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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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Here's what I have up for trade/sale
Series 1:
B01-007 R Cain x 1
B01-009 R Abel x 1
B01-035 R Linde x 1
B01-051 SR Chrom x 1
B01-068 R Sumia x 1
B01-070 R Lon'qu x1
B01-078 R Nowi x 1
B01-080 SR Tharja x 1
B01-083 R Olivia x 1

Series 2:
B02-004 R Aqua x 4
B02-012 SR Sakura x 1

B02-012 SR+ Sakura x 1
B02-014 R Saizou x 4
B02-024 R Oboro x 1
B02-026 R Kazahana x 1
B02-028 R Tsubaki x 3
B02-043 R Gurei/Grey? (idk... !Gaius) x 3
B02-047 R Syalla x 2
B02-054 R Aqua x 1
B02-057 SR Xander/Marx x 2
B02-060 SR Leon x 1
B02-062 SR Elise x 1
B02-064 R Lazward x 2
B02-066 R Pieri x 4
B02-070 R Luna x 3
B02-074 R Odin x 3
B02-093 R+ Foleo x 1
B02-093 R Foleo x 1

P02-001 PR Ike x 1
P02-002 PR Kamui(F) x 2

Interested in:
B01-054 SR Lucina
B02-008 SR Hinoka
B02-058 SR Camilla

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By any chance, would anyone be interested in trading a lot of common cards from the first collection (Archanea/Ylisse) for a lot of common cards from the second collection? On hold thanks to nice ebay offers.

Other than that, all I have to say is that I have a SR+ f!Kamui (B02-051SR+) that I would be willing to trade for a SR Leon, SR Takumi, and one or two other SRs/some rares. Probable trader found for this.

PM if interested. I guess I'm done here.

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Hope I'm not late to the party.

I'm looking for:

SR(+) Sakura and Promo Sakura

R Olivia

Maybe SR Felicia, Elise and Tiki

I have these for trade (part or full) or I can pay cash:

R Sumia, Lissa, Abel and Cain

SR Ryoma

R+ Saizou

R Azura, Saizou, Luna and Odin

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