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Anyone Know How to Fix This Strange Problem?

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I have been messing around with FE6 for my own personal amusement in Nightmare and I like to change who my units are.. But an odd thing happens when two of the same units are on the map in events where that unit is supposed to leave the map... Why does the game by force take away my unit and not the other like it is supposed to? what the hack I trie deven fixing the character numbers to have them proper Alan is Alan but still has Idoun`s portrait etc. And Idoun is well... the same expet for a few stats, growths etc. changed.. It is almost like they are linked as one.. I even tried swapping Alan`s spot with her but the game will crash if I do that.

So is there anyway at all to bypass or fix this? I have seen other Rom hacks do portrait change and unit change and their games run like normal no problems.. Heh I would like to well.. keep Idoun but the game says no and takes mine away by force I even made a short video to show it vid is below. You will get to see my Idoun getting taken away.


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