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A miserable child...

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An attempt at my first Fire Emblem story. It's not linear, more of... well the events happen out of order and you can piece them together if you wish.

Based on a run through FE:if, with no resets, and contains very little spoilers. It's just the dramatization of certain moments, nothing more. Below are my first deaths in the game. They can also be based off of random things, like buying weapons or equipping them.

EDIT: I've decided to also do supports, but my version of them. When I feel like it.

I stood there, every breath taken away from my body. I don’t know what I did first; did I scream or did I run? The next seconds passed by so slowly… approaching her body and holding it in my arms.

My first thoughts were “No. No.” Just two words and that was all. I felt the tears stream down my face and I, without another thought, tried to wake her up. “Hey, hey. Wake up. Wake up. We’re in a battle, don’t sleep.”
Then someone stepped in front of us, and I was dragged back to this awful reality, full of ugly and revolting people. My best friend was fending off the killer, shouting at me during the same time. “Get up!” He said, repeating it over and over until his blood was all but gone.
“No… no…” I said, the first words out of my mouth. I looked up at the killer, my own brother whom I loved dearly. I gave him a deranged smile, and shocked so badly by the events, reached out towards him. “It’s a dream, right big brother?” I asked, but I couldn’t hear his response, for I had gone deaf to the world.
In that moment he stopped to respond. In that moment, a bluish hue went through him. And in that moment, my savior held me close. “It’s alright…” He whispered into my ear, holding me tightly as my hearing came back. That’s when I realized that I was screaming.
I looked back down at the corpse of my beloved. My eyes burn, no more tears to shed. My body is sore and I am tired.
And yet…
And yet…
I could have saved her.
I could have loved her more…
I slowly slip my finger underneath her black headband and wrap it around my wrist.
My resolve has been renewed.
For her, I will destroy them.
For her, I will lose my humanity.
For her… I will do anything.
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My eyes drifted away from my siblings, my friends… everyone I grew up with and had grown to love… I couldn’t meet their eyes as I ran into the arms of my loved ones. I was too scared.. and fate decided that if I wasn’t willing, then I’d be forced to.

“B-big bro…” I heard her say, “That’s the wrong way.” I clenched my fists and looked at my loved ones feet. “Are you sleepy? Just follow my voice!” And I did. I followed her voice and delved into her heart. The sadness that I couldn’t bear. Te sadness that I wanted to take away.
“Come on, please! I’ll… I’ll cry if you don’t!“ She shrieked. It was funny, how childish her words were. And it reminded me of her embrace… her love and care….
I turned, forced by my own impulse. Her face brightened up. One second. In that second, I wanted to smile. I wanted to cry. I wanted this all to end.
After that second, I was a different man. As my hand rose, my decision was made clear. The tip was pointed at her, and no one else. Everyone understood what I had done. Even her.
And those eyes that had just been filled with nothing but love and hope, it all vanished, vanished for a look of utter despair. I bit my lip and shed a tear, my final moments as their sibling approaching.
My eyes drifted towards hers, and they met. She was no different then that bundle of love, as now despair ruled her eyes. The one she had take care of, who she had voted her love towards.
All of it for this miserable result. I could take it no longer and looked at him.
He admired me, even if he never admitted it. I loved him too, and I was by his side more then anyone else. I would read to him when we were young, I would feed him, adventure with him.
He acted cold at first, matching my pitiful state of mind and then he broke into tears. My lips formed a smile, thankful for those remnants of humanity left in him.
And then I looked at him. He who trained me, he who vouched for me. He who first reached out to me, his very own “Little Prince”…
My love for him was far stronger then my love for the others. And yet to him, I was the coldest towards.
Then, in the blink of an eye, wings surrounded me, hands grabbing mine, two warriors in front, and a best friend by my side.
Yes… yes, those siblings loved me.
Yes, those siblings cared for me, gave me everything a child could have wanted.
But my loved ones…
a sister who would become my shield,
the other who would be an anchor,
a brother who would protect us to the very end,
and another who would be my third eye,
and finally… a best friend that I had forgotten, our love stronger then ever.
I love them all…
And for that reason…
I will protect them till my dying breath
This miserable child will not let another be lost!

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Dual stared at what lay in front of him. Yatogami…. Dual reached out to it, trying to call it, grab it’s attention as if it were a person. And it would not come to him.

Dual wondered why, and smiled as he reached the conclusion. Yatogami was a jealous blade, a blade that would have it’s master use no other. So Dual discarded the other blades and tried again.
This time Yatogami came to him. It began to shine, it’s confidence restored. Dual held it close, feeling a certain love emanate from his dear blade. It was a bond they shared.
And in Dual’s mind, he spoke to Yatogami.
“You are mine, and no one else shall ever touch you.”
She would smile, and he could feel her as she wrapped her arms around him, with that same warm embrace...
“Will you look at me?” She asked.
He shook his head. “No,” he said, “No.”
“Why not?”
“Because….” He said, opening his eyes, looking at a black headband laying in front of him.
“I miss her."

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Dual thought to himself why he was there at all. Next to Sakura, buying the groceries. Was it because he had no where else to go? No, that sounds selfish… it’s because I want to make up for it, right? Me being a nuisance... Dual Mix thought to himself. He silently watch Sakura place vulneraries in the basket, one by one. Ever so carefully, as if they were as fragile as a newborn foal.

Dual admired the simplicity of it all. The rhythm that she had with each item. It would always be something different, the rhythm. For each and every item, there was a small difference in the rhythm. Small, but noticeable. It all added up, to the point when Sakura carried an elixir in her small little hand, it was a different rhythm altogether. It felt like something out of a fairy tale.

The rhythms were so small and minute at first that it seemed impossible to get any louder. But it did, slowly but surely it grew in size until it felt unbearable. The rhythm, the emotion was too much for him at that point and if Dual took anymore he would undoubtedly explode from the sheer amount.

Dual?” Sakura’s voice shook the heavens , rattling Dual to his very core. It pierced his soul and created an explosion of color that poured from the wound like, for lack of a better image, a babbling brook. It covered the land with his mind, his essence. And there he saw her again.

That being that was neither light nor shadow. Something so beautiful and perfect, with a rhythm so indescribably amazing that it brought tears to Dual’s eyes. And again, he approach this light. “Who are you?” Dual tried to ask, although it sounded like his voice was but a faint breeze.

“I am you. In essence, I am your own. I was, I am, and I will. There was and never shall there be a beginning nor an end for me. But now I am a mere fragment of the shattered glass, so minuscule am I now that I am just a piece of a shadow of the real thing. But you will change that. Because you are me, and I am your own. Wait for me, my dear self.”

And when she spoke, the heavens crumbled down, and the earth went into an ecstasy, bursting with light and harmony. Such powerful feelings it brought, that Dual felt a need to close himself off from it all. But when he did, a feeling of dread washed over him and he felt dread.

“I’m done.” Sakura’s voice broke him away from the land of dreams and Dual opened his eyes. Everything was back to normal, to the way it should’ve always been. “Let’s- are you alright?”

Dual snapped to attention and saw Sakura’s eyes fixated upon his figure. “Uhh, yeah. I’m… I’m fine.” He said with a small smile. “I was just… uhh, day dreaming.” Sakura eyed Dual Mix suspiciously but left it at that.

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Blades clashed as the two titans fought. Kamui could barely keep up with his opponent, and in the end all he could do was try and stay alive. His opponent played with him, making sure Kamui knew it was all that kept him from death.

“There you go again relying on them… those pawns of yours! Ahahaha… Hey, if they’re just fodder then you’ve just wasted them all trying to get to me!”
Kamui didn’t answer, he couldn’t. If he spoke, got distracted in any way, he would die.
“But lucky you. You have pawns that believe you no matter the lie, and you keep leading them on! Acting all generous and smiling… that’s so creepy! As if you were capable of LOVE!!”
Kamui fought off the urge to speak, yet he knew he couldn't keep the urge at bay forever.
“You know what we call someone like you?"
Kamui wanted to make him stop, to go away.
"Manipulative!! Pretending to understand others, bending them around you finger… You really are a monster!”
Kamui charged into his opponent and slammed into him, causing them both to stumble. “You’re wrong!” Kamui shouted, “I love them as if they were my family! They accept me for who I am, a sheltered prince!”
His opponents face turned into one of anger.
“See… then all of you are lying bastards… No one could ever come to love a brat.. a brat whose blind to reality... not even THE BRAT HIMSELF!!”
Kamui shook his head, pointing his sword at the other. "I won't accept that.. I WON'T" He retorted.
“Shit… why… why…” His opponent said with a look of anger and despair, “WHY ARE YOU ALL SO BLIND TO THIS WORLD!?!?”
His opponent swung the blade upwards, and Kamui saw his chance. He thrusted his own sword, straight at his heart. The other man saw this and moved his elbow just in time, protecting his life from the attack.
Kamui pulled the blade from the wound. His opponent swung his blade to the right, quickly followed by three quick jabs to the side. Kamui jumped back and adopted a te-ura-gasumi stance. The opponent laughed and raised his sword, adopting an overhead stance. "Hah... JUST TRY AND BLOCK THIS!" He shouted, jumping forward whilst bringing his blade down.
Kamui gripped Yatogami tightly. It was this or death.
Kamui rushed into his opponent and ran his sword through the others body. The opponent's blade had nicked his hand but otherwise Kamui escaped the attack unscathed.
"Gah... kkk... yo... u... bastard... I... I-" The opponent said, only to be cut off by Kamui as he twisted the blade inside the body.
"... That.... that was for her." Kamui whispered as he twisted Yatogami once more before pulling it out and letting the corpse fall on its knees.
"... Goodbye... Leon." Kamui said, kissing his former brother on the forehead before running back to the others.
This battle may have been over,
but this war is far from it.

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[spoiler=Asura Time!]Yeah, Asura joins you whether you like it or not but what if you just plain out killed him? So uh... there we go.

Kamui looked down upon the Nohrian thief. Their eyes met and the thief clenched his fists. “No, I… can’t die here…” He said, trying to raise himself from the ground.

“… Won’t you join us?” Kamui said, kneeling down to better speak with his assassin. “Your desire to live is strong, I can see that.”

“Grk… yeah right…. you bastard…. killing my men… I hate you so much.. But I don’t wanna die…” The Nohrian said.

“.. Your name?”


“… Goodbye, Asyura.”

Kamui raised his blade and held it with both hands by his side. Then he swung the blade towards Asyura’s head.

Asyura suddenly leapt forwards, grabbing Kamui’s arm and disarming him. “Shit- AHHH!!" Kamui cried as the thief shoved an arrow into Kamui. “I told you…” Asyura said, out of breath from the sudden attack, “I don’t wanna DIE!”

Kamui could barely keep himself awake. His fingers reached around and wrapped themselves around a rock. Kamui swung his hand and smashed the rock into Asyura’s head.

Assure fell off of Kamui and held his head tightly. “You little shit!” He said as blood dripped from the head wound.

Kamui quickly reached into his pocket and grabbed onto and elixir. He brought it to his mouth and drank as much as possible from the flask.

Asyura’s face turned from one of anger to that of despair. “No… NO!” He shouted, forgot about his head wound and rushed towards Kamui.

Kamui pulled out the arrow from his side and pointed the tip towards Asyura. The latter couldn’t stop himself as the arrow pierced his stomach.

“Ku…. grk,… what… I-“ The Nohrian thief muttered before slumping tot he ground. Kamui sighed and wiped his face of the blood.

“Poetic justice…. if only you had joined us, Asyura.” Kamui said, closing his eyes for a moment before looking back at the others.

“Goodbye… Asyura."

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