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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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+1 to Aquantis

+1 to Ineednoname

Many thanks

Have a look at the list of cipher items I have for trade/sale. Mostly looking to trade with existing cipher items from my list.

Trading/Selling List :

Series 1

  • Cain R X 2
  • Abel R X 1

Series 3

  • Jill R x 2

Series 4

  • R Kiria X 1
  • R Yumizuru X 1
  • R Eleanora X 3
  • R Hardin X 1
  • R Morimoto X 1
  • R Yahiro X 1
  • R Julian X 1
  • R Feena X 1

Practically all N/HN Cards from all 4 series released so far. (Do enquire to check availability of cards)

Promotional/Marker Cards

  • PR04-09 Nintendo Dream Marth x 1
  • Azura Marker Card

Unopened Card Sleeves Pack (Willing to trade for an unopened sleeve pack that I am looking for)

  • Marth (Series 1 SR art) X 1
  • Lucina (Series 1 SR art) X 1
  • Corrin M X 1
  • Corrin F X 1
  • Tharja X 1
  • Lucina (Series 4 SR art) X1

Wants List:

Series 5

  • SR+ Micaiah
  • SR+ Lilina
  • SR+ Saraki
  • R+ Elincia
  • R+ Nailah
  • R+ Soren
  • SR Lilina
  • SR Saraki
  • SR Mia
  • SR Ike
  • SR Sothe
  • SR Sophia


  • Unopened Sleeve Pack Micaiah (medium priority)
  • Unopened Sleeve Pack Lilinah (medium priority)
  • Character Sleeves from Character Player Box (Both designs) (Looking to trade for a few copies of each sleeve design or an unopen sealed pack) (Low Priority)
  • Pixels Sleeves form Pixel Player Box (Both designs)(Looking to trade for a few copies of each sleeve design or an unopen sealed pack) (Low Priority)


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Casual collector here who bought several booster packs but am only aiming for my favorite characters!

Looking to trade for:

(Highest priority)
B04-066HN Amnesiac Tactician, Robin (M)
B04-065SR Exalted Grandmaster, Robin (M)

B04-084N Girl from a Different World, Morgan (F)

(High priority)

B02-051SR Chosen Princess of the Godly Blade, Kamui (F)
B02-024R Nohrian Slayer, Oboro
B02-010SR Gale Garbed Holy Marksman, Takumi
P03-017PR Virtuous Songstress, Azura

B02-069N Cold Killer, Beruka

B02-068HN Blade that knows no Love, Beruka

(Low priority)
[spoiler=Low priority]

Looking to trade in:

(SRs and Rs)
[spoiler=Rs and SR]
B01-097R Man of Flower's Fragrance, Inigo

B01-028R Sage of Gales, Merric (+ unpromoted form x1 as well just for the kicks)

B03-025R Worried Sister, Marcia (+ unpromoted form x1)

B03-010SR Windswept Votive, Soren (+ unpromoted form x1)
B03-047SR+ Demon in Blessed Armor, Black Knight
B03-044R King of Kilvas, Naesala

(Offered HNs and Ns from Booster Pack 1 and 3)

U = Unpromoted, P = Promoted

[spoiler=HNs and Ns]
Green color:
Stella U
Marcia U
Mia U
Jill U
Rhys U
Rolf U
Kieran U
Soren U
Oscar U
Oscar P

Red color:
Ogma U
Maria U
Linde U
Minerva U
Wrys U
Cord U
Palla U
Caeda U
Gordin P
Elice U
Draug U
Draug P

Blue color:
Gaius U
Severa P

Black/White color:
Samurai Leon U
Suzukaze U x3
Maid Hinoka P
Eponine U
Social Knight Takumi U
Silas U
Siegbert U x2
Kamui (M) U x2
Velour U
Lutz U
Yuzu U
Dwyer P

Of course, other trades will be considered as well so long as they are Fates characters mainly. :P

(Quite a noob at doing any online trades period so... yoroshiku. PM me please!)
*Also have way too many Weiss Schwarz cards to get rid of.

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Minor update with some more haves, mostly Guidebook promos.

All available cards are valid for either cash purchase (via PayPal) or direct trade for my Wanted cards unless otherwise stated. I am also willing to buy via PayPal instead of trade for some cards (marked with a ***) If you're interested in anything, get in touch with me via PM or post here.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands (Europe). I'm happy to ship worldwide. I've been trading/selling Pokémon cards for some time now too, so I'm kind of familiar with the whole internationally shipping cards deal.

Looking For:

S5 Lilina SR+
S5 Elincia R+
S5 Eliwood R+X

S5 Tournament Promos - Ilyana, Lilina, Micaiah, Sophia, or sealed packs
S4 Tournament Promos - Matthis, Miriel, Catria, Severa, or sealed packs


Promo Cards:

Micaiah P05-015PR (S5 Guidebook promo)

Azura P03-017PR x2 (S3 Guidebook promo)

Hinoka P02-011PR (S2 Guidebook promo)

M!Robin P01-015PR (S1 Guidebook promo)
Sigurd P05-001PR (S5 Box Promo)
Chrom P01-005PRr (S5 Box Promo 1st Anniversary Print)
Soren P03-014PR (Nintendo Dream Promo)

Series 5 Cards
R: Alan x2, Dieck, Lugh, Tate x2, Juno, Lucia, Sigrun x2

Series 4 Cards


Lucina SR
Kiria R+ (signed)

R: Yashiro x2, Julian, Merric, Kiria x2, Eleanora x2, Say'ri, Owain

Series 3 Cards

Nohr Azura SR (078)

R: Marcia, M!Kanna x2, Kinu, F!Kanna, Eponine

Series 2 Cards
R: Hoshido Azura, Caeldori, Peri, Odin

Series 1 Cards
R: Abel, Merric, Linde

N/HN Cards:
I have many Normal and High Normal cards available for all 5 sets. I hope to make up a spreadsheet or something soon to list them. If there are any N/HN cards you are interested in in the meantime, feel free to ask! I would be happy to look through for you.

I also have an unopened Awakening/Blue structure deck available as well as an extra set of fates pixel promo sleeves from the S3 booster boxes, if anyone is interested in those. I have single sleeves available of the Chrom, Lucina S1, Gaius, Camilla, Lucina S4, and Lilina sleeves. I also have codes available from the S1 box and the S2/S3 structure decks.

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For sale/trade:

Series 4 SR Cards:

Minerva B04-036SR

Nyna B04-048SR

Series 3 SR Cards:

Black Knight B03-047SR

Series 1 SR Cards:

Ogma B01-016SR

Navarre B01-022SR

Gaius B01-073SR

[spoiler=Various R/R+ Cards from Series 1, 3-4]

Lon'qu B01-070R+

Nephenee B03-032R+
Tibarn B03-036R+

Cain B01-007R

Abel B01-009R

Merric B01-028R

Minerva B01-030R

Lon'qu B01-070R

Marcia B03-025R
Nephenee B03-032R x2
Jill B03-036R
Ranulf B03-040R
Naesala B03-044R
Reyson B03-045R x2
Tibarn B03-036R

Yashiro B04-013R

Feena B04-035R

Merric B04-038R

Hardin B04-045R

Gaius B04-70R

Promo cards:
Ike P02-001PR
Itsuki P03-001PR x2

Roy P04-001PR

I also have most if not all HN and N cards from Series 1-4.

Cards that I've most interest in:

Tiki B01-046SR

Lucina B04-063SR

Severa B04-094SR

Thanks for looking at my list

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Well I bought two series 3 boosters and now I have 2 new Rs/SRs for offer, because I dont need FE9 characters...

They are:
R Marcia
SR Mist

My general list can be found above
, and I'll update it later as well. My most wanted card is Booster Series 3 Boreal Maid Flora at the moment!

EDIT: I was most concerned with the holo cards and am busy today so I only checked the other cards right now, and well...
I got Armor Knight Sakura, Samurai Leon and Onmyoji Marx in one pack, and half a pack of repeats in the other. I'll update my list later.

EDIT2: I am adding Series 3 SR+ Black Knight, R Naesala, SR Soren to my list of trade ins.

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Updared August 15th

I have a sealed copy of path of radiance for sale. Didn't wanna sell it but if offered something good; I might concider it.

Note: I can take down a card off of ebay if you wish to purchase it or trade for it. (Unless it's bidden on)

[spoiler={I have}]

Fire emblem Path of Radiance sleeves(from set 3 box). I have 10+ of the pack of 5 sleeves. Willing to sell them to get rid of them.

Set 1:

B01-078r Nowi x4

Set 2:

Leo sr x3

Set 3:

B03-021sr Mia

B03-053sr+ Azura

B03-010 sr Soren

Set 4:

B04-017HNX tiki x4

Tsubasa b04-001sr

B04-036 sr Minerva ×2

B04-047r+ michalis X4

B04-083r+ Morgan x4

B04-092r+ cynthia x4

Set 5:

B05-051sr Micaiah x8

B05-086sr Sanaki x3

B05-001sr Roy x4

B05-054sr+ Sothe x5

B05-082sr geoffrey x5


P03-003pr Oliver x3

P03-004pr black knight x4

R rarity

I can do $2 for these R cards.

Set 1:

B01-007R Cain x3

B01-059R Lissa x3

B01-035R Linde x2

B01-070R Lon Qu x3

B01-040R Catria x2

B01-042R Est x4

B01-038R Palla x3

B01-009R Abel x3

B01-083R Olivia x1

Set 3:

B03-062R Kana male x4

B03-032R Nefenee

B03-083R Silias x2

B03-091R Nina x5

Selkie R

Set4: I can do $2 a rare.

B04-013R Yashiro x5

B04-055R kiria

B04-076R say'Ri x2

B04-009R minamori x3

B04-059R Eleonora x4

B04-035R Feena x2

B04-070R Gaius x3

B04-085R Owain x4

B04-045R Hardin x4

B04-038R Merric x3

Set 5. Can do 3 or best offer.

B05-044R Fey

B05-084R Sigrun. 2

B05-098R Kurthnaga

B05-077r Nefenee x2

B05-073r Nike

B05-090R sorren

B05-009R lance

B05-007R Alen

B05-025R Lugh

B05-046R Juno

B05-022R Shanna

B05-038R thite

B05-080R Lucia

I have pretty much every N,HN from set 2-5. Set 1 I'm low on since that seems to have the best commons.

I have ALOT of Set 2 &3 commons. I can do cheap bundles for some cards. Message me to inquire or check my ebay


Currently not interested in any cards.

[spoiler={Things to note}]

Extra things I'm selling relating to Fire emblem but not cards.

Sealed copy of Fire Emblem Path of Radiance (Gamecube).

Message me if interested.

Not everything I have is up on ebay. Feel free to ask to deal outside of ebay.

☆ Thanks for looking.☆


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B01-006HN caeda
B01-013HN Gordin
B01-016SR Ogma
B01-022SR(+) navarre
B01-029N merric
B01-042R(+) est
B01-046SR tiki
B01-050SR camus
B01-051SR(+) chrom
B01-057R(+) robin
B01-073SR gaius
B01-075SR cordelia
B01-083R olivia
B01-084R cherche
B01-091SR owain
B01-093HN owain
B01-099HN tiki
male corrin promo
trading for any cards in series 1 not mentioned above assuming i have extras of them

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Updated stuffs for August 19th. Got some new stuff, and have a few new things that I'm looking for.

Still looking just to trade and possibly sell. No funds available to buy at the moment.


1x B03-010SR Windswept Votive, Soren

3x B03-047SR Demon in Blessed Armor, Black Knight

4x B03-025R Worried Sister, Marcia

2x B03-044R+ King of Kilvas, Naesala

2x B03-046R Awakened Heron Princess, Leanne

2x S05-002ST+ Battlefield Princess, Elincia

2x S05-001ST+ Brave Crimean General, Ike

2x S05-004ST+ Healing Battle Princess, Mist

3x S02-004ST+ Intellectual Inquirer, Miriel

1x B01-054SR Warrior from a Grim Future, Lucina

1x B01-075SR Pegasus Knight Paragon, Cordelia

1x B04-083R+ Child Lost In Time, Morgan

1x B01-078R Wellspring of Youth, Nowi (Only willing to get rid of her in a trade that will get me 4 set 5 Ikes to change the colour of my deck)

Looking for:

1x B04-063SR Iris of Destiny, Lucina (very high priority)

1x B04-064HN Fortuna Swordsman, Lucina (very high priority)

3x B01-078R Wellspring of Youth, Nowi

4x B01-080SR Mage of Dark Obsessions, Tharja

4x B05-086SR Begnion Empress, Sanaki (high priority)

4x B05-088N Apostle of Begnion, Sanaki (high priority)

4x B05-089SR Radiant Hero, Ike

4x B05-090R Staff Officer of Frozen Winds, Soren

4x B05-096HN Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea, Bastian

Trading from Canada. Although I'm fine with selling any of my available cards, I would much rather trade for cards that I'm looking for to cut out the middle man.

I also have a Weiss Schwarz mono blue Konata/otaku Lucky star deck that I'm willing to trade for Cipher stuff.

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Looking for 2x Ike 6/4


P01-009PR Cordelia 4x

P01-013PR Marth 1x (Not reprint)
P04-010PR Lucina 1x



073SR Gaius 1x


080SR Jakob 2x

Set 3

021SR Mia 4x

047SR Black Knight 2x

076SR Corrin M 2x

Set 4

001SR Tsubasa 1x

Set 5

2x Geoffrey SR
1x Narcian SR
1x Lilina SR
1x Roy SR
1x Sophia SR
1x Sanaki SR
1x Micaiah SR



007R Cain 4x

009R Abel 3x

030R Minerva 4x

040R Catria 1x

041R Palla 4x

042R Est 4x

057R Robin 2x

070R Lon Qu 2x

083R Olivia 3x

084R Cherche 3x

097R Inigo 3x


004R Azura 4x

014R Saizou 3x

024R Oboro 2x

026R Kazahana 1x

028R Tsubaki 2x

043R Grey 2x

045R Caeldori 4x

054R Azura 1x

064R Laslow 1x

072R Odin 1x

095R Soleil 2x

Set 3

032R Nephenee 3x

032R+ Nephenee 1x

036R Jill 2x

040R Ranulf 2x

043R Tibarn 2x

044R Naesala 2x

045R Reyson 2x

062R Kana 7x

069R Mitama 1x

083R Silas 4x

086R Kana 6x

091R Nina 2x

Set 4

009R Mamori 4x

013R Yashiro 4x

029R Julian 3x

035R Feena 4x

038R Merric 4x

045R Hardin 1x

047R Michaelis 3x

070R Gaius 2x

076R Say'Ri 2x

085R Owain 3x

087R Inigo 2x

Set 5

Dieck R+ 1x

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So, I'm traveling to the US next week, so might as well put my trade/sell list. If you are interested on buying or trading, please send a message with your offer.



+ Single PROMO CARDS (1 for $2 + Shipping)*

+- P01 :

- Jagen

- 004PR

- Minerva

- Cordelia

- Tiki

- Chrom 005PR (1st Edition)

- Marth 013PR (1st Edition)

- Marth 013PRr

+- P02 :

- Bantu

- Panne

- Sakura

+- P03

- Oliver

- Black Knight

- Elise

- Felicia

+- P04

- 003PR

- Miriel

- Tsubasa

- Severa

+- P05

- Xander

- Merlinus

- Ilyiana

- Micaiah

- Sofia

- Tormod

- Lilina (Magazine) ($8 + Shipping)

+ PROMO Complete Set

Set 2 (6 cards) ($10 + Shipping)

Set 3 (6 cards) ($10 + Shipping)

Set 4 (6 cards) ($10 + Shipping)

Set 5 (6 cards) ($14 + Shipping)

+ PLUS Cards ($3 + Shipping)

- Mamori R+

- Lonqu R+ (Set 1)

- Saizo R+

- Azura R+ (Set 2, Nohr)

+ R Cards ($1.5 + Shipping)

+- Set 5

- Alan

- Lance

- Dieck

- Shana

- Tate

- Juno

- Lugh

- Edward

- Nailah

- Kurtanaga

- Nephenee

- Sigurn

- Soren

+- Set 4

- Mamori

- Lena

- Kiria

- Eleonore

- Owain

- Inigo

+- Set 3

- Marcia

- Jill

- Naesala

- Kana (Male)

- Selkie

- Mitana

- Silas

- Kana (IFemale)

- Eponine

- Velouria

+- Set 2

- Azura (Hoshido)

- Saizo

- Subaki

- Oboro

- Hana

- Asugi

- Caeldori

- Rahjat

- Azura (Nohr)

- Pieri

- Laslow

- Selena

- Odin

- Ophelia

- Foleo

+- Set 1

- Olivia

Common Cards

Most of them (Set 1-5)

Looking for :

High Priority :

+ Set 5

- Roy SR+

- Tate R+

- Narcian SR+

- Micaiah SR+

- Sothe SR+

- Sanaki SR+

Low Priority :

- SR Chorm

- SR Tharja

- SR Black Knight

All + cards except :

- SR+ Chrom

- R+ Azura (Hoshido Set 2)

- R+ Saizou

- R+ Subaki

- R+ Azura (Nohr Set 2)

- R+ Ophelia

- R+ Nephenee

- R+ Jill

- B04-009 R+

- R+ Eleonore

- SR+ Lucina

- the rest of set 5

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