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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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My series 8 finally arrived! This time I have a lot to trade. I am also willing to sell these cards. I live in Canada.

For Trade:

B08-054SR Julia x 1

B08-079SR Patty x 1

B08-091SR Altena x 3

That marker card thing with Celica

Sumia and Lissa Sleeves

I also have some awakening rubber straps of Brady, Kjelle, Lissa, and Inigo (unopened, but no box) as well as Jakob (unopened and with box).



B07-007SR Lyn

B08-009SR Frederick

B08-028SR Cherche

B08-051SR Seliph (high priority)

Marker card pack with Alm (high priority)

Deirdre Sleeves (high priority)


Thank you for looking!


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Is it me, or is it hard to find a pack of the Fire Emblem Cipher Card Sleeves Collection #38 (features the Lyn artwork from B07-009HN (Swordfighter from the Plains, Lyn)) online for a reasonable price?

Yes, I am still searching for a pack at a reasonable price. Please PM me an offer if you have a pack available for sale.

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Haven't posted in a while. 

I have some set 5 cards laying around I'm tryna get rid of. Might get some set 7 and 8 boxes soon. 

Notables :

2 Fir b05-034sr
1 Sophia sr card b05-042sr
2 Mia sr card b05-092sr
1 Ike b05-089sr
1Eliwood b07-002r+x

5 micaiah b05-051sr


Various set 5 Rs. I'll make a detailed list soon. Good to see people still into cipher. 

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Hi all, I have obtained some Series 8 cards. Looking to trade for cards that i am looking for at the moment. Do send me a message if you are keen in anything. 

Wants List :


Series 8

  • SR+ Chrom (Obtained)
  • SR+ Frederick
  • SR+ Aversa
  • SR+ Seliph (Trading)
  • SR+ Julia
  • SR+ Shannan
  • R+ Kallem (Trading)
  • R+ Maribelle (Trading)
  • R+ Lucina 
  • R+ Tiki
  • R+ Larcei
  • R+ Febail
  • R+ Tinni

Series 7 

  • SR+ Sakura (Most Wanted)
  • SR+ Hector 
  • SR+ Eliwood
  • R+ Kagero
  • R+ Jaffar
  • R+ Florina (Most Wanted)
  • R+ Rebecca (Obtaining)

Series 6

  • SR+ Sigurd
  • SR+ Deidre (Pending Trade)
  • SR+ Elise (Most Wanted)
  • R+ Ethlyn (Most Wanted) 
  • R Effie

Series 5

  • SR+ Lilina (Most Wanted)
  • SR+ Sanaki
  • SR+ Narcian
  • R Shanna

Promotional Cards & Marker Card

  • NIL

Trading/Selling List :


Series 1

  • Cain R X 2
  • Abel R X 1 

Series 3 

  • Jill R x 2

Series 4 

  • R Kiria X 1
  • R Yumizuru X 1
  • R Eleanora X 3
  • R Hardin X 1
  • R Morimoto X 1
  • R Yahiro X 1
  • R Julian X 1
  • R Feena X 1

Series 7

  • Loyld SR X 1
  • Silas R X 1
  • Raven R X 1
  • Lucius R x 1

Series 8 

  • Female Robin SR x 1 (Pending Trade)
  • Risen Chrom SR X 1
  • Patty SR X 1
  • Shannan SR X 1
  • Lene R X 1
  • Arvis R X 1
  • Ares R X 1

Practically all N/HN Cards from all 7 series released so far. (Do enquire to check availability of cards)

Promotional/Marker Cards

  • PR01-13 V-jump Marth x 1
  • Sigard PR X 1 (Nintendo Dream)

Sleeve Packs (Looking to trade for other sleeve packs/cards I need)

  • C89 Female Character Sleeves (Loose Sleeves)
  • C89 Male Character Sleeves (Loose Sleeves)
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OK, I've found an ebay listing with the following card sleeve packs:

-1 pack featuring Ryoma

-1 pack featuring Eliwood

-1 pack featuring Hana as a Master of Arms

-1 pack featuring Lyn

I want to buy the set for the pack of Lyn sleeves and am wondering if there's anybody who would be interested in buying the Ryoma, Eliwood, and/or Hana sleeves. Please PM me if you have interest in getting any of the 3 packs of non-Lyn sleeves!

EDIT: currently approached about buying Lyn sleeves.

EDIT2: person who approached me had already sold the Lyn sleeves to somebody else

Bought the sleeves separately from a different seller.

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+1 Mallow, Thanks again! I'll definitely buy from you again when there's cards I need and you have :D

+2 oh.glory, First international shipment has been a success :D
and thanks for mentioning/selling the unlisted extra card ^^

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(everything I want for now is heading my way/in my possesion)

(shoot, forgot to edit my last post instead of doing a new post)

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updated list
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