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Hey! I am also new to this forum, and I'm looking to get ahold of a couple of the female Grima cards from set 18 to finish up a deck I'm working on. I am willing to trade or buy, but if you want to trade, I don't have any cards from after set 16. I'm based in the US, by the way.

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I'm looking for some common cards and I was wondering if anyone here within Europe has them for sale.

- Naesala B09-088HN x2
- Rafiel B09-089HN x2
- Leanne  B12-036HN x4
- Tibarn B17-074N x2

Preferably from Europe because of shipping costs and delivery time, thanks!

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+1 lieftenant

+1 helloard3n

+1 Interlude37

So I just got in a few more boxes from set 21 and ended up pulling a second B21-001 SR+ Dimitri. I'm only interested in trading him for either a B21-071 SR+ Lilina or B20-001 SR+ F!Corrin. Found someone who sold me their Lilina, so Dimitri SR+ is up for sale (but dude is hella expensive).

I'm located in the states and looking for some trades if at all possible (only within the states, sorry international!). Also willing to sell cards, but trades get priority.

Want List:

+ Cards


#1 Priority

B20-051 SR+ Micaiah (Really high) (bought)

High (in order of priority)

B14-097 SR+ Ilyana (bought)

B15-005 SR+ Katarina 

B15-015 SR+ Ogma 

B16-066 SR+ Sanaki (final for set) (bought)

B19-022 SR+ Sothis (final for set)

B21-091 SR+ Peony (final for set)


B13-001 SR+ Eliwood 

B13-004 SR+ Lyn (bought)

B13-090 SR+ Fjorm (bought)


B14-001 SR+ Lucina (bought)

B14-054 SR+ Azura (bought)

B15-051 SR+ F!Corrin 

B20-031 SR+ Nyx




P20-009 Edelgard


P21-003 Peony

P21-004 Triandra

Tournament Promos (P21-005-P21-010) (bought)

Have List

Series 3


P03-014 PR Soren

Series 9


B09-062 R Kilmar x4

Series 11


B11-058 R Clive x3

B11-067 R Valbar x2

Series 12


B12-082 R Nanna x1

B12-085 R Beowolf x2

Series 13


B13-004 R Matthew x1

B13-033 R Karel x2

B13-043 R Lloyd x4

B13-045 R Sonia x1

Series 14


B14-051 SR Corrin (M) x1

B14-032 R Nah x3

B14-042 R Validar x2

B14-056 R Ryoma x3

Promo pack: P09-009PRr Anna and P14-001PR Marth x1

Series 15


B15-015 SR Ogma x1

B15-062 SR Jakob x1

B15-035 R Sheena x1

B15-060 R Elise x1

B15-093 R Linoan x2

B15-095 R Travant x2

Series 16


B16-036 R Galle x2

B16-088 R Ashera x1

Series 17


B17-082 R Eliwood x1

B17-114 R Emma x3

Series 18


B18-058 R Gaius x1

B18-062 R Gregor x2

B18-064 R Nowi x2

B18-072 R Kiria x1

Series 19


B19-040 SR Flayn x1

B19-064 SR Jamke x2

B19-070 SR Erinys x3

B19-057 R Arden x5

B19-061 R Edain x5

B19-072 R Tailtiu x2

B19-074 R Ulster x2

B19-089 R Eldigan x3

B19-096 R Julius x2

Series 20


B20-010 SR Ryoma x1

B20-016 SR Hana x1

B20-023 SR Xander x2

B20-037 SR Silas x1

B20-054 SR Sothe x2

B20-088 SR Pelleas x2

B20-006 R F!Kanna x2

B20-008 R M!Kanna x2

B20-012 R Sakura x3

B20-014 R Saizo x3

B20-018 R Reina x1

B20-025 R Elise x3

B20-029 R Arthur x2

B20-062 R Laura x4

B20-074 R Leanne x2

B20-075 R Reyson x1

B20-080 R Lucia x1

B20-083 R Geoffrey x2

B20-085 R Mist x3

B20-091 R Ashnard x3

B20-098 R Medallion x1

Series 21


B21-091 SR Peony x2

B21-004 R Dedue x2

B21-007 R Ashe x2

B21-014 R Ingrid x5

B21-019 R Lorenz x4

B21-029 R Leonie x5

B21-031 R Edelgard x4

B21-043 R Shamir x3

B21-054 R Lyn x4

B21-056 R Florina x6

B21-063 R Hector x2

B21-065 R Priscilla x5

B21-069 R Heath x4

B21-081 R Fir x3

B21-094 R Sharena x3

B21-096 R Trianda x1

Thanks for taking a look!

I also apologize if I respond slowly!

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+1 AllStarKnight, great communication and prompt payment 🙂


Check out my want/have list here and shoot a message if you are interested in setting up a trade/sale.

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Been out of the loop for a little while but I'm finally back. Looking to unload a lot and also trade or purchase a lot! (Prefer to trade or buy but will also sell)

Spreadsheets are separated into pages per set, so be sure to check each page!

What I want:
Note: I am prioritizing + cards over promos, and prioritizing the few non + cards I still need over that.
Willing to buy or trade

Cipher Want List

What I have: (recently updated with B19+B17, more B20 coming!)
Willing to sell or trade (prefer trades)

Cipher Catalog List

+1 AllStarKnight - Very good person to do trade/business with
+1 hellord3n  - Pleasure to work with
+1 Bluestorm

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+1 Interlude37 (Another wonderful experience! My first trade ever rather than purchase and it could not have gone any more perfectly. Highly recommended. Goes above and beyond to be extremely helpful, kind, generous, and thorough!)

+1 Jiayejoe (Also highly recommended and another wonderful experience! My third transaction yet first trade with him and everything went smoothly. Excellent service as always, and very accommodating in helping me secure a very large number of cards across all the sets!)

+1 Chuy (Very prompt and helpful! Everything arrived quickly in perfect condition. Definitely recommend!)

+1 Zenakku (Excellent trading partner, wonderful service, helpful and generous. Very recommended and I hope to trade with again!)

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+1 Zenakku

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+1 Jiayejoe - This is my second time trading with him and I still have no complaints! Very good trade partner.

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+1 Stugard - Awesome trading partner
+1 LunartailSteffi - Super cool, made sure I got the right stuff
+1 jiayejoe - Nice communication, kept me updated

Everyone above is nice and cool, do business with them if you want!

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Back again with a quick update! I was very fortunate in finding great trades/trading partners for my extra SR/+ cards, so my stock is low at the moment, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to put up what I do have left along with my wants. I'm still open to purchasing, but I am trying to save some wants for future trades, with B22 boxes preordered and B20 boxes estimated to be coming in next week.

Updated post is below, so please check it out if interested!

Edited by AllStarKnight
updated post is below, removed this one's outdated haves/wants

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Hi, I'm new here, and it's a shame I only learned of the card game because of the news it's ending. So I wanted to pick up some cards before they become too scarce. The problem is, they seem to be already pretty scarce. How would I go around and find these scarce cards for sale? I'm actually buying additional stuff from Japan via Forwarding service so any Japan specific sites would also be fine (but some of the cards I wanted seem to be sold out everywhere). So far I specifically wanted and couldn't find:

美しき天才翔騎 ティアモ(B14-010R+) Alternate art of Cordelia

聖痕を持つ王女 ルキナ(P16-010PR) Promo art Lucina (I found one on Ebay, but $24 shipping from Japan came out to around $40 so I wanted to see if there's more reasonable places to buy from)

If anyone have these for sale I'm also definitely interested. Thanks for the help in advance.

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Hey new here but does anybody have any of the Mamori Minamoto cards from starter deck 06 Mirage or the Shimmering Illusongs booster set for sale?

Just a heads up I’m in the UK.

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Got my boxes for set 21 today. 🙂 Was lucky enough to pull a Dimitri B21-001SR+. I would prefer to trade him, but open to selling him too. Edit: Sold! I'm located in USA and would prefer not to ship internationally given the circumstances. 

Update: As B17-078SR Zephial is now the only Elibe legendary weapon card I'm missing, please hit me up if you are looking to trade or sell him!

For trade:


B21-001SR+ Dimitri
B21-004R Dedue
B21-011SR Mercedes
B21-019R Lorenz
B21-024R Lysithea
B21-029R Leonie
B21-034SR Yuri
B21-041SR Hapi

B21-043R Shamir
B21-065R Priscilla
B21-071SR Lilina
B21-091SR Peony x2
B21-094R Sharena
B21-096R Triandra x2

B13-033R Karel
B13-041R Karla
B13-043R Lloyd
B13-051SR Marth
B13-064R Draug
B13-064R+ Draug
B13-073SR Athena
B13-075SR Linde
B13-088R Kiran
B13-095R Laevatein
B13-095R+X Laevatein

B09-015R Faye
B09-021SR Clair
B09-051SR Al
B09-058R+ Lilina
B09-062R Kilmar
B09-071R Jemmie
B09-085SR Ena
B09-090R Caineghis
B09-091R Ike
B09-095R Zihark
B09-099R Dheginsea

B07-017R Serra
B07-022R Lucius
B07-060R Saizo
B07-062R Kagero
B07-064R Setsuna
B07-068R Hana
B07-072R Jacob
B07-076R Silas
B07-084R Shiro
B07-093R Sumeragi
B07-097SR Anakos

P07-002PR Seliph

S10-001ST Lyn x2
S10-002ST Eliwood x3
S10-003ST Florina
S10-004ST Erk
S10-005ST Marcus

S09-001ST Alm x2
S09-002ST Celica
S09-003ST Mycen
S09-004ST Boey
S09-005ST Valbar x2

Assorted N/HN from all sets listed above.


Want List:


Highest priority:

B17-078SR Zephial
B16-001SR Roy
B16-004SR Lilina

B16-029SR Sophia
B21-051SR Eliwood
B21-073SR Rutger

B21-075SR Sue

Medium priority:
P04-006PR Catria
B08-002SR Chrom
B09-001SR Alm
P15-005PR Marth
P15-006PR Caeda
P16-010PR Lucina
B19-004SR Hubert
P19-007PR Marth
B21-067SR Raven

Low priority:
B07-001SR+ Eliwood
B07-004SR+ Hector
P07-006PR Nino
B15-056R+X Camilla
P17-014PR Byleth
B17-079HN Zephial
B17-082R Eliwood
B17-083N Eliwood

B18-051SR Grima/Robin
B19-103HR Sigurd
B18 N/HN Three Houses Set
B19 N/HN Three Houses Set

P20-007PR Nino
B21-101HR Byleth


Edited by helloard3n

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Good Day,

I am in search for some cards and am hoping for some help!


B19-033HN- Lysithea: Scholar of Misfortune

B18-039SR- Lysithea: Little Wunderkind


Thank you for any help!

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Update 9/14:
Ended up getting a few more boxes since the last post. Updated list is here:

I'm located in the US. Preference for trading, but willing to buy and/or sell depending. I have a few boxes of B22 preordered -- I'll likely update this list again when I get them.


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+1 LunartailSteffi

+1 Zenakku

+1 OdinsGrimoire

+1 Agery

Thank you! Would be happy to make deals again with y'all in the future.

Edited by helloard3n
Updating to add Agery

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My four B20 boxes came in much earlier than expected, and once again I had some seriously incredible luck. Not only did I pull my much desired Micaiah SR+ in the first box, but I also somehow managed to pull a Corrin SR+. I'm currently only wanting to trade her if the trade includes Ike B20-056SR+, since he's the only + left in my top priority cards. But everything else under “haves” is up for other trades!

I've updated below with the remaining wants and many new B20/PR haves. Surprisingly, these boxes came with not only a P20 promo pack for each but also the original preorder buttons! I have a single Corrin (m) and multiples of Corrin (f), any of which I'd be happy to take offers for or trade for a Claude B21 button.

EDIT: My B22 boxes came in, and there have also been a lot of additions/changes to my wants since I lasted updated. I plan on putting everything in a new post very soon!

Edited by AllStarKnight
removed outdated haves/wants, new B22 post to come

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+1 helloard3n - Super sweet and everything arrived nicely

+1 AllStarKnight - Friendly and would trade with again

Edited by OdinsGrimoire
new trade lol didn't want to make a new post

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+1 Zenakku - Fair prices, easy and fast process, nice!
+1 LC1987 - Kind and cool to talk too. Nice trades!
+1 Chuy - Fair trades and very awesome stock!

Thanks to everyone above, go trade with them. 👍

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Hello , I am new!

If anyone is selling Sealed booster boxes of Cipher or the old TCG, preferably in Canada, give me a pm, ill buy anything as long as its in good shape. Thank you,

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Can I give a +100 to Jiayejoe and Kirie? I do believe everyone who frequents this thread already knows these are great people to trade with, can we put an infinite behind their names?

Otherwise just a +1 to both from me.

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Big thanks to my first ever Cipher trades!! 😄

+1 to Agery! Was super nice and shipped really fast!

+1 to HatoTheWhite! Was super nice and added extra goodies!

Thanks again to you both! 😄 Would trade again anytime!

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