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Wait, Kamui is the which word for what now? (Spoilers maybe?)

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Leave it to TVTropes to potentially spoil one work on a completely unrelated one. (Though I guess the more savvy really shouldn't be surprised at this.)

Specifically, I was reading pages on the .hack franchise since I was feeling nostalgic, but the YMMV page gives us this gem:

The Knight Templar in Twilight Bracelet, who declares herself equal to a god of The World, is named Kamui- the Ainu word for "god".

Of course, given the conventions of the Fire Emblem series--they literally just pulled the Dragon God Incarnation stunt for the player character in Awakening, for starters--should anyone really be all that surprised at this development (apart from, y'know, doing it again right after Awakening)?

At least they're presumably fixing that in the localization--"Corrin" apparently comes from a word meaning "spear," which has no immediate connection to the character whatsoever. Unless, like, Azura is involved or something . . .

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Err... If you know Japanese... it's obvious.

Anonymous asked: I just googled KamuI's (inferior) english name, and it means Spear bearer. Do you think this hasany connection to Aqua? (I'm not the same Game Over guy btw)

I dont think so. Robin really was picked as a more gender neutral name rather than any connection to Reflet/Rufure to Reflection.

Kamui means Divine/God.

Other kanji variations also use Divine and put it with Dignity or Majesty or Radiant if they dont use Divine.

I think thats more meaningful than the spear bearer, considering how Kamui is associated with the Golden Sword in Aquas Japanese song.

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Saint Seiya and X/1999 did that already, etc.

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