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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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May as well get this out there. Looking for the following cards:

Lyn: Blade Princess of the Spring Breeze (B13-004SR and B13-004SR+)
Lyn: Swordswoman of the Lorca Tribe (B13-005N)
Lyn: Bow Princess of the Plains (P13-003PR) (can wait on this one to be in better supply)
Sharena: Dreams of Befriending All Heroes! (B13-086SR)
Eliwood: Blazing Knight of Valor (B13-001SR)
Hector: General of Raging Thunder (B13-019SR)

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Updated with Set 13!

+1 ChibiToastExplosion

Also I'm looking to trade first for my wants (in regards to SR cards) and then will sell after. Thanks!

Want List:


B13-001 SR+ Eliwood (Medium)

B13-004 SR+ Lyn (Medium)

B12-054 SR+ Lissa (Medium)

B13-090 SR+ Fjorm (Low)

Have List

Series 3


P03-014 PR Soren

Series 4


B04-005 SR Touma

Series 5


B05-007 R Alan

Series 7


B07-017 R Serra (x2)

B07-060 R Saizo (x2)

B07-084 R Shiro (x1)

B07-093 R Sumeragi (x2)
P07-001 PR Chrom with Marth marker card

Series 8


B08-010 R Virion x2

B08-059 R Larcei

Series 9


B09-029 R Saber x2

B09-062 R Kilmar x5

B09-065 R Raigh x1

B09-090 R Caingehis x4

B09-095 R Zihark x2

B09-099 R Dheginsea x3

P03-013 PRr Elincia (reprint) with P09-002 PR Sharena x2

Series 10


B10-009 R Eyvel x3

B10-027 R Asbel x3

B10-029 R Shiva x3

B10-033 R Mareeta

B10-044 R Diarmuid 

Series 11


B11-024 R Gerik x1

B11-058 R Clive x3

B11-067 R Valbar x4

Series 12


B12-006 R Greil x6

B12-014 R Soren x1

B12-019 R Volke x3

B12-021 R Astrid x2

B12-025 R Stefan x2

B12-043 R Ashnard x3

B12-082 R Nanna x4

B12-085 R Beowolf x5

Series 13


B13-073 SR Athena x2

B13-004 R Matthew x2

B13-033 R Karel x3

B13-043 R Lloyd x5

B13-045 R Sonia x5

B13-064 R Draug x2

B13-066 R Norne x2

B13-070 R Lena x3

B13-084 R Alfonse x1

B13-095 R Laevatein x3

Thanks for taking a look!

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How the heck is everyone? I'm still around, I promise!

When the dust settles I am going to have to make a trade list right and proper, but I wanted to pop in to say that I have a SR+ (and a regular SR) B13 Hector that I do not want, and would be happy to trade (or sell) for just about anything else, lol.

I know the people like to try to fill SR+ gaps pretty quickly, so I wanted to make it known Hector was available without waiting 1,000 years for me to update my list.

I do know that I would love B13 Marth SR+, and I know very well that a Hector isn't his equal, but I am definitely looking for one (and the Caeda to go with him!). Also would love Pent R+

Hector SR+ has been claimed, but I would still be interested in a buy for Marth/Ceada SR+ and Pent R+ :3

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Now that I received my three B13 boxes, here's my updated want/have list with B13 pulls and Promo cards from Set 1-13 (All available for trading or selling). I'm also interested in most "+" cards too, as I only have a handful of them, so don't hesitate to offer them.


B01-B13 Cards

B01-046 SR Tiki
B01-075 SR Cordelia
B01-091 SR Owain
B02-010 SR Takumi
B02-030 SR Felicia
B02-062 SR Elise
B02-080 SR Jakob
B03-001 SR Ike
B03-004 SR Elincia
B03-006 SR Mist
B03-058 SR Kaze
B03-085 SR Flora
B04-036 SR Minerva
B04-044 SR Hardin
B04-048 SR Nyna
B04-067 SR Lon'qu
B04-072 SR Cordelia
B04-094 SR Severa
B05-042 SR Sophia
B05-089 SR Ike
B06-051 SR Xander
B06-056 SR Leo
B07-058 SR  Sakura
B07-066 SR  Oboro
B10-001 SR  Leif
B10-004 SR  Nanna
B11-093 SR  Tiki
B12-078 SR  Lachesis
B13-022 SR Canas

Promo cards

P01-003 PR Marth
P01-004 PR Lucina
P01-012 PR Marth
P01-013 PRr Marth
P01-014 PR Lucina
P01-015 PR Robin (M)
P02-005 PR Hinoka
P02-006 PR Sakura
P02-007 PR Corrin (F)
P02-008 PR Azura
P03-005 PR Ike
P03-006 PR Camilla
P03-007 PR Elise
P03-009 PR Tsubasa Oribe
P03-010 PR Camilla
P03-011 PR Sakura
P03-012 PR Elise
P03-014 PR Soren
P03-015 PR Azura
P03-016 PR Azura
P04-002 PR Micaiah
P04-010 PR Lucina
P05-009 PR Corrin (F)
P05-010 PR Corrin (M)
P06-009 PR Sigurd
P06-010 PR Ayra
P07-009 PR Lyn
P07-010 PR Hinoka
P07-011 PR Camilla
P07-012 PR Cain
P07-013 PR Abel
P07-015 PR Xander
P07-017 PR Sakura
P07-018 PR Elise
P08-009 PR Alm
P08-010 PR Celica
P09-009 PR Anna
P09-010 PR Alm
P10-009 PR Alm
P11-009 PR Delthea
P11-010 PR Corrin (F)
P11-011 PR Sharena
P11-013 PR Tiki
P11-014 PR Nowi




B01-009 R Abel x1
B01-059 R Lissa x1
B01-084 R Cherche x1
B02-004 R Azura x1
B02-026 R Hana x1
B02-028 R Subaki x1
B02-045 R Caeldori x1
B03-021 SR Mia x1
B03-036 R Jill x1
B03-043 R Tibarn x1
B03-063 R Shigure x1
B03-069 R Mitama x1
B03-078 SR Azura x1
B03-086 R Kana (F) x1
B03-091 R Nina x1
B04-013 R Yashiro Tsurugi x1
B04-031 R Sirius x1
B04-045 R Hardin x1
B04-059 R Eleonora Yumizuru x1
B04-076 R Say'ri x1
B04-092 R Cynthia x1
B05-001 SR Roy x1
B05-007 R Alen x1
B05-009 R Lance x1
B05-046 R Juno x1
B05-057 R Edward x1
B05-090 R Soren x1
B05-098 R Kurthnaga x1
B06-008 R Eldigan x1
B06-012 R Finn x1
B06-033 SR Lewyn x1
B06-036 R Sylvia x1
B06-045 R Mahnya x1
B06-066 R Effie x1
B06-082 R Siegbert x1
B06-097 SR Anankos x1
B07-002 R  Eliwood x1
B07-004 SR  Hector x1
B07-032 R  Raven x2
B07-041 R  Jaffar x1
B07-047 R  Ursula x2
B07-072 R  Jakob x1
B08-006 SR  Robin (F) x1
B08-009 SR  Frederick x3
B08-010 R  Virion x2
B08-019 R  Kellam x4
B08-026 R  Tharja x2
B08-033 R  Owain x1
B08-039 R  Tiki x2
B08-052 R  Seliph x4
B08-054 SR  Julia x2
B08-059 R  Larcei x3
B08-068 R  Fee x3
B08-076 SR  Shannan x1
B08-081 R  Ares x3
B08-081 R+  Ares x1
B08-084 R  Lene x2
B08-085 R  Tinni x1
B08-087 R  Febail x3
B08-091 SR  Altena x1
B08-096 R  Arvis x3
B08-097 SR  Anankos x1
B10-002 R+X  Leif x1
B09-001 SR Alm x1
B09-007 SR  Gray x1
B09-015 R  Faye x1
B09-029 R  Saber x2
B09-033 R  Delthea x1
B09-041 R  Zeke x1
B09-054 R  Roy x1
B09-058 R  Lilina x1
B09-065 R  Raigh x2
B09-078 R  Lethe x1
B09-091 R  Ike x1
B09-095 R  Zihark x1
B10-002 R  Leif x2
B10-007 SR  Finn x1
B10-009 R  Eyvel x3
B10-026 R  Lara x2
B10-027 R  Asbel x1
B10-029 R  Shiva x1
B10-031 SR  Olwen x1
B10-033 R  Mareeta x2
B10-036 SR  Tina x2
B10-044 R  Diarmuid x1
B10-046 R  Ced x1
B10-053 SR  Kana (M) x1
B10-059 R  Shigure x1
B10-064 R  Selkie x1
B10-066 R  Asugi x2
B10-082 R  Velouria x3
B10-095 R  Bruno x3
B11-013 R  Neimi x1
B11-020 SR  Joshua x1
B11-032 R  Innes x1
B11-034 R  Gerik x1
B11-036 R  L'Arachel x1
B11-058 R  Clive x1
B11-063 SR  Delthea x1
B11-067 R  Valbar x1
B11-076 SR  Rowan x1
B12-002 SR  Ike x1
B12-004 SR  Mist x1
B12-006 R  Greil x3
B12-013 R  Titania x3
B12-014 R  Soren x2
B12-016 SR  Marcia x1
B12-019 R  Volke x2
B12-021 R  Astrid x1
B12-025 R  Stefan x1
B12-032 R  Elincia x1
B12-043 R  Ashnard x2
B12-051 R  Chrom x3
B12-053 R  Lucina x1
B12-061 R  Say'ri x3
B12-071 SR  Walhart x1
B12-075 SR  Eldigan x1
B12-080 R  Ares x3
B12-082 R  Nanna x3
B12-083 R  Sigurd x2
B12-085 R  Beowulf x3
B13-012 SR Serra x2
B13-016 SR Nils x1
B13-019 SR Hector x1
B13-029 R Pent x3
B13-031 R Louise x3
B13-045 R Sonia x2
B13-055 R Abel x2
B13-060 R Cain x2
B13-064 R Draug x2
B13-066 R Nome x1
B13-070 R Lena x1
B13-090 SR Fjorm x2


P01-005 PRr Chrom  x1
P01-006 PR Jagen  x3
P01-007 PR Wrys  x7
P01-010 PR Tharja  x3
P02-011 PR Hinoka  x1
P03-002 PR Tsubasa Oribe  x1
P03-017 PR Azura  x1
P04-001 PR Roy  x1
P04-009 PRr Marth  x1
P04-011 PR Itsuki Aoi  x1
P05-001 PR Sigurd  x1
P05-011 PRr Felicia  x2
P05-013 PR Roy  x1
P05-015 PR Micaiah  x1
P06-011 PR Eldigan  x1
P07-001 PR Chrom  x1
P08-001 PR Alm  x1
P08-002 PR Celica  x2
P08-011 PR Chrom  x1
P08-011 PRr Chrom  x2
P09-003 PR Faye  x2
P09-004 PR Gromell  x2
P09-011 PR Celica  x1
P10-001 PR Eirika  x2
P10-003 PR Shannam  x4
P10-004 PR Corrin (M)  x7
P10-005 PR Finn  x2
P10-006 PR Mareeta  x4
P10-007 PR Nina  x2
P10-008 PR Corrin (F)  x2
P10-010 PR Alfonse  x1
P11-001 PR Eirika  x1
P11-002 PR+ Ephraim  x1
P11-003 PR Marisa  x6
P11-004 PR Mycen  x4
P11-005 PR Ephraim  x4
P11-006 PR Lianna  x3
P11-007 PR Robin (F)  x2
P11-008 PR Takumi  x1
P11-012 PR Eirika  x1
P12-001 PR Fjorm  x1
P12-002 PR Laevatein  x2
P12-003 PR Yune  x5
P12-004 PR Gregor  x3
P12-005 PR Soren  x1
P12-006 PR Lachesis  x1
P12-007 PR Ares  x3
P12-008 PR Tiki  x1
P12-010 PR Lucina  x1
P13-001 PR Lucina  x2
P13-002 PR Corrin (M)  x1

P14-010 PR     Robin (M)           x1

S01-S10 ST Cards

S01-001 ST Marth x1
S01-003 ST Jagen x1
S01-004 ST Ogma x1
S01-005 ST Navarre x1
S02-001 ST Chrom x2
S02-002 ST Kellam x2
S02-003 ST Vaike x2
S02-005 ST Ricken x1
S03-001 ST Corrin x2
S03-002 ST Ryoma x1
S04-001 ST Corrin (F) x2
S04-002 ST Xander x1
S05-001 ST Ike x2
S06-001 ST Itsuki Aoi x2
S06-002 ST Tsubasa Oribe x2
S07-001 ST Roy x2
S07-002 ST Lilina x1
S08-001 ST Sigurd x2
S08-002 ST Deirdre x1
S08-004 ST Arden x1
S08-005 ST Lex x1
S09-001 ST Alm x2
S09-002 ST Celica x1
S09-003 ST Mycen x1
S09-004 ST Boey x1
S09-005 ST Valbar x2
S10-002 ST Eliwood x2
S10-005 ST Marcus x1

I also have a dozen or so 5-pack sleeves, Post Cards from B12, Clear Files from B13 and 3-15 copies of almost every N/HN card in every set if you need any.


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Added P14-010PR card
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I'm new here but I'm collect Cipher for the art. You can find me on Reddit with the same username as I'm more active there.

Probably a long shot but I'm looking for a B11 SR+ Lute, Matchless Prodigal Mage. I have a B13 SR+ signed Lyn, Blade Princess of the Spring Breeze I would trade for it. I live in the U.S. and prefer to keep the trade in North America.

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Updated with SERIES 13!

Located in Ontario, Canada. Thank you so much! 

Looking to SELL:


B13-001SR - Eliwood 

B13-031R - Louise 

B13-033R - Karel 

B13-041R - Karla 

B13-060R - Cain 

B13-064R - Draug

B13-086SR - Sharena and company 

B13-088R - Summoner and company 

B13-095R/R+ - Laevatein 


B12-001SR - Ike

B12-013R - Titania

B12-014R - Soren

B12-019R - Volke

B12-051R - Chrom

B12-082R - Nanna


B01-059R/R+ - Lissa

B04-47R/R+ - Michaelis 

B06-70R/R+ - Felicia


B01-059R - Lissa

B04-47R - Michaelis 

B04-070R - Gaius 

B05-007R - Allen

B05-022R - Shanna 

B05-046R - Juno

B09-015R - Faye

B09-099R - Dheginsea

B10-027R - Asbel

B10-029R - Shiva

B10-033R - Mareeta

B10-044R - Diarmuid

B10-046R - Ced

B10-066R - Asugi

B10-095R - Bruno

B11-034R - Gerrick

B11-036R - L'arachel 

B11-055R - Faye

B11-063R - Delthea 

B11-066R - Genny

N and HN



P01-002PR - Corrin (F)

P02-002PR - Corrin (F)

P03-002PR - 

P04-001PR - Roy

P05-001PR - Sigurd

P07-002PR - Seliph

P08-001PR - Alm

P05-011PRr - Felicia

P10-001PR - Eirika x 2


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Hey again! I finally opened some boxes of B13, and I'm updating stuff I want/have to trade/sell~
Looking forward to making busydeals with you! :D

Edit: I also have a spare clearfile of Sharena in case anyone happens to be looking for one!

Wants (cards listed in bold have priority over the rest!)


B02-058SR Camilla x2

B01-004SR Caeda
B01-075SR Cordelia

B05-038R Tate
B05-086SR Sanaki

B06-047SR Arvis
B06-051SR Xander

B07-001SR Eliwood
B07-058SR Sakura

B08-002SR (Risen) Chrom
B08-009SR Frederick
B08-045SR Aversa
B08-051SR Seliph

B10-004SR Nanna
B10-036SR Tina
B10-042SR Misha
B10-051SR  F!Kana
B10-055SR M!Corrin
B10-061R Azura
B10-087SR Alphonse

B11-001SR Eirika
B11-004SR Ephraim
B11-016SR Lute
B11-029SR Amelia
B11-036R La'rachel
B11-066R Genny
B11-076SR Rowan
B11-079SR Lianna
B11-090R Marth

B13-001SR Eliwood
B13-004SR Lyn
B13-012SR Serra
B13-014R Matthew
B13-016SR Nils
B13-027R Ninian
B13-051SR Marth
B13-070R Lena
B13-073SR Athena



B01-007R Cain
B01-009R Abel x2
B01-028R Merrick x2
B01-030R Minerva
B01-059R Lissa
B01-070R Lon’qu
B01-084R Cherche x2

B02-004R Azura
B02-006SR Ryoma
B02-014R Saizo
B02-026R Hana
B02-043R Asugi
B02-045R Caeldori
B02-054R Azura
B02-064R Laslow x2
B02-072R Odin
B02-093R Forrest x2
B02-097R Ophelia

B03-025R Marcia
B03-035R Jill x3
B03-035R+ Jill
B03-043R Tibarn x2
B03-051SR F!Corrin
B03-062R M!Kana x2
B03-069R Miitama
B03-083R Cyrus x2
B03-086R F!Kana x2
B03-091R Nina

B04-001SR Tsubasa
B04-031R Sirius
B04-035R Feena
B04-059R Eleanora

B04-085R Owain
B04-087R Inigo

B05-017R Deke
B05-054SR Sothe
B05-057R Edward
B05-080R Lucia
B05-090R Soren
B05-098R Kurthnaga

B06-001SR Sigurd
B06-006SR Quan
B06-010R Ethlyn
B06-012R Finn
B06-024SR Ayra x4
B06-038R Fury
B06-040R Bridget
B06-045R Mahnya
B06-054SR Camilla
B06-066R Niles
B06-066R Effie
B06-070R Felicia
B06-072R Flora
B06-092R Garon
B06-097SR Anankos

B08-033R Owain
B08-048R Grima
B08-059R Larcei
B08-068R Fee
B08-076SR Shannan x3
B08-084R Lene
B08-091SR Altena
B08-096R Arvis
B08-097SR Julius

B12-006R Gawain/Greil
B12-013R Titania

B12-034R Ashnard
B12-051R Chrom
B12-061R Say'ri
B12-083R Sigurd
B12-085R Beowulf

B13-019SR Hector
B13-033R Karel
B13-041R Karla
B13-043R Lloyd
B13-045R Sonia
B13-055R Abel
B13-060R Cain
B13-064R Draug
B13-084R Alphonse
B13-086SR Sharena
B13-088R Kiran

P09-003PR Faye
P09-004PR Grommel
P10-003PR Shannan
P10-004PR M!Corrin
P10-006PR Yuzu


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+1 Roflolxp54 - Easy to work with, quick transaction - thank you!

+1 LunartailSteffi - We trade often, and for me it's easy to see why - she's great to trade with, and fun to chat to!

+1 mikooArt - Another quick, easy transaction - hope it's not the last!

Beyond the +'s, I just wanted to say: THANKS GUYS! 

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How much would someone charge for the Tiki towel?

Also, I have a decklist, I'm hoping to get the promo versions of some the cards if they're under $5. For the Camilla with multiple promos, I'd prefer the Christmas promo.

Here's the decklist. I'm hoping to get into Cipher with this!


Corrin, Crown Prince of Hoshido (2)
Corrin, Prince who Strives for the Dawn (2)

Lucina, Despair Defying Princess (2)

Lucina, Divine Dragon’s Exalt (2)

Ryoma, Tempestuous Wyvern Lord (3)

Xander: Knight of the Royal Family (2)

Xander: Pitch Dark Paladin (2)

Hinoka: Fiery Princess (2)

Hinoka: Crimson Red Princess (2)

Camilla: First Princess of Nohr (2)

Camilla: Goddess of Death (2)

Aversa: Dark One (2)

Aversa: Wicked Wings (2)

Risen (5)

Bruno: Dark-Garbed Mage Knight (3)

Veronica: Detached Princess (3)

Laevatein: Earth-Scorching Searing Steel (3)

Anna: Omnipresent Peddler (2)

Anna: Bloodhound for Hidden Treasures (2)

Anna: Mysterious Shopkeeper (3)

Azura: Diva of Dusk (4)

Takumi: Wind God’s Successor (2)

Takumi: Gale Garbed Holy Marksman (2)

Leo: Sorcerous Prodigy (2)

Leo: Prince of Darkness (2)

Sakura: Princess of Hoshido (2)

Sakura: Dancing in Hoshidan Bloom (2)

Mikoto: Queen of the Kingdom of Hoshido (3)

Shade: Sorcerous Pointer (4)



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I'm looking to buy the following cards.


B13-051 SR+ Marth
B13-053 SR+ Caeda

B12-010 SR Micaiah (high)
B12-051 R+ Chrom (low)

B08-048 R Grima

B05-051SR Micaiah

B04-029 R Julian

B03-095 R Velouria

B02-030 SR Felicia (high)

B01-078 R Nowi

P12-003 PR Yune (high)
P11-010 PR Corrin (F)
P11-001 PR+ Eirika (Low)
P10-008 PR Corrin (F)
P07-008 PR Sakura (Low)
P06-009 PR Sigurd (Low)

(strikethrough shows in discussion for buying)


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updated cards
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Just got my S13 box and I'm very happy with the results! Here's my updated card list.


For trading, I'm pretty much only looking for the following:

B13-020ST(+) Hector

B13-019SR+ Hector

B07-004SR+ Hector

B07-001SR Eliwood

B07-001SR+ Eliwood


S11 Have:

B11- 055R+ Faye (Signed)

B11- 079SR Lianna

B11- 001SR Eirika

B11- 053SR Celica

B11- 067R Valbar

B11- 032R Innes

B11- 045R Lyon

B11- 036R L'arachel

B11- 097R Lyn

B11- 066R Genny

B11- 090R Marth

B11- 095R Anna

B11- 034R Gerik

B11- 041R Myrrh

B11- 058R Clive


S12 Have:

B12-003 N +X Ike (Medallion)

B12- 002SR Ike

B12- 059SR Nowi

B12- 004SR Mist

B12- 075SR Eldigan

B12- 080R Ares

B12- 083R Sigurd

B12- 082R Nanna

B12- 032R Elincia

B12- 043R Ashnard

B12- 021R Astrid

B12- 073R Naga

B12- 051R Chrom

B12- 061R Say'ri

B12- 025R Stefan


S13 Have:

B13-001SR+ Eliwood (Not for sale/trade! Just wanted to list everything I got.)

B13-053SR Caeda

B13-016SR Nils

B13-012SR Serra

B13-073SR Athena

B13-088R Kiran

B13-084R Alfonse

B13-033R Karel

B13-095R Laevatein

B13-041R Karla

B13-031R Louise

B13-027R Eliwood/Ninian

B13-060R Cain

B13-029R Pent

B13-064R Draug

B13-043R Lloyd


Thanks for your time!

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Hi guys, mostly looking for Elibe and Magvel characters.


(Will also consider paypal for any)

Series 13

B13-022SR Canas

B13-053SR Caeda

B13-073SR Athena

B13-086SR Sharena

I have all R's for those interested

Series 11

B11-029SR Amelia

B11-076SR Rowan

B11-079SR Lianna

I have all R's for those interested

Series 7

B07-051SR Ryoma

B07-056SR Takumi

B07-058SR Sakura

B07-066SR Oboro

B07-097SR Anankos

I have all R's for those interested

+ Cards

B11-076SR+ Rowan

B07-051SR+ Ryoma

B13-095R+ Laevatein

B11-058R+ Clive

B07-041R+ Jaffar

B11-101+X(S04-003ST) Camilla

B09-054R+X Roy


I am also selling full sets of all the N/HN cards (72 in total) for those interested

Series 7

Series 13



(Will also take paypal offers)

+ Cards

B13-004SR+ Lyn

B13-019SR+ Hector

B11-001SR+ Eirika

B11-004SR+ Ephraim

B07-001SR+ Eliwood

B07-004SR+ Hector

B11-002R+ Eirika

B11-005R+ Ephraim

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I haven't posted on here in a long time, here's my updated list as of B13.


WANTS (willing to trade or use paypal)

Series 9:
B09-025SR - Mae

Series 11:
*B11-016SR - Lute
B11-041R+ - Myrrh
B11-058R+ - Clive

Series 12: 
B12-010SR - Micaiah
B12-097SR - Ishtar

HAVES (trade or sell)

Series 2:
B02-060SR - Leo
B02-080SR - Jakob

Series 5:
B07-002R+X Eliwood

Series 6:
B06-058SR - Elise
B06-097SR - Anankos

Series 7:
B07-051SR - Ryoma
B07-056SR - Takumi

Series 8:
B08-097SR - Julius

Series 9:
B09-007SR - Gray x2
B09-085SR - Ena

Series 10:
B10-055SR - Corrin (M)
B10-096N+X - Bruno

Series 11:
B11-076SR - Rowan x3
B11-079SR - Lianna x3

Series 12:
B12-001SR - Ike
B12-003HN+X - Ike
B12-004SR - Mist
B12-078SR - Lachesis

Series 13:
B13-019SR - Hector x2
B13-053SR - Ceada
B13-073SR - Athena x1
B13-086SR - Shareena x3
B13-090SR - Fjorm


Many rares/commons/uncommons from any set

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