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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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Just realized that I never made a new post with S13 cards. Whoops! Now updated with Series 13 cards & S12 Tournie Promos! (S12 Tournie Promos still incoming)

All available cards are valid for either cash purchase (via PayPal or direct bank transfer) or direct trade for my Wanted cards unless otherwise stated. I may also willing to buy via PayPal instead of trade for some cards. If you're interested in anything, get in touch with me via PM or post here!

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands (Europe). I'm happy to ship worldwide. I've been trading/selling Cipher and Pokémon cards for some time now, so I'm kind of familiar with the whole internationally shipping cards deal.

Looking For:

S12 Lissa SR+
S13 Ninian R+X
S13 Laevatein R+X

Will also accept toss-ins of Bride Lissa, Warriors Lissa, and Necrodragon cards, any quantity

(Always willing to accept PayPal for cards instead of trading.)

NEW! S13 SR cards:
Serra, Marth x3

NEW! S13 R cards:
Louise, Karel, Karla, Sonia, Draug

S1~S12 SR Cards:
S11: Delthea, Lianna x2
S10: Misha x3

Tournament Promo Cards:
New! S12: Gregor, Yune, Lachesis x2, Ares x2
S11: Mycen (slight damage), Lianna x2, F!Robin
S10: Shannam x3, Mareeta x2
S3: Oliver x8, Black Knight x3

Other Promos:
Marth S13 Booster Promo (P04-009PRr)
Lucina S13 Preview Promo (P13-001PR)
Comiket Delthea Promo
Holo Eirika/Non-Holo Ephraim Sealed Pack (S11 booster box promo)

S1~S12 R Cards:
S12: Ashnard x2, Ares x2, Nanna
S11: Neimi, Innes, Clive x2, Anna x3
S10: Lara, Shiva, Mareeta, Diarmuid x2, Sety, Ophelia x2
S9: Saber x2, Zeke x2, Raigh x2
S8: Larcei, Febail x2
S6: Siegbert
S5: Alan
S4: Yashiro, Kiria x2
S2: Odin

N/HN Cards:
I have many Normal and High Normal cards available for all sets. I hope to make up a spreadsheet or something to list them soon someday. If there are any N/HN cards you are interested in in the meantime, feel free to ask! I would be happy to look through for you.

Single Sleeves Available:
Chrom S1, Lucina S1, Gaius, Camilla, Lucina S4, Lilina, Sigurd, Raquesis, Eliwood, Lyn sleeves, C91 Circle Pixel Lords, C91 Running Pixel Lords, C91 Character Box Lords, Altena, Alm,  Celica, Nanna, Witch!Corrin, S12 Pixel Lords.

I have a PAL region Pokémon-themed 3DSXL (the red one with Yveltal and Xerneas), that I'm looking to get rid of, if anyone wants that as a trade for cards I guess?

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One last post about full Booster sets available for sale if anyone's interested, because I've dropped their prices, possibly for the last time. They're currently on eBay, but I'll drop them from the site to do a direct exchange if anyone is interested.

  • Series 2: $125 (includes B02-006SR+, B02-026R+, B02-095R+, B02-097R+)
  • Series 3: $100 (includes B03-036R+, B03-044R+)
  • Series 5: $125 (includes B05-54SR+)
  • Series 6: $125 (includes B06-051SR+, B06-64R+, B08-052R+X); MISSING B06-054SR
  • Series 9: $100 (includes B09-034N+X, B09-065R+)
  • Series 10: $100; MISSING B10-001SR, B10-087SR, B10-097SR

Thanks to everyone for some excellent trades, I'll still poke around whenever new sets come out if individual cards pique my collecting interest. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Hi everyone, it's been awhile, but here's what I'm currently looking for:






Mostly all N /HN cards from Series 1, 2, and 11.

B01-004SR+ Caeda 
B01-057R Robin

B03-025R Marcia
B03-036R Jill
B03-040R Ranulf
B03-044R Naesala
B03-046R Leanne
B03-063R Shigure
B03-069R Mitama
B03-072R Selkie
B03-083R Silas

B04-035R Feena
B04-045R Hardin
B04-047R Michalis
B04-059R Eleonora Yumizuru

B05-034SR Fir 
B05-042SR Sophia

B06-001SR Sigurd
B06-008R Eldigan
B06-012R Finn
B06-038R Erin
B06-064R Niles
B06-066R Effie
B06-072R Flora

B07-072R Jakob

B10-026R Lara

B11-001SR Eirika
B11-0029SR Amelia 
B11-045R Lyon
B11-055R Faye
B11-058R Clive
B11-067R Valbar
B11-082R Chrom
B11-090R Marth
B11-093SR Tiki
B11-095R Anna
P11-001PR+ Eirika
P11-002PR Ephraim

Please let me know if you have any questions, thank you!

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Hello cipher players/collectors! I'm quitting the game due to life circumstances. I'm based in the US and am willing to use Paypal. I am open to trades/offers; currently, I'm looking for B08 Julia SR+. Shipping is $3.00 with tracking. Thanks for taking interest.

I also have a pack of 60 Lyn sleeves ($8.00) and a pack of 50 Heroes Anniversary ($6.00) sleeves for sale. I have a lot of HN/N cards ranging from B01-B10 that I'm wanting to sell.

Fire Emblem Cipher Card Listings
Prices are determined from Amenity Dream
Series Color Name Rarity Code Price Quantity Different Rarity Status
B06 Yellow Dierdre SR B06-004SR $25 x1    
B07 Purple Nino SR B07-039SR $45 x2 Both for $80.00  
B07 Purple Eliwood SR B07-001SR $25 x1 Yes, 1x SR+ 1 SOLD
B08 Blue Chrom SR B08-001SR $9 x1   HOLD
B08 Blue Cherche SR B08-028SR $3 x1   SOLD
B08 Yellow Seliph SR B08-051SR $20 x1   SOLD
B10 Yellow Olwen SR B10-031SR $8 x1    
B12 Blue Lissa SR B12-054SR $13 x1    
B01 Red Palla R B01-038R $0.30 x1   SOLD
B01 Red Catria R B01-040R $0.70 x1   SOLD
B01 Red Est R B01-042R $0.40 x1   SOLD
B01 Blue Nowi R B01-078R $14 x1   SOLD
B01 Ble Robin (F!) R B01-057R $0.60 x1    
B01 Blue Cherche R B01-084R $0.50 x1    
B06 Yellow Eldigan R B06-008R $0.30 x1    
B06 Yelllow Sylvia R B06-036R $0.20 x1    
B07 Purple Serra R B07-017R $0.30 x1   SOLD
B07 Purple Lucius R B07-022R $0.20 x1   SOLD
B07 Purple Ursula R B07-047R $1.00 x1   SOLD
B08 Blue Lucina R B08-004R $0.80 x1   SOLD
B08 Blue Tiki R B08-039R $4 x2   2x HOLD
B08 Yellow Leen R B08-084R $0.20 x1    
B08 Yellow Tinny R B08-085R $6 x1    
B08 Yellow Faval R B08-087R $0.10 x1    
B08 Yellow Larcei R B08-059R $0.30 x1    
B10 Yellow Evalye R B10-009R $0.70 x1    
B10 Yellow Mareeta R B10-033R $0.20 x1    
B12 Blue Naga R B12-073R $1 x1   SOLD
B01 Red Linde R B01-035R $1 x1    
B01 Red Merric R B01-028R $0.50 x1   HOLD
B05 Purple Shanna R B05-028R $0.30 x1    
B08 Blue Tharja R B08-026R $0.20 x1    
B08 Blue Kellam R B08-019R $0.10 x1   SOLD
B08 Blue Virion R B08-010R $0.20 x1   SOLD
B10 Yellow Asbel R B10-027R $0.30 x1   SOLD
B10 Yellow Shiva R B10-029R $0.10 x1   SOLD
B10 Yellow Lara R B10-026R $0.20 x1    
P01 White Kamui PR P01-001PR $0.30 x1   HOLD
P03 Blue Itsuki Aoi PR P03-001PR $0.20 x1   HOLD
P05 Black Xander PR P05-002PR $0.30 x1    
P08 Red Alm PR P08-001PR $0.10 x1   HOLD
P10 Purple Erika PR P10-001PR $0.50 x1    
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Want List:
Ike B12-001SR/SR+ (Ike: Radiant Vanguard)
Ike B12-003N (Ike: Youth Becoming a Hero)
Ike B09-091R(+) (Ike: Commander of the Greil Mercenaries)
Ike P12-009PR (Ike: Valorous General)
Micaiah B12-010SR(+) (Micaiah: Goddess-Possessed Maiden)
Micaiah B12-012N (Micaiah: Maiden of Miracles)
Guinevere B09-067HN (Guinevere: Princess of Bern)

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+1 to jiayejoe (long shipping time was not his fault)

Currently looking for the following cards:
Lyn: Blade Princess of the Spring Breeze (B13-004SR and B13-004SR+)
Lyn marker card (uses the artwork of (Lyn: Swordswoman of the Lorca Tribe (B13-005N /B13-005ST(+))))

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+1 Roflolxp54

Honest buyer. I refunded him because the card had yet to reach him after 4 weeks (it normally takes under 10 days) , but paid me back today when the card finally arrived. Sorry again about the long shipping time, really don't know what the post office was doing all this time... 

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Hello everyone! This is my first post here so sorry if it's not up to standard.
I'm trying to sell some of my Cipher cards, since I'm only really into collecting them and want to keep the ones that I like. So! Below is a list of the cards I currently have for sale.

Prices are based off of AmenityDream's prices. I am located in Canada and accept money through Paypal. Shipping price is a flat rate of $5 and will have each card in a transparent sleeve or, for the more expensive cards, one of those harder plastic sleeves. It will be shipped in a bubble padded envelope and come with a tracking number. 

I have cards from sets B01, B02, B03, B09 and B10. I possess most of the N/HN cards and some R/SR's that will not be listed, I will make a document with them all soon, but for now, please feel free to ask if I have the cards you're looking for! As for the more expensive ones, I will provide a list down below.

  • B01-004SR - Caeda: Angelic Advocate of Affection - $10
  • B03-021SR - Mia: Unrivaled Sword Hand - $10
  • B09-097SR - Jill: Sincere Dragonlord - $25
  • B10-004SR - Nanna: Brave Princess - $10


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Hi, I'm located in Singapore and I'm looking to buy B14-097SR+ 
Not open for trades atm because I'm still building up my first deck. 
Hope to get one in good condition for not too expensive because it's going for just under 5000 yen on yuyutei.
Budget is about 50SGD with some leeway.

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Hi, I'm looking to buy a few cards to finish off my newest deck. I'd prefer to pick up all the cards from the same person, but I'm really more interested in just finishing the deck. Paypal payment is my normal method. I usually do pricing via amenitydream or bigweb but I'm open to negotiate. I also don't have a lot to trade, so I'm mostly looking to buy.

2x B11-097 R Lyn
2-3x B09-056SR Tiena
4x B05-034SR Fir 

thanks a bunch

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With the release of B14, here's my updated want/have list with B14 pulls and a P14-010PR Robin (M). All are available for buy/trade/sell. I'm also interested in most "+" cards too, as I only have a handful of them, so don't hesitate to offer them.


B01-B14 Cards

B01-075 SR Cordelia
B01-091 SR Owain
B02-010 SR Takumi
B03-001 SR Ike
B03-004 SR Elincia
B03-085 SR Flora
B04-048 SR Nyna
B05-089 SR Ike

Promo cards

P01-003 PR Marth
P01-004 PR Lucina
P01-012 PR Marth
P01-013 PRr Marth
P01-014 PR Lucina
P01-015 PR Robin (M)
P02-005 PR Hinoka
P02-006 PR Sakura
P02-007 PR Corrin (F)
P02-008 PR Azura
P03-006 PR Camilla
P03-007 PR Elise
P03-009 PR Tsubasa Oribe
P03-010 PR Camilla
P03-011 PR Sakura
P03-012 PR Elise
P03-014 PR Soren
P03-015 PR Azura
P03-016 PR Azura
P04-002 PR Micaiah
P04-010 PR Lucina
P05-009 PR Corrin (F)
P05-010 PR Corrin (M)
P06-009 PR Sigurd
P06-010 PR Ayra
P07-009 PR Lyn
P07-010 PR Hinoka
P07-011 PR Camilla
P07-012 PR Cain
P07-013 PR Abel
P07-017 PR Sakura
P07-018 PR Elise
P08-010 PR Celica
P09-009 PR Anna
P09-010 PR Alm
P10-009 PR Alm
P11-009 PR Delthea
P11-010 PR Corrin (F)
P11-011 PR Sharena
P11-013 PR Tiki
P11-014 PR Nowi




B01-009 R Abel x1
B01-084 R Cherche x1
B02-026 R Hana x1
B02-028 R Subaki x1
B02-045 R Caeldori x1
B03-021 SR Mia x1
B03-036 R Jill x1
B03-043 R Tibarn x1
B03-063 R Shigure x1
B03-091 R Nina x1
B04-001 SR Tsubasa Oribe x1
B04-013 R Yashiro Tsurugi x2
B04-017 HNX Tiki x1
B04-018 SR Marth x1
B04-029 R Julian x1
B04-031 R Sirius x2
B04-045 R Hardin x2
B04-047 R Michalis x1
B04-059 R Eleonora Yumizuru x2
B04-063 SR Lucina x1
B04-070 R Gaius x1
B04-076 R Say'ri x2
B04-083 R Morgan (F) x1
B04-085 R Owain x1
B04-087 R Inigo x1
B04-092 R Cynthia x2
B05-001 SR Roy x1
B05-007 R Alen x1
B05-009 R Lance x1
B05-046 R Juno x1
B05-057 R Edward x1
B05-090 R Soren x1
B05-098 R Kurthnaga x1
B06-036 R Sylvia x1
B06-066 R Effie x1
B06-082 R Siegbert x1
B07-002 R  Eliwood x1
B07-004 SR  Hector x1
B07-032 R  Raven x2
B07-047 R  Ursula x2
B07-072 R  Jakob x1
B08-009 SR  Frederick x2
B08-010 R  Virion x2
B08-019 R  Kellam x4
B08-026 R  Tharja x2
B08-033 R  Owain x1
B08-039 R  Tiki x1
B08-052 R  Seliph x4
B08-054 SR  Julia x2
B08-059 R  Larcei x3
B08-068 R  Fee x3
B08-076 SR  Shannan x1
B08-081 R  Ares x1
B08-081 R+  Ares x1
B08-084 R  Lene x2
B08-085 R  Tinni x1
B08-087 R  Febail x2
B08-091 SR  Altena x1
B08-096 R  Arvis x3
B08-097 SR  Anankos x1
B09-015 R  Faye x1
B09-029 R  Saber x2
B09-041 R  Zeke x1
B09-054 R  Roy x1
B09-058 R  Lilina x1
B09-065 R  Raigh x2
B09-091 R  Ike x1
B09-095 R  Zihark x1
B10-002 R  Leif x1
B10-007 SR  Finn x1
B10-009 R  Eyvel x2
B10-026 R  Lara x2
B10-029 R  Shiva x1
B10-033 R  Mareeta x2
B10-036 SR  Tina x2
B10-046 R  Ced x1
B10-053 SR  Kana (M) x1
B10-059 R  Shigure x1
B10-066 R  Asugi x2
B10-095 R  Bruno x3
B11-001 SR  Eirika x1
B11-020 SR  Joshua x1
B11-027 SR  Tana x1
B11-032 R  Innes x2
B11-034 R  Gerik x2
B11-036 R  L'Arachel x2
B11-041 R  Myrrh x1
B11-045 R  Lyon x1
B11-058 R  Clive x2
B11-063 SR  Delthea x2
B11-066 R  Genny x1
B11-067 R  Valbar x2
B11-079 SR  Lianna x1
B11-090 R  Marth x1
B11-095 R  Anna x1
B12-002 SR  Ike x1
B12-004 SR  Mist x1
B12-006 R  Greil x3
B12-013 R  Titania x2
B12-014 R  Soren x2
B12-019 R  Volke x2
B12-025 R  Stefan x1
B12-032 R  Elincia x1
B12-043 R  Ashnard x2
B12-051 R  Chrom x3
B12-053 R  Lucina x1
B12-061 R  Say'ri x3
B12-071 SR  Walhart x1
B12-080 R  Ares x3
B12-082 R  Nanna x3
B12-083 R  Sigurd x1
B12-085 R  Beowulf x3
B13-001 SR Eliwood x1
B13-012 SR Serra x1
B13-019 SR Hector x1
B13-022 SR Canas x1
B13-029 R Pent x3
B13-031 R Louise x3
B13-033 R Karel x1
B13-041 R Karla x1
B13-045 R Sonia x2
B13-051 SR Marth x1
B13-055 R Abel x3
B13-060 R Cain x3
B13-064 R Draug x3
B13-084 R Alfonse x1
B13-086 SR Sharena x1
B13-088 R Kiran x1
B13-095 R Laevatein x1
B14-004 R Chrom x1
B14-010 R Cordelia x1
B14-014 R Morgan (M) x3
B14-022 SR Cynthia x2
B14-032 R Nah x2
B14-042 R Validar x2
B14-044 R Itsuki Aoi x1
B14-054 SR Azura x1
B14-056 R Ryoma x2
B14-058 R Hinoka x1
B14-060 R Takumi x2
B14-062 R Sakura x1
B14-076 R Ike x3
B14-078 SR Gawain x1
B14-081 SR Titania x1
B14-091 R Shinon x3
B14-093 R Gatrie x3
B14-096 R Mia x3


P01-009 PR Cordelia x1
P01-010 PR Tharja x3
P01-011 PR Tiki x1
P02-011 PR Hinoka x1
P03-002 PR Tsubasa Oribe x2
P04-001 PR Roy x1
P04-009 PRr Marth x2
P04-011 PR Itsuki Aoi x1
P05-001 PR Sigurd x1
P05-004 PR Ilyana x1
P05-007 PR Micaiah x1
P05-011 PRr Felicia x2
P05-013 PR Roy x1
P05-014 PRr Lilina x1
P05-015 PR Micaiah x1
P06-011 PR Eldigan x1
P07-001 PR Chrom x2
P07-003 PR Athos x1
P07-004 PR Oboro x1
P08-001 PR Alm x1
P08-002 PR Celica x3
P08-003 PR Olivia x2
P08-004 PR Lewyn x1
P08-005 PR Cherche x2
P08-006 PR Julia x1
P08-008 PR Sothe x1
P08-011 PR Chrom x1
P08-011 PRr Chrom x2
P09-001 PR Alfonse x1
P09-003 PR Faye x4
P09-004 PR Gromell x3
P09-005 PR Alm x2
P09-006 PR Celica x1
P09-007 PR Jemmie x1
P09-009 PRr Anna x1
P09-011 PR Celica x1
P10-001 PR Eirika x2
P10-003 PR Shannam x6
P10-004 PR Corrin (M) x8
P10-005 PR Finn x2
P10-006 PR Mareeta x5
P10-007 PR Nina x2
P10-008 PR Corrin (F) x2
P10-010 PR Alfonse x1
P10-010 PRr Alfonse x1
P11-001 PR Eirika x1
P11-002 PR+ Ephraim x1
P11-003 PR Marisa x6
P11-004 PR Mycen x4
P11-005 PR Ephraim x3
P11-006 PR Lianna x3
P11-007 PR Robin (F) x2
P11-008 PR Takumi x1
P11-012 PR Eirika x1
P12-001 PR Fjorm x2
P12-002 PR Laevatein x2
P12-003 PR Yune x3
P12-004 PR Gregor x4
P12-005 PR Soren x3
P12-006 PR Lachesis x1
P12-007 PR Ares x4
P12-008 PR Tiki x1
P12-010 PR Lucina x1
P13-001 PR Lucina x2
P13-002 PR Corrin (M) x1
P13-003 PR Lyn x1
P13-004 PR Tiki x1
P13-005 PR Marth x2
P13-006 PR Robin (F) x1
P13-007 PR Xander x1
P13-008 PR Mia x1
P14-001 PR Marth x1
P14-002 PR Leif x1
P14-010 PR Robin x1

S01-S10 ST Cards

S01-001 ST Marth x1
S01-003 ST Jagen x1
S01-004 ST Ogma x1
S01-005 ST Navarre x1
S02-001 ST Chrom x2
S02-002 ST Kellam x2
S02-003 ST Vaike x2
S02-005 ST Ricken x1
S03-001 ST Corrin x2
S03-002 ST Ryoma x1
S04-001 ST Corrin (F) x2
S04-002 ST Xander x1
S05-001 ST Ike x2
S06-001 ST Itsuki Aoi x2
S06-002 ST Tsubasa Oribe x2
S07-001 ST Roy x2
S07-002 ST Lilina x1
S08-001 ST Sigurd x2
S08-004 ST Arden x1
S08-005 ST Lex x1
S09-001 ST Alm x2
S09-002 ST Celica x1
S09-003 ST Mycen x1
S09-004 ST Boey x1
S09-005 ST Valbar x2
S10-002 ST Eliwood x2
S10-005 ST Marcus x1

I also have 20-ish 5-pack sleeves, Post Cards from B12, Clear Files from B13, Deck boxes from B14 and 3-15 copies of almost every N/HN card in every set if you need any.


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Updated after trade #44, 45, 46
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Been meaning to update with Series 14 cards and here it is.

I'd prefer trades if possible and located in the states (and would rather keep within the states too thanks!)

Want List:


B14-035 SR+ Laslow (VERY HIGH)

B14-097 SR+ Ilyana (High)

B14-010 R+ Cordelia (High)

B14-016 R+ Owain (High)

B14-056 R+ Ryoma (High)

B14-062 R+ Sakura (High)

B12-054 SR+ Lissa (Medium)

B13-001 SR+ Eliwood (Medium)

B13-004 SR+ Lyn (Medium)

B14-001 SR+ Lucina (Medium)

B14-054 SR+ Azura (Medium)

B13-090 SR+ Fjorm (Low)

B14-096 R+ Mia (Low)

Have List

Series 3


P03-014 PR Soren

Series 4


B04-005 SR Touma

Series 5


B05-007 R Alan

Series 7


B07-017 R Serra (x2)

B07-060 R Saizo (x2)

B07-084 R Shiro (x1)

B07-093 R Sumeragi (x2)

Series 8


B08-010 R Virion x2

B08-059 R Larcei

Series 9


B09-029 R Saber x2

B09-062 R Kilmar x5

B09-065 R Raigh x2

B09-090 R Caingehis x4

B09-095 R Zihark x2

B09-099 R Dheginsea x3

P03-013 PRr Elincia (reprint) with P09-002 PR Sharena x2

Series 10


B10-009 R Eyvel x3

B10-027 R Asbel x2

B10-029 R Shiva x3

B10-033 R Mareeta

B10-044 R Diarmuid 

B10-059 R Shigure

Series 11


B11-058 R Clive x4

B11-067 R Valbar x4

Series 12


B12-006 R Greil x6

B12-014 R Soren x1

B12-019 R Volke x3

B12-021 R Astrid x1

B12-025 R Stefan x2

B12-043 R Ashnard x3

B12-082 R Nanna x3

B12-085 R Beowolf x5

Series 13


B13-073 SR Athena x2

B13-004 R Matthew x2

B13-033 R Karel x3

B13-043 R Lloyd x5

B13-045 R Sonia x4

B13-064 R Draug x2

B13-066 R Norne x2

B13-070 R Lena x3

B13-084 R Alfonse x1

B13-095 R Laevatein x3

Series 14


B14-001 SR Lucina x2

B14-006 SR Robin (M) x2

B14-008 SR Robin (F) x1

B14-043 SR Grima (M) x1

B14-051 SR Corrin (M) x2

B14-078 SR Greil x2

B14-081 SR Titania x3

B14-004 R Chrom x4

B14-010 R Cordelia x5

B14-014 R Morgan (M) x4

B14-016 R Owain x4

B14-029 R Severa x4

B14-032 R Nah x4

B14-042 R Validar x3

B14-044 R Itsuki x2

B14-056 R Ryoma x5

B14-058 R Hinoka x3

B14-060 R Takumi x4

B14-062 R Sakura x3

B14-076 R Ike x4

B14-091 R Shinon x4

B14-093 R Gatrie x3

B14-096 R Mia x3

Promo pack: P09-009PRr Anna and P14-001PR Marth x3

Promo pack: P10-010PRr Alfonse and P14-002 PR Leif x1

Thanks for taking a look!

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