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Cipher Trading/Selling Thread


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I have updated my want/have spreadsheet here for anyone interested


I am based in Australia and happy to buy/trade with people outside as well. Mainly looking for B21 SRs Dimitri & Claude, B07 SR+ Eliwood & SR Risen Chrom.


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+1 kidotomy
+1 fapplecider
+1 OdinsGrimoire

Y'all were excellent trade partners, thank you!! Also want to give a special shout out to fapplecider for your incredible¬†patience while USPS sent my package¬†on a wild adventure.¬†ūüėÖ


I'm open to selling cards now if the estimated total is >=$5, so if you see something but don't have anything to trade, feel free to ask! Unfortunately only able to trade/sell in USA due to how slow the mail has been. Also updated my wants list with a bunch of new stuff, including Ns and HNs.

 For trade or sale:


B22-013SR M!Byleth
B22-015R Caeda
B22-020R F!Kris
B22-038R Sais
B22-053R Mia x2
B22-074R Hinoka x2
B22-087R Veronica
B22-092R Dimitri
B22-100R Kronya
B22-102R Mamori
B22-107R Al

B21-004R Dedue
B21-011SR Mercedes
B21-019R Lorenz
B21-024R Lysithea
B21-029R Leonie
B21-043R Shamir
B21-065R Priscilla
B21-091SR Peony
B21-094R Sharena
B21-096R Triandra x2

B13-033R Karel
B13-041R Karla
B13-064R Draug
B13-073SR Athena
B13-088R Kiran
B13-095R Laevatein

B09-051SR Al
B09-058R+ Lilina
B09-062R Kilmar
B09-071R Jemmie
B09-095R Zihark
B09-099R Dheginsea

B07-022R Lucius
B07-041R+ Jaffar
B07-060R Saizo
B07-062R Kagero
B07-064R Setsuna
B07-068R Hana
B07-072R Jacob
B07-076R Silas
B07-084R Shiro
B07-093R Sumeragi
B07-097SR Anakos

S10-002ST Eliwood x3
S10-003ST Florina
S10-004ST Erk

S09-001ST Alm x2
S09-002ST Celica
S09-005ST Valbar x2

Assorted N/HN from all sets listed above.


Want List:


High priority (in no particular order):
P15-005PR Marth
P15-006PR Caeda
P16-010PR Lucina
B17-011SR Tiki
B19-004SR Hubert
B18-051SR Robin
B19-103HR Sigurd
P22-001PR Marth
P22-005PR Lyn

Low priority:
B01-001SR Marth
B01-005N Caeda
B01-013HN Gordin
B01-014N Gordin
B01-017N Ogma
B01-029N Merric
B01-031N Minerva
B01-045HN Xane
B01-083R Olivia
B01-088N M!Morgan
B01-097R Inigo
B01-098N Inigo

B02-054R Azura
B02-059N Camilla
B02-073N Odin
B02-095R Soleil

B04-053HN Itsuki
B04-054N Chrom
B04-036SR Minerva
B04-083R F!Morgan
B04-084N F!Morgan
B04-097N Laurent

B05-022R Shanna
B05-023N Shanna
B05-025R Lugh
B05-032HN Sue
B05-033N Sue
B05-038R Tate
B05-043N Sophia
B05-044R Fae
B05-046R Yuno

B06-005N Deirdre
B06-007HN Quan
B06-009HN Eldigan
B06-010R Ethlyn
B06-031R Lachesis
B06-032HN Lachesis
B06-041N Brigid
B06-055N Camilla

B08-005N Lucina
B08-023R Maribelle
B08-033R Owain
B08-052R Seliph
B08-056HN Julia

B10-002R Leif
B10-006HN Nanna
B10-075HN Forrest
B10-077N Ophelia
B10-080HN Soleil
B10-081N Soleil
B10-060N Shigure
B10-087SR Alfonse
B10-088HN Alfonse
B10-089N Alfonse
B10-092N Sharena
B10-094N Anna
B10-096N+X Bruno
B10-097SR Veronica

P11-006PR Lianna
B11-092HN Caeda
B11-095R Anna
B11-097R Lyn
B11-098N Lyn
B11-099HN Darios
B11-100N Darios

B12-052N Chrom
B12-057N Sumia
B12-063HN Basilio
B12-064HN Flavia
B12-065N Tiki
B12-083R Sigurd
B12-084N Sigurd
B12-098N Ishtar

B14-003HN Lucina
B14-004R Chrom
B14-007N Robin
B14-010R Cordelia
B14-008SR Robin
B14-015N M!Morgan
B14-026N Brady
B14-035SR Inigo
B14-043SR Grima
B14-074N Elise

P15-004PR Camilla
B15-003R M!Kris
B15-056R+X Camilla
B15-058R Leo
B15-067HN Odin
B15-069HN Niles
B15-077N Leif
B15-079N Altena
B15-078SR Altena
B15-082HN Ethlyn
B15-084R Seliph
B15-099N Reinhardt

P17-014PR Byleth
B17-001SR Marth
B17-009R Jeorge
B17-013R Alm
B17-015R Celica
B17-018SR Chrom
B17-021HN Lucina
B17-028N Sumia
B17-034N Corrin
B17-037R Sakura
B17-038N Sakura
B17-051R Elise
B17-098N Deirdre

P18-008PR Alfonse+Lif
B18-027R Mercedes
B18-048R Geralt
B18-052N Robin
B18-053HN Chrom
B18-062R Gregor
B18-070HN Emmeryn

P19-005PR Arden
B19-013R Bernadetta
B19-015R Dorothea
B19-017R Petra
B19-025R Sylvain
B19-034R Marianne
B19-052HN Seliph
B19-082HN Leif
B19-083HN Ares

P20-003PR Micaiah

P21-008PR Claude

P22-006PR Seliph
P22-007PR Claude


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I've updated my trade list after going through all the cards that I have.

Here's the spreadsheet of what I have/want:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GEFuL8sd7y64cf7yrixHmvi6PsLb9s-_EITsn4cxWp8/edit?usp=sharing

Non-spreadsheet version:




B01-080SR Tharja

B02-001SR M!Corrin

B02-006SR Ryoma

B02-010SR Takumi

B02-030SR Felicia

B05-029SR Rutger

B05-034SR Fir

B06-058SR Elise

B12-054SR Lissa

B12-078SR Lachesis

B17-027SR Sumia

B17-049SR Camilla

B22-011SR M!Corrin

B22-012SR Alfonse


B01-042R+ Est

B02-014R+ Saizo

B12-051R+ Chrom


B01-007R Cain

B01-028R Merric

B01-035R Linde

B01-042R Est

B01-068R Sumia

B01-078R Nowi

B01-083R Olivia

B01-097R Inigo

B02-004R Azura

B02-024R Oboro

B02-026R Hana

B02-043R Asugi

B02-045R Caeldori

B02-047R Rhajat

B02-093R Forrest

B05-009R Lance

B05-022R Shanna

B05-038R Thea

B05-084R Sigrun

B05-090R Soren

B06-031R Lachesis

B06-038R Erinys

B06-064R Niles

B06-070R Felicia

B06-082R Siegbert

B06-092R Garon

B12-006R Greil

B12-051R Chrom

B12-061R Say'ri

B12-082R Nanna

B12-085R Beiwold

B17-013R Alm

B17-030R Eleonora

B17-077R Lilina

B17-084R Nino

B17-115R Shade

B22-053R Mia

B22-051R Soren

B22-100R Kronya

B22-102R Mamori

B22-107R Al


P06-001PR Eliwood

P02-009PRr (Foil) M!Corrin

P14-010PRr M!Robin

P01-005PRr (Foil) Chrom

P12-002Pr Laevatein



High priority

B13-004SR Lyn

B14-001SR Lucina

B14-072SR Leo

B17-001SR Marth

B22-009SR Micaiah (Top priority)


B03-047SR Black Knight

B03-051SR F!Corrin

B07-097SR Anankos

B09-085SR Ena

B13-019SR Hector

B13-016SR Nils

B14-008SR F!Robin

B18-004SR Edelgard

B19-001SR Edelgard

B19-044SR Seteth

B19-054SR Julia

B19-068SR Lewyn

B20-072SR Elincia

B22-006SR Eliwood

B22-007SR Eirika


B05-073R+ Nailah

B08-004R+ Lucina

B12-073R+ Naga

B14-016R+ Owain

B15-056R+X Camilla


B01-084R Cherche

B02-072R Odin

B02-097R Ophelia

B03-095R Velouria

B08-039R Tiki

B08-033R Owain

B09-046R Berkut

B10-009R Eyvel

B10-033R Mareeta

B11-097R Lyn

B16-042R Celica

B18-023R Felix

B19-015R Dorothea

B21-014R Ingrid

B21-063R Hector


P06-004PR Charlotte

P13-003PR Lyn

P03-016PR Azura

P20-009PR Edelgard

S10-001ST Lyn

N/HN (would like to trade for these in bulk)

B03-037N Jill

B03-042N Ena

B03-096N Velouria

B07-006HN Hector

B08-016HN Miriel

B08-025HN Nowi

B08-040N Tiki

B08-042N Emmeryn

B08-043HN Gangrel

B08-046N Aversa

B09-005N Celica

B09-006HN Celica

B09-061HN Echidna

B09-080N Mordecai

B09-088HN Naesala

B10-032HN Olwen

B10-048HN Altena

B10-060N Shigure

B10-077N Ophelia

B11-098N Lyn

B14-017N Owain

B14-025HN Brady

B14-026N Brady

B15-074N Lilith

B15-079N Altena

B18-006HN Edelgard

B18-007HN Hubert

B18-015HN Dorothea

B18-017N Petra

B18-020HN Dimitri

B18-022N Dedue

B18-028HN Mercedes

B18-031N Ingrid

B18-034HN Claude

B18-070HN Emmeryn

B18-071HN Aversa

B18-097HN Myrrh

B19-002N Edelgard

B19-005HN Hubert

B19-010N Linhardt

B19-018N Petra

B19-023N Sothis

B19-028HN Annette

B19-036HN Catherine

B19-045HN Rhea

B19-046HN Flame Emperor

B19-047HN Death Knight

B19-048HN Immaculate One

B19-055N Julia

B20-032N Nyx

B20-044HN Lilith

B20-068HN Jill

B21-006HN Felix

B21-012N Mercedes

B21-015N Ingrid

B21-028N Hilda

B21-032HN Petra

B21-033N Petra

B21-037HN Balthus

B21-038N Balthus

B21-047HN H!Edel

Only trading within the US.


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Hi! I'm new to trading here and my b22 boxes just came in. 

Here's the gist:



B22-Marth SR+

B22-Sigurd SR

B22-Lief SR x2

B22-Azura SR

B22-Guinivere SR

B17-Dierdre SR

B17-Takumi SR

B13-Louise R+



B21-Dimitri SR+/SR

B22-Byleth SR+/SR

B18-Dimitri SR+/SR

B21-Claude SR+/SR

B22-Eliwood SR

B22-Roy SR+/SR

B22-Ike SR+/SR

B22-Chrom SR

B22-Alm SR

B19-Eliwood SR+/SR

B19-Byleth HR

If you trade for one of my Drugdal or Fates cards I'll just give you a lump of cards from those series as well, I just have no interest in them.


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I put together a list of cards I have for sale!

Haves/For Sale:


For cards which I'm still looking for it would be B18-018SR+ Dimitri and B22-072SR+ Azura. If you have either of these and want to trade for some the cards in the above spreadsheet let me know.

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Heya, first time posting here, hope that's okay. ūüôÉ Now that cipher is over I made a list of all cards I have for sale (+ some I'm looking for in case anyone is interested in trading). This seemed like the best place to share.

I'm based in Belgium but willing to sell outside EU too. Trade as well but only if the shipping to me isn't too crazy expensive.

While the spreadsheet has prices listed I'm pretty open to offers/discussion.

SR+ I have for sale ; B22-003SR+ Sigurd,¬† B21-001SR+ Dimitri .¬† All other cards see link ‚Üď


Can also be contacted on twitter (same username) if prefered. 

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Update on trade wish/card list
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I'm new here and this is my first post, hope I didn't do something wrong. So I've some cards I want to sell, so here my list (I didn't add all my R, maybe I'll do it later) : 

I'm based in France but I can sell everywhere, no problem with that.

I don't do trades, only for sale.

You can also contact me on discord Light#6207 (Don't know if I can post it here, so if I can't do it just tell me and I'll erase it)

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Updated list:



B22-Marth SR+

B22-Sigurd SR

B22-Lief SR x2

B22-Azura SR

B22-Guinivere SR

B17-Dierdre SR

B17-Takumi SR

B13-Louise R+

Want to buy:


B21-Dimitri SR+

B22-Byleth SR+

B18-Dimitri SR+

B21-Claude SR+

B22-Roy SR+

B22-Ike SR+

B19-Eliwood SR+

Want to trade for:


Any Dimitri SR

Any M!Byleth SR

Any Claude SR

Ike, Roy, Eliwood, and Hector SR from B13 up.

Hector N/HN


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On 11/20/2020 at 4:52 PM, Crossbred said:

Updated list:


  Reveal hidden contents

B22-Marth SR+

B22-Sigurd SR

B22-Lief SR x2

B22-Azura SR

B22-Guinivere SR

B17-Dierdre SR

B17-Takumi SR

B13-Louise R+

Want to buy:

  Reveal hidden contents

B21-Dimitri SR+

B22-Byleth SR+

B18-Dimitri SR+

B21-Claude SR+

B22-Roy SR+

B22-Ike SR+

B19-Eliwood SR+

Want to trade for:

  Reveal hidden contents

Any Dimitri SR

Any M!Byleth SR

Any Claude SR

Ike, Roy, Eliwood, and Hector SR from B13 up.

Hector N/HN


Would you like to trade B22 SR Sigurd and B22 SR Leif for B22 SR Eliwood and B22 SR M!Byleth? 

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Hey, guys. I recently opened my case of B22 and my pull was pretty sweet: got like almost 5 panorama sets and solid SR+s. I have some spares for sell/trade (I prefer the latter to complete my wishlist). Feel free to hit me up on discord at Min-Yong77#9418 and I will get to you. 


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