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On 10/13/2020 at 2:58 AM, redrevolver90 said:

Hi I'm looking to buy the following SRs from B22:








I havent made any trades before so sadly I dont have refs.  Appreciate anyone who can help

Hello, I have SR Ike, Roy and Alphonse for sale. Find them in my store: bit.ly/neristore

On 10/13/2020 at 7:41 AM, VinLaw said:

Hello Everyone! I'm new to the game, but had my eye on these for awhile. Sadly I got into collecting these as they stopped future sets. I was hoping it would go English. I didn't want to invest in both languages if it did. I'm starting fresh with no cards and was hoping to find someone who is willing to help me complete all the sets minus the highly expensive cards for now. I'm not sure how foil cards work; if there is a foil of each card or just Rare+. Can probably work out something out like buying a set every couple of weeks. I would only like one of each card. I am unsure where to buy singles from to start a collection easily.

Hi! I got loads of super cheap normal cards if you'd like to find your favourites to start collecting! Take a look at them in my store: bit.ly/neristore

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Hi! With my B22 box coming in, I'd like to trade/sell what I have from this box along with what I have from boxes 11,12 and 13. 

I'm willing to sell what I have, but I'd prefer to trade. Because of this, feel free to leave an offer even if you don't have anything from my Want list. 

I'm located in the US and can only ship to the US as well. Sorry, overseas people. 

Here's a spreadsheet if you prefer to read this way: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ubLC6TTyBfGGdRse7moC813vo3vrMsgTWrBmJtAfPj4/edit#gid=0




B07-001SR+ Eliwood
B07-004SR+ Hector
B18-018SR+ Dimitri
B21-051SR+ Eliwood

B07-001SR Eliwood
B18-018SR Dimitri
B22-001SR Marth
B22-002SR Alm
B22-003SR Sigurd
B22-006SR Eliwood
B22-007SR Eirika
B22-009SR Micaiah
B22-010SR Chrom
B22-011SR Corrin
B22-013SR Byleth
B21-051SR Eliwood

B22-090R Edelgard
B21-063R Hector

B13-020ST ST (+) Hector





B11 - 055R+ Faye

B12-053R+ Lucina

B11-051SR Alm
B11-053SR Celica
B11-001SR Eirika
B11-079SR Lianna
B12-002SR Ike
B12-004SR Mist
B12-075SR Eldigan
B12-059SR Nowi
B13-016SR Nils
B13-012SR Serra
B13-073SR Athena
B22-064SR Robin
B13-019SR Hector

B11-032R Innes
B11-036R L'arachel
B11-034R Gerik
B11-041R Myrrh
B11-045R Lyon
B11-097R Lyn
B11-095R Anna
B11-067R Valbar
B11-058R Clive
B12-025R Stefan
B12-043R Ashnard
B12-032R Elincia
B12-061R Say'ri
B12-073R Naga
B12-051R Chrom
B12-021R Astrid
B12-083R Sigurd
B13-043R Lloyd
B13-041R Karla
B13-027R Eliwood
B13-029R Pent
B13-031R Louise
B13-033R Karel
B13-095R Laevetein
B13-088R Kiran
B13-064R Draug
B22-047R Knoll
B22-053R Mia
B22-062R Lucina
B22-022R Medeus
B22-038R Saias
B22-100R Kronya
B22-107R Al
B22-087R Veronica
B22-102R Mamori
B12-053R Lucina

P11-002PR+ Ephraim
P11-001PR Eirika
P04-009PRr Marth
P12-002PR Laevetein
P13-001PR Lucina
P14-011PRr Corrin
P18-012PRr Byleth
C93-PBK (Masked Marth,Corrin, Micaiah, Roy, Sigurd, Alm)


Thanks for your time!

Edited by mikooArt

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Hi! New to trading here but actively trade on the cipher discord! Right now im looking to trade alm or alfonse sr for micaiah sr (b22). I also have a yuri sr fr b21 that im looking to trade for any cool SRs! Favorite heroes are ike, claude, marth and eliwood (plus hector and lyn)


Based on US! Thanks for reading this!

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+1 Gigz A wonderful trading partner with great service and everything packaged with care. Thank you so much!

+1 astriferous_gem Couldn't have asked for a better trade experience! Such a joy getting to trade with someone so helpful, thorough, and accommodating, especially given the scope of the trade. Thank you for everything!

+1 Interlude37 – My second trade with the best trading partner there ever could be! Unparalleled generosity, kindness, and thoughtful service in every way. Thank you so much again for everything!

+1 Zenakku - Second time trading, good experience both times. Thanks!

Edited by AllStarKnight
new feedback

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+1 LunartailSteffi - Another great purchase experience
+1 Gigz - Great trade partner, patient, and quick delivery.
+1 kidotomy - Awesome purchaser, quick payment and communication.

Thanks to all!

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Since the Cipher is ending, I'm looking to trade some of the cards I have for ones that I want.

Here's a spreadsheet of what I have/want:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GEFuL8sd7y64cf7yrixHmvi6PsLb9s-_EITsn4cxWp8/edit?usp=sharing

I'm in the US and only looking to trade within.


Edited by Kirbysonicboom

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  Hello all! I have sorted all of my B22 pulls, so I am updating my selling post!



B03-078SR Azura
B04-067SR Lon'Qu
B09-007SR Gray
B10-042SR Misha
B12-001SR Ike
B12-010SR Micaiah
B13-019SR Hector
B15-005SR Katarina
B16-081SR Kurthnaga
B16-091SR Eir
B17-007SR Navarre (x2)
B17-027SR Sumia
B17-035SR Takumi (x3)
B17-039SR Kaze
B17-049SR Camilla
B17-053SR Felicia
B17-065SR Soren (x2)
B22-002SR Alm
B22-003SSR Sigurd (x2)
B22-004SR Lief (x2)
B22-041SR Guinivere
B22-072SR Azura



B02-070R Selena
B02-072R Odin
B07-062R Kagero
B10-059R Shigure
B13-029R Pent
B15-038R Elice
B15-054R Xander
B16-011R Clarine (x3)
B16-023R Larum
B16-024R Klein (x2)
B16-031R Fae
B16-038R Idunn
B16-046R Boey (x2)
B16-060R Conrad (x2)
B16-079R Nephenee
B16-088R Ashera (x3)
B17-015R Celica (x2)
B17-022R Lissa (x2)
B17-030R Eleanora (x2)
B17-033R F!Corrin (x3)
B17-037R Sakura (x3)
B17-047R M!Corrin (x4)
B17-051R Elise (x3)
B17-084R Nino
B17-105R Arvis (x3)
B17-115R Shade
B22-015R Caeda
B22-020R F!Kris (x2)
B22-022R Medeus
B22-038R Saias (x3)
B22-042R Narcian (x2)
B22-051R Soren (x2)
B22-074R Hinoka (x4)
B22-087R Veronica (x4)
B22-092R Dimitri (x3)
B22-094R Claude
B22-100R Kronya
B22-102R Mamori (x3)
B22-107R Al (x3)

PRs/STs/Marker Cards:


P11-002PR+ Ephraim
P16-002PR Lucina (x3)
P17-001PR M!Byleth
P17-003PR Dimitri
P17-004PR Claude
S01-005ST Navarre
S10-003ST+ Florina
S11-001ST+ Marth
B17-002ST+ Marth
B22-010PRr M!Robin
B22-011PRr F!Corrin
Tiki marker card from B16
Nah marker card (art from B14-032R)
Myrrh marker card (art from B11-041R)
Ninian marker card (art from B07-010SR)


Edited by Interlude37

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Hi all! I'm looking to buy/trade with this community. I am located in Australia but don't mind buying from/trading with someone outside. For anyone interested, here is a spreadsheet of my wants/haves:
Edited by Cradily67

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+1 Adig29
+1 VinLaw
+1 Quillish (For like the 10th time!)
+1 Yozzoy

Thank you guys for your trust on these major trades. 
Glad I could help you out with your collection!

Edited by jiayejoe
Corrected Adig29's username

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Hi, quite new here, I'm looking for the starter Deck 12 Three houses cards either sealed or unsealed is fine. Just want to get my hands on the ST+ and exclusives. Please dm me if you have any of those. Thank you!


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22 minutes ago, Adig29 said:

my name is slightly misspelt xD.



Thanks for pointing it out, sorry about that! I edited my post to correct the typo 😅

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3 hours ago, jiayejoe said:

Thanks for pointing it out, sorry about that! I edited my post to correct the typo 😅

Thank you !

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Hey guys, new to the forum but have floated around the discord for a hot while. Was hoping to buy and finish out my collection before the game comes to a close. I'm US based and am dominantly looking to buy as a don't really have stiff to trade (sorry). If yall get some free time feel free to check out the spreadsheet and shoot me a message on here or on discord @hey_its_mike#0189. 


Thanks for all the help!

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+1 Jiayejoe - Stellar experience buying cards from him with professional communication and attitude. Cards were packed safely and arrived in perfect shape. 


Also, I recently did heavy edits to my wants spreadsheet so please, check it out.



Edited by Yozzoy

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+1 Interlude37- Cards were very well packed and they arrived without any issue.

+1 Seraphin290- Trade went perfectly, no issues with communication and cards arrived well packed.

Edited by JJVM99

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+1 JJVM99

+1 SetsuShou

+1 pip

+1 Jeezy1296

My first interactions with trading/selling in the Cipher community, and all four of these folks were very polite and accommodating. Trades went smoothly with no issues, and cards arrived in great shape. Very happy with each of them, thanks again!

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+1 to Jiayejoe (again) for another perfect experience. Fast shipping, great communication, arrived safe and sound

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+1 teddylockhart

Everything should be updated now on my list! Here is a spreadsheet if it's easier to see:

I'm located in the states. Because of the pandemic and issues with the postal service, I'm limiting my trades/sales to within the states. Many apologies to international buyers/traders!

I'm really looking for trades/partial purchases for my wants, so they get first priority!

If the document isn't working right, below are lists for the cards I want plus the SRs/Rs I have available for each set. I have many common cards, so if you are looking for anything specific don't hesitate to ask! Thanks!

Want List:

+ Cards


#1 Priority

B15-005 SR+ Katarina (bought)

High (in order of priority)

B13-001 SR+ Eliwood (final for set) (bought)

B22-001 SR+ Marth (bought)


B15-051 SR+ F!Corrin (bought)


B19-022 SR+ Sothis (final for set)

B20-031 SR+ Nyx (final for set) (bought)




P20-009 Edelgard (bought)


P21-003 Peony

P21-004 Triandra


Tourney promos (001-006 PR) (bought)

Have List

Series 9


B09-062 R Kilmar x3

Series 11


B11-058 R Clive x1

B11-067 R Valbar x1

Series 12


B12-085 R Beowolf x1

Series 13


B13-043 R Lloyd x3

Series 14


B14-032 R Nah x2

B14-042 R Validar x1

Series 16


B16-036 R Galle x1

Series 17


B17-114 R Emma x1

Series 18


B18-062 R Gregor x1

B18-064 R Nowi x1

Series 19


B19-057 R Arden x3

B19-061 R Edain x3

B19-074 R Ulster x1

B19-089 R Eldigan x1

Series 20


B20-031 SR Nyx x2

B20-037 SR Silas x1

B20-006 R F!Kanna x5

B20-008 R M!Kanna x5

B20-012 R Sakura x5

B20-014 R Saizo x6

B20-018 R Reina x4

B20-025 R Elise x6

B20-027 R Peri x4

B20-029 R Arthur x4

B20-062 R Laura x5

B20-074 R Leanne x6

B20-075 R Reyson x4

B20-080 R Lucia x5

B20-083 R Geoffrey x4

B20-085 R Mist x3

B20-091 R Ashnard x4

B20-098 R Medallion x4

Series 21


B21-091 SR Peony x1

B21-019 R Lorenz x1

B21-029 R Leonie x1

B21-031 R Edelgard x1

B21-054 R Lyn x1

B21-056 R Florina x2

B21-065 R Priscilla x1

B21-069 R Heath x1

Series 22


B22-015 R Caeda x3

B22-020 R F!Kris x4

B22-022 R Medeus x10

B22-038 R Saias x8

B22-042 R Narcian x10

B22-047 R Knoll x4

B22-051 R Soren x4

B22-053 R Mia x4

B22-074 R Hinoka x6

B22-081 R Leo x6

B22-087 R Veronica x6

B22-090 R Edelgard x2

B22-092 R Dimitri x2

B22-094 R Claude x2

B22-100 R Kronya x5

B22-102 R Mamori x6

B22-107 R Al x6

Thanks for taking a look!

I also apologize if I respond slowly!

Edited by LunartailSteffi

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+1 kirbysonicboom the trade was quick and arrived in excellent condition.

Edited by Ryxst

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