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Hello, I'm looking to buy these following cards for a reasonnable price to complete my B09 and B10 sets. I'm ready to buy international if needed (with PayPal for payement).

Want list (B09 and P09 set)


High priority:

-B09-025 SR Mae

-B09-056SR Tiena

-P09-09 PR Anna/P09-09PRr Anna (one of these two)

-P09-010PR Alm

-P09-011 PR Celica 

Low Priority:

-B09-034 N+X Delthea

-B09-054 R+X Roy

Set 10 want list:


High priority:

-B10-027R Asbel

-B10-029R Shiva

-B10-061R Azura

-B10-076R Ophelia 

-B10-090R Sharena

-B10-036SR Tina

-B10-053SR Kana (male)

-B10-087SR Alfonse

-B10-097SR Veronica

Low Priority:

-B10-055SR Corrin (male)

-B10-096 N+X Bruno


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Found them!

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I'm selling a brand new green comiket box byleth for $160 Aud, preferably for local pickups. Also some cards:


Cards available for sale:

B09-004SR Celica

B09-025SR Mae

B09-034N+X Delthea

B18-032SR Claude

B18-085SR+ L'Arachel

B19-019SR Female Byleth

B19-022SR Sothis

B19-068SR Lewyn

B19-076SR+ Larcei


Will also be willing to trade any of the above combined for  B18-004SR+ Edelgard or B19-001SR+ Edelgard

I'm based in Australia, so preferably locally because shipping is cheaper but can consider international!

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Finally got around to updating my spreadsheet 🙂 Theres a variety of SR/SR+/R/R+/ST+/PR cards from sets 1-13.


Mainly looking to sell but will consider trades for any marker cards that I don't have (indicated either by red/pink highlighting or not being listed at all on the "Markers" tab).

Additionally, I will discount (or potentially throw in for free) items in my "Other" tab for larger orders!

Also if anyone is interested in bulk I have probably around 500 (could be more or less, I need to count) N/HN/PR/ST cards from sets 1-13 for $25 + shipping. No dupes (except for a sprinkle of PRs and ST cards). 


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Hi everyone, this is going to be my first time offering a card to trade! I was extremely lucky recently in opening my B12 box to find a Micaiah B12-010SR+, pictured below. I figured this would be a great opportunity to try trading rather than selling/purchasing (though I may be interested in purchasing instead, depending on the offer).



I'm open to offers from international, but may prefer domestic due to lower shipping prices. Also I'm generally only interested in shipping with tracking on both of our ends. I don't mind being flexible on card values, so I haven't listed guideline prices, but while negotiating a trade I'll definitely be sticking closer to ones found on Japanese sites like Amenity Dream rather than the inflated ones on other sites.

Wants (preferably for trade, but also purchase):


Top Priority

Ike B12-002SR

Claude B18-032SR

Edelgard B19-001SR



Caeda B01-004SR

Rutger B05-029SR

Kellam B08-019R+

Altena B08-091SR

Joshua B11-020SR

Ashnard B12-043R

Lucina B12-053R

Chrom B14-004R (up to x2)

Owain B14-016R

Ike B14-076R (up to x2)

Mia B14-096R

Travant B15-095R

Sanaki B16-066SR

Ike P12-009PR

Byleth (male) P18-012PR



Leo B02-060SR

Jill B03-036R

Ethlyn B06-010R (up to x4)

Seliph B08-052R/R+X (up to x4)

Ephraim B11-004SR

Zelgius B16-084R (up to x4)

Dimitri B18-018SR

Byleth (male) P18-005PR

Anna P19-003PR

Chrom S02-001ST (up to x5)



Minerva B04-036SR

L'Arachel B11-036R

Cain B13-060R

Celica B16-042R

Celica B17-015R/ST (up to x2)

Sothe B17-067R

Larcei B19-076SR

Sigurd B19-103HR

Alm P09-005PR

Finn P10-005PR

Soren P17-010PR

Greil S05-003ST

Marcus S07-003ST

Quan S08-003ST

Lex S08-005ST

Erk S10-004ST


+1 yunjaelove (Really great prices and the cards arrived very quickly in perfect condition. Thank you again for everything!)

+1 laCruel (Excellent service, very helpful and accommodating. Everything packaged with care and arrived quickly. Thank you again for everything!)

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Thanks laCruel!

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On 1/15/2020 at 9:57 AM, yunjaelove said:


Trading: S17 Felicia SR Soren SR+
S19 Female Byleth SR+, Erin SR, Seliph SR and Female Byleth SR for not selling

Looking to buy/trade for: S17 Marth SR, S08 Seliph and Julius, S11 Ephraim and Eirika SR, S07 Eliwood and Hector SR+, S12 Ike and Micaiah S16/S17 FE6 Eight Legends Cards

Willing to pay the difference depending on offer

cipher picture.jpg

looking for.jpg

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+1 yunjaelove
Cards arrived quickly and safely! Thanks!! 

+1 whase
Thanks for the purchase!

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I'm looking for a few starter deck only cards:

S12-004ST Edelgard x2
S12-005ST Dimitri x2
S12-006ST Claude x2
S12 ST Hilda x2

Prefer to buy from Europe, since last time I bought from the US the transport costs were through the roof.

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Hey anybody got these? looking to buy all from one person. paypal ready. 

4x caeda love extolling wings

1x camus the sable

2x tharja dark mage of love and obsession

x1 Lucina forseer

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Hi everyone. It has been a while since I have posted in this forum. I have long since stop collecting FECipher. It has been fun while it lasted. 

I have decided to let go of the FE sleeves portion of my collection in order to fund my other passions. 

The highlights of what I am selling are as seen in the following picture links:  

Comiket 89 Sleeves Set (Selling as a set of 4) - https://imgur.com/ZOtVx6Z

Comiket 91 Sleeves Set (Selling as a set of 4) - https://imgur.com/vtTls4p

Other sleeves packs - https://imgur.com/fH5CdCJ

I am open to ship internationally. Do send me a message if interested. 

Thanks for reading.

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I've switched to maintaining my current Cipher selling list on PasteBin so that I only have to check and update one place.

To see the Cipher cards I currently have available, please click here!

I'm not currently looking to trade for any cards, just selling, thanks.

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A friend of mine is looking for B09-97SR Jill.

Edit 1: If it wasn't obvious, we both live in germany

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I was wondering if anyone was selling any bulk cards. 

I am a crafter and turn cards into buttons and magnets and things for conventions and people really like the FE Cipher ones. Was wondering if anyone is selling any bulk cards. Would take any and all cards from any series and would love Three Houses ones. I have PayPal and prefer in the US but outside if its cheap.


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Looking for all Edelgard and Ishtar promos/SRs/unoopened sleeves aside from B12-097SR Ishtar and B19-001SR Edelgard. Preferably within the US.

Have Paypal and the following cards to offer:

- B19-040SR Flayn (2)

- B19-068SR Llewyn

- B19-004SR Hubert

- B19-064SR Jamke

- B19-051SR Seliph

- B11-093SR Tiki

- B01-046SR Tiki (2)

- B09-001SR Alm (2)

- B03-001SR Ike (2)

- B13-016SR Nils

- B01-078R Nowi (3)

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I have about 1.6 thousand cards for this game (N's HN's some ST's) I'm looking to sell almost all of them with some exceptions, nobody in my area plays the game anymore and i simply do not  have time for it anymore so besides a few for my collection  looking to sell whatever i can as well as a bunch of rares and quite a few SR's.  All my cards are going to be from BOX 14 and below so if anyone is looking for anything or interested in buying in bulk Let me know! also if anyone is still looking for SR's that are posted around the forum i have quite a few of them! Thanks!


Too add onto the following, all cards are in very good condition all mint or near mint, were taken care of well and played very minimally.

TCG republic value of only Rares and SR's ends up at $941.25 (of the ones for sale)

Selling N's/HN's @ $.20 each OBO in bulk with a few exceptions

All sales are negotiable


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I'm new to the Fe cipher game (aka no cards) so I was curious if anyone had some starter sets for relatively cheap. I also want to buy the promo cards that come with the games at release if anyone has those, Also I was curious if where I could ask if someone could buy me merch from the comiket's?

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