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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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Hello, I'm selling all of my doubles from B01 for great prices on eBay. Free shipping + tracking throughout the U.S. No international shipping D: Sorry!

Here's a link to my listing:

- SR Marth (Mint) (x4) - $19

- SR Ogma (Mint) (x2) - $11.50

- SR Owain (Mint) (x2) - $11.50

- SR Gaius (Mint) (x1) - $11.50

- SR Camus (NM/Mint) - SOLD OUT

- SR Lucina (NM/Mint) - SOLD OUT

- SR+ Lissa (Mint) (x1) - $23

- R+ Catria (Mint) - SOLD OUT

- All R Holos (Mint) - $2 (Not on my listing! PM me!)

- Sealed Corrin/Promos (x4 M, x2 F) - $1 each (Not on my listing! PM me!)

I'm willing to trade for these cards as well (I can trade multiple cards/add PayPal to balance out the trade)

- B01 - SR Cordelia

- B01 - SR Tharja

- B01 - SR+ Tharja

- B01 - SR Lucina

- B01 - SR+ Lucina

- B01 - SR Caeda/Sheeda

- B01 - SR+ Caeda/Sheeda

- B01 - SR+ Chrom

- B01 - SR+ Robin

- B01 - R+ Est

- B02 - SR Corrin (F)

- B02 - SR+ Corrin (F)

- B02 - SR Camilla

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So I'm wondering if anyone is selling or knows where I can buy the Sleeves that come in the Set 2 Boxes and how much they go for. It's really cruel of Nintendo to only stick 5 Sleeves in a box (though it's really smart of them too, but ugh).

Thank you for your time!

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So I got four boxes, was lazy for a week, opened them, was lazy some more, organized them, was lazy, and now I'm finally posting.

[spoiler=Have]2 - 001SR
4 - 004R
2 - 006SR
1 - 008SR (lame)
1 - 010SR (also lame)
1 - 012SR
1 - 012SR+ (hella)
4 - 014R (why)
3 - 024R
2 - 026R
3 - 028R
1 - 028R+ (meh)
2 - 030R (I want more)
3 - 043R
3 - 045R
2 - 047R (I want more)
1 - 051SR (welp)
3 - 054R
2 - 058SR (I want more)
1 - 060SR
1 - 062SR (I want more)
3 - 064R
2 - 066R
1 - 070R (Want more)
2 - 072R
1 - 080SR
4 - 093R (so many)
1 - 093R+
4 - 095R
2 - 097R
1 - 097R+

And with that, I really am only looking for two things. While I did note I wanted more of a few of those, I have already been spending so much money I really shouldn't go after them

The two I need are 056SR and 062SR+. Out of four boxes I just never got 056SR and 062SR+ I want because she is almost 100% going to be my favorite character, so I want her + version. I plan on going to Japan after Christmas, so I also dunno if I should just hold off, but maybe something good will pop up here. I'm gonna go be lazy again, but I'll check other people's stuff eventually.

I prefer to buy, but if a trade is the only way I'd go for it. I'd like assistance making sure the card stays safe though, since I've never done that before

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Updated trade list! I NEED LUCINA!!!

Volume 1:


054SR Lucina (primary goal)


022SR Navarre

007R Cain

009R Abel (x2)

028R Merric

030R Minerva

035R Linda

038R Palla (x2)

040R Catria (x2)

042R Est (x2)

059R Lissa

070R Lon'qu

078R Nowi

083R Olivia

097R Inigo

Volume 2:


Promo Ike Card 001PR (I have 2 extra Kamui (F) 002PR)

001SR+ Kamui (M signed) ~most wanted

051SR + Kamui (F signed)

062SR + Elise (signed)


014R+ Saizou (and 2x plain R)

054R+ Aqua (reluctant to trade her but maybe combination for signed card)

097R+ Ophelia (reluctant to trade her but maybe combination for signed card)

010SR Takumi (2x)

012SR Sakura

030SR Felicia

051SR Kamui (F)

004R Aqua

024R Oboro (2x)

028R Tsubaki (2x)

043R Grey

045R Matoi (2x)

047R Syara (2x)

054R Aqua (2x)

064R Lazwald (2x)

070R Luna (2x)

072R Odin

093R Foleo (2x)

095R Soleil (2x)

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Hello everyone, card game newbie here but looking to trade some cards with other folks

For Sale/Trade

SR Xander

SR Ryouma

SR+ Tharja

SR Chrom

R Lazward

Looking For

SR or SR + Lucina

HN Severa

R Soliel x2

Please tell me if I'm missing any listing conventions that are needed, new to this stuff

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Looking for a few cards, primarily "B01-080SR - Tharja" & "B01-050SR - Camus"
Also interested in: B01-083R - Olivia, B01-001SR - Marth, B01-084R - Cherche, B01-007R - Cain

Have for trade:
B01-016SR - Ogma
B01-054SR - Lucina
B01-073SR - Gaius
B01-091SR - Owain

B01-028R - Merric
B01-030R+ - Minerva
B01-035R - Linde
B01-038R - Palla
B01-040R - Catria
B01-042R - Est
B01-059R - Lissa
B01-078R - Nowi

Please msg me for offers.

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Hi, below are the cards I am looking for.

Willing to trade multiple of these cards for a SR+ card. Looking to trade R+ for R+.

Looking for:

Corrin (Female)

Ophelia (In Trading)

Corrin (Male)



Have for trade:


Takumi X 2


Soleli R+ (Currently in trade)

Saizou R+



PM if interested. I can do international trades. Thanks!

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Updating my haves/wants:

For trade/sale:

B01-007R Cain

B01-009R Abel

B01-028R Merric

B01-030R Minerva

B01-042R Est

B01-078R Nowi

B02-014R Saizou

B02-045R Matoi

B02-047R Sharla

B02-066R Pieri

B02-070R Luna

B02-072R Odin

B02-097R Ophelia

P02-001PR Ike (looking to trade this for a P02-002PR Kamui (F))


B01-075SR Cordelia

B01-080SR Tharja

B02-001SR Kamui (M)

B02-010SR Takumi

B02-012SR Sakura

B02-012SR+ Sakura

B02-051SR Kamui (F)

B02-080SR Joker

I'm of course willing to trade multiple Rares for 1 Super Rare. Please PM me with offers, thank you!

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