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Hello everyone! I'm looking for a few things and was hoping that someone here might have them. I'm trying to find any of these things, please let me know if you would be willing to sell them!

Nah Marker Card (not sure from what set but I think it's 14 or around there) 

Various FEC Sleeves


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I recently bought a small lot of Fire Emblem Cipher sleeves, and I have a few spares I don't want and would like to trade them for other Cipher sleeves. All of them came loose in no packaging, so there might be some slight wear and tear on them. 

Sleeves I have:

1x Pixel Marth
1x Mystery of the Emblem Cover Art Sleeve
1x Shadow Dragon DS Cover Art
5x Pixel Roy
6x Binding Blade Cover Art
26x Marth: Hero Chosen by the Exalted Blade Art (Sleeve Pack 68)
29x Micaiah: Maiden of Miracles (Sleeve Pack 64)

Sleeves I'm looking for:

1-5x Ayra: Almighty Astra (Sleeve Pack 84)
1x Pixel Celica
1-5x Nowi: Long-Lived Little Dragon (Sleeve Pack 65)
1x Faye: Ram Village Girl (Sleeve Pack 51)
1x Echoes Cover Art
10x Seliph: Prince of Grannvale (Sleeve Pack 47)
1x Deirdre: Tragic Saint  (Sleeve Pack 34)
1x Lachesis: Princess of Nodion (Sleeve Pack 35)
1x Charlotte: Colorful Coaxing (Sleeve Pack 36)
1x L Arachel: Beauteous Maiden of Justice (Sleeve Pack 90)
1x Elise: Young Princess of Nohr (Sleeve Pack 16)

Feel free to DM me for questions/photos of the sleeves. I'm also happy to trade for other older sleeves, too. Thank you!

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+2 helloard3n

+1 HatoTheWhite

+1 VinLaw

Final set is here! You can find my spread sheet here (B22 HN/N aren't updated yet since I still need to sort them so ignore that for now...): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fUUd5y6RQj_izoKNfjgml4xVU0KKnehk9rGTNpAYngw/edit#gid=1588028370

I'm located in the states. Because of the pandemic and issues with the postal service, I'm limiting my trades/sales to within the states. Many apologies to international buyers/traders!

I'm really looking for trades/partial purchases for my wants, so they get first priority!

If the document isn't working right, below are lists for the cards I want plus the SRs/Rs I have available for each set. I have many common cards, so if you are looking for anything specific don't hesitate to ask! Thanks!

Want List:

+ Cards


#1 Priority

B15-005 SR+ Katarina 

High (in order of priority)

B13-001 SR+ Eliwood (final for set)

B22-001 SR+ Marth


B15-051 SR+ F!Corrin 

B22-072 SR+ Azura


B19-022 SR+ Sothis (final for set)

B20-031 SR+ Nyx (final for set)




P20-009 Edelgard


P21-003 Peony

P21-004 Triandra


Tourney promos (001-006 PR)

Have List

Series 9


B09-062 R Kilmar x3

Series 11


B11-058 R Clive x2

B11-067 R Valbar x1

Series 12


B12-085 R Beowolf x1

Series 13


B13-033 R Karel x1

B13-043 R Lloyd x3

Series 14


B14-032 R Nah x2

B14-042 R Validar x1

Series 15


B15-093 R Linoan x1

B15-095 R Travant x1

Series 16


B16-036 R Galle x1

Series 17


B17-114 R Emma x2

Series 18


B18-062 R Gregor x1

B18-064 R Nowi x1

Series 19


B19-070 SR Erinys x1

B19-057 R Arden x4

B19-061 R Edain x4

B19-074 R Ulster x1

B19-089 R Eldigan x1

B19-096 R Julius x1

Series 20


B20-031 SR Nyx x3

B20-037 SR Silas x1

B20-088 SR Pelleas x1

B20-006 R F!Kanna x5

B20-008 R M!Kanna x5

B20-012 R Sakura x5

B20-014 R Saizo x6

B20-018 R Reina x4

B20-025 R Elise x6

B20-027 R Peri x4

B20-029 R Arthur x4

B20-062 R Laura x5

B20-074 R Leanne x6

B20-075 R Reyson x4

B20-080 R Lucia x5

B20-083 R Geoffrey x4

B20-085 R Mist x3

B20-091 R Ashnard x4

B20-098 R Medallion x4

Series 21


B21-091 SR Peony x2

B21-004 R Dedue x1

B21-019 R Lorenz x2

B21-029 R Leonie x2

B21-031 R Edelgard x2

B21-043 R Shamir x1

B21-054 R Lyn x2

B21-056 R Florina x3

B21-065 R Priscilla x2

B21-069 R Heath x2

B21-081 R Fir x1

B21-094 R Sharena x1

B21-102 HR Roy x1

Series 22


B22-015 R Caeda x3

B22-020 R F!Kris x4

B22-022 R Medeus x10

B22-038 R Saias x8

B22-042 R Narcian x11

B22-047 R Knoll x5

B22-051 R Soren x4

B22-053 R Mia x4

B22-074 R Hinoka x6

B22-081 R Leo x7

B22-087 R Veronica x6

B22-090 R Edelgard x3

B22-092 R Dimitri x2

B22-094 R Claude x2

B22-100 R Kronya x5

B22-102 R Mamori x7

B22-107 R Al x7

Thanks for taking a look!

I also apologize if I respond slowly!

Edited by LunartailSteffi

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+1 Gigz

+1 LunartailSteffi

Hey everyone, congrats to those of you who have received your B22 boxes, and best of luck to those still waiting on the mail! I've updated my have/want lists and added a ton of old Rs to my wants, so please let me know if you want to work out a trade! I'm also open to buying cards on my high/medium priority list. I'm located in USA and would prefer to only trade domestically due to covid and mail slowdown.

 For trade:


B22-013SR M!Byleth
B22-015R Caeda
B22-020R F!Kris
B22-038R Sais
B22-053R Mia x2
B22-074R Hinoka x2
B22-087R Veronica
B22-092R Dimitri
B22-100R Kronya
B22-102R Mamori
B22-107R Al

B21-004R Dedue
B21-011SR Mercedes
B21-019R Lorenz
B21-024R Lysithea
B21-029R Leonie
B21-043R Shamir
B21-065R Priscilla
B21-091SR Peony
B21-094R Sharena
B21-096R Triandra x2

B13-033R Karel
B13-041R Karla
B13-043R Lloyd
B13-064R Draug
B13-073SR Athena
B13-075SR Linde
B13-088R Kiran
B13-095R Laevatein

B09-051SR Al
B09-058R+ Lilina
B09-062R Kilmar
B09-071R Jemmie
B09-085SR Ena
B09-090R Caineghis
B09-091R Ike

B09-095R Zihark
B09-099R Dheginsea

B07-022R Lucius
B07-041R+ Jaffar
B07-060R Saizo
B07-062R Kagero
B07-064R Setsuna
B07-068R Hana
B07-072R Jacob
B07-076R Silas
B07-084R Shiro
B07-093R Sumeragi
B07-097SR Anakos

P14-011PRr F!Corrin

S10-002ST Eliwood x3
S10-003ST Florina
S10-004ST Erk

S09-001ST Alm x2
S09-002ST Celica
S09-004ST Boey
S09-005ST Valbar x2

Assorted N/HN from all sets listed above.


Want List:


Highest priority (trades preferred, but open to buying) :
B08-002SR (Risen) Chrom
B09-001SR Alm

B22-002 SR Alm
B22-004 SR Leif

B22-008 SR Ike
B22-012 SR Alfonse

B22-041 SR Guinevere

Medium priority(trades preferred, but open to buying):
P15-005PR Marth
P15-006PR Caeda
P16-010PR Lucina
B17-011SR Tiki
B19-004SR Hubert
B18-051SR Grima/Robin
B19-103HR Sigurd

Low priority (trades only please):
B01-083R Olivia
B01-097R Inigo
B02-054R Azura
B02-095R Soleil
B04-083R F!Morgan
B05-022R Shanna
B05-025R Lugh
B05-038R Tate
B05-044R Fae
B05-046R Yuno
B06-010R Ethlyn
P07-006PR Nino
B08-023R Maribelle
B08-033R Owain
B08-052R Seliph
B11-095R Anna
B11-097R Lyn
B14-004R Chrom
B14-010R Cordelia
B15-003R M!Kris
B15-084R Seliph
B15-056R+X Camilla
P17-014PR Byleth
B17-001SR Marth
B17-009R Jeorge
B17-018SR Chrom
B18-027R Mercedes
B18-048R Geralt
B19-013R Bernadetta
B19-015R Dorothea
B19-017R Petra
B19-025R Sylvain
B19-034R Marianne



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Just went through my B22 boxes which surprised me by arriving early today. Eliwood B22-006SR is the only card that eluded me and I’d love to swap with someone who might have an extra copy! Below is a list of the extras from B22 I have, and please let me know if there’s something from B20 or B21 you’d like to swap for him as I have plenty of doubles from those series as well.

B22 Extras

B22-002SR Alm

B22-003SR Sigurd

B22-004SR Leif x2

B22-005SR Roy

B22-008SR Ike x2

B22-010SR Chrom

B22-012SR Alfonse x2

B22-041SR Guinivere

B22-064SR Female Robin x2

B22-072SR Azura

Please feel free to email me at [email protected] if you’re interested in swapping! 

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Hi! This is the first time I'm looking to trade online, but I am in need of Sigurd cards from the latest booster series 22. I have M!Byleth B22-013SR+, and I'm willing to trade that for Sigurd B22-003SR+. I am also looking for the nonplus SR version of that Sigurd card. This may be a long shot, but I want Sigurd lol. Email me at [email protected] Thank you!!

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Hello, I'm trying to get a few cards for myself, most of the stuff I want is on the cheaper end. Once I get my Box of 22 in I'll want to complete the SR Panorama, but here's a spreadsheet of my wants so far. Its the 4th tab "FEC". Still waiting on P22-002PR "Maid Byleth to released but otherwise its fairly straight forward, and the prices written on the spreadsheet are negotiable.


I'm from Canada if that affects anyones ability/want to ship to me and I am willing to pay via paypal. I'm also active on the Cipher discord, where I am @Yozzoy#1060 if that's more convenient. I can provide credentials of my legitimacy if you ask me, however full disclosure I've never bought/traded for anything here.

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Hi, probably a long shot, but I was hoping to see if anyone has the following for sale. I am in the states, but I am willing to pay for oversea shipping since these seem to be so rare. Thanks for any help.

  • B06-070R+ Felicia
  • B06-072R+ Flora
  • B15-005SR+ Katarina
  • B15-018R+ Est
  • B15-020R+ Catria
  • B15-022R+ Palla

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Hey all, I posted this list a few months ago, so now I'm putting it out there again with some updates. I'm looking for a bunch of cards of varying rarity. Willing to trade or buy, located in the US.


Even if you don't have anything I'm looking for, but I have something you want, let me know. Thanks for looking!

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Removed spoilers and put in google docs link

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A little late on my part, but happy final set release, everyone!

Currently my “haves” are only for trades, as I'm still not interested in selling until after I've obtained more of my wanted cards. Note these don't all need to be 1-for-1 trades, as I can totally work with ones that involve paying the difference.

However, for my “wants,” I'm very open to either trade or purchase. So even if you're only interested in selling, please reach out to me if you have at least a handful of my wants, and hopefully we can work something out!

Updated post on page 99!

Edited by AllStarKnight
posted new update on page 99

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Hope everyone's pulls are going OK! I've updated my lists with my B22 box—will update again if (when?) I buy another.

I'm willing to buy from my wants list too, but I'm prioritizing trades unless it's a real holy grail! Trying to be all financially responsible and stuff. I'd prefer to trade my haves list rather than selling if at all possible. Located in the US, definitely prefer trading within the States.

Wants List (updated 1/21/21)


B22-003SR+ Sigurd
B15-076SR+ Leif (high priority)

B12-083R+ Sigurd
B09-034N+X Delthea
B06-021R+ Lachesis

P19-004PR Lachesis
P17-009PR Camilla
P16-015PR Deirdre (high priority)
P15-006PR Altena
P13-004PR Tiki
P10-005PR Finn (high priority)
P09-005PR Alm
P08-006PR Julia
P08-004PR Lewyn
P07-002PR Seliph
P06-006PR Ayra
P05-001PR Sigurd
P04-006PR Catria
P03-006PR Camilla
P02-005PR Hinoka
P01-011PR Tiki
P01-008PR Minerva

B08 Deirdre promo sleeves

B22-003SR Sigurd
B22-004SR Leif
B12-075SR Eldigan
B10-004SR Nanna
B08-079SR Patty
B06-001SR Sigurd
B06-006SR Quan

B17-106R Leif
B12-083R Sigurd
B11-055R Faye
B11-066R Genny
B09-033R Delthea
B08-085R Tinne
B06-010R Ethlyn
B06-012R Finn
B04-045R Hardin


B20-069N Jill
B20-078HN Heather
B20-079N Heather

B19-081bHN Arthur (high priority)

B17-059HN Anna

B16-047N Boey
B16-053HN Atlas
B16-054N Atlas
B16-055N Jesse
B16-056HN Sonya
B16-059HN Nomah
B16-062HN Witch

B10-012N Halvan
B10-015N Ronan
B10-020HN Fergus
B10-021N Fergus
B10-022HN Karin
B10-023N Karin
B10-028N Asvel
B10-030N Shiva
B10-037N Tina
B10-038HN Dean
B10-039N Dean
B10-043N Misha

B09-031HN Mathilda
B09-032N Mathilda
B09-038HN Deen
B09-039HN Sonya
B09-047N Berkut

B04-017HN Tiki (high priority)

B02-059N Camilla

B01-045HN Xane

Haves List (updated 12/06/20)


P14-010PRr Robin M (x1) (B22 box promo)
P19-002PR Micaiah (x1) (B19 box promo)
P15-001PR Roy (x1) (B15 box promo)
P10-004PR Corrin M (x1) (Promotion Card Pack 10 promo)
P10-008PR Corrin F (x1) (Promotion Card Pack 10 promo)
P08-005PR Cherche (x1) (Promotion Card Pack 5 promo)
P03-004PR Black Knight (x1) (Promotional Card Pack 3 promo)

B19 Corrin F marker card (P10-004PR art) (x1) (B19 box promo)
B15 Pixel Corrin F sleeves (x5) (B15 box promo)

B22-006SR Eliwood (x1)
B22-010SR Chrom (x1)
B22-011SR Corrin M (x1)
B12-059SR Nowi (x1)
B08-006SR Robin F (x1)
B08-045SR Aversa (x1)


B22-107R Al (x1)
B19-009R Linhardt (x1)
B19-034R Marianne (x1)
B17-022R Lissa (x1)
B12-051R Chrom (x1)
B12-061R Say'ri (x1)
B08-010R Virion (x1)
B08-019R Kellam (x1)
B08-033R Owain (x1)


Exact list still forthcoming, but just ask! I've got a few extras.

B19-002N Edelgard (x1)
B19-005HN Hubert (x2)
B19-007HN Ferdinand (x1)
B19-008N Ferdinand (x2)
B19-010N Linhardt (x2)
B19-011HN Caspar (x1)
B19-020N Byleth F (x2)
B19-021HN Byleth F (x2)
B19-026N Sylvain (x1)
B19-027N Sylvain (x2)
B19-029N Annette (x3)
B19-031HN Lorenz (x1)
B19-032N Lorenz (x2)
B19-036HN Catherine (x1)
B19-037N Catherine (x3)
B19-039N Cyril (x3)
B19-042HN Alois (x1)
B19-043N Alois (x3)
B19-046HN Flame Emperor (x1)
B19-047HN Death Knight (x1)
B19-049N Poe (x1)
B19-050N Poe (x2)
B19-099N Niamh (x1)
B19-100N Niamh (x2)

B17-043HN Kaden (x1)
B17-093N Lute (x1)

B15-004N Kris M (x1)
B15-006N Katarina (x2)
B15-008N Ryan (x1)
B15-009HN Luke (x1)
B15-010N Luke (x2)
B15-012N Roderick (x3)
B15-014N Merrick (x2)
B15-017HN Ogma (x2)
B15-019N Est (x3)
B15-021N Catria (x1)
B15-023N Palla (x1)
B15-024HN Arran (x1)
B15-026N Yumina (x1)
B15-028N Yubello (x3)
B15-031N Elrean (x2)
B15-032N Malice (x1)
B15-034N Tiki (x2)
B15-036N Sheena (x1)
B15-037HN Samson (x1)
B15-041HN Legion (x1)
B15-043N Clarisse (x3)
B15-045N Oribe Tsubasa (x1)
B15-046HN Caeda (x2)
B15-048HN Barry Goodman (x3)
B15-049HN Alice (x1)
B15-050HN Valjean (x1)
B15-052N Corrin F (x3)
B15-057N Camilla (x1)
B15-059N Leo (x1)
B15-061N Elise (x2)
B15-063N Jakob (x1)
B15-065HN Selena (x1)
B15-066N Selena (x1)
B15-067HN Odin (x1)
B15-068N Odin (x4)
B15-069HN Niles (x2)
B15-070N Niles (x3)
B15-072HN Takumi (x2)
B15-073N Nosferatu (x1)
B15-074N Lilith (x1)
B15-075N Niamh (x1)
B15-100N Randall (x1)

B12-003N Ike (x1)
B12-005N Mist (x1)
B12-007N Gawain (x1)
B12-008HN Elena (x1)
B12-009N Elena (x2)
B12-011N Micaiah (x1)
B12-012N Micaiah (x2)
B12-015N Soren (x1)
B12-017N Marcia (x1)
B12-018N Marcia (x2)
B12-020N Volke (x1)
B12-022N Astrid (x2)
B12-023HN Makalov (x1)
B12-026N Stefan (x1)
B12-028N Calill (x1)
B12-029HN Tauroneo (x1)
B12-030N Tauroneo (x2)
B12-031N Largo (x1)
B12-033N Elincia (x1)
B12-035N Fiora (x2)
B12-036HN Leanne (x1)
B12-038HN Zelgius (x1)
B12-039N Zelgius (x1)
B12-041HN Bertram (x1)
B12-042HN Bryce (x1)
B12-044N Ashnard (x2)
B12-046N Rajaion (x1)
B12-047HN Ashera (x1)
B12-050N Niamh (x2)
B12-052N Chrom (x1)
B12-055N Lissa (x2)
B12-057N Sumia (x1)
B12-058N Lon'qu (x1)
B12-060N Nowi (x1)
B12-063HN Basilio (x1)
B12-065N Tiki (x1)
B12-066HN Priam (x1)
B12-067N Priam (x1)
B12-068HN Yen'fay (x1)
B12-069N Yen'fay (x1)
B12-070HN Excellus (x1)
B12-072N Walhart (x1)
B12-074HN Risen Chief (x1)
B12-099N Emma (x1)

Exact list still forthcoming, but all blue Ns and many blue HNs!

B06-075N Kaze (x2)
B06-079N Shura (x1)


+1 Gigz
+1 mikooArt

Edited by Stugard
Wants list updates. Probably last update before moving to a new post next time.

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I just finished opening my boxes of B22. I'm a bit sad that these were the last boxes of Cipher I will ever open. I'm in Canada, but I can ship worldwide.

Here's my updated trade list with all the cards I have for sale/trade. All cards are available for purchase, sale or trade. I also have 3-20 copies of almost every N/HN card in each set if you need any.


B04-B21 Cards

B04-001 SR+ Tsubasa Oribe
B05-038 R+ Tate
B06-001 SR+ Sigurd
B06-004 SR+ Deirdre
B07-058 SR+ Sakura
B08-009 SR+ Frederick
B08-054 SR+ Julia
B09-051 SR+ Al
B10-044 R+ Diarmuid
B10-087 SR+ Alfonse
B11-001 SR+ Eirika
B11-063 SR+ Delthea
B12-078 SR+ Lachesis
B13-014 R+ Matthew
B14-001 SR+ Lucina
B14-054 SR+ Azura
B14-097 SR+ Ilyana
B15-020 R+ Catria
B15-056 R+X Camilla
B15-076 SR+ Leif
B15-080 R+ Quan
B15-095 R+ Travant
B16-041 SR+ Celica
B17-001 SR+ Marth
B17-018 SR+ Chrom
B17-039 SR+ Kaze
B17-086 SR+ Eirika
B18-018 SR+ Dimitri
B19-001 SR+ Edelgard
B20-016 SR+ Hana
B20-031 SR+ Nyx
B20-056 SR+ Ike
B20-072 SR+ Elincia
B21-016 SR+ Claude
B22-001 SR+ Marth
B22-003 SR+ Sigurd
B22-005 SR+ Roy
B22-013 SR+ Byleth (M)
B22-072 SR+ Azura

P01-P22 Promos

P01-003 PR Marth
P01-012 PR Marth
P01-014 PR Lucina
P03-015 PR Azura
P03-016 PR Azura
P05-009 PR Corrin (F)
P05-010 PR Corrin (M)
P07-010 PR Hinoka
P07-011 PR Camilla
P07-012 PR Cain
P07-013 PR Abel
P07-017 PR Sakura
P07-018 PR Elise
P08-010 PR Celica
P09-009 PR Anna
P09-010 PR Alm
P10-009 PR Alm
P11-010 PR Corrin (F)
P11-011 PR Sharena
P13-011 PR Fjorm
P13-012 PR Laevatein
P14-009 PR Celica
P14-009 PRX Celica
P15-009 PR Lilina
P15-010 PR Lucina
P15-011 PR Corrin (F)
P15-012 PR Abel
P15-013 PR Cain
P16-009 PR Lyn
P16-009 PRX Lyn
P16-010 PR Lucina
P16-012 PR Edelgard
P16-015 PR Deirdre
P17-011 PR Elise
P18-010 PR Byleth (F)
P18-011 PR Byleth (M)
P19-010 PR Byleth (F)
P19-011 PR Edelgard
P20-009 PR Edelgard
P21-003 PR Peony
P21-004 PR Triandra




B08-019 R Kellam x1
B10-095 R Bruno x1
B11-067 R Valbar x1
B12-082 R Nanna x1
B19-057 R Arden x1
B19-061 R Aideen x1
B19-074 R Ulster x2
B20-029 R Arthur x1
B21-014 R Ingrid x1
B21-019 R Lorenz x1
B21-029 R Leonie x1
B21-031 R Edelgard x1
B21-094 R Sharena x2
B21-096 R Triandra x4
B22-013 SR Byleth (M) x1
B22-015 R Caeda x1
B22-020 R Kris (F) x4
B22-022 R Medeus x3
B22-038 R Saias x2
B22-042 R Narcian x3
B22-047 R Knoll x6
B22-051 R Soren x3
B22-053 R Mia x1
B22-081 R Leo x1
B22-087 R Veronica x2
B22-090 R Edelgard x3
B22-094 R Claude x3
B22-100 R Kronya x3
B22-102 R Mamori Minamoto x1
B22-107 R Al x1

P01-P21 Promos

P10-003 PR Shannam x1
P11-004 PR Mycen x1
P12-004 PR Gregor x1
P14-011 PRr Corrin (F) x2
P15-005 PR Marth x1
P18-012 PRr Byleth (M) x3

S01-S12 ST Cards

S01-001 ST Marth x1
S01-003 ST Jagen x1
S01-004 ST Ogma x1
S01-005 ST Navarre x1
S02-002 ST Kellam x1
S02-003 ST Vaike x1
S02-005 ST Ricken x1
S03-002 ST Ryoma x1
S06-001 ST Itsuki Aoi x2
S06-002 ST Tsubasa Oribe x1
S07-001 ST Roy x2
S07-002 ST Lilina x1
S08-001 ST Sigurd x1
S11-001 ST Marth x5
S11-003 ST Ryoma x2
S11-004 ST Xander x3
S11-007 ST Ayra x2
B17-077 R Lilina (Non-Foil R) x1

Other Promo Stuff

Thanks for looking!

Edited by jiayejoe
Edited after trade #210 & 211

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Hi! I'm looking to sell or trade some cards.

Below I am providing the cards I am selling and cards I would look to obtain through trading.




B20-101 Azura



Top Priority:

B03-001 Ike
B03-034 Elincia
B04-018 Marth
B05-048 Narcian
B05-051 Micaiah
B08-002 Chrom (Second Highest Priority)
B12-002 Ike
B12-097 Ishtar
B14-035 Inigo (Highest Priority)
B14-043 Grima
B17-097 Deirdre
B19-068 Lewyn
B20-051 Micaiah

Mid Priority:

B04-094 Severa
B05-089 Ike
B10-031 Olwen
B11-063 Delthea
B13-086 Sharenna
B13-090 Fjorm
B15-042 Clarisse
B15-078 Altena
B20-023 Xander
B20-072 Elincia

Low Priority:

B01-004 Caeda
B07-056 Takumi
B12-075 Eldigan
B21-073 Rutger



Top Priority:

B14-029 Severa
B17-037 Sakura
B17-051 Elise
B17-077 Lilina
B20-098 Medallion

Mid Priority:

B05-074 Elincia
B11-055 Faye
B15-018 Est
B15-020 Catria
B15-022 Palla
B15-093 Linoan
B15-094 Xander
B18-094 Tethys

Low Priority:

B12-053 Lucina
B12-073 Naga
B20-085 Mist
B21-081 Fir


Willing to trade bulks for commons from sets I don't own (so any set that is not 2,6,8,9,16,18,19,21,22)







B21-007 Ashe x1
B21-014 Ingrid
B21-024 Lysithea
B21-029 Leonie
B21-056 Florina
B21-063 Hector



P14-009PRr Celica



B06-005 Deirdre x1
B06-011 Ethlyn x1
B06-013 Finn x1
B06-014 Naoise x1
B06-016 Alec x1
B06-017 Alec x1
B06-018 Azelle x1
B06-019 Azelle x1
B06-020 Midir x1
B06-021 Aideen x1
B06-022 Aideen x1
B06-023 Dew x2
B06-025 Ayra x1
B06-026 Ayra x1
B06-028 Jamke x1
B06-030 Chulain x1
B06-034 Lewyn x1
B06-039 Erin x1
B06-041 Brigid x1
B06-044 Tailtiu x2
B06-048 Arvis x1
B06-050 Emma x1
B06-057 Leo x2
B06-059 Elise x1
B06-061 Peri x1
B06-063 Beruka x1
B06-067 Effie x1
B06-075 Kaze x1
B06-078 Shura x1
B06-079 Shura x1
B06-080 Nyx x1
B06-083 Siegbert x2
B06-089 Midori x1
B06-090 Ignatius x1
B06-091 Ignatius x1
B06-100 Shade x1
B08-005 Lucina x1
B08-011 Virion x2
B08-015 Vaike x1
B08-017 Miriel x2
B08-024 Maribelle x1
B08-025 Nowi x1
B08-031 M!Morgan x1
B08-032 M!Morgan x1
B08-035 Gerome x1
B08-036 Noire x1
B08-037 Noire x1
B08-038 Nah x1
B08-053 Seliph x1
B08-055 Julia x1
B08-056 Julia x1
B08-057 Ulster x1
B08-058 Ulster x1
B08-060 Larcei x1
B08-061 Larcei x1
B08-062 Lana x1
B08-063 Lana x1
B08-064 Oifey x1
B08-065 Lester x1
B08-066 Lester x1
B08-067 Tristan x1
B08-069 Fee x2
B08-070 Arthur x1
B08-071 Arthur x2
B08-072 Johan x2
B08-073 Johalvier x1
B08-074 Jeanne x1
B08-075 Jeanne x1
B08-077 Shannan x1
B08-080 Patty x1
B08-086 Tinne x1
B08-088 Febail x2
B08-090 Ced x1
B08-092 Altena x1
B08-094 Coirpre x1
B08-098 Julius x2
B08-099 Emma x1
B09-011 Tobin x1
B09-014 Kliff x1
B09-020 Silque x1
B09-024 Clive x1
B09-026 Mae x1
B09-027 Genny x1
B09-028 Genny x1
B09-030 Saber x1
B09-032 Mathilda x1
B09-038 Deen x1
B09-039 Sonya x1
B09-040 Tatiana x1
B09-041 Zeke x1
B09-044 Conrad x1
B09-047 Berkut x1
B09-060 Gant x1
B09-061 Echidna x1
B09-063 Kilmar x1
B09-066 Raigh x1
B09-070 Zeed x1
B09-074 Zephiel x1
B09-077 Skrimir x1
B09-079 Lethe x1
B09-080 Mordecai x1
B09-081 Ulki x1
B09-082 Janaff x1
B09-086 Ena x1
B09-088 Naesala x1
B09-092 Mist x1
B09-093 Mist x1
B09-094 Ilyana x1
B09-096 Zihark x1
B09-100 Randall x1
B14-031 Severa x1
B14-074 Elise x1
B16-002 Roy x1
B16-005 Lilina x1
B16-008 Deke x2
B16-010 Shanna x1
B16-012 Clarine x1
B16-013 Saul x1
B16-014 Saul x1
B16-019 Ogier x2
B16-020 Wendy x1
B16-021 Wendy x1
B16-025 Klein x1
B16-028 Miledy x2
B16-030 Sophia x2
B16-032 Fae x1
B16-033 Hugh x1
B16-034 Femina x1
B16-035 Femina x1
B16-037 Gale x1
B16-040 Yuzu x1
B16-046 Mae x1
B16-047 Boey x2
B16-051 Palla x1
B16-052 Catria x1
B16-054 Atlas x1
B16-058 Est x2
B16-059 Nomah x1
B16-061 Conrad x2
B16-070 Sigrun x1
B16-072 Tanith x1
B16-074 Tormod x1
B16-080 Nephenee x1
B16-085 Zelgius x1
B16-087 Sephiran x2
B16-090 Emma x2
B16-092 Eir x1
B16-095 Thrasir x1
B18-006 Edelgard x1
B18-007 Hubert x1
B18-009 Ferdinand x1
B18-010 Caspar x1
B18-017 Petra x1
B18-026 Ashe x1
B18-038 Ignatz x1
B18-041 Marianne x1
B18-042 Marianne x1
B18-057 Panne x1
B18-063 Gregor x1
B18-066 Libra x1
B18-077 Ephraim x1
B18-078 Franz x1
B18-079 Franz x1
B18-082 Tana x1
B18-084 Cormag x1
B18-087 Ewan x1
B18-088 Ewan x1
B18-090 Marisa x1
B18-093 Gerik x1
B18-096 Innes x1
B18-097 Myrrh x1
B18-098 Selena x1
B19-006 Hubert x1
B19-012 Caspar x1
B19-018 Petra x2
B19-020 F!Byleth x1
B19-029 Annette x1
B19-032 Lorenz x1
B19-037 Catherine x1
B19-038 Cyril x1
B19-039 Cyril x2
B19-041 Flayn x1
B19-043 Alois x1
B19-053 Seliph x1
B19-055 Julia x1
B19-059 Midir x1
B19-060 Midir x1
B19-062 Aideen x1
B19-063 Dew x2
B19-065 Jamke x2
B19-066 Deirdre x1
B19-067 Chulain x2
B19-069 Lewyn x1
B19-071 Erin x2
B19-073 Tailtiu x1
B19-075 Ulster x1
B19-077 Larcei x2
B19-078 Larcei x2
B19-079 Lana x1
B19-083 Ares x1
B19-084 Ares x1
B19-087 Patty x1
B19-088 Asaleo x1
B19-090 Dithorba x1
B19-093 Arvis x1
B19-097 Mahnya x1
B19-098 Mahnya x1
B21-002 Dimitri x1
B21-003 Dimitri x1
B21-005 Dedue x1
B21-008 Ashe x1
B21-010 Sylvain x1
B21-012 Mercedes x1
B21-015 Ingrid x1
B21-017 Claude x1
B21-021 Raphael x1
B21-022 Raphael x2
B21-025 Lysithea x2
B21-028 Hilda x2
B21-030 Leonie x1
B21-033 Petra x1
B21-038 Balthus x2
B21-039 Constance x1
B21-040 Constance x1
B21-042 Hapi x1
B21-044 Shamir x1
B21-045 Jeritza x1
B21-046 Anna x1
B21-047 Edelgard x1
B21-048 Nemesis x1
B21-049 Alice x1
B21-050 Valjean x1
B21-052 Eliwood x2
B21-053 Eliwood x1
B21-055 Lyn x1
B21-057 Florina x1
B21-058 Lucius x1
B21-059 Lucius x2
B21-060 Wallace x1
B21-062 Bartre x1
B21-064 Hector x1
B21-066 Priscilla x1
B21-068 Raven x1
B21-070 Heath x1
B21-072 Lilina x1
B21-074 Rutger x1
B21-076 Sue x1
B21-077 Jerrot x1
B21-079 Noah x1
B21-082 Fir x1
B21-083 Fir x1
B21-084 Shin x1
B21-086 Juno x1
B21-087 Juno x2
B21-088 Murdock x1
B21-089 Poe x1
B21-090 Poe x1
B21-092 Peony x1
B21-093 Peony x1
B21-095 Sharenna x1
B21-097 Triandra x1
B21-099 Plumeria x1



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I've never traded on here but I figure now's the time to put my chip in.

only listing B22 SR/R, I have lots of dupes

looking for trades but willing to buy/sell

+especially willing to double up my SR/Rs for either of the SR+ I want or combo trade + $$



B22-072SR Azura

B22-064SR Robin

B22-004SR Leif

B22-041SR Guinevere


B22-062R Lucina

B22-090R Edelgard

B22-042R Narcian

B22-107R Al

B22-102R Mamori

B22-081R Leo

B22-047R Knoll

B22-094R Claude

B22-022R Medeus



B22-008SR+ Ike

B22-003SR+ Sigurd

B22-003SR Sigurd

B22-007SR Eirika

B22-009SR Micaiah

B22-020R Kris

B22-051R Soren

B22-074R Hinoka

B22-092R Dimitri



I have an extra P14-010PRr Robin & P14-013PRr Byleth I am willing to trade for any other promo cards

and an extra Corrin keychain I'll trade for the Marth or Byleth.

additionally if anyone is looking for B12, B20 or B22 N/HN I probably have them ^^

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Hey guys,

I recognize some of you from the discord, this is my first time posting on the forums. 

Just thought I'd post my wants list here, it's mainly brown cards I'm looking to collect. Looking to buy multiples from the same seller when at all possible.

As I live in Ireland I'm only looking to buy from people in Europe, due to expensive shipping cost from the States etc. 


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Hello Everyone! I'm new to the game, but had my eye on these for awhile. Sadly I got into collecting these as they stopped future sets. I was hoping it would go English. I didn't want to invest in both languages if it did. I'm starting fresh with no cards and was hoping to find someone who is willing to help me complete all the sets minus the highly expensive cards for now. I'm not sure how foil cards work; if there is a foil of each card or just Rare+. Can probably work out something out like buying a set every couple of weeks. I would only like one of each card. I am unsure where to buy singles from to start a collection easily.

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Hey guys! Just need these last two SRs from B22 to finish the set:

Also could use the following if you have them:
Marth- B17-001SR
Corrin B20-001SR

PayPal only and must be willing to ship to the US.

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+1 Gigz
+1 Zero
+1 redrevolver90

Thank you all for the trades. All of you were successful trade partners in the past, thanks for the trust once again!

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Added B22 SR+ Azura to my trade list. I also have B22 SR+ Marth but I’m still unsure whether I want to trade it yet. I am not selling any of my cards but would be willing to buy the non+ cards.


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Hi everyone, I am selling duplicates from the booster boxes I recently bought (series 02 and 22). Have a look at my online store here and social media for customer feedback. I am new on the forum but have been running an art store for a while now. 

Twitter: twitter.com/neri_nea

Instagram: instagram.com/neri__nea

Selling from the UK with free shipping but pls don't just buy one 0.99 card as that costs more to ship than to order. If you buy some of the expensive cards let me know which 0.99 cards you want as a freebie. :D I just want to get rid of them and I have too many lying around...

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