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Airship Canon

Is Endgame's Doomsday Device actually possible?

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Endgame kinda caught this, so he gets credit here.

You can use Streetpass to BUY SKILLS with the same name [err... same character].

Marriage Seals allow you to hop to your partner's classes.

...Kamui gets any and all classes of choice by selection at the start.

Kamui can marry anyone.

Therefore, all characters have a potential access to any class in the game.

Chaining and some Tedium ahead guys--- because if that's the case, on any given run with given enough gold and time, by abusing the ability to buy skills, it'd be possible to get any possible skill combo on any character.

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For starters, might want to change your thread title since some people might not be too happy about it.

Guess I might as well comment since I'm here

Either it will be as busted as we think it is, or they're already one step ahead of us and already implemented some kind of safeguard to prevent this.

I don't really think they'll just let us, I dunno, waltz through with whatever skillset we want

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