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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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I'm looking to buy this card. I don't have anything to trade but I'm willing to pay a reasonable price for one in good condition! I'm in the US (TN), and would prefer to buy from someone within the country. 

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+1 to jiyajoe (actually +4 because the trade was with 4 people, we only merged the order to drop shipping cost), cards arrived swiftly and save. Also very understanding! Thanks again.

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Looking for this Promo Soren if anyone has it for a reasonable price (I... really don't know how rare or expensive it is, I just collect Cipher cards for the art). Anyway, I'm in the USA (Tennessee), use PayPal and would prefer to buy from someone within the country. Send me a message if you can help me find it, thank you!

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I would like to thank everyone participating in this trade thread for helping build up people's collection. Right now I am just looking for a few more cards.

B06-024SR Ayra
B12-097SR Ishtar
B15-078SR Altena
P13-006PR Robin

I am interested in buying these cards. Please let me know if you are interested in selling them. Thank You!

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Hey! I'm completely new, so I don't know if I'm doing this right, but I'm just looking to trade cards, as I don't have PayPal or anything like that. I currently have the Awakening and Birthright starter decks (from what I understand, those cards are always the same), and am looking at getting a Crossroads box as well as a few Glittering Concert of Illusions(?). I am just looking to see what people have, so I won't be really picky. I am looking for the Summer Cordelia though, if anyone has one they don't want/an extra one. Thanks!

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I received my 5 boxes of Set #16 alongside a few promos, so I updated my want & have lists accordingly. All cards are available for purchase, sale or trade. I also have ~30 booster box 5-pack sleeves, Post Cards from B12, Clear Files from B13, Deck boxes from B14, Corrin Notebook from B15, stickers from B16 and 3-15 copies of almost every N/HN card in every set if you need any.


B01-B16 R/SR/+ Cards

B01-001 SR+ Marth
B01-022 SR+ Navarre
B01-040 R+ Catria
B01-042 R+ Est
B01-097 R+ Inigo
B02-012 SR+ Sakura
B02-014 R+ Saizo
B02-051 SR+ Corrin (F)
B02-095 R+ Soleil
B03-001 SR+ Ike
B03-021 SR+ Mia
B03-047 SR+ Black Knight
B03-053 SR+ Azura
B03-078 SR+ Azura
B04-001 SR+ Tsubasa Oribe
B04-018 SR+ Marth
B04-055 R+ Kiria Kurono
B04-063 SR+ Lucina
B05-001 SR+ Roy
B05-004 SR+ Lilina
B05-017 R+ Deke
B05-022 R+ Shanna
B05-038 R+ Tate
B05-046 R+ Juno
B05-051 SR+ Micaiah
B05-074 R+ Elincia
B05-086 SR+ Sanaki
B05-098 R+ Kurthnaga
B06-001 SR+ Sigurd
B06-004 SR+ Deirdre
B06-008 R+ Eldigan
B06-010 R+ Ethlyn
B06-031 R+ Raquesis
B06-051 SR+ Xander
B06-054 SR+ Camilla
B06-070 R+ Felicia
B08-052 R+X Seliph
B07-001 SR+  Eliwood
B07-004 SR+  Hector
B07-017 R+  Serra
B07-051 SR+  Ryoma
B07-054 SR+  Hinoka
B07-058 SR+  Sakura
B08-004 R+  Lucina
B08-009 SR+  Frederick
B08-023 R+  Maribelle
B08-039 R+  Tiki
B08-045 SR+  Aversa
B08-051 SR+  Seliph
B08-054 SR+  Julia
B08-059 R+  Larcei
B08-076 SR+  Shannan
B09-007 SR+  Gray
B09-015 R+  Faye
B09-021 SR+  Clair
B09-029 R+  Saber
B09-051 SR+  Al
B09-058 R+  Lilina
B09-065 R+  Raigh
B09-078 R+  Lethe
B09-085 SR+  Ena
B10-001 SR+  Leif
B10-009 R+  Eyvel
B10-027 R+  Asbel
B10-036 SR+  Tina
B10-044 R+  Diarmuid
B10-061 R+  Azura
B10-087 SR+  Alfonse
B11-001 SR+  Eirika
B11-002 R+  Eirika
B11-004 SR+  Ephraim
B11-005 R+  Ephraim
B11-016 SR+  Lute
B11-032 R+  Innes
B11-041 R+  Myrrh
B11-058 R+  Clive
B11-063 SR+  Delthea
B12-010 SR+  Micaiah
B12-013 R+  Titania
B12-054 SR+  Lissa
B12-078 SR+  Lachesis
B12-083 R+  Sigurd
B13-014 R+ Matthew
B13-027 R+ Ninian
B13-027 R+X Ninian
B13-029 R+ Pent
B13-064 R+ Draug
B13-090 SR+ Fjorm
B13-095 R+X Laevatein
B14-001 SR+ Lucina
B14-051 SR+ Corrin (M)
B14-054 SR+ Azura
B14-097 SR+ Ilyana
B15-005 SR+ Katarina
B15-018 R+ Est
B15-020 R+ Catria
B15-022 R+ Palla
B15-033 SR+ Tiki
B15-038 R+ Elice
B15-056 R+X Camilla
B15-060 R+ Elise
B15-062 SR+ Jakob
B15-076 SR+ Leif
B15-080 R+ Quan
B15-095 R+ Travant
B16-001 SR+ Roy
B16-011 R+ Clarine
B16-041 SR+ Celica
B16-042 R+X Celica
B16-044 SR+ Mae
B16-060 R+ Conrad
B16-073 R+ Tormod
B16-091 SR+ Eir

Promo cards

P01-003 PR Marth
P01-004 PR Lucina
P01-012 PR Marth
P01-013 PR Marth
P01-014 PR Lucina
P01-015 PR Robin (M)
P03-009 PR Tsubasa Oribe
P03-010 PR Camilla
P03-012 PR Elise
P03-013 PR Elincia
P03-014 PR Soren
P03-015 PR Azura
P03-016 PR Azura
P05-009 PR Corrin (F)
P05-010 PR Corrin (M)
P06-009 PR Sigurd
P06-010 PR Ayra
P07-009 PR Lyn
P07-010 PR Hinoka
P07-011 PR Camilla
P07-012 PR Cain
P07-013 PR Abel
P07-017 PR Sakura
P07-018 PR Elise
P08-010 PR Celica
P09-009 PR Anna
P09-010 PR Alm
P10-009 PR Alm
P11-009 PR Delthea
P11-010 PR Corrin (F)
P11-011 PR Sharena
P13-011 PR Fjorm
P13-012 PR Laevatein
P14-006 PR Ryoma
P14-009 PR Celica
P15-009 PR Lilina
P15-010 PR Lucina
P15-011 PR Corrin (F)
P15-012 PR Abel
P15-013 PR Cain


B01-B16 R/SR/+

B01-009 R Abel x1
B01-084 R Cherche x1
B02-026 R Hana x1
B02-028 R Subaki x1
B02-045 R Caeldori x1
B03-036 R Jill x1
B03-043 R Tibarn x1
B03-063 R Shigure x1
B03-091 R Nina x1
B04-013 R Yashiro Tsurugi x2
B04-029 R Julian x1
B04-045 R Hardin x2
B04-047 R Michalis x1
B04-059 R Eleonora Yumizuru x2
B04-070 R Gaius x1
B04-085 R Owain x1
B04-087 R Inigo x1
B04-092 R Cynthia x1
B05-007 R Alen x1
B05-009 R Lance x1
B05-046 R Juno x1
B05-057 R Edward x1
B05-098 R Kurthnaga x1
B06-036 R Sylvia x1
B06-066 R Effie x1
B06-082 R Siegbert x1
B07-002 R  Eliwood x1
B07-032 R  Raven x1
B07-047 R  Ursula x2
B07-072 R  Jakob x1
B08-010 R  Virion x2
B08-019 R  Kellam x4
B08-026 R  Tharja x2
B08-033 R  Owain x1
B08-039 R  Tiki x1
B08-059 R  Larcei x3
B08-076 SR Shannan x1
B08-081 R  Ares x1
B08-084 R  Lene x2
B08-085 R  Tinni x1
B08-087 R  Febail x2
B08-096 R  Arvis x3
B09-015 R  Faye x1
B09-029 R  Saber x2
B09-054 R  Roy x1
B09-065 R  Raigh x2
B09-095 R  Zihark x1
B10-026 R  Lara x2
B10-029 R  Shiva x1
B10-033 R  Mareeta x2
B10-036 SR Tina x2
B10-053 SR Kana (M) x1
B10-066 R  Asugi x2
B10-095 R  Bruno x3
B11-032 R  Innes x2
B11-034 R  Gerik x2
B11-036 R  L'Arachel x2
B11-045 R  Lyon x1
B11-058 R  Clive x1
B11-067 R  Valbar x2
B11-079 SR Lianna x1
B11-095 R  Anna x1
B12-014 R  Soren x1
B12-019 R  Volke x2
B12-025 R  Stefan x1
B12-043 R  Ashnard x1
B12-051 R  Chrom x1
B12-071 SR Walhart x2
B12-080 R  Ares x2
B12-082 R  Nanna x1
B12-085 R  Beowulf x3
B13-012 SR Serra x1
B13-033 R Karel x1
B13-041 R Karla x1
B13-045 R Sonia x2
B13-055 R Abel x1
B13-060 R Cain x1
B13-064 R Draug x3
B14-014 R Morgan (M) x2
B14-042 R Validar x2
B14-044 R Itsuki Aoi x1
B14-054 SR Azura x1
B14-091 R Shinon x3
B14-093 R Gatrie x1
B14-096 R Mia x2
B15-035 R Sheena x1
B15-038 R Elice x1
B15-042 SR Clarisse x1
B15-044 R Tsubasa Oribe x2
B15-076 SR Leif x2
B15-080 R Quan x2
B15-095 R Travant x1
B16-011 R Clarine x2
B16-024 R Klein x4
B16-031 R Fae x1
B16-038 R Idunn x3
B16-044 SR Mae x1
B16-046 R Boey x3
B16-060 R Conrad x3
B16-069 SR Sigrun x3
B16-088 R Ashera x2


P01-006 PR Jagen x3
P01-007 PR Wrys x8
P01-010 PR Tharja x2
P03-002 PR Tsubasa Oribe x2
P03-004 PR Black Knight x1
P04-001 PR Roy x2
P04-009 PRr Marth x2
P04-011 PR Itsuki Aoi x1
P05-011 PRr Felicia x2
P05-013 PR Roy x1
P07-001 PR Chrom x2
P07-003 PR Athos x1
P07-004 PR Oboro x1
P08-001 PR Alm x1
P08-002 PR Celica x3
P08-003 PR Olivia x1
P08-005 PR Cherche x1
P08-008 PR Sothe x1
P08-011 PRr Chrom x3
P09-001 PR Alfonse x1
P09-003 PR Faye x4
P09-004 PR Gromell x4
P09-005 PR Alm x2
P09-009 PRr Anna x1
P09-011 PR Celica x1
P10-001 PR Eirika x2
P10-003 PR Shannam x6
P10-004 PR Corrin (M) x8
P10-005 PR Finn x2
P10-007 PR Nina x1
P10-010 PR Alfonse x1
P10-010 PRr Alfonse x1
P11-001 PR Eirika x1
P11-002 PR+ Ephraim x1
P11-003 PR Marisa x5
P11-004 PR Mycen x4
P11-005 PR Ephraim x1
P11-006 PR Lianna x2
P12-002 PR Laevatein x1
P12-003 PR Yune x3
P12-004 PR Gregor x5
P12-005 PR Soren x2
P12-006 PR Lachesis x1
P12-007 PR Ares x4
P13-001 PR Lucina x1
P13-002 PR Corrin (M) x2
P13-007 PR Xander x2
P13-008 PR Mia x2
P14-001 PR Marth x2
P14-004 PR Corrin (F) x1
P14-005 PR Robin (M) x1
P14-010 PR Robin (M) x1
P15-003 PR Wrys x4
P15-004 PR Camilla x4
P15-005 PR Marth x6
P15-014 PR Marth x1
P15-015 PR Corrin (M) x1
P16-001 PR Marth x2
P16-011 PR Roy x1
P17-012 PR Byleth (Male) x1
P17-013 PR Edelgard x1

S01-S10 ST Cards

S01-001 ST Marth x1
S01-003 ST Jagen x1
S01-004 ST Ogma x1
S01-005 ST Navarre x1
S02-001 ST Chrom x2
S02-002 ST Kellam x2
S02-003 ST Vaike x2
S02-005 ST Ricken x1
S03-001 ST Corrin (M) x1
S03-002 ST Ryoma x1
S04-001 ST Corrin (F) x2
S04-002 ST Xander x1
S05-001 ST Ike x1
S06-001 ST Itsuki Aoi x2
S06-002 ST Tsubasa Oribe x2
S07-001 ST Roy x2
S07-002 ST Lilina x1
S08-001 ST Sigurd x2
S08-004 ST Arden x1
S08-005 ST Lex x1
S09-001 ST Alm x2
S09-002 ST Celica x1
S09-003 ST Mycen x1
S09-005 ST Valbar x2
S10-005 ST Marcus x1


Thanks for looking!

Edited by jiayejoe
Updated after trade #87 and Reception of P17 promo cards
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I've got a few specific cards I'd like to buy for collection purposes!

  • B05-042SR (Sophia)
  • B05-043N (Sophia)
  • B14-078SR (Gawain)
  • B16-029N (Sophia)
  • B16-030SR (Sophia)
  • B16-038R (Idunn) (R+ as well)
  • B16-080N (Nephenee)
  • B16-079R (Nephenee)
  • P05-008PR (Sophia)
  • P12-003PR (Yune)
  • Marker cards (Eliwood, Nino, Mist w/ laundry)

Just send me a PM if you have the cards and would be willing to sell them to me; I don't buy the boosters anymore so I have nothing to trade besides some full/nearly-full sets I'd still love to sell. :p

Edited by Mallow
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I've been out of the loop for a while now, gonna post a newly updated list.


WANTS (willing to trade or use paypal)


Series 9:
B09-025SR - Mae

Series 11:
B11-041R+ - Myrrh
B11-058R+ - Clive

Series 12: 
B12-010SR - Micaiah

Series 16:
B16-004SR+ - Lilina




Series 2:
B02-080SR - Jakob

Series 5:
B07-002R+X Eliwood
P05-013PR - Roy

Series 6:
B06-097SR - Anankos

Series 7:
B07-056SR - Takumi

Series 8:
B08-097SR - Julius

Series 9:
B09-007SR - Gray x2
B09-085SR - Ena

Series 10:
B10-055SR - Corrin (M)
B10-096N+X - Bruno

Series 11:
B11-076SR - Rowan x2
B11-079SR - Lianna x3

Series 12:
B12-004SR - Mist

Series 13:
B13-086SR - Shareena x2
B13-090SR - Fjorm

Series 14:
B14-022SR - Cynthia 
B14-097SR - Ilyana x2

Series 15:
B15-055SR - Katarina
B15-071SR - Hinoka
B15-078SR - Altena

Series 16:
B16-001SR - Roy
B16-029SR - Sophia
B16-041SR - Celica
B16-044SR - Mae x2
B16-066SR - Sanaki x1
B16-069SR - Sigrun x4
B16-091SR - Eir x3


Plenty of N/HN/R from sets 1-16, message me for specific cards.

Edited by Zenakku
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Hi everyone! Here is my updated list with Set 16. Selling or trading is OK.



P04-009PRr         Marth   x1

P07-001PR           Chrom  x2

P09-009PRr         Anna     x1

P11-001PR           Eirika     x2

P11-002PR           Ephraim   x1

B13-027ST           Ninian   x1

B13-029ST           Pent      x1

B13-031ST           Louise   x1

B07-007SR           Lyn                        x1          

B07-017R             Serra                     x1          

B07-022R             Lucius                   x2          

B07-024R             Rebecca               x1          

B07-032R             Raven                   x2          

B07-051R             Ryoma                  x1          

B07-060R             Saizo                     x1          

B07-062R             Kagero                  x1          

B07-064R             Setsuna                x1          

B07-072R             Jakob                    x1          

B07-076R             Silas                       x2          

B07-084R             Shiro                      x1          


B11-034R             Gerik                     x2          

B11-036R             L'Arachel              x3          

B11-045R             Lyon                      x1          

B11-058R             Clive                      x1          

B11-067R             Valbar                   x3          

B11-090R             Marth                   x2          

B11-095R             Anna                     x3          

B11-097R             Lyn                         x2          


B13-012SR           Serra     x1

B13-016SR           Nils         x1

B13-029R             Pent      x1

B13-031R             Louise   x2

B13-033R             Karel      x3

B13-041R             Karla      x1

B13-043R             Lloyd     x3

B13-045R             Sonia     x1

B13-055R             Abel       x1

B13-060R             Cain       x1

B13-064R             Draug    x3

B13-066R             Norne   x1

B13-084R             Alfonse x1

B13-088R             Kiran      x1

B13-090SR           Fjorm    x2

B13-095R             Laevatein            x2

B13-095R+X        Laevatein            x1


B14-035SR           Inigo                      x1          

B14-093R             Gatrie                   x1          


B15-003R             Kris                         x1          

B15-015SR           Ogma                    x1             

B15-054R             Xander                 x1          

B15-060R             Elise                       x1          

B15-062SR           Jakob                    x1          

B15-095R             Travant                 x1          


B16-007SR           Deke                     x1          

B16-011R             Clarine                  x2          

B16-023R             Lalum                    x1          

B16-024R             Klein                      x2          

B16-027SR           Milady                  x2          

B16-029SR           Sophia                  x1          

B16-031R             Fae                         x2          

B16-036R             Gale                       x2          

B16-038R             Idunn                    x2          

B16-046R             Boey                      x2           

B16-060R             Conrad                 x3             

B16-073R             Tormod                x3          

B16-079R             Nephenee           x2          

B16-084R             Zelgius                x3          

B16-088R             Ashera                x2          

B16-100R             Veronica              x1          



B04-018SR           Marth     x1

B08-045SR           Aversa    x1

B11-053SR           Celica     x2

B13-001SR           Eliwood  x1

B13-004SR           Lyn         x1


Thanks for stopping by! :)

Edited by breademic
Added cards from Set 13. Updated after trades.
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+3 breademic (Thanks for the multiple trades!)
+1 YourAverageJackass (Thanks for the purchase!)
+1 Kaflet (Thanks for another efficient transaction!)
+1 Quillish (Always a pleasure to help you out with your collection!)

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Hello all! I've finally got all my B16 pulls sorted, and I have a few to sell. Open to trading for wants or paypal for most.

B16-079R+ Nephenee
B16-038R+ Idunn
B16-041SR+ Celica
B12-073R+ Naga

B16-044SR+ Mae (Only available for trades)
B16-001SR Roy
B16-004SR Lilina
B16-069SR Sigrun
B16-091SR Eir

B16-100R Veronica
B16-046R Boey
B16-060R Conrad x2
B16-079R Nephenee x2
B16-084R Zelgius x2
B16-088R Ashera x2
B16-073R Tormod
B16-038R Idunn x2
B16-031R Fae
B16-011R Clarine x2
B16-036R Gale x2
B16-024R Klein

P16-002PR Lucina x2
Tiki Marker card x2



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Cipher Buying list:

Ike B12-001SR/SR+ (Ike: Radiant Vanguard) x1
Ike B09-091R(+) (Ike: Commander of the Greil Mercenaries) x3
Ike P12-009PR (Ike: Valorous General) x2
Micaiah B12-010SR(+) (Micaiah: Goddess-Possessed Maiden) x2
Sanaki B16-066SR (Sanaki: Hailed as the Holy Empress) x2
Elincia B05-074R/R+ (Elincia: Esteemed Queen) x3

Looking to buy with paypal.

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Heya, I have some cards I'm looking to sell!


B01-050 SR Camus

B03-046 R Leanne

B08-048 R Grima

P09-009 PRr Anna

P11-001 PR+ Ericka

P11-002 PR Ephraim

B11-041 R Myrrh

B12-014 R Soren

B13-014 R Matthew

B13-027 R Ninian

B13-055 R Abel

B13-060 R Cain

B13-073 SR Athena

B13-080 R Alphonse

P14-002 PR Lief

B14-006 SR M!Robin

B14-016 R Owain

B14-056 R Ryoma

B15-001 R Marth

B15-003 R Kris

Thanks for taking a look!

Edited by manit14
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