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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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It's been a while since I've posted a full updated list of cards, so here's my new wants/haves list with Series 12.

Top priorities: PR10-005 Finn/baby Leif promo (x2), B09-046R+ signed Berkut, B09-034N-X Delthea, B03-010SR Soren, B05-090R+ Soren

I'll sell/trade, and I ship from the US.



Vol. 3
06SR Mist
10SR Soren

Vol. 4
36SR Minerva
65SR Robin

Vol. 5
04SR Lilina
34SR Fir
89SR Ike
90R+ Soren
92SR Mia
98R+ Kurthnaga

Vol. 6
01SR+ Sigurd
08R+ Eltshan

Vol. 7
07SR Lyn
56SR+ Takumi

Vol. 8
051SR Seliph
054SR+ Julia
076SR+ Shanan
079SR Patty
081R+ Aless/Ares

Vol. 9
46R+ Berkut
034N-X Delthea

Vol. 10
001SR Leif
087SR Alfonse
097SR Veronica

Vol. 11
027SR Tana
029SR Amelia
051SR Alm
63SR+ Delthea

Vol. 12
013R+ Titania
071SR Walhart
078SR Lachesis
83R+ Sigurd
97SR+ Ishtar



Vol. 1
1x 070R+ Lon'qu

Vol. 3
1x 032R+ Nephenee
1x 047SR Black Knight
1x 053SR Azura

Vol. 4
1x 055R+ Kurono Kiria (signed)

Vol. 5
1x 022R+ Shanna
1x 038R+ Tate
1x 042SR Sofia
1x 048SR Narcian
1x 054SR Sothe

Vol. 7
1x 058SR Sakura

Vol. 8
1x 009SR Frederick
1x 045SR Aversa
2x 076SR Shanan
1x 097SR Julius

Vol. 9
2x 004SR Celica
1x 025SR Mae
1x 076SR Skrimir

Vol. 10
2x 036SR Tina
1x 051SR Kana(f)
1x 057SR Corrin(f)

Vol. 11
1x 016SR Lute
1x 020SR Joshua
1x 063SR Delthea
1x 079SR Lianna

Vol. 12
1x 002SR Ike
1x 059SR Nowi

*willing to sell any of the following Rs for $2.00 each (+ $2.50 for shipping within US); ST cards are $0.75 each


Vol. 1
1x ST002 Caeda
1x ST003 Jagen
2x ST004 Ogma
2x ST002 Kellam
1x ST003 Vaike
1x ST004 Miriel
1x ST005 Ricken
1x 007R Cain
1x 035R Linde
1x 040R Catria
1x 042R Est
1x 083R Olivia
1x 084R Cherche

Vol. 2
1x ST001 Corrin(m)
2x ST002 Ryoma
1x ST003 Hinoka
2x ST002 Xander
1x ST005 Elise
2x 004R Azura
1x 028R Subaki
1x 054R Azura
1x 064R Laslow
2x 066R Peri
1x 070R Selena
1x 097R Ophelia

Vol. 3
2x ST001 Ike
1x ST002 Elincia
1x ST003 Greil
2x ST004 Mist
2x ST005 Soren
2x 025R Marcia
1x 032R Nephenee
2x 036R Jill
1x 040R Ranulf
1x 044R Naesala
1x 062R Kana(m)
2x 063R Shigure
2x 069R Mitama
1x 083R Silas
1x 086R Kana(f)

Vol. 4
3x ST001 Itsuki Aoi
3x ST002 Tsubasa Oribe
1x ST003 Touma Akagi
1x ST004 Kiria Kurono
1x ST005 Eleonora Yumizuru
1x 029R Julian
1x 045R Hardin
1x 047R Michalis
1x 055R Kiria Kurono
1x 059R Eleonora Yumizuru
1x 087R Inigo
1x 092 Cynthia

Vol. 5
2x ST002 Lilina
1x ST003 Marcus
1x ST004 Shanna
1x ST005 Rutger
3x 007R Alen
2x 009R Lance
2x 017R Dieck
1x 022R Shanna
1x 025R Lugh
1x 038R Tate
1x 044R Fae
1x 046R Juno
1x 057R Edward
1x 073R Nailah
1x 077R Nephenee
1x 080R Lucia
1x 084R Sigrun
1x 090R Soren
1x 098R Kurthnaga

Vol. 6
2x ST001 Sigurd
1x ST002 Dierdre
1x ST004 Arden
1x ST005 Lex
1x 010R Ethlyn
1x 036R Sylvia
1x 038R Fury
1x 040R Briggid
1x 082R Siegbert

Vol. 7
1x 017R Serra
2x 024R Rebecca
2x 032R Raven
1x 041R Jaffar
1x 060R Saizo
2x 068R Hana
2x 076R Silas

Vol. 8
1x 010R Virion
2x 019R Kellam
1x 023R Maribelle
1x 059R Larcei
1x 085R Tinny
1x 096R Arvis

Vol. 9
3x ST001 Alm
3x ST002 Celica
1x ST003 Mycen
2x ST005 Valbar
2x 010R Tobin
2x 015R Faye
2x 029R Saber
2x 041R Zeke
1x 054R Roy
1x 062R Kilma
2x 065R Raigh
2x 071R Jemmie
2x 078R Lethe
2x 095R Zihark
3x 099R Dheginsea

Vol. 10
1x 002R Leif
1x 027R Asvel
1x 029R Shiva
1x 033R Mareeta
1x 044R Delmud
1x 046R Sety
1x 059R Shigure
2x 061R Azura
1x 066R Asugi
1x 076R Ophelia
1x 082R Velouria
2x 090R Sharena
1x 095R Bruno

Vol. 11
1x 002R Eirika
1x 005R Ephraim
1x 041R Myrrh
1x 058R Clive
1x 066R Genny
2x 067R Valbar
1x 095R Anna

Vol. 12
2x 006R Greil
2x 013R Titania
2x 014R Soren
1x 019R Volke
1x 021R Astrid
1x 025R Stefan
1x 032R Elincia
1x 043R Ashnard
1x 051R Chrom
1x 053R Lucina
1x 061R Say'ri
1x 073R Naga
1x 080R Ares
1x 083R Sigurd
1x 085R Beowulf

I have duplicates of almost all N/HN cards as well, so just ask.


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Updated with SERIES 12!

Located in Ontario, Canada. Thank you so much! 

Looking to SELL:


B12-001SR - Ike

B12-013R - Titania

B12-014R - Soren

B12-019R - Volke

B12-051R - Chrom

B12-051R+ - Chrom

B12-053R - Lucina

B12-054SR - Lissa

B12-080R - Eldigan's son

B12-082R - Nanna 

B12-097SR+ - Ishtar 


B01-059R/R+ - Lissa

B04-47R/R+ - Michaelis 

B06-70R/R+ - Felicia


B01-059R - Lissa

B04-47R - Michaelis 

B04-070R - Gaius 

B05-007R - Allen

B05-022R - Shanna 

B05-046R - Juno

B09-015R - Faye

B09-099R - Dheginsea

B10-027R - Asbel

B10-029R - Shiva

B10-033R - Mareeta

B10-044R - Diarmuid

B10-046R - Ced

B10-066R - Asugi

B10-095R - Bruno

B11-034R - Gerrick

B11-036R - L'arachel 

B11-055R - Faye

B11-063R - Delthea 

B11-066R - Genny

B11-090R - Marth

B11-095R - Anna

N and HN



P01-002PR - Corrin (F)

P02-002PR - Corrin (F)

P03-002PR - 

P04-001PR - Roy

P05-001PR - Sigurd

P07-002PR - Seliph

P08-001PR - Alm

P05-011PRr - Felicia

P10-001PR - Eirika x 2

Looking for:


B11-016SR - Lute

B11-027SR - Tana

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+1 NerdyOatmeal

+1 Gigz

+1 Tenniel


Want List:


B12-001 SR+ Ike (HIGH)

B12-010 SR+ Micaiah (HIGH)

B12-054 SR+ Lissa (Medium)

B12-053 R+ Lucina (Medium)

B12-083 R+ Sigurd (Medium)

Have List

Series 3


P03-014 PR Soren

Series 4


B04-005 SR Touma
B04-013 R Yashiro

Series 5


B05-007 R Alan

Series 6


B06-064 R+ Zero (Niles)

Series 7


B07-017 R Serra (x2)

B07-060 R Saizo (x2)

B07-084 R Shiro (x2)

B07-093 R Sumeragi (x2)
P07-001 PR Chrom with Marth marker card

Series 8


B08-010 R Virion x2

B08-059 R Larcei

B08-084 R Lene

Series 9


B09-029 R Saber x2

B09-062 R Kilmar x5

B09-065 R Raigh x3

B09-078 R Lethe

B09-090 R Caingehis x4

B09-095 R Zihark x2

B09-099 R Dheginsea x3

P03-013 PRr Elincia (reprint) with P09-002 PR Sharena x2

Series 10


B10-009 R Eyvel x3

B10-027 R Asbel x3

B10-029 R Shiva x3

B10-033 R Mareeta

B10-044 R Diarmuid 

Series 11


B11-032 R Innes x1

B11-024 R Gerik x1

B11-058 R Clive x5

B11-067 R Valbar x4

Series 12


B12-006 R Greil x6

B12-014 R Soren x2

B12-019 R Volke x3

B12-021 R Astrid x2

B12-025 R Stefan x2

B12-043 R Ashnard x3

B12-053 R Lucina x1

B12-061 R Say'ri x3

B12-080 R Ares x4

B12-082 R Nanna x4

B12-083 R Sigurd x2

B12-085 R Beowolf x5

Thanks for taking a look!

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Posting a want list. Looking to just buy with Paypal.

Set 12:
Ike SR (+ or Regular) 001
Ike SR 002
Micaiah (+ or Regular) 010
Ike 003 N
Ike 003N+X
Marcia 016 SR
Reyson 027 HN
Set 11:
Myrrh 041 R or R+
Set 9:
Ike 091 R+
Set 7:
Nino 030 SR
Set 6:
Ayra 025 N
Set 5:
Elincia 074 R or R+
Clarine 027 HN

If it's Ike, I likely want it. Shoot me a PM if you have anything.

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After opening boxes of B12, I'm updating my trade lists if anyone wants anything~
Feel free to inquire about N and HN cards if you want/need any; I likely have spares!

If you want to buy, please be aware I prefer using Google Wallet instead of paypal. (allows for guest checkouts just like PayPal!) My apologies in advance! :'D

Any wants listed in bold has preference over all else!



B12-054SR Lissa x3
B02-058SR Camilla x2

B01-004SR Caeda
B01-075SR Cordelia

B05-022R Shanna
B05-038R Tate
B05-086SR Sanaki

B06-045R Mahnya
B06-047SR Arvis
B06-051SR Xander
B06-054SR Camilla
B06-082R Siegbert

B07-001SR Eliwood
B07-058SR Sakura
B07-066SR Oboro

B08-002SR (Risen) Chrom
B08-009SR Frederick
B08-045SR Aversa
B08-051SR Seliph

B10-002R Lief
B10-004SR Nanna
B10-007SR Finn
B10-036SR Tina
B10-042SR Misha
B10-051SR  F!Kana
B10-055SR M!Corrin
B10-061R Azura
B10-066R Asugi
B10-082R Velouria
B10-087SR Alphonse
B10-095R Bruno

B11-001SR Eirika
B11-004SR Ephraim
B11-016SR Lute
B11-029SR Amelia
B11-034R Gerik
B11-036R La'rachel
B11-063SR Delthea
B11-066R Genny
B11-076SR Rowan
B11-079SR Lianna
B11-090R Marth
B11-095R Anna

B12-014R Soren
B12-019R Volke
B12-021R Astrid
B12-025R Stefan
B12-032R Elincia

B12-097SR Ishtar



B01-007R Cain
B01-009R Abel x2
B01-016SR Ogma
B01-028R Merrick x2
B01-030R Minerva
B01-035R Linde
B01-038R Palla
B01-040R Catria
B01-042R Est

B01-054SR Lucina
B01-059R Lissa
B01-068R Sumia
B01-070R Lon’qu
B01-084R Cherche x2
B01-083R Olivia
B01-097R Inigo
B01-097R+ Inigo

B02-001SR M!Corrin
B02-004R Azura
B02-006SR Ryoma
B02-014R Saizo
B02-026R Hana
B02-043R Asugi
B02-045R Caeldori
B02-054R Azura x2
B02-064R Laslow x2
B02-066R Peri
B02-072R Odin
B02-093R Forrest x2
B02-095R Soleil
B02-097R Ophelia

B03-004SR Elinicia
B03-025R Marcia
B03-035R Jill x3
B03-035R+ Jill
B03-040R Ranulf x3
B03-043R Tibarn x2
B03-044R Naesala x3
B03-051SR F!Corrin
B03-062R M!Kana x2
B03-069R Miitama
B03-083R Cyrus x2
B03-086R F!Kana x2
B03-091R Nina
B03-095R Velouria x2
B03-095R+ Velouria

B04-001SR Tsubasa
B04-031R Sirius
B04-035R Feena
B04-055R Kiria
B04-059R Eleanora
B04-085R Owain
B04-087R Inigo

B05-017R Deke
B05-025R Lugh
B05-045R Fae

B05-054SR Sothe
B05-057R Edward
B05-080R Lucia
B05-090R Soren
B05-098R Kurthnaga

B06-001SR Sigurd
B06-004SR Dierdre
B06-006SR Quan x1
B06-010R Ethlyn
B06-012R Finn
B06-024SR Ayra x4
B06-038R Fury
B06-040R Bridget
B06-045R Mahnya
B06-054SR Camilla
B06-066R Niles
B06-066R Effie
B06-070R Felicia
B06-072R Flora
B06-092R Garon
B06-097SR Anankos

B07-041R Jaffar

B08-004R Lucina x4
B08-019R Kellam
B08-023R Maribelle
B08-028SR Cherche
B08-033R Owain
B08-048R Grima
B08-059R Larcei
B08-068R Fee
B08-076SR Shannan x3
B08-079SR Patti
B08-084R Lene
B08-091SR Altena
B08-096R Arvis
B08-097SR Julius

B12-006R Gawain/Greil
B12-013R Titania
B12-034R Ashnard
B12-051R Chrom
B12-053R Lucina
B12-061R Say'ri
B12-073R Naga
B12-083R Sigurd
B12-085R Beowulf

P09-003PR Faye
P09-004PR Grommel
P09-005PR Alm

P10-003PR Shannan
P10-004PR M!Corrin
P10-006PR Yuzu


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New here. Opened a box of S11 and S12 and am looking for a few cards.

Shipping is from US. 


S11 Have:

B11- 055R+ Faye (Signed)

B11- 027SR Tana

B11- 079SR Lianna

B11- 001SR Eirika

B11- 053SR Celica

B11- 067R Valbar

B11- 032R Innes

B11- 045R Lyon

B11- 036R L'arachel

B11- 097R Lyn

B11- 066R Genny

B11- 090R Marth

B11- 095R Anna

B11- 034R Gerik

B11- 041R Myrrh

B11- 058R Clive


S12 Have:

B12-003 N +X Ike (Medallion)

B12- 002SR Ike

B12- 059SR Nowi

B12- 004SR Mist

B12- 075SR Eldigan

B12- 080R Ares

B12- 083R Sigurd

B12- 082R Nanna

B12- 032R Elincia

B12- 043R Ashnard

B12- 021R Astrid

B12- 073R Naga

B12- 051R Chrom

B12- 061R Say'ri

B12- 025R Stefan



ALL Hector Cards

B07- 001SR (+) Eliwood

B10- 078SR (+) Alfonse

B10- 089N Alfonse

B11- 051SR Alm

B12- 053R+ Lucina




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1 hour ago, mikooArt said:

New here. Opened a box of S11 and S12 and am looking for a few cards.


You wouldn't happen to be interested in selling, would you? I'd be interested in buying a few things on your list.

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11 minutes ago, Gulcasa766 said:

You wouldn't happen to be interested in selling, would you? I'd be interested in buying a few things on your list.

I can consider it for sure; dm me?

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I'm new to the whole cipher scene but I opened a S12 box and I got a couple cards I'm looking to trade or sell.

Shipping from the US.
Any payment preferably through paypal.

Bold I ether really want to get rid of or really want to have.


B12-082R Nanna

B12-085R Beowulf

B12-061R Say'ri

B01-035R Linde 

B12-001SR+ Ike

P12-009PR Ike

B05-090R Soren

B05-073R Nailah

B05-098R(regular or +) Kurthnaga 

B07-041R+ Jaffar

B10-075HN Forrest


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Hello, I'm new here and have some cards to sell. If you have any interest please send a PM.



B06 - 052N

B06 - 055N

B06 - 057N

B06 - 059N

B06 - 061N

B06 - 063N

B06 - 065N

B06 - 067N

B06 - 069N

B06 - 071N

B06 - 073N

B06 - 074HN

B06 - 075N

B06 - 077HN

B06 - 078HN

B06 - 079N

B06 - 080N

B06 - 081HN

B06 - 083N

B06 - 084HN

B06 - 085HN

B06 - 086HN

B06 - 087N

B06 - 088HN

B06 - 089N

B06 - 090HN

B06 - 091N

B06 - 093N

B06 - 094HN

B06 - 095N

B06 - 098HN

B06 - 100N



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Now updated with Series 12 cards & S11 Promos!

All available cards are valid for either cash purchase (via PayPal or direct bank transfer) or direct trade for my Wanted cards unless otherwise stated. I may also willing to buy via PayPal instead of trade for some cards. If you're interested in anything, get in touch with me via PM or post here!

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands (Europe). I'm happy to ship worldwide. I've been trading/selling Cipher and Pokémon cards for some time now, so I'm kind of familiar with the whole internationally shipping cards deal.

Looking For:

S10 Veronica SR
S12 Lissa SR+
S12 Micaiah SR
S12 Ishtar SR

Will also accept toss-ins of Bride Lissa, Warriors Lissa, and Necrodragon cards, any quantity

(Always willing to accept PayPal for cards instead of trading.)

NEW! S12 SR+/R+ cards:
Micaiah SR+

NEW! S12 SR cards:
Black Knight, Walhart

NEW! S12 R cards:
Soren x2, Volke, Stefan, Elincia, Ashnard x2, Ares x2, Nanna

S1~S11 SR Cards:
S11: Delthea, Lianna x2
S10: Misha x3, F!Kanna x3 (all on hold), M!Kanna (on hold)

NEW! Tournament Promo Cards:
S11: Marisa x2, Mycen x3, Lianna x3, F!Robin x3, Takumi x2
S10: Shannam x3, M!Corrin x4, Mareeta x2, Nina
S9: Faye
S7: Athos
S3: Oliver x10, Black Knight x5, Ike, Felicia

Other Promos:
NEW! Cipher Sai Nowi/Tiki Promos
NEW! Comiket Delthea Promo
NEW! Holo Marker Card/Fjorm S12 promo pack
Alm S9 Magazine Promo
Azura P03-017PR (S3 Guidebook promo)
Hinoka P02-011PR (S2 Guidebook promo)
Holo Eirika/Non-Holo Ephraim Sealed Pack (S11 booster box promo)
Promo Sleeve Packs: FE8, Warriors, Gaiden

S1~S11 R Cards:
S11: Neimi, Innes, Clive x2, Anna x3
S10: Lara, Shiva, Mareeta, Diarmuid x2, Sety, Selkie x2, Asugi x2, Ophelia x2, Sharena, Bruno x2
S9: Faye x3, Saber x2, Zeke x2, Kilmar, Raigh x2, Zihark
S8: Larcei, Febail x2
S7: Saizo, Hana
S6: Siegbert, Garon
S5: Alan
S4: Yashiro, Merric, Kiria x2
S3: M!Kanna x2 (both on hold)
S2: Odin
S1: Merric

N/HN Cards:
I have many Normal and High Normal cards available for all sets. I hope to make up a spreadsheet or something to list them soon someday. If there are any N/HN cards you are interested in in the meantime, feel free to ask! I would be happy to look through for you.

Single Sleeves Available:
Chrom S1, Lucina S1, Gaius, Camilla, Lucina S4, Lilina, Sigurd, Raquesis, Eliwood, Lyn sleeves, C91 Circle Pixel Lords, C91 Running Pixel Lords, C91 Character Box Lords, Altena, Alm,  Celica, Nanna, Witch!Corrin, S12 Pixel Lords.

I have a PAL region Pokémon-themed 3DSXL (the red one with Yveltal and Xerneas), that I'm looking to get rid of, if anyone wants that as a trade for cards I guess?

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Selling my binder collection consisting of one of every card from S1-S6 omitting SR+s and certain rares unless otherwise stated. SR+s included: B01-051 SR+ Lucina, B02-062SR+ Elise, B02-51SR+ Corrin (f), B03-078SR+ Azura, B03-085SR+ Flora, B04-063SR+ Lucina, B05-086SR+ Sanaki, B06-001SR+ Sigurd. Notable PRs: Both swimsuit jail sisters (Elise and Sakura), Naughty Christmas Camilla, and other miscellaneous magazine and tournament promos. Missing: B01-078R Nowi, B03-051SR Corrin (f), B04-018SR Marth, B06-004SR Deirdre. Asking price for all of it is $450. The album link can be found here. Also selling quite a number of Cipher marker cards.


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Looking to sell some more of my cards/ possibly trade for Lucina or Female Robin cards




B02-062 SR Elise

B02-072 R Odin


B04-029 R Julian

B04-031 R Sirius

B04-031 R+ Sirius

B04-036 SR Minerva

B04-038 R Merric

B04-044 SR Hardin

B04-045 R Hardin

B04-067 SR Lon'qu

B04-072 SR Cordelia

B04-085 R Owain

B04-087 R Inigo




B12-053 R

B12-053 R+

B08-004 R

B08-004 R+

B01-054 SR



And of course willing to accept paypal for the cards I have as well, not looking to buy any cards currently though


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Hey Fire Emblem fans! I haven't been paying attention to the game for a while, and I just found out about the Fire Emblem Heroes sleeves that you could get in a box of set 10. Yeah It's been a long time! By any chance does anyone have a bunch of packs of these sleeves that they would be willing to sell to me or trade for cards? I'd also love even more the new Path of Radiance sleeves from box set 12! I'm still looking for six packs of the Path of Radiance Sleeves from set 3 as well, and one more of the Azura sleeves from set 7! If anyone has any of these for sale or trade please send me a message!

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I'm new here, and I hope to become more regular. I started collecting pretty early, but financial issues kept me away since set 3. So I'm looking to make up for lost time, as it were. I'm not looking for full sets, just a copy for me and one for my friend. I mostly just have R/SRs from sets 1-3. But if you're looking for HN/Ns I do have at least one copy from 7 and 10 as well. I'm also willing to purchase anything on my want list (or sell on my have list),  just let me know. Also any promo sleeves that came in boxes, I am looking for those as well.

Thank you!





B01-070R+ Stoic Swordsman, Lon'qu x1


B01-001SR Savior of Archanea, Marth x1
B01-004SR Angelic Advocate of Affection, Caeda x1
B03-051SR Divine Dragon of Embers, Corrin x1
B01-022SR Crimson God of Death, Navarre x1


B01-028R Sage of Gales, Merric x3
B01-035R Aura's Heiress, Linde x2
B01-038R Eldest Pegasus Sister, Palla x1
B01-040R Middle Pegasus Sister, Catria x1
B01-042R Youngest Pegasus Sister, Est x1
B01-068R Gentle Flower of the Shepherds, Sumia x3
B01-078R Wellspring of Youth, Nowi x1
B01-083R Demure Dancer, Olivia x2
B01-084R Guardian of Roxanne, Cherche x3
B02-024R Nohrian Slayer, Oboro x1
B02-026R Sakura's Protector, Hana x1
B02-028R Wings of Perfection, Subaki x1
B02-072R He who chose the Darkness, Odin x1
B03-036R Determined Wyvern Rider, Jill x1
B03-040R Warrior of the Gaillian Beast Tribe, Ranulf x1
B03-044R King of Kilvas, Naesala x1
B03-062R White Dragon Prince, Kana x1
B03-086R Black Dragon Princess, Kana x1
B03-091R Chivalrous Thief, Nina x1
B01-007R The Bull, Cain x3
B01-009R The Panther, Abel x2





B01-001SR+ Savior of Archanea, Marth x2
B01-004SR+ Angelic Advocate of Affection, Caeda x2
B01-016SR War-God of Talys, Ogma x1
B01-022SR+ Crimson God of Death, Navarre x2
B01-030R+ Princess, Minerva x1
B01-038R+ Eldest Pegasus Sister, Palla x1
B01-040R+ Middle Pegasus Sister, Catria x1
B01-042R+ Youngest Pegasus Sister, Est x1
B01-046SR Manakete Princess, Tiki x1
B01-050SR Sable Order, Camus x1
B01-051SR+ Exalted Prince, Chrom x2
B01-054SR+ Future Witness, Lucina x1
B01-057R+ Exalted Strategist, Robin (Female) x2
B01-059R+ Princess of Ylisse, Lissa x1
B01-073SR The Sweetest Assassin, Gaius x1
B01-075SR Pegasus Knight Paragon, Cordelia x1
B01-080SR+ Mage of Dark Obsessions, Tharja x2
B01-097R+ Man of Flower's Fragrance, Inigo x1
B02-001SR+ Chosen Prince of Yatogami, Corrin x2
B02-004R+ Songstress of Light, Azura x2
B02-006SR Trueblade of Roaring Thunder, Ryoma x1
B02-006SR+ Trueblade of Roaring Thunder, Ryoma x2
B02-008SR Captain of the Red Lotus, Hinoka x2
B02-010SR Gale Garbed Holy Marksman, Takumi x1
B02-012SR+ Priestess of Love and War, Sakura x2
B02-014R Explosive Flame User, Saizo x2
B02-014R+ Explosive Flame User, Saizo x2
B02-026R+ Sakura's Protector, Hana x1
B02-028R+ Wings of Perfection, Subaki x2
B02-030SR Capable Maid, Felicia x2
B02-051SR Chosen Princess of Yatogami, Corrin x1
B02-051SR+ Chosen Princess of Yatogami, Corrin x1
B02-054R+ Songstress of Darkness, Azura x2
B02-056SR+ Pitch Dark Paladin, Xander x2
B02-058SR Goddess of Death, Camilla x2
B02-060SR Prince of Darkness, Leo x2
B02-062SR Star of the Dark Sky, Elise x1
B02-062SR+ Star of the Dark Sky, Elise x2
B02-080SR Fighting Butler, Jakob x1
B02-093R+ Beautiful Prince, Forrest x2
B02-095R+ Sunny Swordmaster, Soleil x2
B02-097R+ Twilight Sorcerer, Ophelia x1
B03-001SR General of the Divine Blade, Ike x2
B03-001SR+ General of the Divine Blade, Ike x1
B03-006SR Vestal of Order, Mist x2
B03-010SR Windswept Votive, Soren x2
B03-021SR+ Unrivaled Sword Hand, Mia x2
B03-032R Swift Lance of Liberation, Nephenee x1
B03-032R+ Swift Lance of Liberation, Nephenee x1
B03-036R+ Determined Wyvern Rider, Jill x2
B03-043R+ King of Phoenicis, Tibarn x1
B03-044R+ King of Kilvas, Naesala x2
B03-046R Awakened Heron Princess, Leanne x1
B03-047SR Demon in Blessed Armor, Black Knight x2
B03-047SR+ Demon in Blessed Armor, Black Knight x2
B03-053SR Diva of Dawn, Azura x2
B03-053SR+ Diva of Dawn, Azura x2
B03-058SR Leeward Shinobi, Kaze x2
B03-069R+ War Priestess, Mitama x2
B03-072R+ Thread of Gold, Selkie x2
B03-076SR Zenith of Ashes, Corrin x1
B03-078SR+ Diva of Dusk, Azura x2
B03-083R Sworn Friend, Silas x1
B03-085SR Boreal Maid, Flora x1
B03-085SR+ Boreal Maid, Flora x2
B03-091R+ Chivalrous Thief, Nina x2
B03-095R Patriarch's Pet, Velouria x1
B03-095R+ Patriarch's Pet, Velouria x2
B07-001SR Heroic Inheritor of the Blaze, Eliwood x1
B07-001SR+ Heroic Inheritor of the Blaze, Eliwood x2
B07-002R Knight of Lycia, Eliwood x1
B07-004SR The Great General, Hector x2
B07-004SR+ The Great General, Hector x2
B07-007SR Spirited Noblewoman, Lyn x1
B07-010SR Dragon Girl of Destiny, Ninian x1
B07-015R Sunny Pegasus Girl, Florina x1
B07-015R+ Sunny Pegasus Girl, Florina x2
B07-017R Headstrong Bishopess, Serra x2
B07-017R+ Headstrong Bishopess, Serra x2
B07-022R The Light, Lucius x1
B07-024R+ Modest Flower, Rebecca x2
B07-039SR Pious Mage, Nino x1
B07-041R+ The Angel of Death, Jaffar x1
B07-044SR The White Wolf, Lloyd x2
B07-047R Ruthless Blue Crow, Ursula x1
B07-051SR Unifier of the Kingdom of Hoshido, Ryoma x2
B07-051SR+ Unifier of the Kingdom of Hoshido, Ryoma x1
B09-054R+X The Flame of Prophecy, Roy x2
B07-054SR Courageous Crimson Wings, Hinoka x2
B07-054SR+ Courageous Crimson Wings, Hinoka x2
B07-056SR Prince of Brilliant Winds, Takumi x2
B07-056SR+ Prince of Brilliant Winds, Takumi x2
B07-058SR Dancing in Hoshidan Bloom, Sakura x1
B07-058SR+ Dancing in Hoshidan Bloom, Sakura x2
B07-060R Garbed in Honor, Saizo x2
B07-060R+ Garbed in Honor, Saizo x2
B07-062R Garbed in Glory, Kagero x1
B07-062R+ Garbed in Glory, Kagero x2
B07-064R Careless Kinshi Knight, Setsuna x1
B07-064R+ Careless Kinshi Knight, Setsuna x2
B07-066SR Stunning Spear Maiden, Oboro x1
B07-093R Demonic Sword King, Sumeragi x1
B07-093R+ Demonic Sword King, Sumeragi x2


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I'm looking for a few series 12 cards! I live in Canada and can do trades or PayPal.


B12-075SR Eldigan

B12-059SR Nowi

P10-005PR Finn x2

Looking for:

B12-078SR Lachesis

B12-083R Sigurd (priority)

B12-085R Beowulf


Thank you for looking!


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Hi there all.

I'm new to this, not looking to play so much as just get cards of the characters I like.

I live in Australia and would be looking to use Paypal to buy.

After the following, either if people have them here to sell or if you can recommend somewhere that has decent prices.

B03-003HN  - Greil Mercenaries Greenhorn, Ike
B03-032R(+) Swift Lance of Liberation, Nephenee    
B03-033N Quiet Soldier, Nephenee

B03-035N Wandering Myrmidon, Zihark
B03-043R(+) -  King of Phoenicis, Tibarn

B12-013R(+) Scarlet-Haired Paladin, Titania Alternate Art
B12-033N Princess Descended from a Sky Knight, Elincia

B02-009N  First Princess of Hoshido, Hinoka

B02-071N  Seeker of Power, Selena
B02-095R  Sunny Swordmaster, Soleil

B04-088N Shy Mercenary, Inigo
B04-063SR Iris of Destiny, Lucina 
B04-084N  Girl from a Different World, Morgan
B04-066HN   Amnesiac Tactician, Robin (Male)
B08-029N  Loyal Knight of a Lost Country, Cherche  Alternate Art

B07-003HN Marquess Pherae's Son, Eliwood
P07-005PR Brother to Marquess Ostia, Hector Tournament Promo
B11-017N Prodigy, Lute
B07-008N  Swordfighter from the Plains, Lyn
B09-055N  General of the Lycian League, Roy
B11-020SR Tempest King, Joshua 
B11-031N Recruit in her First Fight, Amelia

B04-053HN Normal Kid, Itsuki Aoi (Unpromoted)
B04-057HN Charismatic Singer, Kiria Kurono (Unpromoted)

B04-061HN Ambitious Young Actress, Eleonora (Unpromoted)     

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