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Looking only to trade or sell. Would prefer trades.



1x B01-054SR Warrior from a Grim Future, Lucina

1x B01-075SR Pegasus Knight Paragon, Cordelia

2x B01-051SR New Exalt, Chrom

3x S02-001ST+ Protector of Ylisse, Chrom

2x S02-004ST+ Intellectual Inquirer, Miriel


3x B03-047SR Demon in Blessed Armor, Black Knight

2x B03-044R+ King of Kilvas, Naesala

2x B03-046R Awakened Heron Princess, Leanne

2x S05-002ST+ Battlefield Princess, Elincia

2x S05-004ST+ Healing Battle Princess, Mist

Looking for


4x P05-015PR Lady of Dawn, Micaiah

4x B05-067HN Silent Fang, Volug

4x B05-068N Black Wolf of the Sand, Volug

4x B05-072HN Liberation's Talon, Vika

4x B05-098R Prince of Goldoa, Kurthnaga

4x B05-073R Queen of Hatari, Nailah

3x B05-093HN Wandering Swordswoman, Mia

3x B05-086SR Begnion Empress, Sanaki

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+1 Aquantis

+1 yunjaelove

+1 Together We Ride

+1 Sokloeum

Thank you all so much!

Also willing to PayPal for my wants!


S1: Complete! Not looking for anything here.

SR+ B02-056 Xander (HIGH priority)

SR B03-051 Corrin (F) (Low priority)
SR B03-076 Corrin (M) (Low priority)

S4: Complete! Not looking for anything here.

SR+ B05-051 Micaiah
SR+ B05-054 Sothe

SR+ B06-001 Sigurd

SR+ B06-004 Deirdre

SR B06-004 Deirdre

R+ B06-013 Raquesis

SR B06-047 Arvis (x2)

SR+ B06-051 Xander

SR+ B06-054 Camila

SR+ B06-056 Leo

SR+ B06-058 Elise

SR B06-058 Elise

R+ B06-064 Niles

R+ B06-070 Felicia (x2)

R+ B06-072 Flora (x2)

SR B06-077 Charlotte

SR B06-097 Anankos

PR B05-013 Lilina
PR B05-014 Roy
PR B05-15 Micaiah

Any S6 promos

Marker cards for Marth, Lucina, Flora, Black Knight, Anna, any S4 and S5 marker cards (low priority for all)

I have:

Series 1

All Rare
B01-030 Minerva
B01-057 Robin (F)
B01-070 Lon'qu
B01-097 Inigo

Series 2

All Rare
B02-004 Aqua
B02-024 Hana
B02-026 Subaki
B02-045 Matoi
B02-047 Saylla
B02-064 Lazward
B02-066 Pieri
B02-070 Luna
B02-072 Odin
B02-093 Foleo
B02-095 Soleil
B02-097 Ophelia

Series 3

SR B03-047 Black Knight
SR B03-085 Flora

All Rare (I have at least 3 copies of each)

B03-025 Marcia
B03-032 Nephenne
B03-043 Tibarn
B03-044 Naesala
B03-062 Kanna (M)
B03-069 Mitama
B03-083 Silas
B03-086 Kanna (F)
B03-091 Eponine

Series 4

SR B04-001 Tsubasa
R+ B04-083 Morgan (F)
R B04-009 Mamori
R B04-013 Navarre
R B04-031 Sirius
R B04-055 Kiria

Series 5

R 038 Tate
R 057 Edward
R 073 Nailah
R 074 Elincia
R 077 Nephennee

Series 6

Lots of N/HN. Ask and I'll check!

SR B06-001 Sigurd (Pending)

SR B06-006 Cuan

SR B06-051 Xander

Remaining are R's:

008 x2


012 x2

031 x2

036 x2






096 x2


P04-003 Mathis (?)
P04-004 Miriel
P04-005 Tsubasa
P04-006 Peg Sis Trio
P04-007 Cosplay Itsuki
P04-008 Severa

Also have 5 tournament packs for series 4 promos if you want to try your luck.

Other stuff:

Also have various N/HN cards for sale. Ask and I'll double check to let you know if I have it. Mostly like will have them if they are from S3 and S5.

Looking for two copies of the poster that came in the Nintendo Dream magazine that held P4 Marth.

A sealed copy of the Fire Emblem: Fates special edition is also up for grabs.

A couple S6 packs for sale or trade. Trying to sell them at $3 a pack.

Also have a couple of sleeves I'd like to trade for other sleeves or cards.

x1 PoR Promo sleeve from booster box
x2 Corrin (M) sleeves
x3 Nohr Promo sleeves from booster box
x2 Tharja character sleeves
x3 Binding Blade sleeves from booster box
x1 Radiant Dawn sleeves from booster box
x10 Male character sleeves (from C89)
x10 Female character sleeves (from C89)

Looking for about 15 of the Blue Character Pixel sleeves from the C89 box and one of each of the S5 sleeves minus the booster box ones.

Thanks for looking!

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I haven't updated my list in a while, so here it is again.

As of right now, cards that I have to trade/sell are:

I have most N & HN cards from series 1 through 6, so message me ahead of time to check and see if I have the cards you're looking for.

Series 1:
B01-040R Catria

Series 2:
B02-004R Azura
B02-010SR Takumi
B02-014R Saizo
B02-024R Oboro
B02-028R Subaki
B02-043R Asugi
B02-093R Forrest
B02-095R Soleil
B02-097R Ophelia

Series 3:
B03-001SR Ike
B03-006SR Mist

B03-036R Jil
B03-043R Tibarn
B03-044R Naesala
B03-045R Reyson x2
B03-046R Leanne x2
B03-047SR Black Knight
B03-076SR Corrin (m)
B03-083R Silas
B03-086R Kana (f)
B03-091R Nina

Series 4:
B04-009R Mamori
B04-013R+ Yashiro
B04-044SR Hardin
B04-055R Kiria
B04-070R Gaius
B04-087R Inigo
B04-092R Cynthia

Series 5:
B05-022R Shanna
B05-046R Juno
B05-054SR Sothe

Series 6:
B06-010R Ethlyn
B06-012R Finn
B06-036R Sylvia
B06-038R Erin
B06-040R Bridget
B06-054SR Camilla
B06-066R Effie

P02-002PR Corrin (f) - still sealed
P03-015PR Azura - white

Sleeves: (unless it says "unopened", these sleeves are loose)
1x Unopened pack of White Sprites C89 Pixel Box Sleeves
1x Unopened pack of Holy Wars Booster Sleeves
64x What Sprites - C89 Pixel Box
64x Blue Sprites - C89 Pixel Box
61x Male Characters - C89 Character Box
63x Female Characters - C89 Character Box
66x Blue/Male Protagonists 25th Anniversary
67x Pink/Female Heroine 25th Anniversary
1x Fates Hoshido Booster Sleeves
3x Awakening Booster Sleeves
3x Sword of Seals Booster Sleeves
4x Holy Wars Booster Sleeves
5x Lucina Series 4 Sleeves

Cards I want:

My biggest priority at the moment is to finish the earlier card sets. I dont want to fall behind on my collecting as new series are released. However, Im still interested in collecting the newer series, so dont be afraid to offer! As Ive said before, the worse I can say is no :D

Series 1:
B01-001SR+ Marth
B01-004SR+ Caeda
B01-054SR+ Lucina

Series 2:
B02-012SR+ Sakura
B02-051SR+ Corrin (f)
B02-056SR+ Xander
B02-062SR+ Elise

Series 3:
B03-001SR+ Ike
B03-004SR Elincia
B03-021SR+ Mia
B03-047SR+ Black Knight
B03-078SR+ Azura
B03-085SR+ Flora

Series 4:
B04-001SR+ Tsubasa
B04-018SR+ Marth
B04-051SR+ Itsuki
B04-063SR+ Lucina
B04-065SR+ Robin (m)

Series 5:
B05-001SR+ Roy
B05-022R+ Shanna
B05-034SR Fir
B05-046R+ Juno
B05-048SR Narcian
B05-048SR+ Narcian
B05-051SR+ Michaiah
B05-073R+ Nailah
B05-074R+ Elincia
B05-086SR+ Sanaki
B05-089SR Ike
B05-090R+ Soren
B05-098R+ Kurthnaga
B07-002R+X Eliwood

Series 6:
B06-001SR+ Sigurd
B06-008R+ Eldigan
B06-010R+ Ethlyn
B06-012R+ Finn
B06-024SR Ayra
B06-031R+ Raquesis
B06-047SR Arvis
B06-051SR+ Xander
B06-054SR+ Camilla
B05-056SR+ Leo
B06-058SR+ Elise
B06-064R+ Niles
B06-070R+ Felicia
B06-072R+ Flora
B06-076SR Charlotte
B08-052R+X Seliph

P05-009PR Corrin (f)
P05-010PR Corrin (m)
P05-011PR Felicia
P05-012PR Flora
P05-015PR Micaiah (willing to buy with guide)
P06-003PR ???
P06-004PR Charlotte
P06-005PR Deirdre
P06-006PR ??? (Pending)
P06-007PR Leo
P06-008PR Felicia
P06-009PR Sigurd
P06-010PR Ayra

Marker Cards:
Marth & Lucina Gold Back
Roy/Clarice/Rutger/Fir (Pending)

FE0 Guide Book Series 5 w/ Micaiah Promo
FE0 Artworks Book III
FE0 Artworks Book IV

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+1 yunjaelove thanks for the bonus special card sleeves!

my card list

edit: Updated wants list (includes N/HN)

Edited by Damosel

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Hello I'm new here I have just started collecting Cipher and now I have extra cards I want to trade/sell, below is my list

Sell/Trade List

Any N/HN from any set (see card list in my sig for # of copies)

B01-007R - Cain

B01-009R - Abel

B01-030R - Minerva

B01-030R+ - Minerva

B01-054SR - Lucina

B01-057R - Robin (F)

B01-070R - Lon'qu

B01-073SR - Gaius

B01-083R - Olivia

B01-097R - Inigo

B02-014R - Saizo

B02-028R - Subaki

B02-043R - Asugi

B02-045R - Caeldori

B02-054R - Azura

B02-066R - Peri

B02-070R - Severa

B02-072R - Odin

B05-001SR - Roy

B05-007R - Alen

B05-009R - Lance

B05-025R - Lugh

B05-038R - Thite

B05-044R - Fae

B05-046R - Juno

B05-080R - Lucia

B05-084R - Sigrun

B05-090R - Soren

B05-092SR - Mia

B05-098R - Kurthnaga

B06-008R - Eldigan

B06-012R - Finn

B06-036R - Sylvia

B06-038R - Ferry

B06-056SR - Leo

B06-064R - Niles

B06-066R - Effie

B06-092R - Garon

B06-096R - Gunter

Wants List

B03-001SR - Ike

B03-006SR - Mist

B03-010SR - Soren

B03-021SR - Mia

B03-085SR - Flora

B04-001SR - Tsubasa Oribe

B04-018SR - Marth

B04-036SR - Minerva

B04-063SR - Lucina

B04-065SR - Robin (M)

B04-067SR - Lon'qu

All cards are new straight out the packs non-played since I only collect. Thank You very much!

Edited by ChippZ

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Have a look at the list of cipher items I have for trade/sale. Mostly looking to trade my series 6 cards for cards I need. Message me to offer.

As I am trying to make space in my album. I am selling my R cards at $3USD a piece. Get 5 or more R cards and I will provide a bundle price and free standard overseas shipping. PM if interested thanks .

Many thanks!

Wants List :

Series 6

  • SR+ Sigurd
  • SR+ Deidre
  • SR+ Leo
  • SR+ Elise
  • SR+Xander
  • SR Deirdre
  • R+ Ethlyn
  • R+ Eldigan
  • R+ Garon

Series 5

  • SR+ Micaiah
  • SR+ Lilina
  • SR+ Sanaki
  • SR+ Narcian

Promotional Cards

  • 3DS LL P05-009PR Crown Princess of Hoshido, Corrin (Female)
  • 3DS LL P05-010PR Prince of Nohr, Corrin (Nohr)
  • Unopened Sleeve Pack Micaiah
  • Unopened Sleeve Pack Lilinah
  • Unopened Sleeve Pack Raquesis

Trading/Selling List :

Series 1

  • Cain R X 2
  • Abel R X 1

Series 3

  • Jill R x 2

Series 4

  • R Kiria X 1
  • R Yumizuru X 1
  • R Eleanora X 3
  • R Hardin X 1
  • R Morimoto X 1
  • R Yahiro X 1
  • R Julian X 1
  • R Feena X 1

Series 5

  • R+Kurthnaga X 1

Series 6

  • Quan SR
  • Camilia SR
  • Siguard PR X 2 (Nintendo Dream)

Practically all N/HN Cards from all 6 series released so far. (Do enquire to check availability of cards)

Promotional/Marker Cards

  • PR04-09 Nintendo Dream Marth x 1
  • PR01-13 V-jump Marth x 1
  • Azura Marker Card

Unopened Card Sleeves Pack (Willing to trade for an unopened sleeve pack/cards that I am looking for)

  • Unopened S4 Selena Sleeves Pack
  • Have loose Comiket Sleeves (all 4 types)
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So I'm travelling to the US on Friday, so might as well post what I have for sale.

*International shipping, I could send it to other countries besides the US and Mexico if anyone can point me to a good place to check international shipping prices.

Shipping in the US is of about 3 USD (USPS First Class)

What I have for sale/trade :

Tournament Promo Sets (have multiple of them)

- Set 2 : $6 USD

- Set 4 : $8 USD

- Set 5 : $9 USD

- Set 6 : $12 USD

Marker Set (Multiple of them)

- Micaiah, Sothe, Sigurn, Sanaki : $7 USD

SR Cards

- Sigurd : $7 USD


- Dieck : $8 USD

Single PR Cards : $1 USD

Single PR Cards (Set 6) : $2 USD

Single R Cards : $1.25 USD

Also, as a bonus, for every 10 USD spent I will give for free a Ilyiana PR card or a Merlinus PR Card (so long as I don't run out of them).

Trading : I'm only looking for SR+ or R+ Cards with alternate art, not looking to buy at the moment.

Edited by mothmanex

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Update with some more promos! Probably my last update before S7.

All available cards are valid for either cash purchase (via PayPal) or direct trade for my Wanted cards unless otherwise stated. I am also willing to buy via PayPal instead of trade for some cards (marked with a ***) If you're interested in anything, get in touch with me via PM or post here.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands (Europe). I'm happy to ship worldwide. I've been trading/selling Cipher and Pokémon cards for some time now, so I'm kind of familiar with the whole internationally shipping cards deal.

Looking For:

Ethlyn R+***
Deirdre SR
Elise SR+
S5 Elincia R+


Also willing to accept PayPal for cards instead of trading.

Tournament Promo Cards:

S6 - Bride Charlotte x3, Felicia

S5 - Merlinus

S4 - Dark Knight Miriel x2, Marth!Itsuki

S3 - Oliver x3, Black Knight x2, Elise x2, Felicia x1

S2 - Dragon Bantu, Panne, F!Corrin

S1 - Bento Box Tharja x2, Zombie Wrys

Other Promo Cards:
Eldigan P06-011PR (S6 Guidebook Promo)

Itsuki P04-011PR (S4 Guidebook Promo)

Azura P03-017PR (S3 Guidebook promo)

Hinoka P02-011PR (S2 Guidebook promo)

M!Robin P02-015PR (S1 Guidebook promo)

Soren P03-014PR (Nintendo Dream Promo)
F!Corrin P02-010PRr x2 (S6 1st Anniversary Reprint)
Chrom P01-005PRr (S5 1st Anniversary Reprint)
Ryoma P06-002PR (S7 Preview Promo)
Sigurd P05-001PR (S6 Preview Promo)

Series 6 Cards
Eldigan R+
Lewyn SR

R: Eldigan x2, Ethlyn x3, Finn, Raquesis x2, Sylvia, Fury x3, Briggid x2, Beruka x 2, Niles x2, Effie, Felicia x3, Siegbert x2, Garon x2

Series 5 Cards
R: Alan x2, Lugh, Tate x2, Juno, Lucia, Sigrun

Series 4 Cards
Lucina SR
Kiria R+ (signed)

R: Yashiro x2, Julian, Merric, Kiria x2, Eleanora x2, Say'ri, Owain

Series 3 Cards
R: Marcia, M!Kanna x2, Kinu, F!Kanna, Nina

Series 2 Cards
R: Peri, Odin

Series 1 Cards
R: Abel, Merric, Linde

N/HN Cards:
I have many Normal and High Normal cards available for all 6 sets. I hope to make up a spreadsheet or something soon to list them. If there are any N/HN cards you are interested in in the meantime, feel free to ask! I would be happy to look through for you.

I have single sleeves available of the Chrom, Lucina S1, Gaius, Camilla, Lucina S4, Lilina, Sigurd, and Raquesis sleeves.

I have a PAL region Pokémon-themed 3DSXL (the red one with Yveltal and Xerneas), that I'm looking to get rid of, if anyone wants that as a trade for cards I guess?

Edited by Kirie

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Hey everyone; the rankings have been updated!

I'd also like to congratulate Sokloeum for being the first person to go beyond +100 ratings! Congrats!

This is just in time before the Series 7 release, so get your binders ready for more trading and selling.

And finally, a personal +1 to TheVinceKnight for the very kind gift. :')

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