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Now have quite a bit to sell or trade.

Spreadsheet lists (for better layout & prices listed): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GEFuL8sd7y64cf7yrixHmvi6PsLb9s-_EITsn4cxWp8/edit#gid=0



    Italicized = pending trade/sell/buy



B05-009R Lance

B05-073R Nailah

B12-043R Ashnard (x2)

B14-014R M!Morgan

B14-091R Shinon


B03-008ST+ Titania

N/NH from B01/02/06/12/17/22 (full list in spreadsheet)



P20-011PR Edelgard

B05-042SR Sophia


Only looking within the US. Thanks!


+1 AllStarKnight

+1 Yozzoy

+2 pip_cipher

+1 jiayejoe


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I'm looking to Trade/Sell/Buy some Cipher cards. I'm mainly looking to complete my brown and green collection.

Have: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1s82cTR0M6OtKnMajzeJ6Qoy7K8WMy3Z624h4Vzuy3gQ/edit?usp=sharing

Want: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GLovI_RzIq6cc__jIdp7x1tdm4zqe8AKUDpEJBwLmUQ/edit?usp=sharing

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+1 341

Safe and secure international shipping, real nice and helpful person. Thanks!

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Hi again everyone! I'm still looking to trade/buy rather than sell right now, but since I've acquired most of my wants, it's very likely I'll open up to selling in the near future.

Until then, my priority is going to be on trades/purchases that save on shipping, so preferably domestic and involving a decent number of my wants from one place. I'm happy to be flexible depending on the deal, so if you have some of my wants, let me know and hopefully we can work something out!

Higher rarity cards + bonus items:



1 Ike B20-103HR


2 Hana B20-016SRs

1 Silas B20-037SR

2 Pelleas B20-088SRs

1 Yune B20-097SR

2 Eliwood B22-006SRs

1 Byleth (m) B22-013SR

1 Azura B22-072SR


1 Morgan (f) B04-083R

1 Shinon B14-091R

2 Gatrie B14-093Rs

2 Leif B17-106Rs

3 Elise B20-025Rs

3 Peri B20-027Rs

2 Arthur B20-029Rs

1 Lucia B20-080R

1 Geoffrey B20-083R

3 Lorenz B21-019Rs

1 Lysithea B21-024R

1 Fir B21-081R

1 Triandra B21-096R

2 Caeda B22-015Rs

3 Saias B22-038Rs

4 Knoll B22-047Rs

3 Hinoka B22-074Rs

4 Leo B22-081Rs

3 Veronica B22-087Rs

2 Kronya B22-100Rs

3 Al B22-107Rs

Box PRs:

1 Felicia P05-011PRr

1 Flora P05-012PRr

1 Alfonse P10-010PRr

1 Leif P14-002PR

2 Celica P14-009PRrs

3 Robin (m) P14-010PRrs

3 Corrin (f) P14-011PRrs

1 Byleth (f) P18-001PR

2 Dimitri P20-001PRs

1 Claude P20-002PR

Other PRs:

1 Flora P20-004PR

2 Xander P20-006PRs


1 Ike S05-001ST

1 Mist S05-004ST+

3 Soren S05-005STs

Marker Cards:

1 Lucina B20 marker card

2 Tiki B20 marker cards

Preorder Bonuses:

1 Corrin (m) B20 preorder button

3 Corrin (f) B20 preorder buttons

2 Byleth (m) B22 preorder keychains

2 Corrin (m) B22 preorder keychains

N/HN cards:


B03: 4 Soren B03-011N/STs, 1 Lethe B03-028ST (= B03-028N), 1 Siegbert B03-088N

B04: 1 Itsuki Aoi B04-053HN

B06: 1 Dew B06-023N, 1 Tailtiu B06-043HN

B10: 1 Nanna B10-005N, 1 Asbel B10-028N

B12: 2 Volke B12-020Ns, 3 Astrid B12-022Ns, 2 Makalov B12-023HNs, 1 Makalov B12-024N, 2 Calill B12-028Ns, 1 Tauroneo B12-029HN, 1 Tauroneo B12-030N, 1 Largo B12-031N, 1 Fiona B12-034HN, 2 Fiona B12-035Ns, 1 Leanne B12-036HN, 1 Petrine B12-040HN, 1 Ashera B12-047HN, 1 Sephiran B12-048HN, 1 Niamh B12-049HN, 1 Sumia B12-056HN, 2 Sumia B12-057Ns, 2 Lon'qu B12-058Ns, 2 Say'ri B12-062Ns, 1 Basilio B12-063HN, 1 Flavia B12-064HN, 2 Priam B12-067Ns, 1 Yen'fay B12-069N, 1 Walhart B12-072N, 1 Risen Chief B12-074HN, 1 Beowulf B12-086N, 1 Linda B12-093N, 1 Banba B12-094HN, 1 Fotla B12-095HN, 1 Eriu B12-096HN

B14: 2 Lucina B14-002Ns, 2 Chrom B14-005Ns, 1 Morgan (f) B14-013N, 1 Morgan (m) B14-015N, 1 Kjelle B14-019N, 1 Cynthia B14-023N, 1 Severa B14-030N, 3 Risen Chief B14-039HNs, 2 Risen B14-040bNs, 2 Risen B14-040cNs, 1 Itsuki Aoi B14-045N, 1 Chrom B14-046HN, 1 Alice B14-049N, 4 Corrin (m) B14-052Ns, 1 Azura B14-055N, 1 Gunter B14-065N, 1 Azama B14-067N, 2 Oboro B14-069Ns, 3 Garon B14-073HNs, 1 Elise B14-074N, 1 Ike B14-077N, 1 Oscar B14-084N, 1 Rhys B14-090N

B16: 1 Bors B16-006HN, 1 Hugh B16-033N, 1 Yuzu B16-040HN, 1 Catria B16-052N, 1 Est B16-058N

B17: 1 Arden B17-099ST (= B17-099N)

B18: 1 Chrom B18-054N

B20: 2 Corrin (m) B20-002HNs, 5 Corrin (m) B20-003Ns, 1 Corrin (f) B20-004HN, 3 Corrin (f) B20-005Ns, 4 Kana (f) B20-007Ns, 6 Kana (m) B20-009Ns, 4 Ryoma B20-011Ns, 4 Sakura B20-013Ns, 4 Saizo B20-015Ns, 5 Hana B20-017Ns, 3 Reina B2-019Ns, 2 Kiragi B20-020HNs, 5 Kiragi B20-021Ns, 4 Xander B20-024Ns, 7 Elise B20-026Ns, 9 Peri B20-028Ns, 6 Arthur B20-030Ns, 8 Nyx B20-032Ns, 2 Forrest B20-033HNs, 4 Forrest B20-034Ns, 3 Nina B20-035HNs, 4 Gunter B20-036Ns, 4 Silas B20-038Ns, 4 Silas B20-039Ns, 2 Scarlet B20-040HNs, 4 Scarlet B20-041Ns, 2 Automaton B20-042HNs, 2 Laslow B20-045HNs, 3 Selena B20-046HNs, 3 Odin B20-047HNs, 4 Anankos B20-048HN, 8 Yuzu B20-049Ns, 2 Niamh B20-050HNs, 6 Micaiah B20-052Ns, 3 Micaiah B20-053Ns, 3 Sothe B20-055Ns, 5 Ike B20-057Ns, 5 Edward B20-059Ns, 2 Leonardo B20-060HNs, 4 Leonardo B20-061Ns, 4 Laura B20-063Ns, 3 Aran B20-065Ns, 2 Meg B20-066HNs, 5 Meg B20-067Ns, 2 Jill B20-068HNs, 3 Jill B20-069Ns, 7 Nailah B20-071Ns, 3 Elincia B20-073Ns, 2 Haar B20-076HNs, 4 Haar B20-077Ns, 1 Heather B20-078HN, 4 Heather B20-079Ns, 5 Lucia B20-081Ns, 5 Lucia B20-082Ns, 4 Geoffrey B20-084Ns, 5 Mist B20-086Ns, 6 Pelleas B20-089Ns, 9 Oliver B20-090Ns, 5 Izuka B20-092HNs, 5 Almedha B20-093HNs, 3 Dheginsea B20-094HNs, 4 Soan B20-095HNs, 3 Ashunera B20-096HNs, 3 Randal B20-099HNs, 5 Randal B20-100Ns

B21: 3 Dimitri B21-003HNs, 3 Dedue B21-005Ns, 2 Ashe B21-008Ns, 1 Sylvain B21-009HN, 3 Sylvain B21-010Ns, 1 Mercedes B21-012N, 2 Ingrid B21-015Ns, 2 Claude B21-017Ns, 1 Lorenz B21-020N, 3 Raphael B21-022Ns, 3 Lysithea B21-025Ns, 1 Hilda B21-028N, 2 Leonie B21-030Ns, 3 Petra B21-032HNs, 2 Petra B21-033Ns, 3 Yuri B21-035Ns, 1 Yuri B21-036N, 2 Constance B21-040Ns, 1 Hapi B21-042N, 2 Shamir B21-044Ns, 2 Jeritza B21-045Ns, 1 Alice B21-049HN, 2 Valjean B21-050Ns, 2 Eliwood B21-052Ns, 2 Lyn B21-055Ns, 1 Florina B21-057N, 2 Lucius B21-059Ns, 1 Hector B21-064N, 1 Priscilla B21-066N, 2 Raven B21-068Ns, 3 Heath B21-070Ns, 2 Lilina B21-072Ns, 2 Rutger B21-074N, 1 Sue B21-076N, 2 Noah B21-079Ns, 1 Astolfo B21-080HN, 6 Fir B21-083Ns, 2 Shin B21-084Ns, 1 Juno B21-087N, 5 Poe B21-089HNs, 6 Poe B21-090Ns, 1 Peony B21-092N, 3 Sharena B21-095Ns, 3 Triandra B21-097Ns, 2 Plumeria B21-099Ns

B22: 10 Marth B22-014Ns, 3 Cain B22-016HNs, 3 Abel B22-017HNs, 6 Wrys B22-018Ns, 1 Tiki B22-019HN, 9 Kris (f) B22-021Ns, 8 Alm B22-023Ns, 3 Celica B22-024HNs, 2 Tobin B22-025HNs, 8 Silque B22-026Ns, 3 Valbar B22-027HNs, 9 Sigurd B22-028Ns, 9 Deirdre B22-029Ns, 5 Brigid B22-030HNs, 7 Brigid B22-031Ns, 3 Claude (Jugdral) B22-032HNs, 3 Seliph B22-033HNs, 11 Leif B22-034Ns, 6 Perne B22-035Ns, 2 Miranda B22-036HNs, 7 Miranda B22-037Ns, 10 Roy B22-039Ns, 10 Lilina B22-040Ns, 7 Eliwood B22-043Ns, 7 Ninian B22-044Ns, 9 Eirika B22-045Ns, 4 Ephraim B22-046Ns, 5 Knoll B22-048Ns, 3 Fomortiis B22-049HNs, 9 Ike B22-050Ns, 10 Soren B22-052Ns, 7 Mia B22-054Ns, 10 Micaiah B22-055Ns, 2 Sothe B22-056HNs, 4 Danved B22-057HNs, 5 Kyza B22-058Ns, 5 Black Knight B22-59HNs, 6 Lehran B22-060HNs, 10 Chrom B22-061Ns, 7 Lucina B22-063Ns, 9 Robin (f) B22-065Ns, 9 Lissa B22-066Ns, 4 Frederick B22-067HNs, 8 Frederick B22-068Ns, 4 Cherche B22-069HNs, 7 Cherche B22-070Ns, 9 Corrin (m) B22-071Ns, 4 Azura B22-073Ns, 8 Hinoka B22-075Ns, 10 Takumi B22-076Ns, 3 Kaze B22-077HNs, 1 Saizo B22-078HN, 2 Kagero B22-079HNs, 10 Camilla B22-080Ns, 9 Leo B22-082Ns, 2 Felicia B22-083HNs, 2 Jakob B22-084HNs, 4 Flora B22-085HNs, 7 Alfonse B22-086Ns, 8 Mirabilis B22-088Ns, 8 Byleth (m) B22-089Ns, 7 Edelgard B22-091Ns, 8 Dimitri B22-093Ns, 5 Claude B22-095Ns, 4 Bernadetta B22-096HNs, 2 Felix B22-097HNs, 5 Marianne B22-098HNs, 7 Gilbert B22-099Ns, 3 Itsuki Aoi B22-101HNs, 7 Mamori Minamoto B22-103Ns, 3 Draug B22-104HNs, 5 Tiki B22-105Ns, 2 Rowan B22-106HNs, 2 Emma B22-108HNs, 2 Shade B22-109HNs, 3 Yuzu B22-110HNs, 4 Randal B22-111HNs, 4 Alice B22-112HNs, 3 Valjean B22-113HNs, 2 Niamh B22-114HNs, 4 Poe B22-115HNs





1 Chrom B12-051R+

1 Owain B14-016R+

1 Conrad B16-060R+

1 Sigurd B19-103HR


1 Soren B03-010SR

1 Hardin B04-044SR

1 Lucina B04-063SR

1 Lewyn B06-033SR

1 Erin B19-070SR

1 Raven B21-067SR


2 Cynthia B04-092Rs

1 Est B15-018R

1 Catria B15-020R

1 Palla B15-022R

Box PRs:

1 Ike P12-009PRr

1 Lucina P13-001PR

Other PRs:

1 Minerva P01-008PR

1 Severa P04-008PR

1 Merlinus P05-003PR

1 Ayra P06-006PR

1 Nino P07-006PR

1 Mist P09-008PR

1 Robin (m) P14-005PR

1 Roy P16-005PR

1 Edelgard P19-006PR


1 Miriel S02-004ST

1 Sully B01-064ST+

1 Marcus S10-005ST


N/HNs: 2 Robin (f) B01-058Ns, 2 Corrin (f) B02-053HNs, 4 Yuzu B03-075Ns, 1 Brady B04-089HN, 4 Lyn B07-009HNs, 1 Kent B07-011HN, 4 Kent B07-012Ns, 4 Sain B07-014Ns, 1 Florina B07-016N, 4 Priscilla B07-030HNs, 1 Setsuna B07-065N, 1 Kiragi B07-086HN, 1 Mitama B07-087HN, 1 Lukas B09-017HN, 1 Conrad B09-044N, 1 Al B09-053HN, 1 Roy B09-055N


+1 Kirbysonicboom

+1 Tidria

+1 pip_cipher

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+1 helloard3n

Card arrived safe and sound, pleasure doing business with you!

Still also looking for stuff, looking to just outright purchase at this time via Paypal as I lack any extras to trade with. Based in Canada.




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Hello I'm not sure if this is the place for this kind of offer, but I am willing to trade my extra copy of Fire Emblem 30th Anniversary Edition for cards. I have an order of a few boxes coming in a few weeks, so I will know what cards I need/want then.  My apologies if this isn't the correct place to post this offer, please let me know where I can post this instead.

Update: It was sold.

Edited by Wil Enplem
Update on Potential offer

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Hey, I'm looking for the Byleth B22-013SR+, Azura B22-072SR+, Azura B14-054SR+ and Byleth P17-014PR cards - let me know if anyone is selling it or looking for a trade! Have a few older cards, just recently got back into collecting after a few years of not doing it, but also got two boxes of the two new recent sets that I opened (B21 and B22) so have a few cards from those I can offer.


Edited by Oscarsome

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+1 jiayejoe

+1 LightD

+1 341

+1 Pupquake

Thank you all for the trades and sales! All transactions and trades went along smoothly and you were all patient and kind 🙂 


Looking for just a few more cards now, in particular B06 R+s Ethlyn and Finn and B08 SRs Altena and Julius. I am happy to buy but can also trade (I have cards such as SRs Peony, Mia, other assorted Rs and HN/Ns from many boxes and more). Please check out my spreadsheet! 


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Hello all! I have available for sale B22-008SR+ Ike. If anyone is interested, please let me know and we can work out a deal! I am looking to sell it via PayPal at this time.


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I need to get rid of some cards after some particularly crumby pulls.

Here's what I have to trade/sell:

Rares and markers


Marker cards:

B22 Lucina


B13 draug

B13 cain

B13 abel x2

B13 louise x2

B17 sakura

B17 Elise

B22 hinoka x2

B22 mamori x3

B22 f! kris x2

B22 Lucina x2

B20 sakura

B20 peri

B20 f! and m! Kana

B20 saizo

B20 arthur

B18 gaius

B18 nowi

B18 tana

B18 gregor

B18 tethys

B18 innes

SR, SR+, HN, R+


B13 R+ louise

B18 HR Erika

B17 SR Sumia

B17 SR Takumi

B18 SR Marisa

B18 SR Cordelia

B20 SR Ryoma

B20 SR Silas

B22 SR Gueneviere

B22 SR Chrom

B22 SR Lief

B22 SR Azura

B22 SR f! Robin

B22 SR+ Marth

I'm basically only looking to sell or trade for either of the Dimitri SR+ or even SR, or any SR+ Hector.

I'd probably be willing to do a partial trade for the Marth SR+.


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+1 341

+1 Phidemic

Both cards arrived in excellent condition! Thank you!

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+1 jiayejoe

My first purchase with someone from here and everything went well. Everything arrived save and communication was good and fast

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I recently got a few more boxes so here's my updated list. I'm willing to buy/sell/trade.




B22-011SR Corrin (Male)


B18-101HR Lucina


P12-010PR Lucina


B06-038R Erinys

B18-058 Gaius

B18-064R Nowi

B18-072R Kiria

B18-099 Valter


B22-015R Caeda

B22-020R Kris (Female)

B22-038R Saias

B22-074R Hinoka

B22-087R Veronica

B22-107R Al




B11-027SR Tana


B16-089HN Altina

B16-066SR Sanaki


B18-017N Petra

B18-016HN Petra

B18-081R Tana

B18-089SR Marisa

B18-039SR Lysithea


B19-010N Linhardt

B19-023N Sothis


B20-032N Nyx

B20-048HN Anankos


B21-028N Hilda

B21-024R Lysithea

B21-027SR Hilda

B21-041SR Hapi


Edited by Pupquake

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Hi! I've put together my buy/trade/sell list. Currently keeping trades/sales in the U.S only. Take a look and message me if you're interested in anything I have or would like to sell/trade! Thanks!




+1 Kirbysonicboom

+1 CDCam71

+1 AllStarKnight

+1 OdinsGrimiore

+1 Cradily67

+1 HatoTheWhite

Thanks for the trades and purchases!

Edited by pip_cipher

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I been looking for a while to find Dimitri's B21-01SR+ card ofcourse my luck it's super rare but I would love to get hand on the card.

I'm willing at this point trade as many cards I have for it I got a few SR cards on me if anyone wants them in exchange for Dimitri I'm willing to give you as many you want of them.

Here's a list of cards I own.

You can ignore the other text I have (unless you're intrested in helping me with the other cards I want to collect too) if you scroll down eventully you will find pictures of cards I own.

I would be very happy if I can get my hands on this card.

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I know I asked thie before way back in August, but nobody has replied. I've been out of the loop for a few years now, and I missed sleeves for two of my favorite Fire Emblem characters twice! Two packs for Lyn, and two for Mia. By any chance does anyone have packs of sleeves for either of them that they would be willing to sell?! I'm so mad at myself for not finding out about these until it was too late! Please send me a message if you have any of these for sale or trade!

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Hello!! I’m currently looking to sell/trade my duplicate cards/cards I don’t want!!

Most of these cards are from boxes 21-22.

I’m only looking to trade my B22-005SR+ Roy for B22-003SR+ Sigurd, otherwise I’m more than happy to sell. 

Below is my have/want list. I’ll try to reply to messages ASAP!!


Edited by Sakurasekaii
Change of Circumstance/New Cards!!

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