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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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Hey everybody first post, wanting to complete my binder of Cipher cards and need some help! My eBay feedback profile for reference: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=ihin6238

I have these few cards as extras for trade:

1-38 R+ Palla

2-28 R+ Subaki

2-60 SR Leo

plus several regular rare cards from both waves if anyone would be interested in those

Looking for:

1-75 SR Cordelia

2-06 SR Ryoma

2-08 SR Hinoka

I know its not much but if anyone is interested PM me and I'd appreciate it!

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After my series 2 haul, I am only missing the B02-010 SR Takumi of the 100 cards in the set Q_Q. Anyways, here's what I have up for trade:

B02-004 R Aqua x 4

B02-014 R Saizou x4

B02-024 R Oboro x 1

B02-026 R Kazahana x 1

B02-028 R Tsubaki x 4

B02-043 R Gurei/Grey? (idk... !Gaius) x 4

B02-047 R Syalla x 2

B02-054 R Aqua x 1

B02-057 SR Xander/Marx x 3

B02-060 SR Leon x 1

B02-064 R Lazward x 3

B02-066 R Pieri x 4

B02-070 R Luna x 3

B02-074 R Odin x 3

B02-093 R+ Foleo x 1

B02-093 R Foleo x 1

Any Takumi holders interested please get back to me asap :V

Would you be willing to trade my Takumi for one of your Xander?

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Series 2/B02 - Hoshido and Nohr

Trader Status: Currently UNAVAILABLE for trading/buying.

Cards that I really, really want are in this colour, trade/purchase is always open for these cards.

As a general rule of thumb I would prefer to purchase these cards rather than trade as I do not have many cards spare to trade at this point in time.

I will accept trades with/for B01 cards as well.

I will update this list with any changes asap.

Preferred Trade (%) - / Preferred Purchase - ($)

Cards that I would like ...

Promo Cards:

P02-007PR Femui (Casual) -($) (In process of purchasing, negotiations closed).

P02-010PR Femui Dark Blood -(%) (In process of purchasing, negotiations closed).


Rares ®:

B02-030SR Felicia -($) (In the process or purchasing, negotiations closed).


Super Rares (SR):

B02-051SR Femui -(%$) (In the process of purchasing, negotiations closed).


B02-072R Odin -(% - In process of trading (%) for Soleil R+/Tiki Promo, negotiations closed).

Cards that I have available for trade:

B02 - 043R Gurei


Cards that I have to trade - HN for HN:

HN cards that I am missing:


B02 - 039HN - Nishiki

B02 - 041HN - F!Kanna


B02 - 039HN Belka

Cards that I can trade for the above HN cards:


B02 - 003HN Mamui - x1

B02 - 016HN Kagerou - x1

B02 - 022HN Hinata - x1

B02 - 037HN Tsukuyomi - x1

B02 - 049HN Emma - x1


Uncommon (HN):

B02 - 053HN Femui - x1

B02 - 074HN Zero -x1

B02 - 089HN Flannel - x1

B02 - 099HN Shade - x1

All cards will come sleeved (with cardboard and rigid sleeves to support them) and in padded packaging.

Please check my profile for a list of cards from Awakening that I would like via trade/purchase. PM me if interested.

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4 boxes and I miss the one card I wanted the most, SO...


B02-051SR F!Kamui
B02-051 SR+ F!Kamui

Extra SR cards I have:

B02-001 SR M!Kamui

B02-010 SR Takumi

B02-030 SR Felicia

B02-056 SR Xander/Marx

B02-062 SR Elise

B02-080 SR Jakob/Joker

Will trade one card for the SR version of F!Kamui, or 2 for the SR+ version.

U.S. preferred.

Please PM if possible. I have commissions to keep up with so I may not always see replies in the thread.

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Hello! Although I have used Serene's forrest for many years for FE help, I'm brand new to the forums and this is my first post here! Sorry if this post is a little cluttered, I'm still figuring things out.

Anyway, I am looking for a couple of wave 2 cards:

BO2 - 012SR Sakura

BO2 - 080SR Joker

I am willing to trade:

BO2 - 001SR male Kamui

BO2 - 062SR Elise

BO2 - 004R - Aqua (Hoshido)

BO2 - 014R Saizou

BO2 - 024R Oboro

BO2 - 028R Tsubaki

BO2 - 043R Grey

BO2 - 045R Matoi

BO2 - 054R Aqua (Nohr)

BO2 - 066R Pieri

BO2 - 070 Luna

BO2 - 072R Odin

BO2 - 093R Foleo

BO2 - 095R Soliel

PO2 - 010PR Female Kamui (holographic promo card)

If you're interested in trading, please feel free to PM me!

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Hi guys! I'm looking to potentially buy some cards I'm missing for my binder collection.

[spoiler=Wanting to buy]B01:

075 SR Cordelia

080 SR Tharja


001 SR Kamui

012 SR Sakura

030 SR Felicia

060 SR Leo

PM me if interested in selling? :x

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I'm currently looking to buy these cards! Please PM me if you have any for sale! I'm PayPal ready!

(Only looking for Mint conditions)

- B01 - SR Cordelia

- B01 - SR Lucina

- B01 - SR+ Lucina

- B01 - SR+ Tharja

- B01 - SR+ Caeda/Sheeda


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Got some series 2 boxes in.


Series 2

10 SR -Gale Garbed Holy Marksman, Takumi

12 SR -Priestess of Love and War, Sakura

80 SR - Fighting Butler, Jakob

04 R+ -Songstress of Light, Aqua

95 R+ - Sunny Swordmaster, Soleil

97 R+ - Twilight Sorcerer, Ophelia

06 SR+ - Trueblade of Roaring Thunder, Ryoma

56 SR+ - Blessed Black Paladin, Xander

62 SR+ - Star of the Dark Sky, Elise

[spoiler=Series 1 Haves]

07 R - Infamous Knight "Raging Bull", Cain

09 R - Infamous Knight "Prowling Panther", Abel x2

28 R - Sage of Gales, Merric

30 R - Princess, Minerva x3

35 R - Aura’s Heiress, Linde

38 R - Eldest Pegasus Sister, Palla

40 R - Middle Pegasus Sister, Catria x2

42 R - Youngest Pegasus Sister, Est x2

57 R - Exalted Strategist, Robin ♀

59 R - Princess of Ylisse, Lissa

68 R - Gentle Flower of the Shepherds, Sumia x3

70 R - Stoic Swordsman, Lon’qu

78 R - Wellspring of Youth, Nowi x2

83 R - Demure Dancer, Olivia x2

84 R - Guardian of Rosanne, Cherche x2

97 R - Man of Flower’s Fragrance, Inigo

50 SR - Sable Order, Camus

01 PR - Crown-Prince of Hoshido, Corrin♂

02 PR - Crown-Princess of Nohr, Corrin♀

13 PR - Stoic Prince, Marth

15 PR - Enigmatic Tactician, Robin♂ x2**

**2 sealed in the Official FE:0 Perfect Guide

[spoiler=Series 2 Haves]

04 R - Songstress of Light, Aqua x3

14 R - Explosive Flame User, Saizou x3

24 R - One Who Vanquishes the Darkness, Oboro x2

28 R - Wings of Perfection, Tsubaki

43 R - Beautifully Scented, Gurei x2

45 R - Wings that Chase Perfection, Matoi x2

47 R - Burning Flames of Love, Syalla

54 R - Songstress of Darkness, Aqua x2

64 R - Magnificent Dancing Blade Hero, Lazward x2

66 R - Innocent Killer, Pieri x2

70 R - Unyielding Bow Knight, Luna

72 R - He Who Chose the Darkness, Odin x2

93 R - Beautiful Prince, Foleo x2

95 R - Sunny Swordmaster, Soleil x3

97 R - Twilight Sorcerer, Ophelia x3

58 SR - Goddess of Death, Camilla

60 SR - Prince of Darkness, Leo

62 SR - Star of the Dark Sky, Elise

01 SR+ - Chosen Prince, Corrin ♂

01 PR - Greil Mercenary Greenhorn, Ike x2

02 PR - Princess of Hoshido, Corrin ♀

09 PR - Herald of Dawn, Corrin ♂

10 PR - Harbinger of Dusk, Corrin ♀

11 PR - Hinoka x3

Previous successful trades:

<Trade Complete. Thanks Gigz! +1>

<Trade Complete, Thanks L95! +1>

<Trade Complete. Thanks insignia! +1>

<Purchase Complete. Thanks DifferentFight! +1>

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Just finished unboxing my Series 1 and 2 boxes and I think I got some good pulls:

[spoiler=FOR TRADE:]

Series 1

B01-007R Cain

B01-028R Merric

B01-030R Minerva

B01-038R Palla

B01-040R Catria

B01-051SR Chrom

B01-078R Nowi

B01-083R Olivia

B01-097R Inigo

B01-097R+ Inigo

Series 2

B02-024R Oboro

B02-026R Hana

B02-045R Matoi

B02-047R Syalla

B02-060SR Leo

B02-066R Pieri

B02-070R Luna

B02-072R Odin

B02-080SR Joker

B02-097R Ophelia


B01-001SR Marth

B01-004SR Shiida

B01-022SR Navarre

B01-054SR Lucina

B01-070R Lon'qu

B02-006SR Ryoma

B02-010SR Takumi

B02-012SR Sakura

B02-030SR Felicia

B02-033HN Orochi

B02-051SR Kamui (Female)


B02-078HN Harold

B02-095R+ Soleil

Money! $$$ (Suggest a price and I'll consider it. I only accept PayPal.)

Here's a picture of the cards: http://imgur.com/x55mbFI

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