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Looking to Buy:


Set 1 Complete ūüĎć


B02-056SR Xander (Priority)

B02-060SR Leo


B03-001SR Ike (Priority)

B03-053SR Azura


B04-005SR Toma

B04-009R Mamori

B04-035R Feena

B04-036SR Minerva

B04-038R Merric

B04-067SR Lon'qu


B05-001SR Roy

B05-042SR Sophia

B05-054SR Sothe (Priority)

B05-089SR Ike (Priority)

B05-092SR Mia

+3 LaCruel (Thanks for the help and advice!)

+1 LunartailSteffi (Thanks)

Set 1: Complete!

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Update list

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Now that I'm back from vacation, updated through S17!

All available cards are valid for either cash purchase (via PayPal or direct bank transfer) or direct trade for my Wanted cards unless otherwise stated. I may also willing to buy via PayPal instead of trade for some cards. If you're interested in anything, get in touch with me via PM or post here!

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands (Europe). I'm happy to ship worldwide. I've been trading/selling Cipher and Pokémon cards for some time now, so I'm kind of familiar with the whole internationally shipping cards deal.

Looking For:

(no cards I need atm, just funds to buy 3H cards)

Will also accept toss-ins of Bride Lissa, Warriors Lissa, and Necrodragon cards, any quantity

(Always willing to accept PayPal for cards instead of trading.)

NEW! S17 SR cards:
Takumi, Camilla, Kaze, Alfonse

NEW! S12 R cards:
Lissa, Eleonora, Sothe, Lilina, Leif, Emma, Shade x2

NEW! S17 Promo cards:
Byleth 012PR Magazine Promo
Edelgard 013PR Magazine Promo

S1~S16 SR Cards:
S16: Kurthnaga
S15: Ogma x2,  Jakob x2, Hinoka, Altena
S14: Cynthia x2
S12: Lachesis
S11: Lianna
S10: Machua x2
S9: Ena
S4: Hardin, Nyna, Itsuki
S3: Azura SR+
S2: Sakura
S1: Ogma, Chrom

NEW! Tournament Promo Cards:
S16: Roy, Faye, Clarine x3, Sanaki x2, Celica x2
S15: Xander, Altena
S14: F!Corrin, Ryoma x2, Ilyana
S13: Xander, Mia x3,
S11: Mycen, Lianna
S3: Oliver x9, Black Knight, Ike, Camilla, Elise x2, Felicia

Other Promos:
Ena Comiket Marker Card
Fae Comiket Marker Card
Comiket Calendar Cards (set of 4)
Chibi Elise booster box promo Marker Card
Chibi Nowi box promo Marker Card x2

S1~S16 R Cards:
S16: Clarine, Lalum x2, Klein, Gale, Thrasir x2
S15: Kris, Itsuki x2, Ryoma
S12: Ashnard x2, Ares x2, Nanna
S11: Neimi, Clive, x2, Anna x2
S10: Diarmuid x2, Ophelia x2
S9: Saber x2, Zeke x2, Raigh x2
S8; Febail x2
S5: Alan
S4: Yashiro, Kiria x2

N/HN Cards:
I have many Normal and High Normal cards available for all sets. I hope to make up a spreadsheet or something to list them soon someday. If there are any N/HN cards you are interested in in the meantime, feel free to ask! I would be happy to look through for you.

Single Sleeves Available:
Chrom S1, Lucina S1, Gaius, Camilla, Lucina S4, Lilina, Sigurd, Raquesis, Eliwood, Lyn sleeves, C91 Circle Pixel Lords, C91 Running Pixel Lords, C91 Character Box Lords, Altena, Alm,  Celica, Nanna, Witch!Corrin, S12 Pixel Lords.

Alm & Celica Amiibo
PAL region Pokémon-themed 3DSXL (the red one with Yveltal and Xerneas)

Edited by Kirie

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LOOKING TO BUY these cards in Mint or Near Mint (~PSA 9-10). I'm California, USA. Paypal ready. 

- B11-101+X Camilla
- B12-097 SR+ Ishtar (High Priority)
- B16-041 SR+ Celica
- B16-094 R Thrasir (Low Priority - Would like as an Add-on. Not as a single purchase)
- B17-049 SR Camilla (High Priority)
- B17-097 SR+ Deirdre

- P11-010PR¬†Corrin (Female)ÔĽŅ¬†(Comiket 93 Promo)ÔĽŅÔĽŅ¬†(High Priority)
- P11-011PR¬†ÔĽŅÔĽŅSharena (Comiket 93 Promo) ÔĽŅ(High Priority)
- P15-011PR¬†ÔĽŅCorrin (Female) (Comiket 95 Promo)ÔĽŅÔĽŅ
Also looking for some sleeves. Brand new preferred but will accept used if in good condition.
- Summer Sharena sleeve pack (Single¬†pack of x40)ÔĽŅ¬†(High Priority)

Leave me a DM! Sorry if I'm slow to respond. I don't check the forums as often as I should..

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Making a separate post for this, but I'm looking to sell my joined-art Roy/Lilina SR+ cards from S16. Sold as a pair only, and with tracking/insurance given the value of the cards. If you're interested, please PM me with an offer. Thanks!

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Finally finished with cards I've got and cards I want, though if you've got another offer based on what I currently have, never hurts to ask right?

One more note I forgot to add, I don't have PayPal or anyway to pay anybody online, so trades would likely be the only thing I could do.

I also have 3-5 black Heroes sleeves, depending on what's being traded, and I have the Awakening and Birthright starter decks if anyone's interested.




Highest Priority:

 P01- 009PR Cordelia Platonic Pegasus Knight (#1 card)

B14- 010R+ (+Only) Cordelia: Beautiful Flier Paragon and B14- 029R+ (+Only) Severa: Girl of the Paragon’s Blood

B14- 043SR Grima: Dragon of Despair and Ruin and B14- 006SR Robin: Tactician of Exalted Strategies

B04-072SR Cordelia: Perfect Genius

B04-065SR Robin (Male): Exalted Grandmaster


Lower Priority

B13- 019SR Hector, B13- 001SR Eliwood, B13- 004SR Lyn

B03- 076SR Corrin and B03- 051SR Corrin

P01-004PR Lucina

Other Stuff



B01-002N Marth: Prince of a Fallen Land

B01-004SR(+)     Caeda: Love-Extolling Wings

B01-035R Linde: Heiress to Aura

B01-054SR(+) Lucina: Foreseer

B01-068R Sumia: The Shepherds' Kind-Hearted Flower

B01-086HN Henry: Smiling Sorcerer



B02-054R Azura: Songstress of Darkness



B03-003HN Ike: Greil Mercenaries Greenhorn



B04-018SR(+) Marth: Lambent Hero-King

P04- 008PR Severa Hesitant Blade



B08- 002SR Chrom: Undead King of Despair



B09- 046R(+) Berkut: Delusions of Supremacy

B09-047N Berkut: Black Lordling




B11-045R Lyon: Demon-Stained Pure Heart

B11-082R Chrom: Exalt of Bonds

B11-098N Lyn: Lady of the Twin Blades



B12-073R(+) Naga: Divine Dragon of Salvation and B12-051R(+) Chrom: Awakening



B14-011N Cordelia: Diligently Improving Paragon

B14-010R  Cordelia: Beautiful Flier Paragon




B17-018SR(+) Chrom: Exalt of Justice and Bonds and B17- 001SR(+) Marth: Hero-King of Love and Courage


I’m also looking for Risen cards, doesn’t matter on rarity, so that might work for something too

Edited by Bluestorm

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Hi all! First post here. I've been collecting a few of the cipher sets and wanted to see if anyone would be willing to sell or trade for some of the cards I'm missing. I'm mostly looking for rares, super rares and promos for Blazing Blade and Sacred Stones characters.

I'll also list some of the cards I pulled that I don't need in case anyone is interested in those as well. I have a bunch of rares and super rares from sets 5, 7, 11 and 13.


Looking For:


Super Rare:

B07-007SR - Lyn: Spirited Noblewoman
B07-010SR - Ninian: Dragon Girl of Destiny

B11-004SR - Ephraim: Restoration King
B11-020SR - Joshua: Tempest King

B13-001SR - Eliwood: Blazing Knight of Valor
B13-004SR - Lyn: Blade Princess of the Spring Breeze
B13-012SR - Serra: Going my Way!
B13-016SR - Nils: Wind-Riding Ballad


B13-043 - Lloyd: Grieving Sword Wolf


P06-001PR - Eliwood: Marquess Pherae's Son

P07-005PR - Hector: Brother to Marquess Ostia
P07-006PR - Nino: The Fang's Apprentice
P07-009PR - Lyn: Swordswoman of the Plains
P07-016PR - Lyn: Daughter of the Lorca Tribe

P10-002PR - Ephraim: Prince of Renais

P13-003PR - Lyn: Bow Princess of the Plains

P16-003PR - Eliwood: Marquess of Pherae
P16-009PR - Lyn: Wind's Embrace

P17-006PR - Ephraim: Sacred Twin Lord



High Value:
B05-004SR+ - Lilina: Pretty Leader
B07-039SR - Nino: Pious Mage (I have another for my collection)
B07-066SR - Oboro: Stunning Spear Maiden
B11-093SR - Tiki: Awoken Daughter of the Dragon Ruler
B13-053SR - Caeda: The Hero King's

Cards I pulled from some random single boosters:
B01-073SR - Gaius: Sweetest Assassin
B02-097R+ - Ophelia: Twilight Sorcerer

I have some + cards that I'm planning on keeping for my collection, but I do have the non + versions for some reason, and if you really want them I'm not that attached to them:

B07-024R+ - Rebecca: Modest Flower
B07-041R+ - Jaffar: The Angel of Death
B13-019SR+ - Hector: General of Raging Thunder

I also have a bunch of SR and R cards from sets 5, 7, 11 and 13 so just ask if there's any you are looking for in particular! I'll update with a google doc or something if I get some time to put that together.


Edited by Soirée

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Hey! Looking to sell my collection since I don't play as much anymore. Feel free to message me if you're interested in any.

All cards (Including commons) Have been kept in a binder with a sleeve so its pack fresh mint.

Payments through PayPal is preferred. I don't mind negotiation. I can throw in a discount if you buy multiple copies, or throw in some commons you need.

If you're interested in any of the commons from the sets below, let me know since I'm selling those too!

Series 2


B02-014R - Saizo - x1

B02-026R - Hana - x1

B02-043R - Asugi - x1

B02-045R - Caeldori - x1

B02-064R - Laslow - x1

B02-066R - Peri - x1

B02-070R - Selena - x1

B02-095R - Soleli - x1


Series 3


B03-025R - Marcia - x1

B03-036R - Jill - x1

B03-063R - Shigure - x1

B03-083R - Silas - x1

B03-091R - Nina - x1

Series 6


B06-010R - Ethlyn - x1

B06-036R - Sylvia - x1

B06-062R - Beruka - x1

B06-066R - Effie - x1

B06-070R - Felicia x1

B06-082R - Seigbert - x1

B06-096R - Gunther - x1

Series 7


B07-001SR - Eliwood - x1

B07-097SR - Anankos - x1


B07-002R - Eliwood - x1

B07-017R - Serra - x1

B07-022R - Lucius - x1

B07-024R - Rebecca - x1

B07-032R - Raven - x1

B07-068R - Hana - x1

B07-093R - Sumeragi - x1

Series 8


B08-076SR - Shannan - x1


B08-010R - Virion - x1

B08-026R - Tharja - x1

B08-033R - Owain - x1

B08-084R - Lene - x1

B06-087R - Febail - x1

B08-096R - Arvis - x1

B08-023R - Maribelle - x1

P02-010PR - Corrin - x1

Edited by KKtelo

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Hey!! I'm looking to buy the cards listed below!


Gaius - B01-073SR

M!Robin - B14-006SR

Byleth - P17-014PR

Claude - P16-014PR

Dimitri - B17-111HN, P16-013PR

Edelgard - P16-012PR



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Heyo, looking to buy these cards.


B13-004SR: Lyn : Blade Princess Of The Spring Breeze

P07-009PR: Lyn : Swordfighter from the Plains

P13-003PR: Lyn : Bow Princess of the Plains

B13-004SR: Eliwood : Blazing Knight of Valor

B16-004SR: Lilina: Wielder of Infernal and Shining Flames


Need 4 of each, so if you have multiple I‚Äôll take them ūüėĄ

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Buying New/Mint cards. USA. Paypal ready~

- B18 SR+ Tharja (x1) (transaction pending)
- B18 SR Tharja (x1~4)
- B18 SR (M)Byleth (x1)
- B18 SR (F)Grima Robin (x1)

Also still looking for a B12 SR+ Ishtar (x1) if anyone is selling.

Edited by sangyuplee

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Anyone selling any Alm cards?  Just looking for P08-009PR Alm, B09-001SR Alm, and P09-010PR Alm now!  

+1 jiayejoe 

Edited by c0_nes

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Hello! Just wanted to say that I'm selling some of my B18 leftovers over here, SR+, SRs, HRs, Rs pictured here (N and HN cards not pictured since there's way too much of them). It's my first time selling these so I'm not too familiar with the pricing except for the more precious cards, so feel free to talk to me about them/negotiate. Thanks!


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Im based in germany and im looking to buy the following cards so PM me if you have any of them.


-Ninian B13-027R x 3

-Eliwood B13-002N x 4

-Risen Chief B12-074HN x 3

-Risen B08-47aN (preferably that one but others are fine too) x as many as possible

-Grima B08-048R x 4

-Chrom B08-003HN x 4

-Lon'qu B01-070R x 3

-Lon'qu B01-071N x 1

I would be down to trade some cards but they are almost exclusively from B16 so just ask if you want some of them

+1 Kirie

+1 KKtelo

Both very nice and fast to reply

Edited by SaltyKappa

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Hello again everyone!

I finished opening my B18 boxes, S12 starter and a bunch of P16/P17 tournament promo packs this weekend, so I updated my want & have lists accordingly.

All cards are available for purchase, sale or trade. Not listed in my have list are : a bunch of pre-order bonus stuff like 5-pack sleeves, Post Cards, Clear Files, Deck boxes, Notebooks, Stickers  and 3-15 copies of almost every N/HN card in every set if you need any.


B01-B18 R+/SR+ Cards

B03-053 SR+ Azura
B03-078 SR+ Azura
B04-001 SR+ Tsubasa Oribe
B04-063 SR+ Lucina
B05-038 R+ Tate
B05-046 R+ Juno
B05-051 SR+ Micaiah
B06-001 SR+ Sigurd
B06-004 SR+ Deirdre
B06-051 SR+ Xander
B06-054 SR+ Camilla
B06-070 R+ Felicia
B07-004 SR+ Hector
B07-051 SR+  Ryoma
B07-054 SR+  Hinoka
B07-058 SR+  Sakura
B08-004 R+  Lucina
B08-009 SR+  Frederick
B08-051 SR+  Seliph
B08-054 SR+  Julia
B09-021 SR+  Clair
B09-051 SR+  Al
B09-085 SR+  Ena
B10-001 SR+  Leif
B10-009 R+  Eyvel
B10-027 R+  Asbel
B10-036 SR+  Tina
B10-044 R+  Diarmuid
B10-061 R+  Azura
B10-087 SR+  Alfonse
B11-001 SR+ Eirika
B11-002 R+  Eirika
B11-004 SR+ Ephraim
B11-058 R+  Clive
B11-063 SR+ Delthea
B12-013 R+  Titania
B12-054 SR+  Lissa
B12-078 SR+  Lachesis
B12-083 R+  Sigurd
B13-014 R+ Matthew
B13-027 R+ Ninian
B13-027 R+X Ninian
B13-029 R+ Pent
B13-064 R+ Draug
B13-090 SR+ Fjorm
B13-095 R+X Laevatein
B14-001 SR+ Lucina
B14-051 SR+ Corrin (M)
B14-054 SR+ Azura
B14-097 SR+ Ilyana
B15-005 SR+ Katarina
B15-018 R+ Est
B15-020 R+ Catria
B15-033 SR+ Tiki
B15-038 R+ Elice
B15-056 R+X Camilla
B15-060 R+ Elise
B15-062 SR+ Jakob
B15-076 SR+ Leif
B15-080 R+ Quan
B15-095 R+ Travant
B16-001 SR+ Roy
B16-011 R+ Clarine
B16-041 SR+ Celica
B16-042 R+X Celica
B16-044 SR+ Mae
B16-060 R+ Conrad
B16-073 R+ Tormod
B16-091 SR+ Eir
B17-001 SR+ Marth
B17-018 SR+ Chrom
B17-039 SR+ Kaze
B17-053 SR+ Felicia
B17-086 SR+ Eirika
B17-113 SR+ Alfonse
B18-018 SR+ Dimitri
B18-032 SR+ Claude


P01-003 PR Marth
P01-012 PR Marth
P01-014 PR Lucina
P03-015 PR Azura
P03-016 PR Azura
P05-009 PR Corrin (F)
P05-010 PR Corrin (M)
P07-010 PR Hinoka
P07-011 PR Camilla
P07-012 PR Cain
P07-013 PR Abel
P07-017 PR Sakura
P07-018 PR Elise
P08-010 PR Celica
P09-009 PR Anna
P09-010 PR Alm
P10-009 PR Alm
P11-009 PR Delthea
P11-010 PR Corrin (F)
P11-011 PR Sharena
P13-011 PR Fjorm
P13-012 PR Laevatein
P14-006 PR Ryoma
P14-009 PR Celica
P15-009 PR Lilina
P15-010 PR Lucina
P15-011 PR Corrin (F)
P15-012 PR Abel
P15-013 PR Cain
P16-009 PR Lyn
P16-009 PRX Lyn
P16-010 PR Lucina
P16-012 PR Edelgard
P16-013 PR Dmitri
P16-014 PR Claude
P16-015 PR Deirdre
P17-007 PR Tiki
P17-008 PR Sakura
P17-011 PR Elise
P17-014 PR Byleth (M)


B01-B18 R/HR/SR/+

B01-004 SR+ Caeda x1
B01-009 R Abel x1
B01-084 R Cherche x1
B02-028 R Subaki x1
B03-036 R Jill x1
B03-063 R Shigure x1
B03-091 R Nina x1
B04-013 R Yashiro Tsurugi x2
B04-045 R Hardin x1
B04-047 R Michalis x1
B04-059 R Eleonora Yumizuru x2
B04-070 R Gaius x1
B04-087 R Inigo x1
B05-007 R Alen x1
B05-009 R Lance x1
B05-046 R Juno x1
B05-057 R Edward x1
B05-098 R Kurthnaga x1
B06-036 R Sylvia x1
B06-066 R Effie x1
B06-082 R Siegbert x1
B07-002 R Eliwood x1
B07-032 R  Raven x1
B07-047 R  Ursula x2
B07-072 R  Jakob x1
B08-010 R  Virion x1
B08-019 R  Kellam x4
B08-026 R  Tharja x2
B08-039 R  Tiki x1
B08-059 R  Larcei x3
B08-076 SR Shannan x1
B08-084 R  Lene x2
B08-085 R  Tinni x1
B08-087 R  Febail x2
B08-096 R  Arvis x2
B09-015 R  Faye x1
B09-029 R  Saber x2
B09-054 R  Roy x1
B09-065 R  Raigh x2
B10-026 R  Lara x2
B10-033 R  Mareeta x2
B10-036 SR Tina x2
B10-066 R  Asugi x2
B10-095 R  Bruno x3
B11-032 R  Innes x1
B11-034 R  Gerik x2
B11-036 R  L'Arachel x2
B11-067 R  Valbar x2
B11-079 SR Lianna x1
B11-095 R  Anna x1
B12-014 R  Soren x1
B12-019 R  Volke x1
B12-071 SR Walhart x1
B12-080 R Ares x2
B12-082 R  Nanna x1
B12-085 R  Beowulf x3
B13-033 R Karel x1
B13-045 R Sonia x2
B13-055 R Abel x1
B13-060 R Cain x1
B13-064 R Draug x3
B14-014 R Morgan (M) x2
B14-042 R Validar x1
B14-044 R Itsuki Aoi x1
B14-091 R Shinon x3
B14-093 R Gatrie x1
B14-096 R Mia x2
B15-022 R Palla x1
B15-035 R Sheena x1
B15-038 R Elice x1
B15-042 SR Clarisse x1
B15-044 R Tsubasa Oribe x2
B15-076 SR Leif x2
B15-095 R Travant x1
B16-011 R Clarine x2
B16-024 R Klein x4
B16-031 R Fae x1
B16-038 R Idunn x3
B16-046 R Boey x2
B16-060 R Conrad x2
B16-069 SR Sigrun x1
B16-088 R Ashera x1
B17-007 SR Navarre x1
B17-009 R Jeorge x3
B17-015 R Celica x2
B17-022 R Lissa x3
B17-030 R Eleanora x1
B17-033 R Corrin (F) x3
B17-047 R Corrin (M) x1
B17-061 R Ike x2
B17-067 R Sothe x1
B17-105 R Arvis x1
B17-114 R Emma x4
B17-115 R Shade x1
B18-008 R Ferdinand x2
B18-012 R Bernadetta (Hold) x1
B18-014 R Dorothea x1
B18-018 SR Dimitri (On Hold) x1
B18-023 R Felix x2
B18-027 R Mercedes x3
B18-035 R Raphael x4
B18-043 R Hilda x4
B18-048 R Jeralt x3
B18-058 R Gaius (On Hold) x1
B18-062 R Gregor x2
B18-064 R Nowi x3
B18-072 R Kiria Kurono x2
B18-081 R Tana x2
B18-095 R Ignes x3
B18-099 R Valter x3


P01-006 PR Jagen x3
P01-007 PR Wrys x8
P01-010 PR Tharja x2
P03-002 PR Tsubasa Oribe x2
P04-001 PR Roy x2
P04-009 PRr Marth x2
P04-011 PR Itsuki Aoi x1
P05-011 PRr Felicia x2
P05-013 PR Roy x1
P07-001 PR Chrom x2
P07-003 PR Athos x1
P07-004 PR Oboro x1
P08-002 PR Celica x3
P08-003 PR Olivia x1
P08-005 PR Cherche x1
P08-008 PR Sothe x1
P08-011 PRr Chrom x3
P09-001 PR Alfonse x1
P09-003 PR Faye x4
P09-004 PR Gromell x4
P09-005 PR Alm x1
P09-009 PRr Anna x1
P09-011 PR Celica x1
P10-001 PR Eirika x1
P10-003 PR Shannam x6
P10-004 PR Corrin (M) x8
P10-005 PR Finn x2
P10-007 PR Nina x1
P10-010 PR Alfonse x1
P10-010 PRr Alfonse x1
P11-001 PR Eirika x1
P11-002 PR+ Ephraim x1
P11-003 PR Marisa x4
P11-004 PR Mycen x4
P11-006 PR Lianna x2
P12-002 PR Laevatein x1
P12-003 PR Yune x3
P12-004 PR Gregor x5
P12-005 PR Soren x1
P12-006 PR Lachesis x1
P12-007 PR Ares x4
P12-010 PRr Lucina x2
P13-001 PR Lucina x1
P13-002 PR Corrin (M) x2
P13-007 PR Xander x2
P13-008 PR Mia x2
P14-001 PR Marth x2
P14-004 PR Corrin (F) x1
P14-005 PR Robin (M) x1
P14-010 PR Robin (M) x1
P15-003 PR Wrys x6
P15-004 PR Camilla x4
P15-005 PR Marth x7
P15-006 PR Caeda x1
P15-014 PR Marth x1
P15-015 PR Corrin (M) x1
P16-001 PR Marth x2
P16-003 PR Eliwood x6
P16-004 PR Faye x4
P16-005 PR Roy x1
P16-006 PR Clarine x1
P16-007 PR Celica x4
P16-008 PR Sanaki x2
P16-011 PR Roy x1
P17-004 PR Claude x1
P17-012 PR Byleth (M) x1
P17-013 PR Edelgard x1
P18-002 PR Seliph x2

S01-S12 ST Cards

S01-001 ST Marth x1
S01-003 ST Jagen x1
S01-004 ST Ogma x1
S01-005 ST Navarre x1
S02-001 ST Chrom x1
S02-002 ST Kellam x2
S02-003 ST Vaike x2
S02-005 ST Ricken x1
S03-001 ST Corrin (M) x1
S03-002 ST Ryoma x1
S04-001 ST Corrin (F) x2
S04-002 ST Xander x1
S05-001 ST Ike x1
S06-001 ST Itsuki Aoi x2
S06-002 ST Tsubasa Oribe x2
S07-001 ST Roy x2
S07-002 ST Lilina x1
S08-001 ST Sigurd x2
S08-004 ST Arden x1
S08-005 ST Lex x1
S09-001 ST Alm x1
S09-002 ST Celica x1
S09-003 ST Mycen x1
S09-005 ST Valbar x2
S10-005 ST Marcus x1
S11-001 ST+ Marth x1
S11-001 ST Marth x5
S11-002 ST Lucina x5
S11-003 ST Ryoma x3
S11-004 ST Xander x3
S11-005 ST Ike x1
S11-006 ST+ Roy x1
S11-006 ST Roy x1
S11-007 ST Ayra x3
B17-002 ST+ Marth x1
S12-001 ST Byleth (F) x2
S12-003 ST Sothis x1
S12-004 ST Edelgard x2
S12-007 ST Flayn x1


Thanks for looking!


+1 Soiree
+1 c0_Nes
+1 Kaflet

Edited by jiayejoe
Updated after trade #102

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Hey all! Got my B18 boxes in and here's my list of for sale cards for set B18 along with sets B01-B12. Cards are M/NM; straight from the pack and stored!

N/HN from B01-B12 and B18 are $0.2 and $0.4 respectively. I should have at least 1 copy of every card, but I'm out of Risen from set B08.

Rares: $1 Each unless otherwise stated!



2x Cain B01-007

1x Abel B01-009

3x Merric B01-028

3x Linde B01-035

2x Palla B01-038

2x Catria B01-040

2x Est B01-042

3x Lissa B01-059

3x Sumia B01-068

2x Lon'qu B01-070

3x Nowi B01-078 ($6)

1x Olivia B01-083 

1x Cherche B01-084

1x Inigo B01-097 


3x Azura B02-004

2x Saizo B02-014

1x Oboro B02-024

3x Subaki B02-028

3x Azura B02-054

2x Laslow B02-064

2x Peri B02-066

3x Selena B02-070

3x Odin B02-072

2x Forrest B02-093

2x Soleil B02-095

2x Ophelia B02-097


4x Marcia B02-025

4x Nephenee B02-032

4x Jill B02-036

1x Ranulf B02-040

4x Naesala B02-044

3x Reyson B02-045

1x Leanne B02-046

3x Kana B03-062

3x Shigure B03-063

3x Mitama B03-069

3x Selkie B03-072

4x Silas B03-083

1x Kana B03-086

3x Nina B03-091

4x Velouria B03-095


3x Mamori B04-009

2x Yashiro B04-013

2x Julian B04-029

3x Sirius B04-031

1x Feena B04-035

2x Merric B04-038

2x Hardin B04-045

1x Michalis B04-047 

2x Kiria B04-055

2x Eleonora B04-059

2x Gaius B04-070

2x Say'ri B04-076

2x Morgan B04-083 ($2)

2x Owain B04-085 

3x Inigo B04-087

1x Cynthia B04-92 ($2)


1x Alen B05-007

2x Lance B05-009

2x Dieck B05-017

2x Shanna B05-022

3x Lugh B05-025

3x Thea B05-038

3x Fae B05-044 ($4)

1x Juno B05-046

2x Edward B05-057

2x Nailah B05-073

2x Nephenee B05-077

3x Lucia B05-080

1x Sigrun B05-084 ($2)

2x Soren B05-090

1x Kurthnaga B05-098 ($2)


1x Eldigan B06-008

1x Finn B06-012

3x Lachesis B06-031

1x Sylvia B06-036

2x Erinys B06-038

2x Mahnya B06-045

3x Beruka B06-062 ($2)

1x Niles B06-064

1x Effie B06-066

1x Felicia B06-070

2x Flora B06-072

3x Siegbert B06-082

2x Garon B06-092

1x Gunter B06-096


2x Eliwood B07-002 ($3)

2x Florina B07-015 ($2)

3x Serra B07-017 ($2)

2x Lucius B07-022

1x Rebecca B07-024 ($2)

1x Jaffar B07-041

2x Ursula B07-047 ($2)

2x Saizo B07-060

3x Kagero B07-062 ($2)

3x Setsuna B07-064 

1x Jakob B07-072

1x Silas B07-076

1x Shiro B07-084

1x Sumeragi B07-093


2x Virion B08-010

3x Maribelle B08-023 ($2)

2x Tharja B08-026

3x Owain B08-033

2x Tiki B08-039 ($4)

1x Seliph B08-052

3x Larcei B08-059

2x Fee B08-068 ($3) 

3x Ares B08-081

3x Lene B08-084

2x Tine B08-085 ($4)

2x Febail B08-087


2x Tobin B09-010

2x Faye B09-015

2x Saber B09-029

1x Delthea B09-033

1x Zeke B09-041

2x Roy B09-054

2x Lilina B09-058

2x Kilmar B09-062

1x Raigh B09-065

1x Jemmie B09-071

2x Lethe B09-078

3x Caineghis B09-090

1x Ike B09-091 ($3)

1x Zihark B09-095


1x Eyvel B10-009

3x Lara B10-026

3x Asbel B10-027

2x Shiva B10-029

2x Mareeta B10-033

2x Diarmuid B10-044

2x Shigure B10-059 ($4)

1x Azura B10-061 ($3)

3x Selkie B10-064 

1x Asugi B10-066

3x Ophelia B10-076

1x Velouria B10-082

1x Sharena B10-090

1x Bruno B10-095


2x Eirika B11-002 ($3)

1x Neimi B11-013

1x Innes B11-032

1x Lyon B11-045

2x Clive B11-058

2x Genny B11-066 ($6)

3x Valbar B11-067

1x Chrom B11-082

1x Marth B11-090

2x Anna B11-095

2x Lyn B11-097 ($2)


3x Greil B12-006

3x Titania B12-013

2x Soren B12-014 ($2)

1x Volke B12-019

3x Astrid B12-021

1x Stefan B12-025

2x Ashnard B12-043

2x Lucina B12-053 ($2)

2x Say’ri B12-061

2x Naga B12-073 ($3)

1x Ares B12-080

2x Nanna B12-082

2x Sigurd B12-083

3x Beowolf B12-085


1x B18-012R Bernadetta ($4)

1x B18-027 Mercedes ($3)

1x B18-048R Jeralt

1x B18-058R Gaius

1x B18-062R Gregor

2x B18072R Kiria

1x B18-095R Innes

1x B18-099R Valter

Super Rares! Prices stated within:


1x Ogma B01-016 ($2)

1x Camus B01-050 ($3)

2x Tharja B01-080 ($4)

2x Corrin B02-001 ($2)

1x Ryoma B02-006 ($3)

1x Hinoka B02-008 ($3)

1x Corrin B02-051 ($3)

2x Elise B02-062 ($5)

1x Soren B03-010 ($6)

1x Mia B03-021 ($4)

1x Corrin B03-051 ($8)

2x Kaze B03-058 ($3)

1x Azura B03-078 ($3)

1x Flora B03-085 ($3)

2x Hardin B04-044 ($2)

2x Nyna B04-048 ($2)

1x Lilina B05-004 ($4)

2x Narcian B05-048 ($4)

1x Sothe B05-054 ($3)

1x Geoffrey B05-082 ($2)

1x Sigurd B06-001 ($3)

1x Deirdre B06-004 ($15)

1x Lewyn B06-033 ($3)

2x Arvis B06-047 ($2)

1x Xander B06-051 ($3)

1x Elise B06-058 ($4)

2x Charlotte B06-076 ($4)

1x Anankos B06-097 ($3)

1x Nino B07-039 ($32)

1x Oboro B07-066 ($17)

1x Hinoka B07-054 ($2)

2x Takumi B07-056 ($5)

1x Sakura B07-058 ($3)

1x Anankos B07-097 ($2)

1x Robin B08-006 ($12)

2x Frederick B08-009 ($16)

1x Aversa B08-045 ($9)

1x Shannan B08-076 ($2)

2x Patty B08-079 ($2)

2x Julius B08-097 ($2)

1x Clair B09-021 ($12)

1x Al B09-051 ($6)

1x Tiena B09-056 ($12)

2x Skrimir B09-076 ($3)

1x Olwen B10-031 ($5)

1x Tina B10-036 ($3)

1x Corrin B10-055 ($15)

2x Alfonse B10-087 ($3)

1x Eirika B11-001 ($6)

2x Tana B11-027 ($12)

1x Celica B11-053 ($10)

1x Deltha B11-063 ($14)

1x Rowan B11-076 ($4)

1x Lianna B11-079 ($3)

1x Tiki B11-093 ($20)

1x Black Knight B12-037 ($7)

1x Nowi B12-059 ($12)

1x Lachesis B12-078 ($18)

B18-089SR Marisa ($3)

R/SR+ cards



1x Nina B03-091+ ($4)

1x Mamori B04-009+ ($3)

1x Sirius B04-031+ ($3)

1x Eliwood B07-002+X ($5)

1x Setsuna B07-064+ ($3)

1x Seliph B08-052+X ($3)

1x Berkut B09-046+ ($4)

1x Roy B09-054+X ($3)

1x Camilla B11-101+X ($4)


1x Kana B10-053+ ($8) 

1x Rowan B11-076+ ($10)

1x Edelgard B18-004+ ($60)

Shipping Info from the States with a first class bubble mailer:

International? $12 tracked shipping; I'll comp shipping for orders $40+.

Domestic? $3 tracked shipping; I'll comp shipping for orders $25+.

Less interested in buying and instead trading? Check out my wants list:


Chrom B12-051+ ($7)

Chrom B14-004+X ($4)

Ike B09-091+ ($15)

Ike B12-002 ($7)

Ike B12-003+ ($5)

Mae B09-025 ($20)

Robin B14-008+ ($30)

Leif B15-076+ ($35)

Rutger B05-029 ($2)

Lissa B12-054 ($14)

Fjorm B13-090 ($7)

Sigurd B17-095 ($18)

Quan B15-081 ($0.25)

Please feel free to message me as well! I'm happy to help or provide extra images or information.

I hope to hear from you. :Roy:


Thanks to everyone who purchased from and traded with me!

+1 jiayejoe

+1 LunartailSteffi

+1 Ayyana

+1 Kaflet

+1 lieftenant

+1 Crono

Edited by laCruel
Edelgard SR+ Added to SR list for sale.

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Set 18 is here!

I'm located in the states and looking for some trades if at all possible (only within the states, sorry international!). Also willing to sell cards, but trades get priority.

Want List:


#1 Priority

B15-033 SR Tiki


B16-011 R+ Clarine

B16-024 R+ Klein

B14-035 SR+ Inigo

B17-065 SR+ Soren 

B14-097 SR+ Ilyana

B14-010 R+ Cordelia 

B14-016 R+ Owain

B15-080 R+ Quan

B15-095 R+ Travant

B15-005 SR+ Katarina 

B15-015 SR+ Ogma 

B14-056 R+ Ryoma 

B15-054 R+ Xander  

B15-018 R+  Est 

B17-018 SR+ Chrom 

B18-085 SR+ L'Arachel

B18-089 SR+ Marisa


B13-001 SR+ Eliwood 

B13-004 SR+ Lyn 

B13-090 SR+ Fjorm 

B14-096 R+ Mia


B14-001 SR+ Lucina

B14-054 SR+ Azura

B15-051 SR+ F!Corrin 

B16-066 SR+ Sanaki

B17-086 SR+ Eirika 

B17-097 SR+ Deirdre 

B18-067 SR+ Tharja

Have List

Series 3


P03-014 PR Soren

Series 7


B07-017 R Serra x1

Series 8


B08-010 R Virion x1

Series 9


B09-062 R Kilmar x5

Series 11


B11-058 R Clive x3

B11-067 R Valbar x3

Series 12


B12-082 R Nanna x2

B12-085 R Beowolf x3

Series 13


B13-004 R Matthew x2

B13-033 R Karel x3

B13-043 R Lloyd x5

B13-045 R Sonia x3

B13-066 R Norne x2

B13-070 R Lena x3

Series 14


B14-006 SR Robin (M) x2

B14-051 SR Corrin (M) x1

B14-014 R Morgan (M) x1

B14-032 R Nah x3

B14-042 R Validar x2

B14-056 R Ryoma x3

B14-096 R Mia x2

Promo pack: P09-009PRr Anna and P14-001PR Marth x3

Series 15


B15-015 SR Ogma x2

B15-042 SR Clarisse x1

B15-051 SR F!Corrin x1

B15-062 SR Jakob x1

B15-003 R Kris x2

B15-018 R Est x2

B15-020 R Catria x2

B15-022 R Palla x2

B15-035 R Sheena x3

B15-038 R Elice x1

B15-060 R Elise x5

B15-093 R Linoan x3

B15-095 R Travant x4

Series 16


B16-044 SR Mae x3

B16-046 SR Saber x1

B16-011 R Clarine x3

B16-023 R Larum x2

B16-024 R Klein x2

B16-031 R Fae x4

B16-036 R Galle x3

B16-038 R Idunn x2

B16-073 R Tormod x1

B16-084 R Zelgius x1

B16-088 R Ashera x4

B16-100 R Veronica x2

Series 17


B17-007 SR Navarre x2

B17-027 SR Sumia x3

B17-053 SR Felicia x1

B17-078 SR Zephiel x1

B17-030 R Eleonora x2

B17-047 R Corrin (male) x1

B17-051 R Elise x1

B17-067 R Sothe x2

B17-082 R Eliwood x4

B17-084 R Nino x2

B17-114 R Emma x3

Series 18


B18-001 SR Byleth (male) x2

B18-008 R Ferdinand x3

B18-023 R Felix x1

B18-027 R Mercedes x1

B18-035 R Raphael x2

B18-058 R Gaius x4

B18-062 R Gregor x4

B18-064 R Nowi x4

B18-072 R Kiria x3

B18-081 R Tana x2

B18-094 R Tethys x3

B18-095 R Innes x3

B18-099 R Valter x4

B18-102 HR Eirika x1 (on hold)

Thanks for taking a look!

I also apologize if I respond slowly!

Edited by LunartailSteffi

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I'll update my full trading/selling post after I'm back home and have my article done, but before, I just wanted to put out there...

I'm looking to get my hands on a Dimitri SR+ if possible. I have some possible trade fodder, including Claude SR+, M!Byleth, or Ingrid, plus some older cards still and can supplement with cash. Please reach out to me if you have one available, and maybe we can work something out! ‚̧ԳŹ

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Hi guys!

After a long hiatus, I'm briefly back to trade/buy/sell for B18 ūüôā

I want to buy/trade:

B18 Dimitry SR+

I have:

B18-102HR Eirika

A few Rs and complete sets of B18 HN/N

Thanks for looking as always!

+1 kaflet ūüėĄ

Edited by totafan888

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Hi all! I recently opened box 18 and am looking to trade for SR Claude and SR Byleth. I have 

B18-018SR Dimitri

B18-030SR Ingrid

B18-039SR Lysithea 

B18-060 Cordelia

B18-085 L’arachel

I am located in Australia which I understand isn’t desired for some people. Regardless, I look forward to trading with anyone!

Edited by Cradily67

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Aaaaand after over 2 years of not being here I’m back! ~^__^~

After my trip to Japan I’ve almost got all the cards I want save for 2 SR that I didn’t find at a reasonable price.

also looking for a lot of promo cards.

Wish list:


B12-001SR+ Ike
B12-010SR+ Micaiah


P05-007PR Micaiah
P05-015PR Micaiah
P12-003PR Yune

P13-008PR Mia
P16-008PR Sanaki

Have list:


B14-096R+ Mia


Edited by Trymer
Updated list, again.

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