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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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My B13 boxes arrived today! :D Anyone want to trade my secret Laevatein card for secret Ninian? Located in GA, USA.

For trade:


B07-017R Serra
B07-022R Lucius
B07-060R Saizo
B07-062R Kagero
B07-064R Setsuna
B07-068R Hana
B07-072R Jacob
B07-076R Silas
B07-084R Shiro
B07-093R Sumeragi
B07-097SR Anakos
P07-002PR Seliph
B09-015R Faye
B09-021SR Claire
B09-051SR Al
B09-058R+ Lilina
B09-062R Kilmar
B09-071R Jemmie
B09-085SR Ena
B09-090R Caineghis
B09-091R Ike
B09-095R Zihark
B09-099R Dheginsea
B13-033R Karel
B13-041R Karla
B13-043R Lloyd
B13-051SR Marth
B13-064R Draug
B13-064R+ Draug
B13-073SR Athena
B13-075SR Linde
B13-088R Kiran
B13-095R Laevatein
B13-095R+X Laevatein

S09-001ST Alm x2
S09-002ST Celica x2
S09-003ST Mycen
S09-004ST Boey
S09-005ST Valbar x2
S10-001ST Lyn x2
S10-002ST Eliwood x3
S10-003ST Florina
S10-004ST Erk
S10-005ST Marcus

B07 Card Sleeves (unopened) x2
B09 Card Sleeves (unopened) x1
B13 Card Sleeves (unopened) x2

I'm looking for:


P05-003PR Merlinus
B07-001SR+ Eliwood
B07-004SR+ Hector
P07-003PR Athos
P07-006PR Nino
B08-002SR Chrom (low priority)
B09-001SR Celica
B09-004SR Alm
B09-046R Berkut

B13-027R+X Ninian
B13-031R+ Louise
B13-029R+ Pent
P13-005PR Marth


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I'm still trying to sell my booster sets, so if anyone is interested, I've listed them on eBay. Everything has a bid or buy option, and the listings note anything missing from the set, if any.

Please let me know if you're interested, I'm very keen on getting rid of these cards! I also still have a significant amount of singles, if anyone wants to ask me to search for anything specific.

Thank you. ❤️


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Hello, everyone!

I usually stay over in the Heroes thread, but last month, I started collecting these cards, and I absolutely love it. Something about seeing characters in different art styles as well as recognizing the FEH artists makes it even more fun. I've got a pretty good collection so far, and I need to start buildings decks once I can stop staring at the pretty art. I'm mostly just prioritizing getting my favorite characters (regardless of rarity), so there are a few booster boxes I'm not planning to buy (since there aren't enough cards in the set that I want). 

Here's a list of the cards I'm currently looking for (with my most wanted cards highlighted):


Caeda: Angelic Advocate of Affection B01-004SR(+)
Minerva: Princess B01-030R(+)
Camus: Sable Order B01-050SR
Chrom: Exalted Prince B01-051SR(+)
Owain: Chosen Warrior of Hope B01-091SR
Leo: Prince of Darkness B02-060SR
Leo: Young Prince of Nohr B02-061N

Laslow: Magnificent Dancing Hero B02-064R
Laslow: Blossoming Smile B02-065N
Odin: He who chose the Darkness B02-072R
Odin: Sealed Power B02-073N
Niles: Compulsively Inflicting Cruelty B02-074HN
Niles: Smiling Sadist B02-075N

Forrest: Beautiful Prince B02-093R(+)
Forrest: Pretty Prince B02-094N
Soleil: Sunny Swordsmaster B02-095R(+)
Soleil: Lover of Women B02-096N
Ophelia: Twilight Sorcerer B02-097R(+)
Ophelia: Inherited Sensitivity B02-098N
Mia: Unrivaled Sword Hand B03-021SR(+)
Tibarn: King of Phoenicis B03-043R(+)

Marth: Bambent Hero-King B04-018SR(+)
Sirius: Masquerading Knight B04-031R(+)
Minerva: Sunset Ruby Princess B04-036SR
Michalis: King of Macedon B04-047R(+)
Lon’qu: Scourge of Ferox B04-067SR
Lugh: Child of Anima B05-025R
Sothe: Guardian of Hope B05-054SR(+)
Nephenee: Patriotic War Princess B05-077R
Mia: Aspiring Lady of the Blades B05-092SR
Leo: Dark Prince of Chilling Magic B05-056SR(+)
Leo: Sorcerous Prodigy B06-057N
Niles: Pleasure Professional B06-064R(+)
Niles: Twisted Joy B06-065N

Kaze: Chilling Storm B06-074HN
Kaze: Devoted Wind B06-075N
Forrest: Beautifully Dressed Butler B06-084HN
Shigure: Stroll in the Skies B06-085HN
Chrom: Sacred Sovereign of Hope B08-001 SR(+)
Chrom: Undead King of Despair B08-002SR

Robin (Female): Legendary Tactician B08-006SR
Owain: Bearer of Royal Lineage B08-033R
Celica: Heiress to the Goddess's Blood B09-004 SR(+)
Gray: Composed Prodigy B09-007 SR(+)
Lukas: Sharp Solider B09-017HN
Mae: Foolhardly Magical Girl B09-025 SR

Zeke: Rigel's Sable Knight B09-041 R(+)
Conrad: White Guardian Knight B09-043 SR
Raigh: Darkness-Pursuing Youth B09-066N
Nasir: Eternal Wanderer B09-084HN
Rafiel: Earthbound Heron B09-089HN
Zihark: Wandering Mercenary B09-096N
Shigure: End of the Ideal Path B10-059 R(+)
Shigure: Canyon-Wandering Soul B10-060N
Forrest: Prayer's Brynhildr B10-075HN
Ophelia: Rehearsal of a Turnabout Victory B10-076R
Ophelia: Dusk Fortune-Teller B10-077N
Nina: Delusion-Fighting Bow Knight B10-078HN
Nina: Exposed Paradise B10-079N
Soleil: Bright Smile B10-080HN
Soleil: Lady-Loving Genes B10-081N
Alfonse: Prince with Golden Wings B10-087SR(+)
Alfonse: Swordsman of the Order of Heroes B10-088HN
Alfonse: Prince of Askr B10-089HN
Bruno: Dark Garbed Mage Knight B10-095R(+)
Bruno: Mysterious Masked Knight B10-096N
Veronica: Detached Princess B10-097SR
Veronica: Imperial Empress of Embla B10-098N

Amelia: Blossoming Talent B11-029SR
Innes: King and Strategician B11-032R(+)
Celica: Maiden Awoken to Queenship B11-053SR

Elena: Keeper of the Medallion B12-008HN
Elena: Serene Hearted Cleric B12-009N
Micaiah: Goddess-Possessed Maiden B12-010SR(+)
Soren: Clever Path-Clearing Wind B12-014R(+)
Soren: Wise Man of the Mercenaries B12-015N
Zelgius: General of the Imperial Central Army B12-038HN
Rajaion: Prince-Turned Mad Wyrm B12-045HN
Chrom: Awakened Justice B12-051SR(+)
Chrom: Enthusiastic Prince B12-052N
Lucina: Future-Wishing Exalted Eye B12-053R(+)

Lon’qu: Gynophobic Wyvern Rider B12-057N
Canas: Benighted Smile B13-022SR
Pent: The Living Legend’s Disciple B13-029R(+)
Louise: Bow of Boundless Love B13-031R(+)

Marth: Hero Chosen by the Exalted Blade B13-051R(+)
Caeda: The Hero-King’s Wings B13-053SR(+)
Alfonse: Piercing Golden Will B13-084R
Kiran: Otherworldly Great Hero B13-088R

Fjorm: Glacial Blossom in a Frozen Land B13-090SR(+)

Whoops. Ended up highlighting more cards than I intended to... I'm not too big on whether a card is SR/R or SR+/R+, so I'm fine either way. I'm in the process of documenting all the cards I have, so I don't quite have a comprehensive list of cards available for trade or purchase yet. I'm hoping to finish that sometime within the next week.

Super excited to get involved in the community!

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alrighty here is the full list of what im wanting to get. Four of each unless stated Thanks!

B04-093N Cynthia

B04-092R Cynthia 

B08-024N Marribelle

B08-023R Maribelle x2

B01-057R FRobin x3

B01-058N FRobin x2

B11-027SR Tana 

B11-042N Myrrh

B11-041R Myrrh

B13-001SR Eliwood x4

B13-004SR Lyn x2

P13-003PR Lyn x2

S10-001ST Lyn x2

B07-007SR Lyn x1

B13-007N Florina

S10-003ST Florina

B13-016SR Nils

B13-019SR Hector 

B07-004SR Hector 

B13-027R Ninian x3

B07-039SR Nino

B09-067HN Guinveire x1

B05-023N Shanna x2


image.jpg?width=282&height=376image.jpg?width=282&height=376current trades!

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I'm looking to purchase a few cards for projects here and there.

2x Shannan B08-077 N

1x Larcei B08-061-N

3x Zephiel B09-073 SR
1x Ayra B06-025 N
2x Sharena B10-090 R+
2x Lyn B11-097 R
2-3x Joshua B11-020 SR
4x Tobin B09-010 R

I prefer to purchase in bulk, can do paypal, feel free to message me

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Hello everybody!

I just recently got into FE: Cipher, and I am looking to trade for/buy some cards to flesh out my Nohrian deck.

I just opened up a box of Series 6, so I have some trades that I can post when I get the chance.

For now, here are some of the cards I am looking for:

  • Camilla: Goddess of Death x2
  • Camilla: Beautiful Obsidian Princess x1
  • Corrin (Female): Chosen Princess of the Godly Blade x1
  • Xander: Unifier of the Kingdom of Nohr x2
  • Leo: Younger Dark Prince of Chilling Magic x2
  • Elise: Sweet Sister x1
  • Elise: Star of the Dark Sky x1
  • Effie: Army of One x1
  • Azura: Songstress of Water x2

I will update this list and add trades when I am back at my apartment and can check my lackey decklist and my cards.

Thank you!

(I have more trades from Series 6, file upload size limit has got me. Feel free to request a card, and I'll let you know if I have it!)


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Looking to buy these cards, please message me!

1 Grima: Baleful Dragon (B08-048R)
1 Corrin (Female): Princess of Hoshido (B03-052N)
1 Lucina: Divine Dragon's Exalt (B08-004R)
1 Veronica: Imperial Empress of Embla (B10-098N)

5 Deirdre: The Spirit Forest's Maiden (B06-005N)

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Haven't posted here in a while. Looking to buy the following cards:

Lyn: Blade Princess of the Spring Breeze (B13-004SR and B13-004SR+)
Lyn: Bow Princess of the Plains (P13-003PR)
Eliwood: Blazing Knight of Valor (B13-001SR)

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I've got my Booster sets on eBay, so i figured I'd repost here with their costs in case anyone's interested.


  • Series 2: $180 (includes B02-006SR+, B02-026R+, B02-095R+, B02-097R+)
  • Series 3: $140 (includes B03-036R+, B03-044R+)
  • Series 5: $180 (includes B05-54SR+, B07-002R+X)
  • Series 6: $180 (includes B06-051SR+, B06-64R+, B08-052R+X); MISSING B06-054SR
  • Series 8: $140 (includes B10-002R+X); MISSING B08-001SR, B08-054SR, B08-091SR
  • Series 9: $140 (includes B09-034N+X, B09-065R+)
  • Series 10: $140; MISSING B10-001SR, B10-087SR, B10-097SR

R/SRs, promos, other miscelleanous FE items, just send me a PM, I usually go by about 75% of the value on TCGRepublic unless there's another website out there that reliably ships to the US and is priced lower, same for all N and HN cards.


Series 1

  • B01-038R (Palla) x1
  • B01-040R (Catria) x1
  • B01-059R (Lissa) x1

Series 2

  • B02-004R (Aqua) x2
  • B02-024R (Oboro) x1
  • B02-026R (Hana) x3
  • B02-043R (Asugi) x1
  • B02-047R (Rhajat) x1
  • B02-054R (Aqua) x1
  • B02-070R (Selena) x1

Series 3

  • B03-025R (Marcia) x1
  • B03-036R (Jill) x4
  • B03-063R (Shigure) x1
  • B03-069R (Mitama) x1
  • B03-086R (Kana (F)) x1
  • B03-091R (Nina) x1

Series 5

  • B05-007R (Alan) x1
  • B05-009R (Lance) x2
  • B05-017R (Dieck) x1
  • B05-025R (Lugh) x1
  • B05-038R (Shanna/Thany) x1
  • B05-057R (Edward) x1
  • B05-084R (Sigrun) x1

Series 6

  • B06-008R (Eldigan) x2
  • B06-031R (Lachesis) x1
  • B06-036R (Sylvia) x1
  • B06-038R (Erin) x1
  • B06-062R (Beruka) x1
  • B06-064R (Niles) x2
  • B06-066R (Effie) x1
  • B06-070R (Felicia) x1
  • B06-072R (Flora) x1
  • B06-092R (Garon) x1

Series 7

  • B07-047R (Ursula) x1
  • B07-068R (Hana) x2
  • B07-076R (Silas) x2
  • B07-084R (Shiro) x3
  • B07-097SR (Anankos) x1

Series 8

  • B08-084R (Leen) x1
  • B08-085 (Tinny) x1

Series 9

  • B09-010R (Tobin) x1
  • B09-015R (Faye) x1
  • B09-033R (Delthea) x1
  • B09-041R (Zeke) x1
  • B09-046R (Berkut) x2
  • B09-054R (Roy) x1
  • B09-056SR (Tiena) x1
  • B09-058R (Lilina) x1
  • B09-062R (Kilmar) x1
  • B09-065R (Raigh) x2
  • B09-071R (Jemmie) x2
  • B09-078R (Lethe) x1
  • B09-095R (Zihark) x1
  • B09-099R (Deghinsea) x1

Series 10

  • B10-044R (Diarmiud) x1


  • P01-001Pr (MCorrin)
  • P01-002Pr (FCorrin)
  • P01-005Pr (Chrom)
  • P02-001Pr (Ike)
  • P02-002Pr (FCorrin) x2
  • P02-010Pr (FCorrin)
  • P03-001Pr (Itsuki) x2
  • P03-002Pr (Tsubasa) x2
  • P03-013Pr (Elincia)
  • P05-001Pr (Sigurd) x2
  • P05-002Pr (Xander)
  • P06-002Pr (Ryoma)
  • P07-001Pr (Chrom) x3
  • P08-001Pr (Alm)
  • P09-001Pr (Alfonse)
  • P09-002Pr (Sharena) x2
  • P10-002Pr (Ephraim)

Other things I'll trade/sell:

  • D4 Series Fire Emblem Fates Rubber Strap Collection
    • Ryoma
    • Leo
    • Elise
    • Corrin (F)
    • Jakob
    • Ryoma
    • Hinoka
    • Sakura
    • Corrin (M)
  • B09 Clear File Sleeves (shown here) x1 per design
  • Cordelia 1/7 scale figurine: $220


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Hey, looking to buy or trade for the rest of the Sacred Stones cards I'm collecting.


  • B11-001SR+ Eirika
  • B11-002R+ Eirika
  • B11-004SR+ Ephraim
  • B11-016SR+ Lute
  • B11-032R+ Innes
  • B11-036R+ L'Arachel
  • B11-041R+ Myrrh

Have: Venmo, Paypal, and the following S11 Rares

  • B11-055R Faye
  • B11-058R Clive
  • B11-063SR Delthea
  • B11-066R Genny
  • B11-079SR Lianna
  • B11-082R Chrom
  • B11-090R Marth
  • B11-095R Anna

Edit: changed some cards around from regular to the + versions

Edited by FDFlowrite
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Here's my full H/W list. I can sell items through Paypal so don't be afraid to PM me an offer. Thanks for looking.


1x B12-010SR+ Micaiah (Priority)

1x B11-016SR+ Lute (Priority)

1x B08-045SR Aversa (SR+ preferred)

1x B07-066SR Oboro

1x P06-010PR Ayra

1x B02-051SR F!Corrin

1x B05-034SR Fir

1x B04-063SR Lucina

1x B11-095R+ Anna (Priority)

1x B05-077R Nephenee

1x B09-039HN Sonya


SR, SR+ and Promo


1x B13-004SR+ Lyn

1x B13-001SR Eliwood

1x B13-022SR Canas

2x B13-019SR Hector

1x B11-079SR Lianna

1x P04-009PRr Marth (Sealed with the other card)

1x B07-039SR Nino

1x B07-097SR Anankos

1x B07-051SR Ryoma

1x B02-001SR M!Corrin

1x B02-080SR Jakob

R and R+


1x B13-070R+ Lena

2x B13-070R Lena

1x B13-084R Alfonse

1x B13-088R Kiran

1x B13-031R Louise

1x B13-055R Abel

2x B13-029R Pent

2x B13-060R Cain

2x B13-064R Draug

2x B13-014R Matthew

2x B13-066R Norne

1x B11-090R Marth

1x B11-067R Valbar

1x B11-058R Clive

1x B11-013R Neimi

1x B07-017R Serra

1x B07-076R Silas

1x B07-022R Lucius

1x B07-015R Florina

1x B07-041R Jaffar

1x B07-002R Eliwood

1x B07-093R Sumeragi

1x B07-084R Shiro

1x B02-093R Forrest

1x B02-093R+ Forrest

1x B02-043R Asugi

1x B02-064R Laslow

1x B02-014R Saizo

1x B02-066R Peri


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