sigurd x3

P01-013PRr Marth + Xander x2


Path of Radiance x2

Nohr x2
Awakening sleeves x2
Marth Sleeves x6
Roy Sleeves x3
Mikaya Sleeves x3

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If anyone is interested, I have a spare Eliwood B07-002 R+X I am looking to trade for either an Elincia R+ (higher) or Narcian SR+ (lower) (also IF someone wants to trade for a Sanaki SR+ that would be even more desired...but I don't think anyone would want to give her up).

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OK so I got my hands on a FE Cipher card binder. Not sure what I really want for it (know I am being cryptic) but let me know if you are interested. I am also quite busy with my job and home affairs, so I may not be able to answer for a bit of time. Just wanted to include that so people don't think I am ignoring offers.

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Updated July 20th set 5 added.

I have a sealed copy of path of radiance for sale. Didn't wanna sell it but if offered something good; I might concider it.

Note: I can take down a card off of ebay if you wish to purchase it or trade for it. (Unless it's bidden on)

[spoiler={I have}]

Fire emblem Path of Radiance sleeves(from set 3 box). I have 10+ of the pack of 5 sleeves. Willing to sell them to get rid of them.

Set 1:

B01-078r Nowi x4

Set 2:

Leo sr x3

Set 3:

B03-021sr Mia

B03-053sr+ Azura

B03-010 sr Soren

Set 4:

B04-017HNX tiki x4

Tsubasa b04-001sr

B04-051 Itsuki sr

B04-036 sr Minerva ×2

B04-047r+ michalis X4

B04-083r+ Morgan

B04-092r+ cynthia

Set 5:

B05-051sr Micaiah x4

B05-086sr Sanaki x3

B05-001sr Roy x4

B05-054sr+ Sothe

B05-082sr geoffrey


P03-003pr Oliver x3

P03-004pr black knight x4

R rarity

I can do $2.50 for these R cards. R+ vary. I can work a deal on bulk.

Set 1:

B01-007R Cain x3

B01-059R Lissa x3

B01-035R Linde x2

B01-070R Lon Qu x3

B01-040R Catria x2

B01-042R Est x4

B01-038R Palla x3

B01-009R Abel x3

B01-083R Olivia x1

Set 3:

B03-062R Kana male x4

B03-032R Nefenee

B03-083R Silias x2

B03-091R Nina x5

Selkie R

Set4: I can do $2.5 a rare.

B04-013R Yashiro x5

B04-055R kiria

B04-076R say'Ri x2

B04-009R minamori x3

B04-059R Eleonora x4

B04-035R Feena x2

B04-070R Gaius x3

B04-085R Owain x4

B04-045R Hardin x4

B04-038R Merric x3

Set 5.

B05-044R Fey

B05-084R Sigrun. 2

B05-074R Elincia

B05-098R Kurthnaga x2

B05-077r Nefenee x2

B05-073r Nike

B05-090R sorren

B05-009R lance

B05-007R Alen

B05-025R Lugh

B05-046R Juno

B05-022R Shanna

B05-038R thite

B05-080R Lucia

I have pretty much every N,HN from set 2-5. Set 1 I'm low on since that seems to have the best commons.

I have ALOT of Set 2 &3 commons. I can do cheap bundles for some cards. Message me to inquire or check my ebay


Currently not interested in any cards.

[spoiler={Things to note}]

Extra things I'm selling relating to Fire emblem but not cards.

Fire emblem fates soundtrack (sealed with 2 buttons)

Sealed copy of Fire Emblem Path of Radiance (Gamecube).

Message me if interested.

Not everything I have is up on ebay. Feel free to ask to deal outside of ebay.

☆ Thanks for looking.☆


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Updated list. Also offering providing price matching services for any of my "Haves" if you can provide evidence (U.S. retailers/sellers only).

What I'm looking to trade for/buy

- Series 5 Tourney Promo cards

  • P05-003 PR Merlinus
  • P05-004 PR Illyana
  • P05-005 PR Tormod
  • P05-006 PR Lilina
  • P05-007 PR Micaiah
  • P05-008 Sophia
  • P05-009 Kamui M
  • P05-010 Kamui F
  • P05-011 Felicia
  • P05-012 Flora

- High priority:

  • B05-001 SR+ Roy
  • B05-004 SR+ Lilina
  • B05-017 R+ Dieck
  • B05-022 R+ Shanna
  • B05-038 R+ Tate
  • B05-073 R+ Nailah
  • B05-086 SR+ Sanaki
  • B05-090 R+ Soren

- Low Priority:

  • B05-048 SR+ Narshen

- Sleeve Packs

  • Marth FE01 Sleeve Pack
  • Kamui f FE10 Sleeve Pack

- Cipher Caravan Items:

  • 1st Anniversary Cipher Caravan Pixel Playmat (with Roy and Sigurd sprites)
  • 1st Anniversary Cipher Caravan Ballpoint pen
  • 1st Anniversary Cipher Caravan Felicia and Flora promo cards
  • 1st Anniversary Cipher Caravan Card Binder

What I have for sale/trade

Series 1 Cards I Have On-Hand:

  • B01-022 SR Navarre x2
  • B01-042 R Est x1
  • B01-097 R Inigo

Series 2 Cards I Have On-Hand:

  • B02-004 R Aqua x3
  • B02-014 R Saizo x2
  • B02-026 R Hana x2
  • B02-028 R Tsubaki x2
  • B02-043 R Asugi x3
  • B02-045 R Caeldori x3
  • B02-047 R Rhajat x3
  • B02-054 R Aqua x3
  • B02-056 SR Xander
  • B02-064 R Laslow x4
  • B02-066 R Peri x3
  • B02-070 R Selena x1
  • B02-072 R Odin x2
  • B02-093 R Forrest x3
  • B02-095 R Soleil x3
  • B02-097 R Ophelia x3

Series 3 Cards I Have On-Hand:

  • B03-043 R Tibarn
  • B03-091 R Nina

Series 4 Cards I Have On-Hand:

  • B04-005 SR Akagi Touma x2
  • B04-009 R Mamori x3
  • B04-013 R Tsurugi x2
  • B04-029 R Julian
  • B04-031 R Sirius
  • B04-035 R Fina x2
  • B04-038 R Malik x2
  • B04-047 R Misheiru
  • B04-055 R Kurono Kiria
  • B04-085 R Owain

Series 5 Cards I Have On-Hand:

  • B05-007 R Allen x4
  • B05-009 R Lance x2
  • B05-017 R Dieck x2
  • B05-022 R Shanna
  • B05-025 R Lugh x5
  • B05-038 R Tate x3
  • B05-044 R Fae x3
  • B05-046 R Juno x3
  • B05-057 R Edward x2
  • B05-073 R Nailah x2
  • B05-074 R Elincia
  • B05-077 R Nephenee x2
  • B05-080 R Lucia x4
  • B05-082 SR Geoffrey
  • B05-084 R Sigrun x3
  • B05-090 R Soren x3
  • B05-098 R Kurthnaga x3

Promo Cards I Have On-Hand:

  • P01-001 PR Kamui x2 (sealed)
  • P02-001 PR Ike (sealed)
  • P02-002 PR Kamui f x2 (sealed)
  • P04-011 PR Itsuki Aoi (from Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE)
  • P01-013 PRr Marth x3
  • P05-002 PR Xander x3

Extra Goodies for Sale:

  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Fortissimo Edition [Japan Import] w/out Tsubasa Promo card
  • Binding Blade Sleeve Pack x1 (from Series 5 Booster Box)
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Alright-y, this is extremely long overdue, so I'm very sorry about that ^_^;.

+6 Foodies
+4 LunartailSteffi
+3 Ether
+2 Rusty_Winnebago
+2 Chuy
+2 Together We Ride
+2 Draxal
+2 ChibiToastExplosion
+1 daisyj201
+1 totafan888
+1 LucinaofYlisse
+1 Kwakado
And despite this being from eBay and completely violating my "If you're the seller, I won't give you feedback on eBay unless you give me feedback first" rule, I figured I might as well do it on Serenes Forest since a ton of people don't bother giving me kudos here either, lol :P.
+2 Sjon9104

With that, I'm completely caught up... until next week.

Thanks much to all who ordered from me :3!!! You all are "teh awesomesauce" XD!!!

~ Sokloeum

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