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Choosing the Best Class for Each Character

Choosing the Best Class for Each Character  

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Would anyone be interested in participating in weekly polls to determine the best class for each character? Each Saturday, we'd vote on the best class of one or more characters. I know the word "best" is quite vague, so there would be three types of polls-- optimization, practicality, and preference.

While I understand that people have already started discussing class options for various characters, I feel like it would be nice to have more organized discussions. Additionally, this could serve as a semi-countdown for the NA release date, as weekly polls would be finished before then. It could also be a point of reference for new (or old) players, as I plan to conclude the polls each Friday by summarizing the main points brought up on the topic.

As I'm sure many of you detest chunks of text, all other relevant information is hidden under various spoiler tags, so feel free to take a look at them if you're interested. Regardless of your stance on these polls, please vote on the topic poll so that I can judge SF's overall disposition toward this project.

Thank you for reading!

[spoiler=Types of Polls]The first type of polls would be based on optimization, in which you would ignore the limited experience, money, seals, etc. and choose the class that would best bring out the character's full potential.

The second type of polls would be based on practicality, in which you would consider the limitations and circumstances surrounding the character. There would likely be two polls of this type for shared characters-- one for Birthright (Hoshido), and one for Conquest (Nohr).

The third type of polls would be based on preference, in which you simply choose the class that you best like for the character. This class could be based on aesthetic, originality, hilarity, etc.

If you're still confused, feel free to jump over to Further Clarification, in which I use Leo as an example to walk through the polls.

[spoiler=Further Clarification]The topic states “Best Class for Leo,” and the first poll asks me to choose Leo’s optimal class. I recall that he uses a legendary tome, and that he has a Mag modifier of +2. While he does have some physical attributes, I feel that Sorcerer is the optimal class for Leo, as it gives him an S rank in Tomes and has a higher Mag cap. Thus, I choose “Sorcerer” on the first poll, and move onto the next one.

The next poll asks me to consider practicality, and I realize that Leo is recruited on Chapter 14. However, Nyx comes in on Chapter 9, and with a Personal Skill that’s essentially a magical Counter. Given her availability and her affinity towards Mag, I decide that Nyx is the more practical Sorcerer. Meanwhile, I want to maintain diversity and flexibility on my team, and Leo’s a more than decent Dark Knight. Additionally, if I leave him in his starting class, I don’t have to use a seal on him, which saves up on resources. Therefore, I decide to leave him as a Dark Knight, and choose “Dark Knight” on the second poll.

The final poll asks me for preference, and I immediately choose “Butler” without a single moment of hesitation. After all, what’s better than demoting a proud prince to a mere servant?

(Please note that this is simply an example, and not a reflection of my actual opinions or an assertion that these are the “right” or “canon” classes for Leo. Also, these arguments are very simple, and hardly cover the wide range of variables that could be considered in selecting the best class. Since these polls are referring to end classes, you're free to consider possible skills you'd pick up by reclassing. Just remember to factor in the resource cost of reclassing for the second type of polls.)

[spoiler=List of Classes]For the first and third type of polls, the list of classes will include all of the character’s potential classes-- including ones that could be achieved from Buddy Seals and Marriage Seals. (Of course, if I don’t have the available information, such as which units can A+ support each other, I won’t add it in.) However, the second type of polls will only include the character’s original and alternative base classes and their respective promotions. There will be an “Other” option, but… I’d suggest only choosing that if you truly feel that the character’s given classes suit them horribly.

(Please note that the maximum options per poll is 20, and that I will be working within that range. Therefore, if a character has more than 20 potential classes (e.g. Avatar), I will only list the base classes.)

[spoiler=Miscellaneous]If SF is onboard with this idea, the first weekly polls will be posted on next Saturday-- 7/11.

Along with the polls, I’ll include some basic information about the unit(s) in question. For instance, there will probably be a table (or some semblance of one) that shows the unit’s max stats or growth rates for his/her different classes. Recruitment chapters and profiles are a given, but they’ll probably be copy and pasted from the main SF website.

I do have a tentative schedule on which character’s classes we’d be voting on each week. However, I’d like to adjust to the forum’s tastes. So once the main characters are finished, I’ll probably have a fifth poll that asks “Which character(s) do you want to vote on next week?” and change the schedule accordingly.

Admittedly, I may not be the best candidate for this type of project, but I haven't seen anyone take the initiative... and I'm a huge sucker for these types of posts.

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Um... I support this. It's an interesting idea and thankfully something more positive about the game. Plus this gives the chance for people to get creative and use characters differently, and experiment n' stuff. Plus I might wanna show of my beautiful Rinka.

Basically I'm in support of this, and I hope other people are too.

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Eh, I go with the class that seems like the Natural Class for them.

Besides, for hard mode DLC I'm sure the Log Book characters will still be superior due to skill combos they can get.

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I made a personal file with all the character's growth, so I can at least participate on what class is the best for which growths.

Anyway, I support the idea.

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Thank you to everyone who voiced their support either through voting or posting! Your support is very much appreciated.

As noted in the starting post, we'll begin next Saturday (7/11).

(I'm pretty sure everyone can guess which character we'll be starting with, as I'm going to be taking the cliche route.)

If you have any questions, feel free to post them on here, and I'll be more than happy to answer them.

Would we be doing children? Or is that just too complicated to bother with for now?

I have no qualms whatsoever with complexity. I've always been a fan of convoluted arguments, and I wouldn't have created the practicality polls if I wanted to avoid them. However...

We'll be dealing with children in a similar manner the game did-- "post game." As mentioned in the starting post, I'd like to finish these polls before the game comes out. But if we assume the game is going to arrive around February, that only gives us 30 weeks to work with. Even if we double up every week and cover two characters each time, we still wouldn't have enough time to consider all of the children. And as you've suggested, children are a bit complicated, so squishing two children in one week sounds like a bad idea to me.

So we will initially consider first generation characters and finish them up before the release date. After the release date, we can move onto My Castle characters and children.

(Of course, this problem wouldn't exist if the release date was in June or the such, but I don't think any of us here wants that.)

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