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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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+1 to Marcuz

+1 to Kirie 

Thanks a bunch for the trade/purchase.

Also updated my trading/selling list. 

Shipping from Singapore. Shipping price will varies depending on amount of items being bought. (Will discuss the details over PM)

Feel free to send me a message if you are keen in any of the cards for trade/sale.

Looking for : 


Series 8 

Looking for all SR+ (Except for Chrom and Frederick)

B08-059R(+)    Astral Heavens-Dancer, Larcei

B08-085R(+)    Maiden of Purifying Lightning, Tinni

B08-087R(+)    Gallant Divine Marksman, Febail

Series 9

Looking for all R+ (Except for Raigh)

Looking for all SR+ (Except for Ai, Celica and Grey)

Series 10

Looking for all R+  (Except for Azura & Sigure)

Looking for all SR+ (Except for Kanna (F) and Kanna (M))




Series 1

B01-007R     The Bull, Cain

Series 3

B03-025R     Worried Sister, Marcia

Series 4

B04-029R     Pining Pickpocket, Julian x 2

B04-035R     Wandering Dancer, Feena

B04-038R     Successor of the Sacred Magic, Merric X 2

B04-045R     Wolfguard of the Plains, Hardin

Series 5

B05-025R     Child of Anima, Lugh

B05-057R     Lively Master Fencer, Edward

B05-080R     Eternal Sword of Loyalty, Lucia

Series 6

B06-051SR    Unifier of the Kingdom of Nohr, Xander

B06-038R    Blizzard Flier, Erin

B06-064R    Pleasure Professional, Niles

B06-082R    Daybreak Prince, Siegbert

B06-092R    Corrupt Nohrian King, Garon

Series 8

B08-002SR    Undead King of Despair, Chrom

Series 9

B09-097SR    Sincere Dragonlord, Jill  (Traded)

B09-007SR    Composed Prodigy, Gray  (Traded)

B09-043SR    White Guardian Knight, Conrad  (Traded)

B09-062R      Twin-Bladed Falcon, Kilmar 

B09-010R      Bow Knight of Close Friendship, Tobin

B09-029SR   Peerless Guardsman, Saber

B09-046R     Delusions of Supremacy, Berkut

B09-071R     Super-Severe Searer! Jemmie

Series 10

B10 - 057SR Corrin (F) (Traded)

B10- 051SR Kanna (F)

Marker/Promo Cards

Hana, Oboro, Setsuna, Ryoma - Tournament Marker Set

Sleeve Packs

Selena (Pending Trade)

Takumi (Traded)



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18 hours ago, Kirie said:

+3 341 (We've done 3 separate deals over the past couple weeks and I keep forgetting to post here!)

I second that! So +3 to Kirie. 

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Still looking to sell some cards before S11 comes out. May consider some trades but really wanting to sell. 




Series 2:

B02-060SR - Leo

B02-080SR - Jakob


Series 5:

B05-051SR - Micaiah

B07-002R+X Eliwood


Series 6:

B06-058SR - Elise

B06-097SR - Anankos


Series 7:

B07-004SR - Hector

B07-041R+ - Jaffar

B07-051SR - Ryoma

B07-054SR - Hinoka

B07-056SR - Takumi


Series 8:

B08-097SR - Julius


Series 9:

B09-007SR - Gray x2

B09-051SR - Al

B09-056SR - Tiena x2

B09-085SR - Ena


Series 10:

B10-042SR - Misha

B10-055SR - Corrin (M)

B10-096N+X - Bruno





Series 8:

B08-002SR - Chrom

B08-051SR(+) - Seliph

B08-054SR(+) - Julia


Series 9:

B09-025SR - Mae


Series 10:

B10-004SR - Nanna

B10-031SR - Olwen

B10-097SR - Veronica



Heroes playmat

Blue cipher binder

Many promos, preferably in lots.



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Welp. Wonder if anybody on here has the following cards up for sale:

B11-097R (Proud Wind of the Plains, Lyn)

B11-098N (Lady of the Twin Blades, Lyn)


... Wonder what offers are going to be available on here.

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