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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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Hello! I'm new 'round these parts, but I took advantage of a trip to japan to buy some cards, and so I've got some I want to sell!

B01-022 SR - Crimson God of Death, Navarre
B04-063 SR - Iris of Destiny, Lucina 
B10-057 SR - Divine Daughter of the Darkening Dusk Dragon, Corrin (Female)

Currently shipping from the Philippines, looking to use Paypal. PM me if you're interested! I also have a bunch of N and HNs from the same series, so feel free to ask!

Thank you~

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I'm willing to sell or trade

Series 12

SR Lachesis

SR Black Knight

SR Walhart

I have a lot of cards in my wishlist including some N or R so if anyone is interested in those let me know!

I'm not from the US so the shipping must be international :) 


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I've got my Booster sets on eBay, so i figured I'd repost here with their costs in case anyone's interested.


  • Series 2: $180 (includes B02-006SR+, B02-026R+, B02-095R+, B02-097R+)
  • Series 3: $140 (includes B03-036R+, B03-044R+)
  • Series 5: $180 (includes B05-54SR+, B07-002R+X)
  • Series 6: $180 (includes B06-051SR+, B06-64R+, B08-052R+X); MISSING B06-054SR
  • Series 8: $140 (includes B10-002R+X); MISSING B08-001SR, B08-054SR, B08-091SR
  • Series 9: $140 (includes B09-034N+X, B09-065R+)
  • Series 10: $140; MISSING B10-001SR, B10-087SR, B10-097SR

R/SRs, promos, other miscelleanous FE items, just send me a PM, I usually go by about 75% of the value on TCGRepublic unless there's another website out there that reliably ships to the US and is priced lower, same for all N and HN cards.


Series 1

  • B01-038R (Palla) x1
  • B01-040R (Catria) x1
  • B01-059R (Lissa) x1

Series 2

  • B02-004R (Aqua) x2
  • B02-024R (Oboro) x1
  • B02-026R (Hana) x3
  • B02-043R (Asugi) x1
  • B02-047R (Rhajat) x1
  • B02-054R (Aqua) x1
  • B02-070R (Selena) x1

Series 3

  • B03-025R (Marcia) x1
  • B03-036R (Jill) x4
  • B03-063R (Shigure) x1
  • B03-069R (Mitama) x1
  • B03-086R (Kana (F)) x1
  • B03-091R (Nina) x1

Series 5

  • B05-007R (Alan) x1
  • B05-009R (Lance) x2
  • B05-017R (Dieck) x1
  • B05-025R (Lugh) x1
  • B05-038R (Shanna/Thany) x1
  • B05-057R (Edward) x1
  • B05-084R (Sigrun) x1

Series 6

  • B06-008R (Eldigan) x2
  • B06-031R (Lachesis) x1
  • B06-036R (Sylvia) x1
  • B06-038R (Erin) x1
  • B06-062R (Beruka) x1
  • B06-064R (Niles) x2
  • B06-066R (Effie) x1
  • B06-070R (Felicia) x1
  • B06-072R (Flora) x1
  • B06-092R (Garon) x1

Series 7

  • B07-047R (Ursula) x1
  • B07-068R (Hana) x2
  • B07-076R (Silas) x2
  • B07-084R (Shiro) x3
  • B07-097SR (Anankos) x1

Series 8

  • B08-084R (Leen) x1
  • B08-085 (Tinny) x1

Series 9

  • B09-010R (Tobin) x1
  • B09-015R (Faye) x1
  • B09-033R (Delthea) x1
  • B09-041R (Zeke) x1
  • B09-046R (Berkut) x2
  • B09-054R (Roy) x1
  • B09-056SR (Tiena) x1
  • B09-058R (Lilina) x1
  • B09-062R (Kilmar) x1
  • B09-065R (Raigh) x2
  • B09-071R (Jemmie) x2
  • B09-078R (Lethe) x1
  • B09-095R (Zihark) x1
  • B09-099R (Deghinsea) x1

Series 10

  • B10-044R (Diarmiud) x1


  • P01-001Pr (MCorrin)
  • P01-002Pr (FCorrin)
  • P01-005Pr (Chrom)
  • P02-001Pr (Ike)
  • P02-002Pr (FCorrin) x2
  • P02-010Pr (FCorrin)
  • P03-001Pr (Itsuki) x2
  • P03-002Pr (Tsubasa) x2
  • P03-013Pr (Elincia)
  • P05-001Pr (Sigurd) x2
  • P05-002Pr (Xander)
  • P06-002Pr (Ryoma)
  • P07-001Pr (Chrom) x3
  • P08-001Pr (Alm)
  • P09-001Pr (Alfonse)
  • P09-002Pr (Sharena) x2
  • P10-002Pr (Ephraim)

Other things I'll trade/sell:

  • D4 Series Fire Emblem Fates Rubber Strap Collection
    • Ryoma
    • Leo
    • Elise
    • Corrin (F)
    • Jakob
    • Ryoma
    • Hinoka
    • Sakura
    • Corrin (M)
  • B09 Clear File Sleeves (shown here) x1 per design
  • Cordelia 1/7 scale figurine: $220


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After playing FEH daily since the release, I really took a liking to all the Fire Emblem universe and characters. When I learned there was a TCG of Fire Emblem, I was impressed by the amazing artwork on these cards so I went on a crazy shopping spree and bought a couple boxes of each sets. (Yeah, it cost me an arm and a leg haha). Now that I'm done opening boxes and sorting all cards, I was hit with a ton of dupes I'm willing to trade and/or sell. I'm more of a collector than a player, so my goal is to have one copy of every card in all FE Cipher sets. Right now I'm more focusing on base R/SR cards (since many "+" cards are too expensive), but I'm not opposed to offers that would include "+" cards.

Here's what I'm looking for:

  • B01-046    SR    Tiki
  • B01-075    SR    Cordelia
  • B01-091    SR    Owain
  • B02-010    SR    Takumi
  • B02-030    SR    Felicia
  • B02-060    SR    Leo
  • B02-062    SR    Elise
  • B02-080    SR    Jakob
  • B03-001    SR    Ike
  • B03-004    SR    Elincia
  • B03-006    SR    Mist
  • B03-010    SR    Soren
  • B03-058    SR    Kaze
  • B03-085    SR    Flora
  • B04-036    SR    Minerva
  • B04-044    SR    Hardin
  • B04-048    SR    Nyna
  • B04-067    SR    Lon'qu
  • B04-072    SR    Cordelia
  • B04-094    SR    Severa
  • B05-004    SR    Lilina
  • B05-042    SR    Sophia
  • B05-051    SR    Micaiah
  • B05-089    SR    Ike
  • B06-001    SR    Sigurd
  • B06-051    SR    Xander
  • B06-054    SR    Camilla
  • B07-001    SR     Eliwood
  • B07-024    R     Rebecca
  • B07-058    SR     Sakura
  • B07-064    R     Setsuna
  • B07-066    SR     Oboro
  • B08-028    SR     Cherche
  • B08-045    SR     Aversa
  • B08-051    SR     Seliph
  • B10-001    SR     Leif
  • B10-004    SR     Nanna
  • B10-042    SR     Misha
  • B10-051    SR     Kana (F)
  • B10-055    SR     Corrin (M)
  • B10-057    SR     Corrin (F)
  • B10-059    R     Shigure
  • B10-064    R     Selkie
  • B10-076    R     Ophelia
  • B10-087    SR     Alfonse
  • B11-001    SR     Eirika
  • B11-053    SR     Celica
  • B11-066    R     Genny
  • B11-079    SR     Lianna
  • B11-093    SR     Tiki
  • B12-054    SR     Lissa
  • B12-078    SR     Lachesis


Here's what I have for trade:

  • B01-009    R    Abel x1
  • B01-022    SR    Navarre x1
  • B01-028    R    Merric x1
  • B01-035    R    Linde x1
  • B01-051    SR    Chrom x1
  • B01-059    R    Lissa x1
  • B01-084    R    Cherche x1
  • B01-097    R    Inigo x1
  • B02-004    R    Azura x1
  • B02-024    R    Oboro x1
  • B02-026    R    Hana x1
  • B02-028    R    Subaki x1
  • B02-045    R    Caeldori x1
  • B02-054    R    Azura x1
  • B02-064    R    Laslow x1
  • B03-021    SR    Mia x1
  • B03-036    R    Jill x1
  • B03-040    R    Ranulf x1
  • B03-043    R    Tibarn x1
  • B03-044    R    Naesala x1
  • B03-045    R    Reyson x1
  • B03-046    R    Leanne x1
  • B03-063    R    Shigure x1
  • B03-069    R    Mitama x1
  • B03-072    R    Selkie x1
  • B03-078    SR    Azura x1
  • B03-086    R    Kana x1
  • B03-091    R    Nina x1
  • B04-013    R    Yashiro Tsurugi x1
  • B04-018    SR    Marth x1
  • B04-029    R    Julian x1
  • B04-031    R    Sirius x1
  • B04-045    R    Hardin x1
  • B04-047    R    Michalis x1
  • B04-059    R    Eleonora Yumizuru x1
  • B04-070    R    Gaius x1
  • B04-076    R    Say'ri x1
  • B04-083    R    Morgan (F) x1
  • B04-087    R    Inigo x1
  • B04-092    R    Cynthia x1
  • B05-001    SR    Roy x1
  • B05-007    R    Alen x1
  • B05-009    R    Lance x1
  • B05-046    R    Juno x1
  • B05-057    R    Edward x1
  • B05-073    R    Nailah x1
  • B05-077    R    Nephenee x1
  • B05-090    R    Soren x1
  • B05-098    R    Kurthnaga x1
  • B06-008    R    Eldigan x1
  • B06-010    R    Ethlyn x1
  • B06-012    R    Finn x1
  • B06-031    R    Raquesis x1
  • B06-033    SR    Lewyn x2
  • B06-036    R    Sylvia x2
  • B06-040    R    Bridget x1
  • B06-045    R    Mahnya x1
  • B06-066    R    Effie x1
  • B06-070    R    Felicia x2
  • B06-072    R    Flora x1
  • B06-082    R    Siegbert x1
  • B06-092    R    Garon x1
  • B06-097    SR    Anankos x1
  • B07-002    R     Eliwood x1
  • B07-004    SR     Hector x1
  • B07-015    R     Florina x2
  • B07-032    R     Raven x2
  • B07-041    R     Jaffar x1
  • B07-047    R     Ursula x2
  • B07-072    R     Jakob x1
  • B07-076    R     Silas x2
  • B07-084    R     Shiro x1
  • B07-093    R     Sumeragi x2
  • B07-097    SR     Anankos x1
  • B08-001    SR     Chrom x1
  • B08-009    SR     Frederick x2
  • B08-010    R     Virion x1
  • B08-019    R     Kellam x2
  • B08-023    R     Maribelle x1
  • B08-039    R     Tiki x1
  • B08-052    R     Seliph x2
  • B08-054    SR     Julia x1
  • B08-059    R     Larcei x2
  • B08-068    R     Fee x1
  • B08-081    R     Ares x1
  • B08-087    R     Febail x2
  • B08-096    R     Arvis x2
  • B08-097    SR     Anankos x1
  • B09-001    SR    Alm x1
  • B09-007    SR     Gray x1
  • B09-015    R     Faye x1
  • B09-029    R     Saber x2
  • B09-033    R     Delthea x2
  • B09-041    R     Zeke x1
  • B09-054    R     Roy x1
  • B09-058    R     Lilina x2
  • B09-065    R     Raigh x2
  • B09-073    SR     Zephiel x1
  • B09-078    R     Lethe x1
  • B09-090    R     Caineghis x1
  • B09-091    R     Ike x1
  • B09-095    R     Zihark x1
  • B10-002    R+X  Leif x1
  • B10-007    SR     Finn x1
  • B10-009    R     Eyvel x1
  • B10-026    R     Lara x1
  • B10-027    R     Asbel x1
  • B10-029    R     Shiva x1
  • B10-033    R     Mareeta x1
  • B10-053    SR     Kana (M) x1
  • B10-082    R     Velouria x1
  • B10-095    R     Bruno x1
  • B10-097    SR     Veronica x1
  • B11-002    R     Eirika x1
  • B11-005    R     Ephraim x1
  • B11-013    R     Neimi x1
  • B11-041    R     Myrrh x1
  • B11-045    R     Lyon x1
  • B11-055    R     Faye x1
  • B11-067    R     Valbar x1
  • B11-076    SR     Rowan x1
  • B11-082    R     Chrom x1
  • B11-097    R     Lyn x1
  • B12-004    SR     Mist x2
  • B12-006    R     Greil x3
  • B12-013    R     Titania x3
  • B12-014    R     Soren x2
  • B12-019    R     Volke x1
  • B12-043    R     Ashnard x1
  • B12-051    R     Chrom x2
  • B12-053    R     Lucina x1
  • B12-061    R     Say'ri x2
  • B12-071    SR     Walhart x1
  • B12-080    R     Ares x2
  • B12-082    R     Nanna x2
  • B12-083    R     Sigurd x2
  • B12-085    R     Beowulf x3

At the time of posting, I also have 3-9 copies of every single N/HN card in every set, so feel free to ask if you need particular singles or want a full NHN set of a particular series.

Looking forward to trade with some of you!


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Updated list after 9th trade completed
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I know I'm late to the party but my S12 boxes have finally arrived and I've got some stuff to trade.
To trade:
Ares R x2 
Chrom R x2
Greil R x1
Nanna R x2
Naga R x1
Lucina R x2
Say'ri R x2
Sigurd R x1
Soren R x1
Stefan R x1
Titania R x1
Laevatein PR x1
Black knight SR x2
Also have a bunch of N/HNs
Looking for:
B01 Tiki SR
B01 Caeda SR
B02 Takumi SR
B03 Ike SR
B03 Elincia SR
B03 Reyson R
B04 Marth SR
B04 Feena R
B04 Hardin SR
B05 Narcian SR
B05 Sanaki SR
B05 Ike SR
B06 Ethlyn R
B06 Finn R
B06 Lachesis R
B06 Arvis SR
B07 Takumi SR
B07 Oboro SR
B08 Maribelle R
B08 Fee R
B08 Febail R
B09 Lillina R
B09 Ike R
B09 Jill SR
B10 Leif SR
B10 Nanna SR
B11 Amelia SR
B11 Clive R
B12 Ike SR
B12 Berserk Ike SR
PM me if you're interested.
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Hi everyone, reviewing my collection and here's what I'm currently looking for from Series 5:


This what I have to trade / sell:

Series 1:

B01-004SR+ Caeda
B01-007R Cain
B01-009R Abel
B01-028R Merric
B01-035R Linde
B01-038R Palla
B01-040R Catria
B01-042R Est
B01-50SR Camus

B01-059R Lissa
B01-070R Lon’qu x 2 
B01-073SR Gaius
B01-083R Olivia
B01-097R Inigo

Series 2:

B02-004R+ Azura
B02-010SR Takumi
B02-012SR Sakura
B02-014R Saizo
B02-026R Hana
B02-028R Subaki
B02-028R+ Subaki
B02-043R Asugi
B02-045R Caeldori

B02-054R Azura
B02-056SR Xander
B02-060SR Leo
B02-066R Peri
B02-070R Selena x 2
B02-072R Odin x 2
B02-093R Forrest x 2

Series 3:

B03-025R Marcia
B03-032R Nephenee
B03-036R Jill
B03-040R Ranulf
B03-044R Naesala
B03-046R Leanne
B03-063R Shigure
B03-069R Mitama
B03-072R Selkie
B03-083R Silas

Series 4:

B04-009R Mamori Minamoto 
B04-013R Yashiro Tsurugi 
B04-029R Julian
B04-038R Merric
B04-045R Hardin
B04-047R Michalis
B04-059R Eleonora Yumizuru

I also have a bunch of N / HN cards from Series 1 and 2. Please feel free to message me with any questions. :) 

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2 hours ago, Ordenulamog said:


Im new here and i want to know where can i look up the value of my cards?

I don't know if there is a place that has a listing of value of the cards. I just used TCGrepublic.com to get a general baseline, though it's N/HNs are over priced, but it gave me a good idea of what I'd expect to pay for R/SR.

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Hi New Cipher player/collector here.

I want to enjoy Cipher in the same I enjoy FEH and mainline FE games in general: which is to play only using cute girls.

I'm looking to Trade for or Buy a bunch of the cards that I still want mainly in non-plus form. I'm still fairly new to the trading/buying cards over the internet and not at a local store thing so I'd prefer if it stay within the US and it be with someone fairly experienced with it. 

I'm looking to Trade for or Buy:

  • B01 SR Tharja x1
  • B04 SR Lucina x4
  • B06 SR Deirdre x4
  • B06 N Deidre x2
  • B08 R Lucina x3
  • B10 SR Nanna 2
  • B10 HN Nanna x4
  • B12 SR Lachesis x2
  • B12 SR Ishtar x3

I have to offer:

  • B01 SR Ogma x2
  • B01 SR Navarre
  • B01 SR Gaius
  • B01 SR Camus x1
  • B01 SR Tiki x2
  • B01 SR Shiida
  • B09 R+ Raigh
  • B09 SR Skrimir
  • B09 SR Gray
  • B09 SR Jill
  • B09 R+ Berkut
  • B09 SR Alm x2
  • B11 SR Tiki
  • B11 SR Joshua
  • B11 101+X Camilla
  • B11 R Faye
  • P03 Elincia
  • Most H/HN and alot of R for sets 1/9/11



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Updated with S12 promos and temp. US shipping!

All available cards are valid for either cash purchase (via PayPal or direct bank transfer) or direct trade for my Wanted cards unless otherwise stated. I may also willing to buy via PayPal instead of trade for some cards. If you're interested in anything, get in touch with me via PM or post here!

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands (Europe). I'm happy to ship worldwide. I've been trading/selling Cipher and Pokémon cards for some time now, so I'm kind of familiar with the whole internationally shipping cards deal.

NOTE FOR US TRADERS: I'll be leaving for a trip in the US later this week and will be able to offer US domestic shipping for any interested traders, though trades/sales must be finalized no later than Thursday, 28 June.

Looking For:

S12 Lissa SR+
S12 Ishtar SR

Will also accept toss-ins of Bride Lissa, Warriors Lissa, and Necrodragon cards, any quantity

(Always willing to accept PayPal for cards instead of trading.)

S12 SR cards:
Black Knight (on hold), Walhart

S12 R cards:
Soren x2, Volke, Stefan, Elincia, Ashnard x2, Ares x2, Nanna

S1~S11 SR Cards:
S11: Delthea, Lianna x2
S10: Misha x3

NEW! Tournament Promo Cards:
S12: Yune x3, Gregor x5, Soren, Lachesis x2, Ares x2, Tiki
S11: Mycen, Lianna x2, F!Robin
S10: Shannam x3,  Mareeta x2
S3: Oliver x8, Black Knight x3

Other Promos:
NEW! Cipher Sai Nowi/Tiki Promos
NEW! Comiket Delthea Promo
Promo Sleeve Packs: FE8, Warriors, Gaiden

S1~S11 R Cards:
S11: Neimi, Innes, Clive x2, Anna x3
S10: Lara, Shiva, Mareeta, Diarmuid x2, Sety, Selkie x2, Asugi x2, Ophelia x2, Sharena, Bruno x2
S9: Saber x2, Zeke x2, Kilmar, Raigh x2, Zihark
S8: Larcei, Febail x2
S7: Hana
S6: Siegbert
S5: Alan
S4: Yashiro, Merric, Kiria x2
S2: Odin
S1: Merric

N/HN Cards:
I have many Normal and High Normal cards available for all sets. I hope to make up a spreadsheet or something to list them soon someday. If there are any N/HN cards you are interested in in the meantime, feel free to ask! I would be happy to look through for you.

Single Sleeves Available:
Chrom S1, Lucina S1, Gaius, Camilla, Lucina S4, Lilina, Sigurd, Raquesis, Eliwood, Lyn sleeves, C91 Circle Pixel Lords, C91 Running Pixel Lords, C91 Character Box Lords, Altena, Alm,  Celica, Nanna, Witch!Corrin, S12 Pixel Lords.

I have a PAL region Pokémon-themed 3DSXL (the red one with Yveltal and Xerneas), that I'm looking to get rid of, if anyone wants that as a trade for cards I guess?

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Hellooo since S13 is releasing very soon I'd love to buy these cards from anyone who might have spares:

  • B13-060R Cain !!!
  • B13-061N Cain

I'll take your S1 Cains too (B01-007R and B01-008N)!

I'm located in the United States and I can only pay using Paypal. Also I'm moving out in like, mid August so if the items are able to arrive before then, that would be fantastic. Thanks!

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