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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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My S2 Cipher boxes decided to take an unscheduled 2-week vacation in NYC, but they've finally arrived! So, here's my updated haves/wants list.

I'm happy to either trade my haves for the cards I'm looking for or sell them for cash. I am also willing to buy via PayPal instead of trade for some high wants (marked with a ***) If you're interested in anything, get in touch with me via PM or post here.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands (Europe). I'm happy to ship worldwide. I've been trading/selling Pokémon cards for some time now too, so I'm kind of familiar with the whole internationally shipping cards deal.

Looking For:

Felicia - B02-030SR
Female Kamui/Corrin - B02-051SR+ (signed)
Camilla - B02-58SR***

Princess of Ylisse, Lissa B01-059R+*** (signed)
Pegasus Knight Paragon Cordelia B01-075SR


Promo Cards:

Crown-Prince of Hoshido, Corrin (Male) P01-001PR

Booster Series 1 & 2 - SR & R+
Marx/Xander - B02-056SR

War-God of Talys, Ogma B01-016SR

Booster Series 1 & 2 - R

Aqua/Azura (Hoshido) B02-004R
Saizou - B02-014R
Matoi - B02-045R
Pieri - B02-066R
Odin - B02-072R

Infamous Knight “Raging Bull”, Cain B01-007R
Infamous Knight “Prowling Panther”, Abel B01-009R
Sage of Gales, Merric B01-028R
Aura's Heiress, Linde B01-035R
Gentle Flower of the Shepherds, Sumia B01-068R

Booster Series 1 & 2 HN & N

[spoiler=Hoshido cards (White)]
Male Kamui/Corrin - B02-002N (x3)
Male Kamui/Corrin - B02-003HN (x3)
Ryoma - B02 - 007N (x5)
Hinoka - B02-009N (x3)
Takumi - B02-011N (x5)
Sakura - B02-013N (x3)
Saizou - B02-015N (x5)
Kagerou - B02-016HN
Kagerou - B02-017N (x3)
Setsuna - B02-019N (x5)
Asama - B02-020HN
Asama - B02-021N (x3)
Hinata - B02-022HN
Hinata - B02-023N (x5)
Orochi - B02-025N (x3)
Kazahana/Hana - B02-027N (x3)
Tsubaki/Subaki - B02-029N (x3)
Felicia - B02-031N (x3)
Yuugiri - B02-032N (x3)
Orochi - B02-033HN (x3)
Orochi - B02-034N (x5)
Rinka/Rinkah - B02-035HN (x3)
Rinka/Rinkah - B02-036N (x3)
Tsukiyomi - B02-037HN (x3)
Tsukiyomi - B02-038N (x5)
Nishiki - B02-039HN (x3)
Nishiki - B02-040N (x4)
Female Kanna - B02-041HN (x3)
Female Kanna - B02-042N (x3)
Gurei/Grey (Not!Gaius) - B02-044N (x3)
Matoi (Not!Cordelia) - B02-046N (x2)
Syalla/Shara (Not!Tharja) - B02-048N (x4)
Emma - B02-049HN
Emma - B02-050N (x4)

[spoiler=Nohr cards (Black)]
Female Kamui/Corrin - B02-052N (x4)
Female Kamui/Corrin - B02-053HN
Aqua/Azura - B02-055HN (x3)
Marx/Xander - B02-057N (x5)
Camilla - B02-059N (x2)
Leo/Leon - B02-061N (x4)
Elise - B02-063N (x3)
Lazward (Inigo) - B02-065N (x4)
Pieri - B02-067N (x4)
Belka/Berka - B02-068HN
Belka/Berka - B02-069N (x3)
Luna (Severa) - B02-071N (x5)
Odin (Owain) - B02-073N (x3)
Zero - B02-074HN (x3)
Zero - B02-075N (x3)
Effie - B02-076HN (x3)
Effie - B02-077N (x3)
Harold - B02-078HN (x3)
Harold - B02-079N (x3)
Joker/Jakob - B02-081N (x3)
Gunther - B02-082N (x5)
Nyx - B02-083HN
Nyx - B02-084N (x4)
Charlotte - B02-085HN (x3)
Charlotte - B02-086N (x5)
Benoit - B02-088N (x3)
Flannel - B02-089HN
Flannel - B02-090N (x5)
Male Kanna - B02-092N
Folio - B02-094N (x5)
Soleil - B02-096N (x3)
Ophelia - B02-098N (x5)
Shade - B02-099HN (x3)
Shade - B02-100N (x4)

[spoiler=Archanea/Shadow Dragon cards (Red)]
Deposed Prince, Marth B01-002N (x3)
Crown Prince of Altea, Marth B01-003HN (x2)
Wings of Restoration, Caeda B01-005N (x4)
Princess of Talys, Caeda B01-006HN (x2)
Scarlet Knight, Cain B01-008N (x5)
Verdent Knight, Abel B01-010N (x2)
Altea's Shield, Draug B01-011HN (x2)
Protective Knight, Draug B01-012N (x4)
Archanean League Bowman, Gordin B01-013HN (x2)
Altean Archer, Gordin B01-014N (x3)
Healing Priest, Wrys B01-015N (x3)
Well-Armored Gladiator, Ogma B01-017N (x3)
Talysian Mercenary, Ogma (x2)
Talysian Fighter, Bord B01-019N (x4)
Talysian Axe-Wielder, Cord B01-020N (x3)
Courageous Talys Mercenary, Barst B01-021HN
Loose-Cannon Swordsman, Navarre B01-023N (x4)
Crimson Myrmidon, Navarre B01-024HN (x2)
Affectionate Saint, Lena B01-025HN (x2)
Ascetic Saint, Lena B01-026N (x3)
Mage of Winds, Merric B01-029N (x4)
Princess of Macedon, Minerva B01-031N (x4)
Innocent Priestess, Maria B01-032HN (x2)
Young Princess of Macedon, Maria B01-033N (x5)
Archanea's Best Sniper, Jeorge B01-034HN (x2)
Daughter of Pontifex Miloah, Linde B01-036N (x3)
Love-Struck Knight, Midia B01-037N (x4)
Eldest Pegasus Rider, Palla B01-039N (x3)
Middle Pegasus Rider, Catria B01-041N (x3)
Youngest Pegasus Rider, Est B01-043N (X3)
Love-Struck Hero, Astram B01-044N (x4)
Shapeshifter, Xane B01-045HN
Divine Dragon Princess, Tiki B01-047HN (x3)
Princess of Altea, Elice B01-048N (x3)
Myrmidon from Parts Unknown, Athena B01-049N (x4)

[spoiler=Awakening Cards (Blue)]
Hero-King's Descendant, Chrom B01-052N (x3)
Crown Prince of Ylisse, Chrom B01-053HN (x2)
Sacred Descendant, Lucina B01-055N (x2)
Swordsman Known as Marth, Lucina B01-056HN
Amnesia-Stricken Tactician, Robin (Female) B01-058N (x2)
Sprightly Cleric, Lissa B01-060N (X4)
Warm-Hearted Guard Captain, Frederick B01-061N (x3)
Duke of Rosanne, Virion B01-062HN (X2)
Aristocratic Archer, Virion B01-063N (x3)
Brazen Scarlet Knight, Sully B01-065N (X4)
Blue-Eyed Panther, Stahl B01-066HN
Good-Natured Azure Knight, Stahl B01-067N (x4)
Maiden of Flower Fortunes, Sumia B01-069N (X3)
Gynophobic Swordsman, Lon'qu B01-071N (x4)
Sharp-Tongued Troubadour, Maribelle B01-072N (x4)
Thief with a Sweet-Tooth, Gaius B01-074N (x5)
Young Prodigy, Cordelia B01-076N (x3)
Fearless Mercenary, Gregor B01-077N (x4)
Tomboyish Manakete, Nowi B01-079N (x3)
Bewitching Plegian Shaman, Tharja B01-081N (x5)
Wyvern Loving Knight, Cherche B01-085N (x3)
Heartless Shaman, Henry B01-087N (x2)
Child from Another Time, Morgan (Male) B01-088N
Jet Black Ace, Gerome B01-089HN (x2)
Wyvern Rider in the Iron Mask, Gerome B01-090N (x4)
Legendary Descendent, Owain B01-092N (x2)
Soul-Searching Sellsword, Severa B01-094HN (x2)
Burier of Attachments, Severa B01-095N (x4)
Bipolar Archer, Noire B01-096N (x3)
Cultivator of Smiles, Inigo B01-098N (x4)
Sentimental Divine Dragon, Tiki B01-099HN (x2)
Mysterious Shop-Keep, Anna B01-100HN (x2)

Starter Deck Cards

[spoiler=Starter Deck 1: War of Darkness]
Lodestar, Marth S01-001ST
Loyal Retainer, Jagen S01-003ST
Steel Swordsman, Ogma S02-004ST
Wielder of a Bloody Blade, Navarre S01-005ST
Princess of Talys, Caeda B01-006ST
Scarlet Knight, Cain B01-008ST (x2)
Verdent Knight, Cain B01-010ST (x2)
Protective Knight, Draug B01-012ST
Altean Archer, Gordin B01-014ST
Talysian Mercenary, Ogma B01-018ST
Talysian Fighter, Bord B01-019ST
Talysian Axe-Wielder, Cord B01-020ST
Courageous Talys Mercenary, Barst B01-021ST
Crimson Myrmidon, Navarre B01-024ST
Ascetic Saint, Lena B01-026ST (x2)
Mage of Winds, Merric B01-029ST (x2)

[spoiler=Starter Deck 2: Awakening]
Protector of Ylisse, Chrom S02-001ST (x2)
Forgotten Knight, Kellam S02-002ST
Podunk Hero, Vaike S02-003ST (x2)
Intellectual Inquirer, Miriel S02-004ST
Childish Mage, Ricken S02-005ST
Sacred Descendant, Lucina B01-055ST
Amnesia-stricken Tactician, Robin (Female) B01-058ST
Sprightly Cleric, Lissa B01-060ST
Aristocratic Archer, Virion B01-063ST
Red-eyed Bull, Sully B01-064ST
Brazen Scarlet Knight, Sully B01-065ST
Blue-eyed Panther, Stahl B01-066ST
Good-natured Azure Knight, Stahl B01-067ST
Maiden of Flower Fortunes, Sumia B01-069ST
Gynophobic Swordsman, Lon'qu B01-071ST (x2)
Sharp-Tongued Noblewoman, Maribelle B01-072ST
Young Prodigy, Cordelia B01-076ST

[spoiler=Starter Deck 3: White Night]
Male Kamui/Corrin S02-001ST (x2) (exclusive art!)
Ryoma S03-002ST (exclusive art!)
Male Kamui/Corrin B02-003ST
Aqua/Azura B02-005ST
Ryoma B02-007ST
Hinoka B02-009ST (x2)
Takumi B02-011ST (x2)
Sakura B02-013ST (x1)
Saizou B02-015ST (x2)
Setsuna B02-019ST (x2)
Hinata B02-023ST (x2)
Kazahana/Hana - B02-027ST (x2)
Rinka/Rinkah - B02-036ST
Tsukiyomi - B02-028ST

[spoiler=Starter Deck 4: Black Knight]
Female Kamui/Corrin - S04-001ST (x2) (exclusive art!)
Marx/Xander - S04-002ST (exclusive art!)
Female Kamui/Corrin - B02-053ST
Aqua/Azura - B02-056ST
Marx/Xander - B02-057ST
Camilla - B02-059ST (x2)
Leo/Leon - B02-061ST (x2)
Elise - B02-063ST (x2)
Pieri - B02-067ST (x2)
Belka/Berka - B02-069ST (x2)
Odin (Owain) - B02-073ST (x2)
Harold - B02-079ST (x2)
Benoit - B02-088ST (x2)

I've also got single sleeves available for the Chrom, Lucina, and Gaius sleeves, just in case anyone wants any of those, as well codes from both series.

I also also have 2 Minerva, 1 Lucina, and 1 Marth code available from S1.

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Hi there. I'm a brand new account, but I've been lurking around this thread for a little while, and I reference this site all the time for info on the older games.
Since the TCG was released, I've been pretty obsessed with collecting a complete set. Here's what I'm missing/looking for (I'm willing to pay for some if that makes things easier):


Vol. 1

22SR Navarre
50SR Camus

51SR Chrom

54SR Lucina
75SR Cordelia
78R Nowi
80SR Tharja

Vol. 2

24R Oboro

30SR Felicia

45R Matoi

56SR Marx

62SR Elise

80SR Joker

Looking for any promotion cards except P01-001 Kamui (M), P02-001 Ike, and P02-002 Kamui (F). These are low priority though


I'm willing to trade any Normals and High Normals, as well as Starter Deck-only cards, but here are the Rares and Super Rares that I have for trade:

Vol. 1

1x Promotional Card 001 Kamui (M) (still in plastic)

2x 007R Cain

1x 009R Abel

1x 028R Merric

1x 035R Linde

1x 038R Paola

1x 040R Katria

1x 042R Est

1x 047R Robin (F)

1x 059R Lissa

1x 070R+ Lon'qu

1x 073SR Gaius

1x 083R Olivia

1x 084R Cherche

Vol. 2

2x 004R Aqua

1x 0014R Saizou

1x 0014R+ Saizou

1x 026R Kazahana

1x 028R Tsubaki

2x 054R Aqua

1x 064R Lazward

2x 066R Pieri

1x 070R Luna

1x 072R Odin

1x 093R Foleo

1x 097R Ophelia

1x 097R+ Ophelia

I'll generally trade 2 Rare cards for 1 Super Rare, but I'm willing to negotiate. I also have 2 packs of Hoshido sleeves, with 5 sleeves per pack.

I'm located in the United States and I've already sent cards to people both in the U.S. and in Europe via standard mail, which has worked out pretty well. It seems to be the cheapest option.

Edited by fuujin
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Hi. looking to trade for these cards. Below are the cards I am looking for and what I have for trade.

Looking for:

SR+ Elise (High Priority)
SR+ Shiida
SR+ Lucina
PR0-12 Marth (Fire Emblem Festival Promotional Card) (High Priority)

SR Ryoma

SR Elise

SR Joker

SR Kamui (F)

SR Lucina

SR Cordelia

SR Shiida

Here are the cards I have to trade for. (Do prefer to trade signed Sakura for another signed in the deal)

SR + Sakura (Reserved)
SR Takumi
SR Carmillia
SR Marth
SR Chrom

I also have Rares/HN/N cards from series 1 and 2 that I won't be listing here. Please PM me to find out more.

I shipped internationally.

Please PM if interested.

Many thanks.

Edited by Wobblinghood
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Hi there, i'm quite new to the forum. However i want to trade some of my cards but since most of you are from the US (i'm from the Netherlands) things didn't work out. Anybody nearby that wants to trade?

I have some good ones like B01-050SR - Camus and B01-083R - Olivia B02 Aqua R+ up for trade (off course more)

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A friendly reminder that I'm still looking for a SR+ and promo (P01-004PR) Lucina!

I am willing to trade multiple Series 1 cards (SR Marth, SR Caeda, R+ Robin, etc.) for the SR+ version. The promo card is negotiable.

I live in the US but I'm willing to ship internationally. Please PM me if interested. Thanks!

EDIT: +1 to Zukonima and fuujin

Edited by insignia
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I have a bunch of N and HN cards that I am looking to get rid of. If anyone is interested PM me with cards from series 1 and 2 you are looking for, or doubles of your favorite characters you might be interested in. I use Pay Pal. Selling for cheap. They have been sleeved since the day they where unboxed. Would rather pass some on then have them sitting in card boxes as unneeded doubles (from my perspective) Just let me know!

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